I am panda pops and i like to bring you blockchain gaming and crypto related content in todays video, its going to be a little bit different from the usual sort of videos uh, where im gon na do one for a lot of people requested, which is how Much did i earn on youtube once i became monetized, so this is gon na be my first month monetized on youtube as a crypto, blockchain youtuber, so dont forget to subscribe smash that, like button turn the notification bell on so you can see when i go live In the future, okay, so what im just going to show here is when i actually started this youtube. So i started it way back when and i was just doing kind of gaming stuff, because i uh im, first and foremost a gamer and thats. What i started doing over on d live, which was just gaming streams, and i decided to do that on here and over on dlife. I sort of ended up doing a lot of blockchain gaming stream, so i was doing uh crypto space commanders csc axiomfinity a little bit of chain monsters back then, as well as just other general games, which was uh some of the stuff that i was putting up On this youtube, and then i decided to do like a kind of proxima prime csc um ad type thing just promoting one of the systems within the game. Um and after that i thought im going to migrate to purely just using my youtube for blockchain crypto related content, so i always say that i officially started on this channel on the 9th of november.

When i started regularly uploading. I started uploading rollercoin videos as well as axia infinity ones, as you can see, its a lot of axi rollercoin then started doing the sandbox uh and just carrying on through that lost relics is up in there as well mirandas and slowly just adding different blockchain games Into this i like to try and only cover the blockchain games i personally play and i like there will be a few that i may have looked into, but i like the look of um and ill mention them um, but the ones that i do like in Depth, tutorials and stuff like that on are ones that im actively invested in, because i dont really want to sort of promote stuff that im not actively involved in myself so from the roughly from the 9th of november is when i officially say i started doing this Channel because its when i started regularly uploading, um and sort of styling, the channel just to blockchain crypto related stuff, took me about five and a bit months to get everything that you need to be monetized. So when you have your youtube channel, youll have all these bits down. Here you have monetization and when you click your monetization, you wont have what ive got all here. Youll have what requirements that you need to meet and i believe its 1 000 subscribers and 4 000 watch hours within a 12 month period, which basically means say somebody watches your video, its a lets say: uh.

You have one hours worth of watch time at exactly 10 a.m. Today, then, a whole year from now uh, one minute, past 10. That hour will then get knocked off of the total watch hours. So its not like, oh within one whole year from when you start to that next bit, does it have to be 4 000 uh peoples channels obviously grow at different rates? Some may grow quicker. Some may take. A little bit longer depends on your niche. Uh depends if youve got anything sort of that youve already been doing beforehand. Like i said i originally uh streamed on d live, which meant i managed to gain a little bit quicker at the start. When i uh went into that niche as well, once you become monetized youll get this revenue tab come up and youll click it and im gon na custom it for im gon na do exactly 30 days from when i became monetized 19th of april up until the 18Th of may so ive got that whole one month chunk weve got our estimated revenue that comes up youll, see here that there is your rpm, which is how much uh per thousand views. I mean it says as you hover over it, so thats revenue from ads premium, membership, super chat, stickers and all of that stuff. Now ive not got like super chat and stuff like that, but you can actually see if we scroll down here uh your youtube premium revenue, so people who have youtube premium where they, where they get to avoid watching the ads.

You do actually get some money from that which is great, and then your playback based cpm, which is the cost per 1000, and how much advertisers paid per thousand playback. Now this one is the one that matters a little bit more um and then obviously, how much you actually earn matters this bit over here is actually what you end up with, i believe a while ago. You would then have to work out how much youtube is taking off, but now its all done for you. So what it shows there is what it will show in your google, adsense and right down here we get to see the fun analytics. So when you upload a video um, if youve gone, live and right there, i uploaded two videos and then you can see ive got a big gap and then uploaded another one. Now what you will usually see is on days that you upload, you should see these go up and then, when you havent it will go down, unfortunately, that one didnt spike up, but it did continue to go up there and right here we had a big spike And then a slow down trend even with the live um ive heard a lot of different responses. People some people say when they do lives, it can mess up their analytics, so we can see within my first whole month. So my very first day, i remember this. I had kept checking and checking to see if id got approved, to be monetized and was waiting on that and it can take up to 30 days.

