If you find it useful and informative, then hit the like button. I really do appreciate that, if you are new to the channel, then do subscribe tap the bell select all notifications, and in doing so you will be kept up to date with absolutely everything that we do here right with all that out of the way lets um Lets talk about whats been going on here, most recently with harmony, so um we are on the weekly chart. Just want to kind of call out whats been going on. We have these five impulse waves to the upside, not as neat as something like cardano, but they are still intact and havent been invalidated. We have two upward trend: lines uh, one that really started just before march of 2020 and one that was kind of uh kickstarted. At march 2020, in the crash that we saw, this is pretty much the start of the ball run down at the end here, and we basically saw a rise up to our trend line uh within wave one, this kind of peaked out around august of 2020. We went down into our second wave correction relatively flat and this kind of peaked out towards or cameras down to its bottom um at around kind of december of 2020, and this again tested our low point here, its setting our trend line in place. We then saw a good surge with wave 3 to the upside and again this was about march of 2021 when we saw it kind of peek out before we went into our fourth wave correction.

So, from march 2020 to march 2021, um one ha, the one coin and harmony protocol had risen, eighteen thousand, nine hundred and five percent, and so pretty significant gains. The fourth wave correction um saw us come down into a nice buy zone at the bottom here. So for all your members out there, you were looking at this buy zone with me and, if youre looking to accumulate, that was a good buying opportunity just to be had there. This particular area was testing our upward trend line. This trend here this one here and where we turned and broke through it turned it into a support line, is also what we were testing during that dip scenario, and now weve had good push to the upside with harmony. One uh weve actually gone up 190 since june of 2021 to uh current right. So, in the last few months, weve gone up 190, so again depends where you are buying harmony, where youre buying at the top of way. Three, in which case youve still got a little bit more time and before you start to see a profit kind of come in um but profit you will come in and we will see a good rise in this fifth wave to the upside. We still got about 500 gains left on the table here from our current position to the 79 cent fibonacci 4.236 extension. That being said, we can, in my opinion, blast through that to probably a maximum of around a dollar level um, and i think thats going to be one of those targets.

I think psychologically is going to be a bit of a barrier, so one dollar is always on our thumbnail, because we do think that is a nice target to kind of go for its an over stretch on the 4.236 um, and i think it is reachable. But rejection from there is highly probable, okay, um so again, 500. This percentage does change. Ive seen a few comments um around people, not quite understanding why we called it 600, 700 or 800 going to 500 well, and this is because the the target is not changing, but the current price is changing. Okay. So, therefore, if i move the needle uh according to the current price, the percentage gains also change so right now for harmony from the current position. At the point of recording this video uh, we are about 505 to that 79 target. Okay, so still some pretty good time, you know price expectation, uh is there for harmony and for the second half of this year, close quarter three go into quarter four nice and strong uh. We have taken out some key areas now on the charts were going to get into that on the daily in a moment. Okay, so the other thing thats really noticeable is were overbought. This is perfectly fine and very natural. We can see that during the first wave we were overbought from may 2020 through to august of 2020, so were up here for several months and it works quite well.

We can see that the third wave correction again, we were overbought from january 2021 uh. We actually dipped down in march right actually bringing it into this kind of correction right here and before peeking up again uh later in the month, to really go after the next strong kind of high point right, so um again slightly different. But again, several months we were tracking this overbought area, so now were approaching. The sofa board were in there now, and this does not mean that were going to immediately see the pullback. Instead, this is just the beginning of the journey to the upside on the fifth wave so again, uh in line with our expectations. We are on the weekly chart, which means a free candle is a weekly candle, and so again this shouldnt be an alarm to anyone. This is now just where we are tracking, as we are going up towards our higher fifth wave and before we go down into the bear market and uh go back into the oversold area and again this is gon na, be something that we see for for several Months, uh anyway, so again, theres some opportunities to be had now um going into this fifth wave and of course, once we go into the bear market, a whole abundance of opportunities, uh live front of us, so uh do stick around for the bear market. Weve got some interesting things coming up, um right, so lets jump down into our our daily view.

