Along with that, the market is getting extremely hot, so we are obviously seeing plenty of scams and plenty of projects which are promising the world and will probably deliver nothing so well check out. A couple of these posts from these sorts of projects make sure youve hit. That like button as soon as you click onto the video, its just a natural reaction to go and tap that like button, you can always untap it later. If you dont, find any value from the video subscribe to the channel. If you havent already bell notification, icon click all so that you see the videos pop up in your news. Feed lets crack on staking your ada is the first thing here, as it is a cardano video. We have our ada shirts on. If you arent staking your ada, make sure youre doing that, whether its with the investor, accelerator pool or another pool there are plenty of different staking pools out there. You can check out a link to my staking pool down below its the official one of the channel and theres some instructions on how to do that with uh decentralized wallets like uroy and ada light. So you can earn passive income on the aida that you hold its safe in your wallet. It moves with the price of ada and you end. Passive income in the form of ada links are down below. Does the market think that smart contracts will be supported on mainnet of cardanos maintenance by october 1st? Well, the answer is nine out of 10 people say yes, and this has been getting further and further apart over the last few weeks.

So less people are no more people are yes, this is just a betting mechanism. You could bet on whether the smart contracts would be launched on mainnet, so theyve got 800 000 in traded volume. Liquidity is only about 10 000.. More people are saying yes at this point in time now onto the scams and the hopium, and this is something i would pay very, very close attention to as the market heats up and gets super super bullish, this sort of stuff here, forty dollars, why kadana will Hit forty dollars, i dont think theyve talked about hitting forty dollars. Charles never makes predictions on the price of ada, let alone talking about it going to 40 dollars. This is absolute nonsense, especially in this point in the cycle, but for any of these sort of videos. Now to get attention it needs to be something astronomical so that the the likes of going from a three dollar eight at a six dollar just doesnt seem that important anymore. You know its just a double, whereas if you can call it 40 bucks, well, you throw a lot of hopium in there, believing that this could go an extra 10x now im sure therell, be some people saying youre a fool, and this thing has to go to 40, because ethereums broken and aid is cheaper, blah blah blah its probably not going to happen in this cycle. That is like ada, going from 100 billion market cap to over a trillion dollar market cap well over a trillion dollar market cap to get there.

I just cant see that happening in this cycle now. I would happily be wrong, of course, because i hold ada but im also realistic, with my investments, more negative nancy news going on in the crypto space. So i popped this up on twitter today. This was the home page of coindesk. I opened it up. Everything was negative, so im, leading into what i think theyre trying to do. If we get. If we look at wales manipulating the markets it is september, market has been creeping up for over six weeks now. Corrections do have to come at some point: thats, just a natural thing in the markets, its just a natural part of the markets and the headlines just struck me all i could see was negative negative negative, so ive highlighted them or ive underlined them here. Trouble confused. Shutting down team exits protocols, tokens plunge cuts, warnings, regulations, end payment, alert, sec investigating ive, got loot holders. Loot is an nft, but just looking at all these words together. If you, if you learn or understand anything about neuro linguistic programming or nlp, loot, doesnt sound like a great word either, why would they have to put this on the headlines with all these other negative things? I dont think its a coincidence. I think its all brought together to try and bring prices down at a particular point in time, especially when they see the markets are a little weak, even though weve been climbing, the volumes are drying up onto some of the scammier stuff.

Looking at projects which arent really doing anything – and this could be completely wrong – you might be an adax holder or a lover of this project and now youre, just going to hate on everything. Ive got to say here: im not hating on the project, its just some things to keep in mind, especially with what we talked about earlier in the video that, as this ecosystem grows rapidly theres a lot of money coming into the space. So much and everyone wants a piece of that cardano ecosystem and so theyre going to make up all these different sorts of projects. What do we got going on with adax its now dollar? 33, its down 14? We can see its been on a steady downtrend at the moment just trying to bounce its way back. I havent done any research into it in terms of the fundamentals. I am purely just looking at the space and i am happy to say that that i have not done the fundamentals on it, because there is a lot of projects to look at and for me the way i play the markets, especially in the really volatile times, Is to find a chart and look for good entry points, play them for profits and then do a lot more research in the bear market when there is time to find out more about the projects, because in the bull markets, everyone is coming up, saying that they Are building absolutely anything and everything all the buzzwords and its very hard to find some truth in anything now this particular author on reddit is talking about adax, like i said no offense to anyone holding it im.

