So you dont miss any of my analysis on quant, but other than that guys lets get right into this. Video alrighty guys here we are with q: u a t or q: sorry q! U a n t or quant quant crypto quant coin, whatever you guys would like to refer to it as now sitting at just over 287, a coin weve been bouncing around. That kind of uh – you know channel here for just the last about hours, so its number one trending on stock twits right now, which is a huge, huge plus uh for the coin overall and, as you can see here, its just green everywhere. The market cap is up 33. The fully diluted market caps up 33 as well and the volume is up 411 uh just in a 24 hour time period here, which is absolutely crazy, were sitting at a 341 million dollar volume of of being of this coin, being traded, absolutely crazy, stuff, guys uh, Crazy stuff, indeed, this is what the chart has looked like uh since about september. Fourth year was when we kind of started today is, of course, september 5th, and now we are running into these incredible highs, all the way up to the 200 to maybe even 300 range very soon here now, uh theres a lot of reasons why this is running Right now, uh, you know theres a lot of retail interest just from overall traders. You know dumping money into this coin, wanting to hop in and get in on some of the gains and just overall you know this is the stuff that happens on the weekends right.

We see this a lot with different coins uh over the weekend when the stock market is closed. Of course, a lot more money is going to flow uh into different crypto projects, because obviously the investment markets as far as stocks go are closed right during the weekend and we usually see higher volumes on things like bitcoin things like ethereum and really any. You know major crypto project over the weekend, so this is very interesting stuff guys and you might be wondering because a lot of you are probably clicking on this video, because you actually dont know what quant is or what they do. What the coin is about. The project and everything and thats why i wanted to pull this article. This article is a couple days old, so some of the numbers in it are going to be a little bit older and a little bit kind of uh. I would say eric. I guess at this point because theyve now been kind of crushed, probably uh, but there is still some stuff that rains true and i think that still holds value that really right here. Quant cryptos price prediction: how qnt could reach 500 by 2025. lets read a little bit closer into this and see where it can go? Quant has gained more than 140 of the past month and 1 400 in 2021. The altcoin has continued to climb getting more than 10 in the past 24 hours uh to trade at 177.

Why is quant crypto going up and how high can it go? There are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there, with varying potential returns on investment, its important to research them before investing just a little thats like their little disclaimer, basically uh. What is quant crypto and how does it work? Quan operates a platform that enables developers to make apps capable of running on multiple blockchains, simultaneously thats, pretty cool. If efforts promise to further unlock the potential of d5 and nft or non fungible token products and qnt powers, the quant network, this is the chart, as you can see here – absolutely crazy, parabolic uh, you know movement here. If we actually go back lets go to. I believe theyre on what what chart are they on? I think this is that thats the all time. This is the all time gains for the chart, its gone even higher since then, as you can see its gone all the way up to all time highs of 280. This coin used to cost nothing nothing back in 2019, but again the kind of foresight you have to have to invest back then is is incredible. Like nobody was buying it back, then i mean there were a few im sure. But again, this coin was really not moving much and only really started getting a lot of momentum here, uh near the beginning of the year in january, when most of the crypto markets were pumping uh to begin with in the first place, but very interesting stuff.

There lets read a little bit more. Why is quant going up? Several factors are behind quants rise. First, the tokens fixed maximum supply makes it attractive to investors seeking protection from inflation. Second, investors expect quant to benefit from the d5 boom. The return of the funds stolen and the appalling network, hack and paulie jobs offered to the hacker to bolster its system. Security also appears to have boosted some investor interest in defy tokens like quant is quant a good investment. Quants historical performance shows that its been a big winner for investors. The altcoin has returned over one thousand five hundred percent over the past year and more than sixty thousand percent in the last three years. Crazy numbers that uh quant is able to push out quant plunged to what persists, at its all time, low at 16 cents. Investors who bought the dip have seen their money grow more than 100 000 times the rush to build defy apps and institutional investors growing interest. In d5, products should bring more developers to quant, as developers need to hold quant to be able to operate on the quant network. The demand for the token will increase and its value will appreciate as more developers come to the quant network, so thats kind of the market realist take on what quan is doing and where they could be going now. Well, take a look here at training view, because this is obviously a really good way to kind of see where this tokens at where its been and everything in between.

If we go to the one year chart, so we get a better idea. Oh wow, we cant even go to the one year chart lets go to the six month chart. This is what weve looked at over the last six months. Right weve had a lot of stability here, uh pushing up into these higher price ranges, and now it is just pumping more than ever. It might crack 300 here within the day. Well have to see, though, guys see heres the thing im actually very bullish on quant on the long term. Right like the like the article said. I think that this stock or this coin rather could hit 500 by 2025. I think thats a realistic price target and price prediction. However, in the short term, i dont know, if thats possible, when something runs up this heavy this high in a short amount of time, usually theres going to be a pullback, usually theres, going to be an opposite reaction to whatever the current reaction is and right now, The upward momentum that were seeing with this, i just dont know is if its sustainable right now in the short term again. What i find really interesting, though, and why i say theres a caveat to what i just said uh, is that you know somebody who would have invested back here right at these. All time highs. You know most people would have said. Oh theres going to be a bit of a pullback and there was there was a little bit of a pullback, but then it just skyrocketed further into the into the upside, and you know all the way up to the 200 to 300 level now, and that was Over the course of when did this happen about august right, around kind of july 30th august 1st pulled back a little bit for a couple days and then just continued to skyrocket further.

This is interesting. This makes me think that quant is not really something that trades on normal kind of. I get, i guess psycho psychology when it comes to kind of coins and how they trade, because a lot of obviously you know when something runs up heavily, especially 400 to 500. To even a thousand percent gain usually pulls back, not necessarily the case with quant here, as you can see here in that price chart that we looked at and we go to the one year. Sorry, not the one year lets pull back to the three month. Actually uh we can see. Rsi is very oversold, though so thats, the only thing guys. The only reason. I think that this is going to pull back in the short term and then able to go higher is because the rsi is super hot right now, its way above the 70 level, uh and again, im just going to be patient im going to see if this Stock or i keep calling the stock im sorry, the coin im going to see if the coin pulls back and if it does, if it pulls back like the 250 level, pulls back to the 230 level ill, probably buy some ill, probably buy some coins and try To get in there and hopefully hold it for the long term guys, but guys we make all kinds of new videos like this every single day about crypto stocks, whatever you guys want to think about or talk about, especially stuff thats trending.

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