Last time we when did we talk last, was it may or june june yeah yeah. So that was right around the time that you know um we had elon musk, make his tweet and piss off a bunch of people, and there was some other catalysts that made the entire market correct, and we saw 28 000 and change bitcoin. All the altcoins pulled back and all the smart guys in your course. You know myself included, made a whole bunch of money scooping up the right one. So what happened and where are things going and by the way, guys um their course is open again. Im gon na drop the link in the youtube chat uh. Let me just pin it up to the top and its also gon na be in the description actually wait before you ask that question. I have another question for you. One of the things that drives me bonkers on youtube is: whenever we do a collab, i feel like im playing whack a mole for like the next 24 hours, deleting like these fake spam comments from guys with, like whatsapp links. Hey its rich cooper or they use like a version of like my channel name, and they try to drive people off to like scams and stuff. How do you get rid of that? You cant, so this is me on my channel every day i spend about 15 minutes a day. Cleaning up my youtube comment section, which is you first thing you can do? Is you can press report to youtube right and then you do that just pop up another account, then theyll pop up another account so ive gotten like they may cultivate crypto, and then they have cultivate crypto with um loads on it and then like um.

You know different, you know asterisks within there and everything eventually, then they run out of it seems like they run out of options and they change to something else. Um and so then i get different ones but yeah literally every day, im just like yeah its whack, hitting them im just going to make it simple im just going to disable cut like comments after the video on this video. So i dont really deal with that nonsense anyway, so um, how does every crypto, video yeah, i dont know how you guys put up with that its just absurd. We cant, even so theres so much thats. What we also tell people in the course how to uh notice what scams are, how to avoid them? How to i mean humans are usually the weakest link right, um people falling for that type of stuff, so yeah um, you know it seems obvious to a lot of people, but for some people i have met a few people, a handful of people who you know Fall for the uh. Send me one bitcoin. I give you two back uh scam. You know they. They send a small amount. First, like five hundred dollars. They give you a thousand dollars back and then you send ten thousand dollars and they you never see it again. Yeah we could do an entire three hour episode on all the scams out there, but i mean, if you understand basic email, phishing scams and stuff like that, then you should be smart enough to pick up on them.

Lets set that aside um. So what happened with the markets and where, where do you guys see things going right now for the fall markets, because were in september september 3rd right now, as were casting this today, yeah theres, a few different takes on it um miguel? Do you want to go from from your angle in in terms of what was happening in june july yeah? Basically, basically, it was sort of uh, i would say its more of a. It was coordinated attack in a way im trying to fight us down um. I i was more just kind of like i was really taken back by some of the influencers in the space. How every single major influencer on youtube to twitter went pretty much negative on crypto and then me and charlie were pretty much. The only people out here saying that the only bulls left, the only bulls left every bear is everywhere, but we were just saying that, like this markets, not over, there are so many things happening next year that its not over, like just about every single exchange in North america, you know canada in the united states, is going public next year, gemini kraken, uh, ftx, um, ftx, usa, uh, finance, usa, um block fi celsius, i mean just just any company thats essentially can prove they have some revenue and stuff theyre going public next year. Just off of that, you have enough firecrackers there to push us well above six figures on btc, but in terms of what we expect this year.

What were expecting, you know to crack on over a hundred thousand dollars on btc in december in december, yeah yeah and then also to kind of add to that. Like um theres, one thing that we talked about in the course that is still relatively underground here in crypto theres, a few people that talk about it, but really only like one or two major people that are discussing this, which is on chain data, thats. The data that you can look at on the bitcoin blockchain, like how many wallets are there active that have over a thousand bitcoin in them? How many wallets um, you know, are there in general like how are they moving? How long have people been holding these uh wallets like without spending their bitcoin and stuff like this, with all that data? What it basically tells you is um the people with over a thousand bitcoin the whales, the the people who have a lot of money in this market and theyre relatively newer people to the space those people plus the people whove been in crypto for uh. What we call like long term um both of those people from february um through april may, were not its not a coordinated, sell off, but it was like when they, when you shear the sheep, without slaughtering the sheep right. Is it consistent taking a profit before the rest of the market and thats? Why, when you look at the chart like bitcoin, is going up then up a little bit less, but still up still new high, but a little bit less right and then lost momentum and went down and then when it did, go down right talking about june and July uh well may june july.

Basically there was an over amount of um too much leverage in the system. Basically too many people trading on margin, and so when you have that and you get a flush out of margin, um, basically the the one or two weeks of red candles on bitcoin in may, uh or mid april and then with ethereum in may, was a flushing Out of all that uh leveraged trading, i mean, when you get the smart money, you get the people who are trading a lot, the whales right they tend to leverage up because thats what they do in the traditional markets as well, and so um pushes up prices Higher but also pushes down prices higher, so you get this kind of like pretty intense whip, saw effect, but then once thats done, then you get a time of intense accumulation. You also saw that on on chain data, we talked about that actually in our q3 course. We had a whole webinar of why the bull markets not over based solely on on chain data, with our uh with our friend plan c um, and that was a fantastic webinar hes gon na do two more webinars in our next course. Uh here for q4 whats up plan c um hes, a guy who talks heavily about celsius as a as an exchange, but then also he joins us on moon gang from time to time. The show that we have on sunday nights at 10 p.

