We are getting more and more and more holders. Thank you so much for dropping a like, even if it might seem like a grim future. I do have some statistics that you might want to see now, the first one being that we are having more holders more than ever 645 000, a bit more than that. Actually, when this video is out, but we can see that the holders are now buying in so different holders, random ones are buying in extra coins and im really excited for that, because this speeds they know something. You know a lot of them have been selling, but there is some that theyre buying in so, for example, shiba. You know x, ship token bought in look at this. This is a big amount. This is one trillion extra tokens like this is really exciting to see how many of these tokens are actually coming in during the dip, and i do think were gon na be seeing a bigger increase, as i do have some more positive views for you guys right Now were winning battles, yes were winning battles against these altcoins again against random old queens, really and shibainu, and dogecoin are one of the biggest so far. But if we check over here seems like we are gon na be seeing the alt quid season happening, and this is something ive been. You know telling you guys that its gon na happen pretty much soon right. Now everyone is going to be pumping ship after they hear this, but this is really important.

Now we are getting. The final updates were getting the developer updates. We have been you know, wanting to hear for a long time were getting shibeiro recognizes a whole wild brand. Its getting the funding and the most important factor is we had the bitcoin breakout. Now comes the old quit arrival and im super excited for that, because this beats all coins will start to grow now. Bitcoin prices have searched over the past few weeks, with yields have continued to trend lower and we, what we can see is the altcoin arrival is here now bitcoin has been rising, shibeiro has not been rising. Now we are seeing the opposites we are seeing. What we have been waiting for, and that is ship rising, while other coins are falling down, so the whole market is just starting to learn about cryptos what they are and what they do and why they matter. In other words, the whole world is on the crypto learning curve. If you will, some of us are ahead of that curve. Some of us are behind and regardless of that, if you invested in cryptocurrencies today, that is a very good sign. You are technologically advanced wall street is behind wall street still doesnt know about cryptocurrencies. They still dont know about ship, but thats, just who they are theyre, so called smart money managers and the self appointed masters of financial universe and theyre comfortable with the status quo, because the status quo made them felty too rich.

They rejected cryptos forever until it became clear that the world was embracing crypto. So what we are seeing here is the world. Finally, gathering up, you know big institutions. Just look at the top articles. Everyone is coming in. Every investor is coming in now investing in crypto when they try to deny crypto it didnt work, but luckily, for you theres an easy way to do the crypto market and right now the altcoin season is arriving. We are finally seeing alt queens coming back at a stronger level faster than ever before. Look at this cardano is a plural. 30 percent soul is up. Where is 70 and tara. Luna is up 300 like this is simply crazy, but were finally seeing those stages of growth once again, but were talking coins with triple digit, even quadruple digit upside potential over the next few years. So these coits will go 300 x will go 400x or even uh. 300 400 percent up, which is really really exciting. So this is finally growing were finally seeing an altcoin season in coming and hopefully we can buy. You know beautiful houses. We have an all expecting um its only a matter of time really because as we get into altcoin season, this is when everything will change and the developers for shiba inu do realize this. So either you pay rent or you invest more in ship. Neither of these choices is wrong, but one will get you more money and im really excited for that, because what we are seeing here.

Shibeiro comes with its own missile, launcher, loyal dog, embrace the machine gun and look at this shiva. You know like its so strong right now, its so fluffy, because we know ship is coming. Yes, bitcoin is growing, but uh its not altcoin season. Yet so bitcoin increases shibeiro is still stable and that is because of the relief fund sell off, but we will in fact see a new plan. We all in fact see a new price growth. Jack dorsey discusses plans to build a decentralized exchange for bitcoin first announced in july. Squares tbd unit is developing a non custodial permissionless and decentralized financial services, business which primarily focus is bitcoin, and this is great news like square ceo and a twitter ceo coming in said, the platforms latest bitcoin venture would be able to develop a decentralized exchange in friday. Tweet dorsey said that dbd either referring to the fact that business name has yet to be determined or simply the name itself would be focused on building a decentralized exchange for bitcoin. According to project leader mike brock um, we are going to be seeing a non custodial wallet anywhere in the world through a platform to build on and off ramps into bitcoin. So this will bring a lot of new users into cryptocurrencies and the business set. It was to the decision exchange to be the bitcoin native top to bottom, so this is going to bring so many new users in who are not yet familiar with.

Bitcoin bitcoin is still super early and doesnt have a lot of holders. You know its only a 2 trillion market and once we get that to a 10 trillion market, shibenu will rise once again, dorsey announced in july. That square was developing an augusta dollar permissionless and decentralized financial services. So what do you say guys and i cant believe how young ship is and how much it has accomplished one year 650 000 holders market cap is like at 4 billion and also shiba swap so we do have to see a lot a lot more, but hopefully We can see you know shibarium and shiba that coming soon and uh theres a hidden army making sure everyone is safe, products work in unison, new markets are introduced like we are seeing so many new updates, and that is something im super excited for shibarium being on Its own blockchain shiba net being its own thing and a huge brand of interconnected things happening. So this is what the people see right now, and this is you know, ship army, marketing, team, product team security, team and shiva swap all incoming. Now we saw a lot of things the past week or so so. The top stories right now, for example, 18 bills of digital assets so far, visa invests 150 000 in nft crypto, punk asset paypal, launches crypto services for uks customers, and this will finally bring those new shipy new buyers now microstrategy also splashed 200 million on bitcoin now Holds 109 million so when a big institution bought in once again, this is why im super bullish on the long term.

Actually bitcoin increasing shift faced off anthony scormaki this week, whether gold or bitcoin is better store value after he won. He just stayed in jest. I just got to say one thing: michael sailor stop docking me. I know youre out there and its really funny. You know the battle for proving that bitcoin is legit is long and slow, but if we could prove that bitcoin can grow so could other cryptocurrencies. Now we are finally seeing a bit of a market correction, so were finally seeing you know more and more of ethereums growth, more and bitcoins growth july and june is over and for anyone waiting out there with ships prices being super low right now we just need An institution to come in and actually invest into crypto we are seeing regulation. A regulation is really really important for the prices to increase, so visa white paper describes entities as a promising medium for fan engagement and when we see shiba edu finally growing with the nfts with the burn, we could be seeing a new pattern of new investors coming In the non fungible token or nft market register 2.5 billion in sales during the first half of 2021. Companies like visa continue to outshine the spotlight on this rapidly growing industry. So shiba edua seriously needs to come in into nfds and provide some value because if they can do it, if we can make its own crypto punks in terms of ship shiba news price will surely increase now promising medium for fan.

Engagement: query to reach the white paper published by the global payment giant and thats, an nfd appeals to collector fans, teams, leagues and talent. So that is really awesome, and if these are growing, hopefully we can see that, because holders right now are actually holding theyre actually buying in. If you did not know – and that is cool – that is really cool, because i would rather see shiba inu growing than dying.