, My name is Aaron.. If youre interested in making money in cryptocurrency subscribe to the channel right now., We drop one video every day. We cover information that the mainstream media will not share with you talk about different coins every day, the whole cryptocurrency market seems to be exploding right now, ladies and gentlemen, especially compared to just two three months ago. So if youve been subscribed to us for a while. First of all, congratulations second of all. Let me know which cryptocurrencies youd like us to talk about more in the comments below and third of all in todays video. I want to update you major xrp major ripple news, cardano news, a lot of stuff to talk about with ethereum ethereums ecosystem, and everything going on with ethereum is exploding right. Now, of course, with ethereum exploding we see the salon is exploding. The eagles exploding chain link is doing great theres a lot we need to talk about in todays video. If you appreciate us coming at you on a holiday like the video like the video, its a small thing, you can do, it truly does help us grow as a channel and lets get into it. This is an amazing metric. The fact that more ethereum has been burnt than minted in the past 24 hours, so, just speaking about the basics, the best practices for investing in any asset class supply versus demand is one of the most standard things everybody should understand if theres a lot of demand And less supply thats good for the price, and ever since eip 1559 was implemented, which is supposed to bring deflationary pressure to the network, guess what its working so again.

This is information that the mainstream media will never clue you in on. If they do, they dont give you any perspective. Our audience is well more informed than the average person when it comes to cryptocurrency, so if youre unfamiliar when eip1559 was introduced to ethereum just one month ago, it was supposed to slow down the rate at which the supply of eath grows, but over the last 24 Hours the supply of eath isnt growing at all its shrinking wow, more ethereum, has been burnt on the network than minted over the last 24 hours, meaning theres less eath available today than there was yesterday. Ethereum experts believe this is the first for the network and if demand for ethereum continues, we will be seeing a lot more of this check this out. Over 200 000 ethereum has been burnt and its been less than a month. I remember when this first started, the burn rate was around around 3 8 per minute, now were almost at five, and we can see where the popularity to use the eth block space comes from from nfts from decentralized exchanges from d5 from play to earn games from Stable coins all of this stuff. These are just the leaders theres plenty more than just this and keep in mind. You know: eth 2.0 is still you know over a year away, but when the merge does happen, its going to be even better lets go even further. One billion dollars is now locked in ethereum layer, 2, scaling solutions.

Second, layer scaling solutions are designed to combat network congestion on ethereum and guess what theyre proving increasingly popular. This is what we want to see. One billion is now locked in ethereum layer twos. This is beautiful and guess what this is my theory, one billion is a lot today, but in my opinion my theory is that just like, when one billion got locked in d5 around july of 2018, actually in august, one billion locked in ethereum layer twos is going To seem like a blip in the radar, just like one billion locked in d5 is a blip on the radar, so ethereum bull case, tldr ethereums bull run is not over despite eths already strong run. Ethereum has a lot more room to go higher, especially with this metric again just the basics supply and demand recent take or buy sell ratio. Data shows that the buyers have been quite aggressive and with more demand for the network as the supply decreases. What do you think is going to happen? Lets talk about some altcoins and, let me just say right off the top, and let me know in the comments comment if you can apply this to yourself as well, because a lot of us are making money in cryptocurrency. But what i want to say is this its nice to see one of my cryptocurrency investors thesises. I believe i laid this out around six months ago, maybe just before we got into 2021 and of course i kept talking about it throughout 2021, its nice to see one of my investors thesis play out, and that is the thesis that as long as ethereum as Long as theres demand for ethereum block space as long as ethereum is valued, whether it be in just popularity or actual use of the network.

As long as thats happening, ethereum competitors and ethereum interoperators are going to pump even harder, especially ones with real network use or real fundamentals, or just ones that are just hold. A special place. Have a strong grassroots movement like well get to in a second, but whether were talking about solana, which hits an all time high, as the coin raises 14 in 24 hours. Some people are starting to call this solana summer, but whether were talking about solana, which has been fantastic lately, whether were talking about cardano, whether were talking about polka dot, eagled, im sure im missing some, but basically all of them are pumping hardcore. So congratulations. If what im saying applies to you, uh, congratulations, if you had a similar investors thesis – and let me know your plans to realize profits are these cycle holds for you. What do you do now in other news, just six more sleeps until cardano, smart contracts right now, cardano is hovering around three dollars great to see and in less than a week, cardano will fully implement smart contract capabilities. Do you think this is going to be a buy? The rumor sell the news type of thing thats. What a lot of people have been saying in the comments you know on twitter and by the way, guys, you know its probably five sleeps by the time youre youre, watching this, if youre not subscribed to us on twitter subscribe to us link, is in the description Below this is how you can get news opinion perspective or memes.

