The crypto journey continues. I hope you guys are doing good in this. Video were taking a very exciting look at meta. Hero were going to do some price analysis. Some price predictions could meta hero potentially get to one dollar. That is a massive question, but could it happen? Will i talk about it in this video meta hero is a crypto. We had on the radar on crypto zeus, channel uh, since the pre sale. You can see it in the background behind me. Weve got our medihero right here right at the pre sale level, one of the most exciting cryptos weve had on our crypto zoo. So far i know crypto zeus. What do we love to? Do? We love to look in the market, for you know very exciting, cryptos ones, with massive potential uh. Basically, if youre interested in making money uh make sure to subscribe to crypto zoo, so thats were all about were all about the technology. What can the technology of the crypto do, but also, potentially you know, can the crypto make money and uh just to refresh you guys? So if you were willing to take the risk and theres always risk in crypto space and always remember not financial advice here, this is just for your entertainment purposes. Only uh, but i hope you guys are enjoying the journey. But if you are willing to take the risk with a pre, sale and pre sale is always generally its the most risky part of a crypto and uh things can go right.

Things can sometimes go wrong, but the pre sale for meta hero went extremely extremely well and uh. Basically, to give you guys a refresh uh, the pre sale rate was one bnb equals 200 000 hero. There was a maximum buy in of 10 bnb per hero. So if you were willing to put a bet on meta, hero to you know, make an educated investment decision on better hero at the pre sale rate and that you put in 10 b b, which is roughly around you, know the 5 000 usd roughly well say Here so 5 000 usd get into the pre sale. That would have got you about 2 million hero and 2 million hero right now times by about 6.5 cents, would equal about 130 000. So this is again its real money, its real money up for grabs in the crypto space and its all about this risk to reward ratio. Sometimes you know, if you go into a pre sale, different cryptos, you obviously may not hit a home run. Meta, hero has definitely been a home run, but the question we kind of want to know is that how much higher can it potentially go? But again you know if you put in five thousand dollars and now youre sitting on a hundred and thirty thousand dollars, thats a lot a lot of money for a lot of different people and uh key takeaway here is, you know, keep an eye out for cryptos That come up on the radar on crypto zeus, but in this video we want to see how much higher uh meta hero can go.

But if you guys dont know what meta hero is all about. Basically, next gen deflationary real utility token, coupled with ultra hd meta scanning technology and its got a huge amount of potential. Basically – and this is all about real world tech – you know fusing it with cryptocurrency, so you can see the meta scanner behind me, making it into nfts and if you guys know much about nfts, basically right now, theres a massive market for nfts, and these guys can Scan physical uh, real world objects, including yourself into nfts and load them into the digital world, and these things going to be set up all around the world and you know meta hero. The crypto is going to be the centerpiece of the ecosystem and some of the tokenomics behind it and uh. They do vary some of the tokenomics on this crypto. So its an open, crypto open to evolution, theyve got smart staking as well, so zero zero to two percent of each transaction is redistributed to all existing hero holders. Theyve got to burn as well, so a real burn of building uh burning up the crypto and that zero to eight percent of each transaction is forever burnt, ensuring an ever decreasing supply of hero and our utility. So only hero can be used to transact in our ecosystem for the real world so and also these guys have working apps as well, so working apps on the apple store on the google play store on the apple store as well.

So these guys have real apps out in the market right now, which is very exciting, and these guys basically have a massive massive road map right now. So they have negotiations with a tier one. Centralized exchange coming up right now, which is exciting to see, and also a massive amount of new things coming down the pipeline for this cryptocurrency, so just a huge roadmap as well real world technology, real apps are being developed and meta scanner and uh the hero cryptocurrency. If you, so, if you guys are holding a crypto hero, is basically the core of the hero ecosystem, the meta hero, ecosystem and its all about virtual reality, and if you guys, like virtual reality and crypto zeus, i love my games. I havent played video games in quite a while ive, given up that habit for now uh, but you know virtual reality: gaming virtual reality world virtual reality with crypto guys. This is potentially is uh the future and its just got some amazing amazing potential and meta hero, kind of fits within this space and uh, just some exciting news coming up for medicare and uh the future blockchain summit. This kicks off right here on the 17th of october, meta hero is going to have the meta scanner set up: okay and uh. They are going to be there for 54 days, sharing meta hero and the v3 scanner, with uh 75 to 100 000 people who are interested in crypto, so theyre going to be scanning uh real people into the meta scanner and putting them into the virtual world into The metaverse – and this is very exciting indeed, so.

