. We are seeing a strong come back on most cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin, hitting the 50k mark, Ethereum, edging back towards all time highs and cardano smashing it aswell. These crypto penny stocks are bound to benefit from this booming crypto trend based on their mining activities and respective beneficial Use cases. …, So the key here is that these penny stocks can be speculative as their share prices can be very volatile and reflect the crypto markets. And so only get in. If you fully understand their risks, you like their story or business model, and if the price is right for you, as this is not financial advise … So make sure you dont miss out on these big bangers smash the like button, as it helps lots with the Youtube algorithm and turn on the notification bell to get these hot penny stocks. Instantly. Statistics from YouTube show that a large proportion of my viewers are not subscribed to the channel. So if you do end up enjoying this video, please make sure to subscribe as its free, and you can always change your mind. And if you would like to support the channel or would like a 121 coaching session on any questions, please hit the link in the Top comment below… I would really appreciate it., Thank you, so much., So lets get straight into it. With our number 3 blockchain penny stock is Santo Mining Corp OTC SANP.. It is now sitting at 0.3cents with market cap of 15.

6m.. This stock has had a fantastic run. Recently and stretching to reach the moon, but it still has a long way to go.. It is up 3.3 on the day having equally had a fantastic week up 63.1., But over 6months. You clearly begin to see how far this stock has to go as it is down 69 and still trading close to all time lows. Having hit highs of 3cents in March. Santo Mining is OTC Pink Limited Listed with an average of 71.3m shares traded over a 30day period and over 10.8bn shares outstanding.. So extremely dilutive penny stock at this stage, so a big watch out to be aware of with this one., The Company is a vertically integrated, blockchain and cryptocurrency company that manages operates and develops end to end BaaS Blockchain as a Service similar to software as a service. Blockchain as a service lets, businesses get applications up and running with minimal hassle.. This allows higher agility and quicker blockchain adaptation.. They also develop solutions such as smart digital contracts, non fungible, tokens, NFTs and IoT internet of things for everyday life. Santo Reported 2021. Second Quarter. Financial Results indicating Total Liabilities down from 3.2m in Year End Dec, 2020 to 3m. As of Q2 2021., The Net Income was loss of 279k for Q2 2021 and for the Six Months Ended 2021. It was 589k. Their CEO stated that they have been in lockdown for the last 60 days by the government of Vietnam under directive 16, and they are optimistic that in the next 30 days the boys will be back in the office.

Currently, everyone is working remotely and holding up very positive under the current pandemic.. They are looking at Q4 to bring some of their projects into market and they expect a positive results in Q4 of 2021., So one to watch. Next up to our number, our number 2 blockchain penny stock here, which is Life Clips OTC LCLP.. It has a share price sitting at 3.6cents and market cap of ‘.6m.. This penny stock has been shooting for the moon recently and it is showing that already up 15.2 following a decent pull back of ‘ over the last 5 days., And when you look at where this penny stock has been over the last 6months, it is up 262. Mostly driven by its latest bull run., So any pullbacks at this levels would be decent entry points. Given what this penny stock has got to offer. Life Clips is OTC QB Listed with an average of 137.4m shares traded over a 30day period and over 1.5bn shares outstanding. Life Clips Inc.. Otc LCLP is the parent company of Belfrics, Global and Cognitive Apps Software Solutions Inc. Belfrics Global is a Malaysian based blockchain provider and cryptocurrency exchange and platform that is licensed and regulated by Labuan Financial Services Authority, LFSA Malaysia., With 10 operational offices in 8 countries, Belfricss multi Feature trading platform offers digital assets, cryptocurrencies and crypto derivative contracts to its clients. Cognitive Apps, on the other hand, is disrupting the space of mental health. With its speech based AI powered mental health, analytics platform that empowers businesses to measure, understand and improve the mental well being of their employees, patients and customers.

, I think this is magic and timely, as mental health cases have significantly been on the rise following the covid lockdowns. Belfrics presented Blockchain Solutions To the Tanzanian Government announcing they had completed an awareness creation and knowledge sharing workshop discussing its blockchain solutions with the Tanzanian Government. Belfrics Proprietary Blockchain Platform also grew to 8 Countries, Eyeing National Level Blockchain Projects. Belfrics is licensed with presence in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Bahrain and UAE. To date, Belfrics has spot exchange offerings with major coins as tradable digital assets.. Currently, the company is offering 10 pairs of assets on most of its exchanges, with immediate plans to increase the number of assets to over 25 by the last quarter of 2021.. Belfrics will also be launching a subscription model to enable users to execute unlimited trades with zero commissions. Life Clips Provided an Update On the Integration Of Belfrics Group And Cognitive Apps Software Solutions.. They say the synergies between Cognitive, Apps and Belfrics began even before they acquired Belfrics and they believe in the power of the Belfrics blockchain, to empower and enhance many different types of apps beyond health care and finance.. Next, up to our number 1 penny stock, which is Iqstel Inc, OTC IQST, It has a share price sitting at 56cents and a market cap of 78.6m.. This penny stock has had a decent last month up 18 and over the last 6months. It is down 49 from its highs of 1.30, given it plenty of upside opportunities.

. Iqstel is OTC QB Listed with an average of 914.9k shares traded over a 30day period and over 141.6m shares outstanding. iQSTEL Inc offers leading edge Telecommunication Technology and Fintech Services for Global Markets. With presence in 15, countries. iQSTEL has 5 Business Divisions, Telecom, Electric Vehicle, EV, Fintech Technology and Blockchain, with worldwide B2B and B2C customer relations operating through its subsidiaries. So it feels this penny stock is in all the booming sectors. Right now, fiber optic connectivity for 5G Electric Motorcycles, EV Batteries, EV Chargers, EV Battery Management System, Cryptocurrency Exchange, Blockchain Platforms, you name it., But has it got enough in the tank to go? The moon Lets find out. iQSTEL introduced Low Cost Electric Motorcycles In Latam markets announcing their Electric Vehicle EV One Stop Shop division EVOSS.. They have worked closely on the Alternet Systems Inc. OTC Pink ALYI. Electric Motorcycle Initiative, backed by Revolt, Token. IQSTELs EVOSS division, has supported ALYIs MODUS design team on the development of EV Batteries, EV Chargers, Battery Management, Software. iQSTEL also Revised their Estimated YTD Revenue Upward To 30.3. Million. Management reported that the company is on track to achieve or surpass its 60.5 million annual revenue forecast for FY 2021., And they further reiterated that sales in the second half of the year typically increase over the first half.. They also announced that their Fintech Services Launched is Anticipated To Add 128 Million In Revenue Over 5 Years Through Visa, Mastercard, Banking and Cryptocurrency Services.. So some very very interesting and mindblowing prospects ahead for these blockchain penny stocks, but only consider getting in if the price is right for you and if you fully understand the risks.

. This video is not financial advice, a buy or a sell recommendation, but is meant to bring some new and exciting penny stocks to your attention for you to do your own research… As always, I would love to hear from you so please. Let me know your thoughts on these top penny stocks in the comments section below and what other blockchain penny stocks are catching your eyes lately. And If you are new to my channel, please ensure to subscribe and hit the bell. So you are notified when I upload new videos.. If you would like to see more videos like this, please check out this video right here or this playlist right here to watch equally insightful content from the channel.. Thank you so much for being here and I look forward to have you in my next video..