This is a project that i absolutely love, but yeah do not get the opportunity to talk about it too much because its quite well a little bit unknown im going to first of all go through what it is and why i like this so much and then Of course, go through some of the technicals of whats been going on most recently with the dsla protocol. So if you find this useful and informative then hit the like button, i really do appreciate that, if you are new to the channel, then do subscribe tap the bell select all notifications, and in doing so you will be kept up to date with absolutely everything that We do here right with that said, done out of the way lets get into a little bit of what dsla is and why. I think this is really important, so the dsla protocol helps people to avoid losses associated with service interruptions and lags via a crowd, funding liquidity, pools, automated sla contracts and insurance, so dsla protocol features several things. In short, the dsla protocol provides the following features: dsla and provides prediction markets. Uh dsla users can swap coins. Whilst the risk is tokenized and can be controlled via the platforms functionality, tokenized risk can become a subject of leveraged trading. There are futures markets on the dsla platform, thus people can trade making short and long positions, tokenized expectations associated with up and coming product releases and other things. Um earnings via um staking dsla coins, um creating new slas via the dsla platform um.

So those people whose uh platforms are yet to manage their risks via dsla can still rely on centralized slas solutions. Um will be able to finally actually benefit from the dsla protocol and the advantages so quite a few different features that are there already, and i think theres going to be some interesting stuff in the future as well. So usually, the dsla platform is referred to as a risk management platform. However, it has plenty of other use. Cases and dsla will provide users with the ability to verify the real capabilities of the providers, and this data will be stored in um sensor. Proof um. You know form in the distributed ledger. The dsla platform is peer to peer. The users will be able to form the liquidity, pools and hedges um to safeguard themselves from the risks coming from the markets and infrastructure failures. So dsla will make it possible to monitor the quality of the services and channel the issuance uh payouts on in the cases of any downtime or any service issues, so its a pretty important project. I feel because well talk about um, you know lots of different kind of things going on in space, be that staking liquidity, pools, liquidity, mining um. You know impermanent losses etc right. So something like this is very much needed, and this particular protocol of project dsla came up a lot during our research. We were researching many different projects and this one always popped up in the research, so we had to obviously dive into it and figure out what was going on, and this particular project for me just seems to make an awful lot of sense.

Considering the world of d5, that was kind of emerging now, obviously were barely really scraping the surface of d5 and it is starting to get an awful lot of traction behind it. So when we talk about decentralized finance, something like a service level agreement but in a decentralized way like a decentralized service level agreement, then dsla definitely seems to fit the model. So this, for me, is an important project i think has so much potential. It doesnt seem to be performing all that well at the moment, but this is also an interesting time to actually get into this one and buying coins at super cheap prices and then obviously huddling them for the long hold. Now. Obviously we talk about multi year, uh kind of time frames on this channel and i think profits will be made this year with dsla and but i do think that the next uh cycle 2025 is likely to see this project absolutely explode. So during the bear market, this is a particular project of focus for me, because i do think this use case is definitely something that we want to see being more uh utilized in the space, be that for staking liquidity, pulls in permanent losses or even nfts, and Everything to do with d5, so i think this project is something that i think lots of people should be doing more research on and fully understanding, because i think this one is definitely one to watch out for with all.

That being said, though, lets uh actually jump on into the technicals. Obviously, we have a limited amount of data here and we are using kucoin because thats what the trading view software lets me actually utilize and we havent gotten too much information on this weekly chart. But we have a high point here of 2.6 and we do have a low down here which came in at the may and which actually saw this down as low as 0.00241. Okay. So we obviously know that there was a good low point, and that was a good high point up here now in terms of recovery out of this well weve seen that actually anything down here was a good buy zone. Okay, so theres an opportunity. Basically, if youre dropping down below 0.004 – and that was actually an opportunity to be had – you could argue that actually dropping down into this area. Here was also pretty good. So, basically, just south of five and so thats basically half a cent and was also a pretty good steal. Now, right now we are tracking at zero point: zero, zero, seven! So one seventh of a cent – and we are just below our four point – two thats. Sorry not a four point, two three six, but our um two three six area just here, okay, and so this is an interesting area that were battling. This is resistance now, obviously theres, not too much. I can talk about on this uh weekly chart, but we will just take a look at those extensions, so the first target is four cents.