The future blockchain summit are happening in dubai and theyve also developed a hero swap, which is very, very exciting, and you can connect your wallet over to their website too, and do a bit of a swap right there. But meta hero basically has a huge amount of stuff coming out in the future, for a very, very exciting, crypto, very, very well marketed crypto as well so uh, the leader behind this crypto rob grinn. He has a twitter account, hes on the forefront, doing interviews things like that and uh hes, putting out some very exciting tweets right here, so he says top 100. Here we come once you hear who is backing us? You will know that were operating on a different level than all other crypto projects so and uh. This is kind of the mentality you have to have in crypto. You say you have to back your own crypto. You have to make it exciting and uh. This is exactly what rob grin is doing with meta hero and metahera is delivering on a lot of these things and theyre also delivering on the price as well. So lets jump into the price graph for medihero kind of where its sitting in the market – and you can see here right now – metahera is sitting at 214 on the coin. Gecko charts and uh lets have a look at building up the price chart here. So it looks extremely healthy and uh if we have an analysis of the price charts for medihero right here, you can see at the launch level for meta hero.

It came on at the 0.0074 level. It actually went down a little bit after the pre sale. So a little bit of a decrease right after the pre sale and thats, just you know sometimes can happen with the pre sale. But you can see you know. Meta hero are delivering on some of their promises, uh on the roadmap goals, and you can actually see some solid increases in the price uh throughout the month of july and uh. This thing really has kind of increased all the way up to a second all time. High around august, so some people took some good profits around this level and uh. Some people continue to hold, and now, if you held meta hero along this journey, uh youre going to be rewarded because right now its sitting at a new, nearly a new all time. High sitting around the 6.5 cent level and uh that is great great to see. So, if you guys are from the zeus, 101st division, if you made some profits on meta hero, hey congratulations to you! Crypto zeus, couldnt be happier and uh. This is great to see but 6.5 cents uh. That is very impressive so far, but the question is, you know: can metahero climb up in the price charts? You know how high could potentially metahero go. So if we look at the market cap for meta hero right now, its sitting at around the 308 million dollar, so the fully diluted market cap is 656 million dollars.

Market cap currently is sitting at around 308 million dollars. So right now, if meta heroes to enter the top 100 youre looking at a market cap of around the 1 billion level. So if meta hero gets into the top 100 thats going to be roughly roughly a 3x from there, but i think meta hero actually has potential to go. You know higher than rank 100. You know i can potentially see you know meta hero move into the top 50 of cryptos in the long run, basically with what its bringing to the market and uh you know, making the metahero crypto even more expansive move it into a wider ecosystem, its basically going To have some massive potential and if you move into the top 50 youre looking at a market cap of around the 3.4 billion dollar level and meadow hero currently has a market cap of 300 million so right there if it goes into the top 50 youre. Looking at a 10x from the current prices, which is great to see, and then you know if medihero was to move into the top 10 of crypto currencies, uh really really take on some of the big cryptos with what its bringing to the market youre. Basically, looking youre, basically looking at a 30 billion dollar market cap, roughly so 30 billion dollars divided by 308 million dollars, is going to roughly give you uh. You know its 97 times, bigger okay, so 97 times bigger, so thats, potentially where you can get your one dollar for medihero, but that excludes also the burn.

So metahero also has burns and things like that thats thats, potentially what a metahera could bring to the market. So you know it would be a bit of a stretch to get to one dollar, but its definitely within the realms of possibility, because you guys know in the crypto space you know anything can potentially happen. You know one dollar meta hero would be absolutely amazing to see uh, it does have the marketing potential, it does have the technology potential behind it and it definitely is a crypto that is also open to what i like to call evolution, so evolution in the crypto Space is basically when you take a crypto and you give it more and more use cases. So you give it more use cases you make it extremely extremely exciting and it can evolve and become a massive massive crypto indeed, but that is potentially what is on the horizon for meta heroes, but at the same time you know you guys play it. Smart always make your own investment decisions always be comfortable with the level of risk, but at the end of the day you know meta hero, just to sum it up extremely exciting. Cryptocurrency extremely exciting, update on crypto zeus, uh its been pretty cool to have medicare as a pre sale, crypto kind of moving up on the radar and its great to see this one. You know taking off in price, so im hoping uh meta hero can potentially go uh extremely high in the crypto space itll be great to see meta hero go high in the crypto space and uh.

Let me know if you guys, like these updates on meta hero, because i could potentially do more updates uh on medihero, but again its really good to see you know this crypto climbing up in price, so some big things to happen in the horizon and guys. Let me know what your price predictions are for meta hero: how high could it get? Are you guys bullish on your meta hero? Let me know in the comments section below, but guys, its a massive update on meta hero. If you guys, like crypto zeus, you want to see more, you can always join up to my patreon as well, where you get some early access and some extra insight as well from crypto zeus, but guys its been really good to i see meta hero succeed in The crypto space, and hopefully some members of the zeus – 101st division – have got some good uh gains off meta hero, but i still think theres some massive potential coming down the horizon for meta heroes, but thats a bit of an update on meta hero. I hope you guys enjoyed it.