m. Eastern and um. So well be having that on this sunday as well. At 10 pm eastern people want to come over to cultivate crypto on youtube to watch that um super smart dude hes. Basically, a data analyst um hes, very driven by data, and so he just delves into the on chain data and says: what kind of story can we find of whats happening in the background based on this so um, you can look at the fundamentals, as miguel talked About you can look at the technicals on the chart, like i talked about that you could look at the on chain data theres, another form of analysis called chain analysis, which you can also use to look at different transactions, whats happening, but you put all these things Together, you get a really good idea of whats actually happening in the market, which is much more transparent than wall street right with wall street. They can play a lot more tricks and do a lot more underhanded deals in the background that youll never see in public. Maybe it gets rumored, but people i mean people like with elizabeth warren says you know we have shadowy super quarters here in crypto and nobody understands really whats happening here. You have so much. You know dark web stuff happening its like bs um. Everything here is the most transparent, um yeah. I want to say another word. You know part of you know i dont dont want to do that, but um, basically you know everything is transparent.

Its on the blockchain. We can see exactly whats happening and we can make good guesstimations um, based on what we see happening on what is actually going to happen in the market future, and what this is telling us right now is and john was saying this on his channel right. We have the infrastructure bill coming out here for vote by september 27th. We also have, if you look at the charts, a cycle low coming into the mid september. Those two price events where the price comes down a little bit is a fantastic dip opportunity, but youre going to get a lot of people screaming bloody murder, saying oh, my god, this is a bull trap, were going down to zero and thats the best time to Buy and so were going to be talking about that in the course telling people you know how to be doing this, its not financial advice, its just our opinion um, but you know weve been doing this for a whole calendar year, um here this is our one Year anniversary, the crypto mindset course we want to make sure to take care of everybody here in quarter four and give um as much value as you can so 8.97. For this course is an absolute steal like yeah. It is a steal and there was a lot of guys plus yeah dude, because there was a lot of guys. You know before i um do all the updates and the thumbnail on it, because what i do is i create the event that just pops up and i have to make some updates and tick boxes, to set it up for the stream one of the things i Do is members only chat, theres, a bunch of guys in the chat before you know i updated theyre.

All like this is awesome. Ive made a ton of money like there was at least four or five. I should have screenshotted them. You know before i did. The update, but, like i started looking at your material about a year ago around the time that you guys first launched the course and weve talked before like i know that you know you guys started casting this from johns little shitty closet apartment with, like the blanket Hanging off the wall sharing the microphone. What was it that was like two dudes one mic like what three or four years ago, or something like that 2019 february 13th was our first show. Bitcoin was 3 600 yeah. I feel like it was so long ago. Man and it does feel like it yeah at that time, i was like yeah, you know im starting to come around right and thats when i first started the first guy that came on our show that was willing to like stoop down to the you know the Level of us at the time you know like well in fairness like i started hearing about this stuff back in 2012 and 13, when i was having lunch with my buddy uh amir and hes, like yeah im going all in on the blockchain im like. Are you what like what like? Are you crazy, like theyre, going to shut this thing down and it took me about, i mean i was five or six years.

You know behind him, but it took me a while to figure it out, and i mean the truth of the matter. Is the vast majority of the population still is not involved in the cryptocurrency market? I think its like what is it like? Something like one or two percent of the world population has a wallet, yep and, and also it does youre right. It is an extremely hard industry to find good information on, like we search around youtube all the time. That was the whole point of us starting uh. The tokyo crypto show and then also my channel and also tccs channel um. The whole point of it is lets. Give the market real, unbiased information, youtubes not going to promote us uh in the algorithm, were going to have a slow time gaining users, but were going to. You know basically give people the real information whats happening in the market, so they can make money, and if that happens, you can actually give people real value. Um, then you know thats how we have the moon gang. So strong. We have a lot of people who have literally changed their lives. We have people considering um, you know giving up their corporate job and uh renouncing their us citizenship uh. If theyve done the course for about six months to a year, theyre starting to talk about those things, theyre like hold your horses, guys hold your horses a little bit. Keep that cash flow going well talk about multiple streams of income in the course and stuff like that, but its really awesome to see um.

You know and a lot of people who come from your community whove joined the course um. They pick up on it. A lot quicker than i think, a lot of other people. It usually takes about people about four years um to get up to speed in the cryptocurrency space. We do this within two weeks of the webinars, but then obviously you have thats the first initial portion, where maybe somebody catches about 20 to 30 percent of the information thats in the course, and then we say do that over spaced repetition. You know make a schedule for you to review these webinars over the quarter or over the next six months, which i mean is how people learn its like learning, a new language and within six months. You, basically can you know plug yourself into the matrix of crypto enough to understand um, four to five years worth of data and information that were giving you here and so thats a huge speed, uh. You know like forward for most people, because if they try to do it on their own, they take in a lot of shitty information. Um. You know theyre gon na make mistakes regardless, but at least you know um, we tell them how to limit those mistakes as well and uh. They tend to do a lot better. I was talking with a kid who, i think is in his mid to late 20s.