We also have a lot of liquidity sitting above a lot of shorts open, which is pretty bullish. So what is up welcome to the crypto formal were covering the hottest news in crypto, so includes cardinal analysis, ethereum bitcoin chain and claycorn beach and polkadot, and everything that you need to fill more into crypto. The right way so make sure to smash the like subscribe, and there are notifications to get the hudsons crypto before everyone else now on the day, cardinals is going sideways. Also on the week pretty much as the entire market is pumping solana is pumping. Ethereum is pumping and i wouldnt be surprised if were going to see cardano actually catch up to. It were continuing to coil down in this pretty much low volatility here, just kind of like running this range, pretty much consolidating above the previous all time high. Some people are really bearish here for me just looking at the chart very bullish, but we do have domain at lunch. This is the main concern, and this is why id be very careful here, but right now, if i was trading this, you could clearly see that support is right over here and then it looks like were actually going to break above this right and then also, though, When you look at this at the weekly close at the same time, you have to admit that its risky, we just had like three six seven green weekly candles in a row, which is a lot and also were starting to see some distribution over here with the Week to the upside over the last week, so i wouldnt be surprised if this is a local top and we do have a drop.

So the thing is with cardinal: we got kind of like um. You know kind of like mixed signals right now, which is why ill be cautious, but still targeting five to ten dollars this year, and we do have a lot of shorts that opened as well. So i wouldnt be surprised if we tap, maybe, like you know the top of the range three dollars and ten cents one more time before going down as well, so thats another possibility something worth keeping in mind. When you look at cardano, you can see that we have a lot of shorts that actually opened sitting at three dollars: uh, three dollars and eight cents, so wouldnt be surprised to see us tap this range and then also when you look at cardano versus bitcoin. Also getting rejected from 6 000 satoshis like this, not looking the best we pretty much just tweaked liquidity above six thousand dollars stopped a lot of shorts, and then we went lower right. So not the best sign you want to see like. I wanted to see us break to the upside. Instead, we had kind of like a fake out to the upside, and we actually crash to the downside. So not the best time. We might need to have like a smaller uh, a bigger drop here before continuing higher and then cardinal versus ethereum same thing. Also not a good sign to see it crashing like this. So much putting a lower high versus if bitcoin at the same time is looking uh.

Pretty good man wouldnt, be surprised if we see 57k btc relatively soon because, as we covered in the previous video theres, actually a lot of air over here theres. Not that much trading volume that happened at those levels, meaning that bitcoin could actually go higher from here relatively soon and also we just pumped into a new range, so wouldnt be surprised. If we see continuation, we had to break out from the bowling bands like we covered as well. We were saying this again and again that were holding the upper half of the blonde bands again and again, and it looked more and more bullish, so leaning bullish on this as well card down on the lower timeframes, upper half of the boeing bands. Still not a lot of sign of weakness right now, its still looking good um cardinal versus bitcoin, though, is starting to show weakness. You can see were back in the middle of the boeing bands, which is the first time this happened ever since the move started. A few weeks ago, so we are seeing some signs of weakness here we are seeing some red lets see if its going to hold bitcoin, on the other hand, is showing a lot of strength might outperform cardinal really in the coming weeks. Um lets see we never had cardeno main at launch before the only comparison i have for this is that we actually launched the cardano staking. So when the cardanos taking went live, we actually had a big crash for cardano.

I think it was this crash over here that saw cardinal actually crash more than 50, so just be careful and be aware that this is always a possibility and as bullish as ammo cardano, you have to be aware that we do have a lot of hype for The mainnet and we should be careful and then also when you look here. We got dark frontiers and pixel picks new gaming, unicorns being launched by game starter with more to come so congrats to game starter for continuing to build, creating a lot of later on. Crypto games continue to build on their gaming ecosystem and we got those two exciting games that are coming so originals are game stories exclusive in house creations, which will be funded and accelerated by the game started fund, so theyre, starting to build an entire ecosystem, which is Beautiful theres, obviously, a lot of money and potential there and dark frontiers is a dow virtual world governed by the players. The goal is to blink, bring quality, blockchain gaming to mass adoption, introduce a unique approach of utilizing, nfts and yield farming within the game. So you have different strategy here and you got space mining coming as well, youre going to have the dark token thats going to be used as an in game unit. So this is looking really really cool. You can see it actually dark frontiers, dot io! This is the first project thats going to come and then also um game.

