net, i know it sounds janky. Look at the ui right, it looks horrible, listen. This is an og exchange been around since 2014, seven years in the game, and guess what not one hack at all, not one and the real benefit is it allows you to trade anonymously with no kyc. So this is some true og. What were about in bitcoin and in crypto? So if you dont know about yo bit, please go check this out. Um. The spot exchange is legendary, but were gon na be talking about today, their defy feature. Okay, this exchange really reminds me of the old school exchange. I used to trade on back in the day, btc dash e – that was a legendary exchange again very simple, ux ui, but they got the job done and so were going to take a look at this legendary exchange today which, by the way, supports fiat deposits and Withdrawals all right, so they have this liquidity pool that were going to look at and thats what were going to start with today. If you visit, you will see on the home page uh dead center there. It shows you a list of pools daily volume, liquidity volume, a number of things and, on the left hand side. You see a list of about 16 different pools, you can participate in. It shows lv total volume for the 24 hour period and yield percentage, and so today i want to tell you guys about this d5 platform from this well known exchange where you can safely farm with high profitability.

Trade anonymously with low commission and participate in a traders contest which ill talk about uh towards the end of this video. Basically, they allow thirty thousand dollars to be drawn every day amongst the top 20 users in terms of trading volume, so that money is divvied up. Every day between those 20 individuals and in this video i will show you how to put that money into the liquidity pool and make swaps on the exchange. So again, the purpose of this video is to really focus on the d5 aspect of So if you go to the main page on the exchange, you will see the available pools. As i stated earlier, okay, there are about 16 pools, but the most current with the most popular currencies that are available on the left side there. Okay, you can switch between them and also see the annual percentage of profitability in the yp column. As you see guys right there as a highlight and zoom in convenient interface with no connecting metamask or other wallets, everything fits on one screen. No third party apps are needed at all. The exchange takes place instantly and you dont need to depend on any ethereum network, which of course, we know these days is very slow. Everything happens quickly with on the site on this site. In this d5 program, you are working with real assets. There is no, you know, wrapping your bitcoin or using synthetic cryptos and all that no youre using real bitcoin youre, really using real doge and other cryptocurrencies.

You do swaps and you get your rewards for providing liquidity and real assets. Commission only one percent on the transactions point, one percent of which goes to support the internal yo token of the yo bit exchange. Well talk about the yo token in a minute here, its like a bnb token, very popular and uh will definitely hold value. In my opinion, so if you keep your yo, then d5 is even a better story for you and ill explain, because it will most likely grow from the demand. The point: eight percent of the commission goes to payments to liquidity providers. That is rewards to those who throw their coins into the pools and the ability to withdraw to fiat is like none other with no kyc you, you just dont, hear that nowadays, okay, you made your bitcoin swap for dollars and then anonymously withdraw your fee out without Kyc its not happening anywhere else, i dont know how theyre doing this stuff so lets go ahead and take a look at how this whole yield. Farming goes here on, so im gon na log in here really quickly. So now that im logged in here, ladies and gent, im gon na go over to my yo verse, bitcoin d5 pool all right. You click that and then theyll show you uh the landing page for that, as you guys can see. Yobit first bitcoin, currently the chart, and also you have the area where you can swap between the two coins and then also add liquidity and remove liquidity were going to be adding liquidity today.

So if i click my balance here, my yo balance just go ahead and click that that will pretty much calculate how much a bitcoin youll be able to add to the pool. So once i add, liquidity boom youll see at the bottom. It is now in the liquidity, pool and earning apy. If you look at the top corner, youll see yp for this coin is 28.3 yearly percentage. That is, and you cant get that anywhere else consistently right. These arent, you know 3 000. Its nothing thats out of the realm of possibility in the d5 world is not giving you like some crazy number. That is too good to be true. No, these are real numbers and youll be able to earn this a yearly. In addition to all of that, just mentioned from your bit never been hacked seven years in running anonymity, you name it fiat withdrawals and deposits, and even this d5 thing on top of all of that, yobit has organized a daily competition for anyone who makes swaps in The d5 section of the website so every day, the top 20. I told you guys about this at the beginning. Top 20, with the most trading volumes on d5, receives prizes, ranging from 100 up to 20 000, that is in total, the exchange raffles more than 30 000 every day. Thus, you can simply race coins on the d5 platform, with minimal fees and profit from winning the competition which will pay back.

Your commission costs many times over, as you guys can see, on the right hand, side the column, its waiting for todays prizes. But if you look at yesterdays prizes, the 29th of august youll see this person turned over 12 bitcoin and ended up winning 10 000 in usdt all right anonymous person. So youll see how the list from those top 20 how it goes all the way down to 100 dollars for the lowest person there that number 20th trader. You know that could be just swapping back and forth. That person could have also profitably traded on the spot market and earned in addition to that so thats. Only looking at apples to apples were not even talking about the trading side of this and you just trading on your bid and earning that way as well. So i definitely want you guys to get over to and at least take a look at the spot. Theyve been spot on no pun intended for seven years, no hacks, no kyc um. All that good stuff check them out. I know the user interface doesnt. Look! The prettiest, but sometimes those are the best platforms to be on so in summary, you know: yobit d5 platformer feature is a convenient platform for cryptocurrency swaps and earning on the provision of liquidity, from a reputable exchange with the ability to withdraw to fiat and be completely Anonymous the competition launched by the exchange allows almost everyone, even the small deposits, to receive good cash prizes every day, and i will also try it myself in this competition and ive also messed around with it.

As you guys see, i did it. Uh live on this video. So if youre interested in this topic write in the comments below – and i will record a second video with my results, showing you guys what ive done here, thats pretty much it make sure you guys like share and subscribe and click that bell. And let me know again what your thoughts are about. Yo bit, try it out make a little money.