Second, target is six cent, then eight, then ten at the top there, so some progress to be made a micro cap coin like this again it would not take a lot of money to move the needle in the right direction to see these targets, targets get hit And that being said, i do think that this project has serious capabilities to do really really well in the future, so one to watch out for there with that being said, lets jump down into our daily and well just expand this up and take a look. So here was our buy zone. We actually had this listed uh at uh yeah, just basically under that half a cent. So we had that at 0.00435 and again they had a small opportunity, just in here when were working in and bring in a few days in this buy zone, and then we were out moving up. We can obviously see this 236 area, and here this is where the resistance is currently coming in and again this area that were concentrating on before and before getting rejected down to the buy zone. So right now this is an interesting one. We are nice and low. We take a look at the stochastic area here if i actually get my pencil and we can see that weve moved all right to the upside, but we are looking at a bit of a pullback in the last three days. This is correcting our daily uh stochastic.

To a pretty decent level here, so plenty of room to grow um, but at the moment theres, just not enough volume behind it and im not seeing too much in the way of marketing at the moment either. And but the good news is, the momentum is low right. We basically have the volume, nice and high during the buys, and then the volumes drop right back that protects the price as we trade sideways um. So right now we need to see a little bit more marketing on this project, but this is the same for pretty much most of the micro cap coins and with a little bit of marketing, i think, were going to see some pretty good pushes to the upside Um, this project is doing really well in terms of partnerships and things that theyre doing and so check out and do some more research on it. If you want to really understand whats going on there, but um overall, i think yeah. We are going to start to see a bit of a push and pass this 236 and then, of course, were going to be targeting a few interesting areas. Theres going to be a bit of resistance up here at 0.00895 and okay, you know theres going to be a couple more pieces on our journey up to our 382. This is 1.1 cent, okay and so its a bit of a battle to the up to to kind of move to the upside, and again we have this area.

This is going to be our first area of battling thats, going to take a little bit of time and patience to get through, and this kind of comes in approximately 1.3, and we look for a closed candle above 1.7. The main one that we look for for the big ball signal comes in a closed candle above 2 cent. Anything here is going to be a big ball signal that takes us into price discovery. So again, lots of things to look forward to here on the hour on the daily lets actually jump down into our hourly, and here you can really see that we are just trading sideways across this line, and here you can see, the volumes have just dropped right. The way back, but thats, okay, we can also see a good motion to the upside, originally pulled back into our oversold area and now were looking to push up. So if we can get some volume behind that, we should start to take out this area here and again, we take a look at where the resistance is currently is that 50 0.00850 so were looking to kind of move past that area and again we have the Momentum here, if we can just get that kind of uh this volume picking up a little bit, we have the space on the relative strength index here to kind of redo that so not too bad from that kind of regard. If we throw on the bollinger bands here, we can see that things are getting nice and tight.

We could actually start to see this can move quite significantly and but again we need to see that marketing come in weve got the room to grow here on the stochastic, but we need to see the volumes really also move with dsla and overall um. You know with something like this thats, not necessarily moving its important, that we do zoom out um either that in the case of dsla here it would be the daily chart. We have a good idea of where things are going as long as we track uh pretty. Well, on the bigger picture, uh were going to be doing okay if we do come back down into the buy zone, for whatever reason i will just be consistently accumulating. I do think this is a project for the long haul um, but do your own research im? Not a financial advisor, and so definitely do your research on this one again, its a micro cap coin, so highly volatile. It is uh one of those projects that tends to suffer the most. During a correction being micro cap money tends to flow out of micro cap coins faster than it does out of things like bitcoin ethereum cardano, for example, theyre considered slightly safer, and so we have to obviously consider that and manage the risks associated and some people would Class micro cap coins slightly higher risk. So again, do your own research dig into it and see what you think, but for me i do like this project.

I think it has a serious potential and we also caught up with the ceo of dsla. We did that. A little interview a few months ago check that out on the channel, if you have missed it and youll get a little bit more insight as to what is going on there as well guys. Hopefully, you have found this useful and informative if you have hit the like button.