Star has done very well with their launch, so im expecting pretty much the same from dark frontiers now that they have all this experience and also ive been played to earn crypto games right now were absolutely crushing that so i would just expect to see it pump. I mean you, dont have to be genius to be like this is going to do well. Uh craft trade discover and then also long term, very bullish on the fundamentals of that too. Since the team is so established and the new standard for indie game funding, which is game starter and then after that, they also have pixel, picks, create fight trade living pixies in the world of cryptos. This is another play to earn game. Uh start with the pixels. This is pretty creative, build your unique pixel name, it and add: rich characteristics automatically generate in platform, trademarks, nfts. All creations will be tradable on gamestar and nft marketplace as well, so ill get an nfts internal point with that integrated with that 8 bit world and its play to earn something that we all know and love so excited about those two project stores. Definitely, projects to watch out for see if you can get an allocation for and just follow them and see them grow and then liquidity right now for bitcoin is sitting below, which is slightly bearish, not too concerned about that. To be honest, but it is a liquidity worth noting we might tap it at some point right now.

Liquidity is sitting above for cardano, which is bullish. Usually when we see this much liquidity like we covered in yesterdays video, the price goes up. This is exactly what happened. We did tap the liquidity and we still have a lot of liquidity actually sitting, above so leaning, bullish, still uh just on the short time frame kind of like the next coming days, and then also the market right now is extremely greedy. So be careful with that and then funding is extremely not extremely, but pretty positive across exchanges, which is barry so like we said some mixed signals across the board and then also we got blogtopia, which is the metaverse project, decentralized, metaverse, built and backed by polygon, which I think is really flying under the radar right now and gets deserves more attention. Um provide an unprecedented vr experience for the crypto community, bringing users together in an all in one immersive and engaging environment, so they got a lot of play to earn. They got a lot of cool things inside of the metaverse uh bringing nfts to life, and you can actually learn. You could earn youre going to have different ways to make money inside the game you could play. Relax socialize have fun and compete. Looks like theres going to be like some gambling games here as well, and then you could also create you could push the boundaries of your creativity, creating scenes, artwork challenges and, more so very legit projects theyre going to have different earning opportunities.

Youre going to have the native token block, youre going to have reblog, buy, sell and lease virtual real estate uh, and then we saw those by the way we saw those do really well with the central land uh those pieces of land theyve actually like done sometimes Like 100 x, 800 x, crazy returns and we also have adblock receive income visa via advertising, which is really unique. This is the first time i see this im so excited about that and then also the team is very legit um. The ceo has been crypto since 2015 um, the cto is actually the ex director of immersive technology at sony. It learned a multi million dollar aaa game projects before so lots of relevant experience in the space with strong backers as well, and then we got pintoshi saying that people are sleeping on chain link very little to talk about in the social media, but the charts. Looking pretty bullish, you can see that versus bitcoin. We actually broke this level. We had pretty much like that. The higher lows here and the double bottom after that and pretty much just going higher and higher. So i agree: chainlink has went through a really strong and nasty bear market, and i think that, right now the fundamentals are still there and i think that were going to um were were going to continue higher from here. Weve got tetra node, also bullish on this saying i never slept on link.

I sleep with link im, not sure i understand the humor, but as long as it goes up, man im not complaining, and then also you can see here that we have this close okay. So you can see versus ethereum it pretty much crashed to the bottom of the range and its currently going sideways, so pretty much buying support here, pretty good good chance. It outperforms the theorem over the coming months. I know its a very difficult task to do, but they have a good shot of making it happen and he is targeting pintoshis tower getting almost like uh. How much is that, like a 2x 1.8 x versus bitcoin and then also got a lot more room to go higher versus ethereum, so im pretty bullish on this uh chart uh. He thinks that this is the bottom versus ethereum. You think theres going to be a rotation from ethereum back into d5. Um markets are cyclical. We saw that before and knowing when to rotate. Theres always been key for him, and this is a macro view or swing idea, and i i agree. I mean, if youre going to open this chart right now. Let me try to find it for you, oh open it on the first shot. Okay, you can see here that were pretty much at the massive uh bull market for chain link and then pretty much crashed and then right now were back on support. You see this level here will pretty much retrace the entire rally and uh.