Sure therell be some comments down below im, just bringing you what im finding here, the the project as a whole was lacking any kind of technical information. I couldnt i could find no code, no github, no visual models or plan for what they were creating, and this could change in the coming days or weeks, maybe theyre, seeing this and theyre improving it and theyre a really good project. After all, they just had to need some more time to fix some things up right. It goes on to say thats when i dove into their social media, which, unsurprisingly, is rife with people that have the same concerns as me. However, they are far outweighed by the moon boy, culture. We know that we know that is around the space and active sentinels who will be ready to defend and shut down and reasonable any reasonable questions that dare to dig a little deeper theres. A lot of will be releasing code soon, just wait, type of responses that have been the norm for months now like i said this could change at any time. The only the main thing i should say with this is that im looking for an idea of what is going on out there, meaning is this the norm for any new kadano project that you are looking at. Is this what you are finding when you are searching their pages on twitter or on their home pages on their websites? Is this what you were finding if thats the case, then youre, probably looking at some red flags, look at this entire ecosystem of cardano its absolutely mega, and i think there are a lot of good projects in here that are going to do well.

We have seen jiro wallet, take off and do very, very well ive, also looked at the likes of charlie, who have done it all right, but id be keeping a very close eye on this support level at around 2.60 2.70 that starts to break down. Youll probably see some lower prices and, if youre following ta, you can see just lower highs forming through here, regardless of whats coming up. Just the amount of lower highs probably need some time to rest at the moment. Hopefully, after smart contracts launch and these projects have continued to build out and develop on the main net, then theyre going to see some other price rises as they continue to build. But for now keep a very close eye on your charts and keep a close eye on who is actually doing what in the space one more thing to watch is sponsored. So this is another kedano project over here. Looking at cardax sponsor just means that they have paid cointelegraph to get an article written on them and theyll generally write this up, and maybe their editors and stuff will have a look at it. But thats another thing you want to have a look out for. Are they putting a lot of sponsored content out there or theyre actually using the money to go and create and build the platform that they say they are going to build theres nothing wrong with getting some marketing done its just a matter of which one comes? First.

For the project, if theyre, first into marketing and theyre really heavy on marketing its probably likely its a money grab, but if theyre really investing into building out their their project and their ecosystem, then its probably likely its a project that is trying to build and do Something in the space now just before we get into the technicals just to mention of the investor accelerator patreon group ‘ us per month there are 30 remaining. So since yesterdays video 20 of you guys have taken up the offer so far. So, thank you very much gone from 50 to 30 left looks like itll be sold out in the next few days. So if youre interested check out the links down below ‘ us for the patreon group, exclusive content, digital downloads, the complete post archive weekly market videos, one is coming out today. So if youre subscribed youll be able to see that as it comes out in a few hours time and then the monthly market reports, so that thats, the investor accelerator patreon group 30, to go at ‘ usd all right on to the charts and ada usd is Where we are looking so im going to throw out the big hopium first up, all right im looking at these waves here, one up and back another big one up and a big one back, it looks like were into our fifth wave at the moment. This is on a macro time frame. I know a lot of people expect these things to happen over the next minutes or hours or days, but you can see that this took several months.