You know the minute we post it the minute we post it youll, have this information so make sure you subscribe to us or follow us rather on twitter and also just to address something. You know, although we talk about different coins on this channel, quite often well talk about the whole market. We often talk about some of the same coins on this channel and people often ask hey. Why do i hear about the same coins all the time? Why is it almost in every best, altcoin video recently for the past? You know several months i hear about solana, i hear about avalanche. I hear about elrond here about chain, link or stuff like that. Well, its because you know once a coin is in a bolt trend. You know the trend is your friend. You know i like to update people on you know. Solana is in a bull trend. Cardano is in a bull trend, ethereum isnt, a build trend or stuff. Like that, so you know go back and take a look at some of our top altcoin videos. In the past couple months, uh theyve been pretty pretty good. Speaking of a coin, which is a leader in its space chain link, major news continues to integrate board ape yacht club. The popular nft integrates chain link virtual random function to distribute verifiably random nfts in its platform, nft airdrop, helping ensure that all eligible participants receive randomly generated, mutant, serums in a transparent and provably fair manner.

This is good for board api club. This is good for crypto and nfts in general. This is once again showing that chain link is the best at what it does and its integrations are far beyond anything else in the space and because of this chain link price locks in 36 percent gains following ethereums layer 2 chain link integration. So this is great news for ethereum layer 2, which is using chain link. This is great news for chain link in general. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and lets get to some major xrp major ripple news. Sec has gained access to ripples, slack and email conversations. The regulators have succeeded in its demands, after ripple initially refused to do this last month. Things are getting spicy lets find out some details, so the u.s securities and exchange commission has succeeded in gaining access to ripples. Internal slack and email conversations ripple has been ordered to hand over internal documents as part of its ongoing court case with the ussc. The firm will need to provide the sec with its employee conversations from slack and 22 different email custodians, so they want all the information, though, ripple initially provided some documents to the sec. It also refused to deliver slack records, and some other communications in august ripple argued that doing so would likely take months to complete and come at a very significant cost. Supposedly collecting those records could cost ripple. 10 million guess what the judge has deemed this pivotal to the case, and you know this case is a big unknown.

I dont think anything major is going to happen to ripple xrp because weve just seen the scc give. You know slap on the wrist after a slap on the risk, but keep in mind guys. The sec is just in information gathering mode. Nothing has happened yet, but again just so. You fully understand how this all started: the sec charged ripple and its execs with operating unregistered security, offering via the sale of xrp tokens last year. Those charges were put forward in december 2020. and end date, for the case is still not clear. The cases fact discovery period initially set to end on august 31st has been extended. Most estimates suggest that the case will continue into 2022 if they clear or give a mild slap on the wrist to xrp within this bull market. Even within this year, if xrp gets listed on some exchanges, which it got delisted, i could definitely see xrp doing quite well as we get into a more mature stage of this bull run. Finally, my friends lets celebrate bitcoin bitcoin, also going through a supply shock. History is any indication we often see. Bitcoin going on huge price runs that sometimes leave the rest of the market behind thats, usually in bear markets in maturing stages of bull markets. We dont know whats going to happen, but the point is this: bitcoin is bullish and fundamentally its looking great thousands of people plan to buy 30 of bitcoin to celebrate el salvador, because el salvador is making bitcoin legal legal currency tomorrow and el salvador is uh, giving All of their citizens the option to receive free 30 in bitcoin via the governments wallet app.

This is to incentivize el salvadorians to get off zero and start using the worlds hardest money and their everyday lives. This is really cool, but in celebration of this bitcoiners from all over the world tomorrow are buying 30 worth of bitcoin participate. If youd, like and information we just learned is that the president just announced that el salvador has officially el salvador has officially bought their first 200 bitcoin. This is the first known nation state to purchase bitcoin.