Do it? Oh hello, hello! Yes, we can hear you. You can hear me. This is weird. I cant hear anything ah ill figure it out in a second use. It well. Well she figures it out. This is sarah shes uh im the biggest fan, shes been a bloodhound name since the start. I want some um, Music and shes actually right next to me. So were in a little gaming room together, i cant hear anything youre saying well, well tell her. I said hello. Hopefully you know well be able to connect and fix the discord. But nice bloop sent you here. Yes, yeah um yeah tech was uh, bringing in bloops whats. My downloads wed have no idea. Oh boy, see thats what id be saying during the algs get yeah id be hi man can. I can i see you real, quick uh, real, quick, um theres, a korean uh fan here, im just gon na speak in korean. This is a pro player playing as my character. I mean this with respect. I never heard of you activating hardware, oh yeah, one of them all right, one more guy, one more it wasnt happening. We almost died. You know, i hope someone has light ammo, because i have zero, so shes a tick tock star that plays apex, apex, thats, amazing, yeah theres. All these cool tick, tocks, like one of hers, is like what all the legends would be like on like road trips.

Oh that one i would love to see that i feel so weird not being able to like really hear you guys. I dont know whos talking Music got some attention on twitter, like when i posted it last year, its a lot of fun baby beef jerky. Thank you so much for the prime package thats one of the best in the game. Oh my god, dont, oh damn, dont, say that! Well, i would love to. I mean well try to get it sorted out with the scans but thats about it. Well, get it sorted out, i think i just restarted yeah. I just dont want to like stop the game to fix it right now. I dont want to you know, get beamed from across the map standing still yeah seriously apex player. I can. I can tell by the tone of her voice its not messed around, does not mess around thats one step, closer, okay ill scan for you, oh my god, its so terrible. I definitely dont got him yikes. Oh my god, very nice. I, like legitimately, held down the l star and it didnt hit him at all. Dlc aim. This is correct. That aim was horrendous horrendous. Oh thanks man, i already well. I already knew i already knew its like automatic its like cheat codes: oh jesus murder, city, baby, murder, city, baby, murder, city baby. Oh my god, he got me. You guys got this yeah. That was insane.

That was insane. That was something that was so fun. This is like uh, you know what this feels like is when you go, you know when you go bowling and then you bowl, and then they have like the the handicapped walls where they put up on the side. Oh, i love those yeah thats. What it feels like right now, i still pulls pull with the bumpers thats the thing bowling with the bumpers yep thats. What it feels like, i feel like im bowling with the bumpers right now i just show up – and everyone just gets – melted nice, its like. Where was everyone everyone just died earlier. I kind of feel like you guys, killed him. I dont know not to mention you get a voice, one of the coolest characters so its its true did you did you hear that respawn, a pro player said the the coolest he didnt say i im just going to correct you there, the coolest character he is. Is what he said? I care uh, a pro player. Oh respawn is here tech. The pro player said: crypto is the coolest character i feel like uh. We need to do something – maybe not one of the best, but i think one of the coolest hes the best. Please please help this character hes the best and the coolest. We need to make him even the best betterists yep, the better. Yes, yes, sir, please you tell them just making up words, and this is awkward.

I have no bats thats. Why thats? What you got me? Thats, why you got me right here? Oh thank you! So much im a mule. What else do you need im im, a uh im, a 7 eleven? What you need were dropping in like navy seals baby, oh my god. Okay, there might totally burn me and, oh, my god, its ridiculous ridiculous chicos cheat codes. Do you guys want another legend to aid you that thats? I just all. I feel like thats what i needed to do for you guys, maybe a revenant lifeline: okay, full rev, octane action. Okay were having an octane okay, i could i could. I could do a little revenue for you guys. Why not i can i can. I can handle a totem, johnny, yeah yeah. I got it right here. Oh careful, im, gon na turn. There you go. Did you hit or told him? He said noise, its faster, oh hes, down here, holding a bat right now behind me right here – hey probably his teammates. I imagine yes, sir goodness, what i was running around like a fish in that entire fight. I had no idea where anyone was. I thought you were doing all the work i didnt know work. My bullets did not touch them well. Actually i dont think i shot a single bullet amazing. I i guess i did something yeah two one. Oh man, i jacked up but yeah. Oh im so bamboozled right now, its not even funny yeah.

I feel you got the lobo nice nice final one over here, oh theres, another single team. Would you look at that? Second team coming im gon na scan? Well, i think theres, someone still in this building. Okay, youre right, i think there was two before but well see im gon na climb to the top. Oh texas, right there im with you im with you all right coming up. Oh hes got him very nice, alex crack. Oh no! I thought that was you! Jesus christ, i thought that was you and i executed somebody thats in my bed that isnt my bad. I dont have any two people behind there. I cracked one yeah. You did im coming for you, brother im, coming for you brother, i dont even care. If you have red shields, keep running brother hes running hes running, oh, my god, Laughter thats, the power of the football right there, its the power of the spitfire, just just freaked out just running backwards. This is just like on cruise mode. This is ridiculous. These are insane, oh, my goodness, like. What am i doing Laughter were doing were doing were doing. You are the apex champions. We got. Ta teach johnny, the basic movement text ill teach him. Now i was i dont, okay, a little ill. Oh, i do hear fighting though no no, its okay, so hes like its okay. Unfortunately it is quite late and i should probably get some rest, but it was good with you guys, very nice playing with you yeah.

It was a lot of fun uh. I tried to do my part, but uh you guys. Will you guys kick ass? You did great thanks. You did great yeah.