This was about a 20 week move and then it had a correction of a couple of months from july into september, so almost dead on two months, and then we had the next move, the next wave up, which took several months yet again and then a few More months down, so these are the macro moves, and this is where the big money is made. Looking at the big money, if you want to take a measured move from this low to this high thats at around three thousand call it thirty one. Thirty two hundred percent – that is a huge move going from about seven or eight cents to that top of two dollars. Uh 50., do, i think, were going to get another 3 200 percent move from this low of a dollar. No, that would bring us up to about 30 32 ada, and i dont think ada is going to get to 32 in this boom. I could be wrong, i get it but im not planning on a 32 ada from a dollar move. That seems absolutely ludicrous. What i am looking for this is just the hopium look, it doesnt mean it has to get there, but im excited to see the waves play out. Similarly, so this wave is the biggest if youre looking at elliott, then wave 3 is always the biggest wave all right. Wave 1 and wave 5 are generally equal. Doesnt have to be but thats what we can possibly see.

Okay, to give us some numbers were just going to speculate with some pricing. This is wave 2, so thats, wave, 2 and thats wave 4. All right, so you dont, want to see wave. You dont want to see wave 4 go beneath the high of wave one and were not going to see that thats not going to happen all right, but the price range here from one and a half or 1.7 cents which was a low to that top. Its about 800 or 900 to around 17 cents. What do we get if we do around an 800 or 900 percent from the low that was put in in june and july? So we take that and we do it from the low come up about eight hundred percent. That would bring us to around our eight dollar mark, so its around a dollar theres, our seven hundred theres, eight hundred about nine bucks so somewhere around that seven ish. Maybe two: maybe we hit a thousand percent return from that point, thats going to bring us up to around 10 or 11. So keep that in mind, if youre, getting in late or youre thinking about dollar cost averaging in from this point, all good runs will come to an end. Theres no questions about that and if im looking at equal ranges from the first range something around 800 900. Maybe a 700 like theres, going to be a few hundred percent, at least in that move or several hundred percent.

I should say because weve already done a 200 move from that low, so we could get to our 750, which gets us to around 600 percent, and then we go to about an equal of the first range around that nine dollars. So thats my bit of hopium. When it comes to ada from this move, maybe for some people thats not enough because from our current price of three dollars to get to that nine dollar level is about 200 percent, so its really about a 3x. From that point, maybe it gets to 11 – maybe 12 bucks. You know 300 theres an extra 100 there, which would be your 4x. So, in terms of where this has come from, whats left in it thats still a pretty big number when you think about ada being at around 90 or 100 billion dollars at the moment to do a 2 or 3 or 4x thats going. To put it very close to ethereums current market cap and, of course, ether and bitcoin will have to go up as well as more more and more money piles into the ecosystem, but well keep tracking that and see if we cannote any other changes in the market. Behavior, but for now that was my bigger price target, especially from where we are at three bucks. I dont want to go on the back of something crazy, like 40 dollars that i think just gets our hopes up, and it doesnt mean that the market has to hit these price targets of 9 10.

11. 12. We need to see what the market does and how it reacts to the conditions as the market continues to climb and hit these price targets of four and five other psychological levels, so thats todays video guys. Thank you very much for joining me. We are under seven days left to the launch of smart contracts, be wary of the scams and the amount of projects that are coming into the space, promising all sorts of hope that theyre going to be the next big thing or the uni swap of cardano. At the end of the day, well, probably see some price rises in almost anything, it is a bull market, thats thats what happens right, but its? What happens at the end when the the party is over, the ones who are left holding the bags are going to be the real big losers. Unfortunately – and this is this is what happens time and time again through every single crypto bull market, whether its crypto, whether its stocks, if youre, left holding the bags at the end of the day, you have to come under the fire of a 90 or 80 percent. Draw down from that money that was invested so be wary. This is getting hot again ill, see you guys in the next video remember if you are staking your ada or you want to stack your radar check out the links down below to earn passive income on your cardano patreon link is down below 30 spots left there, Like the video subscribe to the channel bell notification, icon ill check you out on twitter or on instagram hope you enjoyed that video ill, see you at the next one until then have more fun to get more done.