This is bullish. Oh draw a nice triangle over there, pretty good, pretty good, so overall wouldnt be surprised if this is the bottom and we continue higher from there, and i mean just if you look at bitcoin just to show you this example uh in action of how we tend To kind of like retrace to the lowest level, you can see the bitcoin pretty much had um three thousand dollars. We had this level as well. We had this crash over here. That was pretty much the bottom right and then bitcoin continue going higher right. So bitcoin had a massive rally crashed to the support level. This was the bottom and then went higher so same thing right now for chain link versus ethereum, so actually looking pretty good for a swing trade sir, not gon na lie, and then we got el capo saying that ada looked effed, not gon na lie as well. So yeah were were very honest today, saying that hes bearish on cordell right now we got some bearish fractals as well for cardinal versus comparing this to bitcoin, saying that we might see a drop of card down to two dollars: oh no, its going to zero! This fractal actually is pretty scary. Now that you look at it um and yeah, i could definitely see cardinal dropping to two dollars, so dont be overexposed, be careful but still expecting five to ten dollars this year for cardano, and then we got someone saying its so funny that the big short movie Inspired so many people to want to short and – and now many guys are inspired by the movie are also getting uh wreck, shorting bitcoin and tech uh laughing my ass off right.

So we had this movie that got people really excited about shorting, but the truth is is that the big money is always going long across history, and i think that you should, if you want to be rich, which i think is what every person wants like when It comes to you know: all of us are trying to make money here. You should definitely note that the richest people in the world are always going long. Things theyre not going short things, and i mean, even if you had the guy from the big short movie, even if he went short, i think he made 100 million. I mean 100 million its a lot of money, but we have countless stories of people making. Tens of billions of dollars going long assets – so i mean 100 million – is cute its nice, but we, i can give you like countless stories of people making billions going long right so theres, one guy that went short and made 100 million like great for him. But you have to be aware that this is not the common way to get rich. I mean some people get rich with the lottery, but its still not going to work right most likely, and then we got eos under fire over claims, its ico as a shady pump scheme from the um sec or something so. The the sec is pretty much going after that. According to this article, an analysis firm, integra fec throws fresh doubt on the project viability.

So we got some fun here, um its just kind of interesting to see them going after eos like this theres. So much any other projects, and this is from 2017, so a little bit weird to see uh whats happening right now with regulation and weve got snook. Sharing that theyre happy to announce they closed. All their private placement rounds successfully raising 2.4 million dollars. Congratulations: im grateful to be a part of this and also theyre sharing here everything about snook igo at cd5, which is actually happening real soon, how to earn nfts theres a lot of ways as you play the game and rewarding its holders in three different ways. You have special skin rewards, staking awards and tournament prize pool and you can join the igo on the cd5 platform, so uh pretty dope and the igo date is actually happening right now, six september right, so this is going to hit the market soon very excited about This game, getting a lot of uh traction, really a skill based nft powered io game leap forward in nfts, defining new skill based nft asset class. The game looks dope too. Oh, they added some nice features to the website, some more explainers about the scans. If you actually check out their twitter, those cans actually look fire and uh man play to earn snake game. Its gon na be absolutely fun to play. I cant wait to play. We also got the resurrection. We got some cute kitties.

It looks like we got this new card, so we got collectibles right, nfts and all of this good stuff, and then we got altcoin sharpie saying that he is bullish on bitcoin because were seeing higher highs and higher lows bitcoin for a while. Now expecting this to go higher, but he also says that he thinks we might go to 40k or 42 000 after we have kind of like a local top before going lower um, maybe man, i definitely hope so. I always hope we go down. So i can keep accumulating, but um yeah thats just me well see if its going to happen im not really sure i see a drop to 42k ever again. I think a lot of people are really bearish, so i wouldnt be surprised if we just continue higher from here and then also we got forest night sharing here, how the tokus, the knight token changes your in game experience and they show here. You have accessories weapons. Skin merge lands taking governance in arena coming for their token theyre, going to integrate soon that are going to launch so make sure to follow them at forestnight.io. You can actually already play their game on the app store and google play so excited about that and theyre going to integrate their token nfts marketplace and all of that good stuff and theyre going to have nfts being able. You could trade that, with one another in their marketplace, youre going to have land sale, your very own, blockchain pet, as well uh.

You can have nft renting, so you can make some passive income as well. You can have the staking model, a governance, dao and more so, a very legit project building through the bear market of 2019 2018 just been building uh non, stop and biddle constantly ever since they started in 2019 and uh excited to see them continuing to integrate tokens. Nfts into their game and take it to a whole other level, so thats it for this video hope you guys enjoyed that much love. Thank you.