Expecting a massive pump towards the upset once we are getting a rejection im expecting a harsh rejection. To be honest, i didnt expect a rejection like this. This is beyond my expectations and now i want to want to evaluate a little bit with you and obviously also talk about my trade um, whether i got liquidated or not, many people ask me chris. What about your 8 million us dollar trade did you got? Rekt, did you lose the 8 million us dollars? I will, of course talk about that, but first of all i want to zoom out a little bit and tell you please guys dont panic too much, because what i was talking about earlier as well was the feared greed index and that we are an extreme greed. Told you earlier that these shakeouts are actually very healthy for bitcoin and since, whenever its greedy, we have to shake out the weekends. But this is honestly going a little bit beyond my expectations and now we have to ask ourselves the question: is this a so called blow off top? Is this a so called beginning of a massively bearish trend for this purpose? I wanted to zoom out here a little bit and show you the fibonacci golden ratio here, the fibonacci retracement levels im starting to sweat a little bit its very, very hot. Here, just wait for the end when im going back to the face, what its gon na be funny um.

What you can see here is, with this rejection. Bitcoin actually went down below the thresholds i mentioned, which are important to hold. I told you if we are breaking this level here, we have actually room to grow a room to go down to the 38.2 and, as you can see, we went below and just quickly here. As a reminder, let me show you the little clip here from the video i just uploaded a few hours ago, where i was talking about this level to hold and if we are braking lower, then the 38.2 would be a minute look at this. So what i want to continuously see is higher lows for bitcoin. This would mean bitcoin would have to hold. Let me show you this: the 49 300 us dollar level, this wouldnt even give room for a retracement down to the 38.2 and unfortunately, we broke below and we went down below to this specific level, even wicked a little bit below so now. The question is what the heck is actually happening here and number one on a bullish side. No, it wouldnt be mm krypt. If i wouldnt find anything bullish here, its of course a big wig, so the balls are fighting back and if we are looking at the volume you can see. Obviously, big big volume coming in the biggest volume since many many days here and the day is not even finished yet. What i wanted to show you to give you a little bit of his perspective.

What happened the last time when we saw a big dump like this and honestly like lets, lets just make a few a few tests here, if im taking out the measurement tool or none of these volume carriers is 18 deep. This one, not let me take one more here. I really have to end it its very, very hot. Here um this one was um another. Let me quickly see this one was 16.7. So basically, let me just follow fast forward. Back the last time we saw a big dump like this was right here in march, the um, the massive black thirsty dump when we went down basically 40 in a day. So this was the last big dump. We had actually on bitcoin with a magnificent magnificence higher than the one we are having right now, but, as you know, this was the end of this dump. I personally think we probably have a little bit more room here towards the downside uh my friend jamie, from stock guru, davin uh. Maybe you can give us a little bit of insight. You think that the stochastic rsi has a little bit more room to go to the downside right. Yes, weve got a little bit more to go, but that dump was very powerful. If you caught the bottom, it went back fifty percent already yeah. Congratulations! If you bought the bottom, but a little bit more to drop, i didnt do it. Let me quickly go over into my um into my long trade.

You can see here my eggnog us dollar long trade – still 1.4 million us dollars in a profit. As you can see right now, a new funding rate is applied to my uh to my trade, but you can see still still 300 in a profit, and the question is chris: are you closing this trade? No im not closing this trip whenever im opening a trade im, not only trading the strings. No, i am actually only putting in my trade, which i am the amount of bitcoin or the amount of equity. I am willing to lose in the worst case and, yes, we broke the trend, we we we created a new low on the four hourly and on the um and on the daily, and what i would like to do is. I would wait now right now, and this is what im gon na do. I will wait for the daily clothes and when the daily clothes comes, i will probably upload another upload video uh, another emergency video. What i want you to do is and look how im sweating here its not because of the bit compressed dumping, but its because me turning off the ac, so you get a good audio and what i want to do is i want to wait here and i Want to wait for the daily clause, because the daily close is extremely essential to determine whether the next days are going to be bullish or bearish.

Im here on the daily, and you can see we are back above the ribbon as long as we are above the ribbon, we are still in a daily uptrend. Let me know down below. Do you want this emergency video? If you are smashing up the like button right now and going down to the comment section and let me know with this feedback function, if you want this next emergency video after the daily close, let me know: go down below press subscribe and press this little bell. Icon, so you are going to get notified when im going to upload it. Now.