Because again you know this is where we start to see some of the things that have been going on most recently a little bit more detail now. The main thing, if i actually zoom out far enough and what we want to talk about – is this area here, so the top of wave three and started downward trend. This was again um found over here when we approached the 786 and got rejected from the 786 area and again, we then see ourselves coming all the way down coming back up and were re testing, this downward trend line, and so we obviously have our upward trend. This is uh the two tests during our accumulation buy zone area again. This is where we really kick started in february of 2020. This trend has been going since then, and so again is holding nice and strong. Our downward trend has only been going since uh. I think its march at the end of march 2021, so our upward trend is much stronger than our downward trend, because its got a lot more history to it, and but again, rejection from this area is is kind of a bit of a given. At this point. Okay, the fact that we are overbought on our um, our daily stochastic rsi, now fighting this area is, is very important um, but i do think that the likelihood is a rejection will come in here and we could potentially pull back in. That being said, it is um.

It is likely that this scenario is going to unfold. It is also something interesting could happen here, because our downward trend line is also in line with our 786 area of a fibonacci retracement tool, and that, basically, is coming from our high point over here and again to the low point down. Here is an important plot. In this area this was an interesting area that we were rejected from before, and we were rejected a couple of times. Weve actually purged right. The way through it so holding this area is going to be absolutely key, and if we do hold it, we could actually see ourselves blasting past this downward trend very, very quickly and and almost instantly from where we are. That being said, though, i think its less likely to happen. I think, although we have passed this area, i think we are likely to see a rejection from here and eventually well just trade into this area before getting that absolute explosion to the upside. That being said, it is also possible that we have a small pullback and then we go up and just invalidate our downward trend. So an interesting time has been ahead right here, and so i will get into the hourly. Well take a little bit more detailed. Look at that to see exactly how that is forming, but, as you can see, the triangular wedge here is incredibly good um for seeing a good explosion to the upside, but we obviously need to just challenge to see whats going on.

Are we going to have that? Push right now or are we going to wait a little while longer before we start to see that significant push on harmony? And that being said, you know we are very, very close to our 618702 786 on this fibonacci. Getting this closed. Candle here is going to be a big ball signal to price discovery date later down the line um. So lots of things to look forward to now lets actually jump down into our hourly view and just expand this up so um, looking at the hourly view, its actually looking quite positive for that break right. So the daily looks like its gon na be short lived. If we do um, but right now, oversold um trending across our downward trend line, i think uh, looking at the hourly its definitely more likely to have the break to the upside and what well look for here is to turn 13.6 as a support line. Okay, so um again, we can of course continue to just track this down, but on the hourly it looks more and more probable that will push the to the upside rather than the downside, and so again were getting a bit of a difference of opinion between our Our daily view, this is why its always good to kind of have a look at both of these um being overbought. Again, we can track this for a while, so we can be overbought for some time, and so, if we do have this push to the upside – and we actually do test this later and pull back on that 13.

6 area – that could be a big area for us To then go ahead and take the search to the next level, and we will need to correct our daily stochastic rsi at some point, and so it looks like actually for now. The hourly is going to continue to kind of trade statewide for the next few hours and then well start to see a push to the upside, so id anticipate that and within the next little um. While here we are going to see um a significant push with harmony um to the upside in the very very near future, so by the time this video goes out, we might actually start seeing it break this trend and push to the upside, but well just have To monitor that over time and in the next update well see in detail whether or not we, we did actually confirm that 13.6 area as a good support for us um, so guys im going to leave it there im going to zoom out because its always good To have a good picture as to where things are going long term, rather than focusing in on those smaller time frames and but guys, if you have found this video useful. This brief update on harmony, useful and informative hit the like button. I really do appreciate that, if you are new to the channel, then do subscribe tap the bell select all notifications, and in doing so you will be kept up to date with absolutely everything that we do here with this said done and out of the way, i Hope everyone has a fantastic day and ill catch.