So i was quite shocked when, after about five days, it actually went through and it was like mid afternoon so from mid afternoon. For that whole day, i made one pound 53 and i thought when i get monetized, it would be like pennies like next to nothing and we can even click this and we can hover over our cpm for those days now. Our cpm can change vastly, depending on the ads that are shown and where people are based. So ive noticed when i look at my analytics if im getting a lot of views from lets, say america, uk, australia, the cpm is generally much higher and im assuming theyre. Probably getting higher paid ads, the finance ads are the highest paid ads. It also bases off of how long people watch the ads for if people click the ads, you get a little bit more. Somebody actually clicks an ad um if they actually watch the ad. All the way through you get more than if they click skip at the first after the first five seconds, so all of that will play into how much you actually get paid. We get spike up here. We got four pounds 62 up there. Then it jumped down down to like a couple of pounds and stuff, and this is kind of like i felt like one pound maximum – was what i was going to be getting at a foul like because i was only at this point.

Id only just gone over a thousand. I was probably still only on like below 1100 at this point, and then it started to get the snowball effect and over the months it started going up more and more and when you cover different things, obviously people from all over yeah so thats that i am Going to do the reveal of how much i actually earned within my first month as a blockchain youtuber, which is 76 pounds 75. Now i was so so happy about this. I know to some people: theyre, probably like well, no dont be silly thats. Hardly anything and youll see like youtubers like pulling out all these big figures of how much they earn, and obviously you get more from doing like um. They get like sponsorships and the sponsorships of what they usually get paid more for compared to the adsense for a lot of people, depending on the ads that get shown as well um. A lot of that can uh the sponsorships will pay you more from what adsense sense will. So i did a little bit of research before uh doing this video just to double check a few things and the average cpm that i i noticed. Um is apparently two dollars, so this is actually above above the average cpm. So i was getting a lot of high paying ads on this, so we can click see more here and well get a bigger range, so we can actually see what we were being paid more for so the vox edit was that cpm was actually 21 pounds right.

There and then weve got a few cheaper ones. This one uh, csc 14 pounds was a high one. Uh vox edit tutorials was 11 pounds so like the vox edit, the csc were doing really well im gon na try and grab a small one. Here we go. Three pounds so league of kingdoms that was playback only three pounds: 47. um. Oh this one uh, the axi infinity, one that i did only had a cpm of two pounds 73, which i thought was quite interesting. The amount you make automatically ends up going into your google adsense account. You need to make sure that you fill out that tax form itll. Ask you therell be like a big, important notice, saying please, please fill this out and thats, so you can fill out the right things for either being tax exempt or making sure that youtube is taking off what they need to take off uh for it to all. Be all to be legal, then you just set up your bank account on the google adsense and it automatically gets paid to you. Um yeah, not not too bad at all. I think its once youre over 200 pounds, it automatic once youve set up your bank details. It automatically gets paid to you, ive, actually only just set up my bank details and i do have more than 200 in there. So im assuming thats automatically gon na get transferred over, but i may be wrong so ill.

If you leave a comment or something about asking ill ill reply, when i know i hope you guys enjoyed this, it was one for a few people asked ive. Also, had people ask how much do i actually make from doing all my crypto stuff and i will be doing a video of um another one of sort of like how i spend my day doing crypto and how much that equals roughly. It can be tricky to get an exact amount because its not always the exact same every single month. There are different factors so well do an average of how much i can make and a potential of how much if i put in xyz amount of hours at whatever price. If you are interested in knowing that leave a comment down below saying, please do a video on xyz if theres anything youd like me to cover, do, let me know down in the comments. Let me know what you thought of this video dont forget to subscribe, like check out my other blockchain crypto related stuff ill.