My name has been every day on this channel. I show you how to make money in crypto. If you like, money in crypto, then make sure to hit that subscribe button guys this weekend kind of boring, huh price action not really been the greatest hasnt been the worst, not a lot of volatility. Ive noticed trading volume is down over the weekend considerably, which i mean you know: thats thats, pretty standard thats, pretty par for the course uh, but people just dont, really know where bitcoin and ethereum are heading right. Now, uh. If you watch this channel, you know where i think its heading in the short term over the next four to five weeks or so ill just lay on it a little bit here, but uh thats. Not what i want to talk about today. What i want to talk about today, which, by the way i meant to make a video last night – and i forgot – i forgot to make a video – can you guys believe that that never happens uh but anyways? I want to update you guys on some stuff uh about the crypto markets and in this video i want to talk to you guys about my crypto exit strategy, my profit, taking strategy for crypto, based on what what i think is going to happen in the markets. Over the next few weeks and months, okay, so the reason why i want to do this is because ive got a lot of people reaching out to me per people.

I know personally uh, you know. Of course, we always have people asking questions from the channel, which is great, but im talking about people. I know in my real life and theyre messaging me saying hey, i think, its time to pull all my profits. I think its time to take the money and run well at this point with bitcoin back around fifty thousand dollars after we saw the the depths of thirty thousand dollars. I wouldnt blame anyone for taking profits right now, but in my opinion, that is not the optimal move. Um you know pulling. Profits is always okay, so if you want to take a maybe original investment or take out a decent chunk well, whatever the case may be, i think theres nothing wrong with that, but when it comes to my personal crypto exit strategy, now you have to understand when I say crypto exit strategy. This is a short term exit. This is not a long term exit when you sell tops. This is not giving up on crypto. This is actually the opposite. Youre selling the top like lets say i have one bitcoin uh and i sell the top 100 000. Well, if you take that hundred thousand dollars and you go buy a boat with it. Okay, now youve exited the crypto markets, you took profits. You youre not really trying to get back into crypto with that money, thats, not what i do and what we do at bit: boy, crypto.

What we do is we sell top. So if i had a bitcoin, i would sell that bitcoin for a hundred thousand dollars in stable coins. I would leave it there throughout the bear market and when bitcoin drops back down to twenty thousand dollars, which is totally likely after it hits 100k. Now how many bitcoin do i have now? I have five bitcoin, so ive taken one bitcoin moved it into a hundred thousand dollars sold the top, but five bitcoin at the bottom when it hits 20k or somewhere there abouts. Now, when bitcoin goes up to my estimated price prediction for the next market of 250 000, i have just turned 000 into 1.25 million dollars, thats how you make money in crypto, okay, these are long term moves, youre, not doing anything to cash out to buy a Boat and get out of crypto or buy a car or buy a house whatever the case may be, youve got to be able to think long term at accumulating more crypto. So people will, you know, say: oh these people that sold at the top theyre traders to crypto no, no theyre, true believers in crypto, because they are positioning themselves to accumulate more over time. You dont turn thousand dollars into two 1.25 million. I just gave you the map, those are very realistic numbers and, of course, that will be in 2025, most likely in four years when it hits that some people believe it could go even higher, but thats how you take advantage of the crypto markets and you accumulate For the future, now you can do a mix.

Of course you know you could take some profits and cash it out and then send others to the side that you want to get back into crypto with. That would be totally okay. So what are the price targets that im looking at uh in the timelines at taking profits in this market? I think theres a great time to talk about it, while were in this lull of crypto over the last week, because i think its gon na go up fast and furiously very soon. So what am i looking at? Look our target for bitcoin is a hundred thousand dollars. Does that mean im going to wait until it hits a hundred thousand dollars and then sell my crypto? Well, not necessarily when bitcoin gets above 75 000 we are going to consider taking some profits. Okay, when bitcoin hits ninety thousand dollars, we are probably going to cash out a lot of what we have in bitcoin when it hits a hundred to a hundred and ten thousand dollars. We will cash out a bigger percentage, i think, were looking at probably cashing out. Um and putting in stable coins to accumulate for later, probably about eighty percent of all of our crypto about eighty percent of all of our crypto. That leaves us with twenty percent in case were wrong, and prices continue to go. Parabolic and bitcoin goes to four hundred thousand dollars. Well, we still made a lot of money, okay, but this protects us from what we believe will be a bear market crash.

So those are my numbers im looking at for bitcoin now whats the timeline on that. Probably about the first week of october, uh at the current rate were going uh. Ive always said: september 28 should be the end, give or take a week im starting. Maybe it could extend one extra week after that. Well see but uh. You know im gon na go with what i believe, and so probably about the first week of october, is when we will be taking a look at uh pulling out a large percentage of our portfolio as long as the numbers are aligning, if were at 55 000. On october 10th, well that kind of changes things, but i i dont think thats what were going to see. So when it comes to altcoins. What am i looking at doing? Well, the altcoin market might continue for a lot longer than the bitcoin market, but i do believe by the end of the year that will be over. So what are some price targets were looking at well, and i meant to mention this with bitcoin. If your price target is a hundred thousand dollars, you should be pulling profits out before it gets there, because when you have that price target, a lot of other people have that price target, and sometimes what can end up happening is people start selling off a little Bit before it gets to that number and then the momentum carries it down and then it never actually reaches that number.

So you got to think about kind of a baked in price near your target. Startup profits at for ethereum. Our target is anywhere from eight to twelve thousand dollars, so when ethereum gets to about seven thousand dollars, thats, probably where well start looking at pulling profits for cardano eight to twelve dollars were gon na start pulling some profits around six dollars and then, if it continues Upward from there, which i believe that it will were gon na look somewhere in the eight to ten dollar range to take more keeping twenty percent in in case it continues to go up and were wrong, which you know uh other than my wife. Nobody believes im wrong im just kidding. She thinks im right most of the time, but so the point here is is that you need to have targets in mind now whats the timeline on that somewhere. Around halloween is a halloween to thanksgiving and that range first week or two of november. That is when we think we are going to see things. Uh go sideways or actually go down. So those are some of my price targets, thats. What im thinking now? What does it mean to actually pull profits? Well, it means youre making a transaction and youre moving your crypto either into a stable coin, or you could also be moving it into actual dollars, selling it on coinbase. They were planning to accumulate, then, i believe, probably selling um. I i believe, moving to stable coins is probably your better move um.

So i think that is something that uh. You know you should definitely think about doing sorry, guys, thats it. That is my crypto exit strategy, crypto private, taking strategy moving 80 percent of my crypto into stable coins when you get to the top in order to accumulate more down the road. This is how you go from 100 000 air to a millionaire thats, how you go from a millionaire to a 100 millionaire thats, how you go from 100 millionaire to a billionaire in crypto. I think theres over 30 crypto billionaires out there, so it definitely is possible.