I was slowly beginning to over the course of a couple weeks, but yall i am top heavy in icp. My portfolio is about 95 internet computer, so yall thats not really recommending yall, know im, not a financial advisor. I do not do not do anything that i do just because i said so. I always do your own research im, not a professional im, not expert, but you know having a portfolio that is 95 icp is not the smartest thing in my opinion. So what i want to do is uh and ive said this from the beginning. Ive said this: from the beginning: once i get enough icp state, then i will start looking into other investments and yes, icp will continue to beat my number one investment, its still the one thing that extremely long term. I am the most bullish on more than anything but yall as things move on, i will be adding more to the portfolio and i will be sharing that on this channel, so it just makes sense to kind of change the name to be able to grow the Channel and this will be good for icp, because yall, if i tag everything with icp and icp yall its really only people that are going to see these videos and see that my twitter and stuff like that, are people that are already looking up and know about The internet computer, so as i talk about and make videos about, other uh investments that im going to be getting into uh people will you know those people that might be looking into those investments will also be exposed and well be able to learn about the internet.

Computer, which i think is very important, uh yall, but on that note, im gon na be getting into more of that stuff as we go along in other videos uh. But to start this off uh yall, i am, i have looked into and ive kind of looked into this one for a while uh and i bought just a little bit uh just to kind of the, because i had to get a new wallet and stuff like That also, i kind of been testing that out and uh its staking features and stuff like that uh, but im gon na share that with yall and again yall do your own research. But i just got and going to get more and im going to explain that in just a second, i just picked up some harmony, one, like i said about two weeks ago, uh just a little bit uh. Just like i said i like to kind of test. The waters with it learn the wallets and stuff like that, because again, just like the internet, computer has its own wallet, uh harmony, one has its own wallet and you have to have those features. Yes, you can buy it on binance and you can just leave it there, but i like to stake it yall. This is these are long term investments for me and um. I may share short term investments later on. I dont know yet, but all this stuff is im looking, you know extremely uh long term.

You know: icp has staked and locked for eight years, uh im going to do the same thing im going to take my harmony, one and im going to lock it in and stake it. I dont know if you can lock it or not, but im going to stake it. So i, like the project im, going to be doing videos about one as well as icp, uh yall, just for clarity, im going to be labeling, my videos, the best i can so that say you say you dont – want to invest in harmony, one okay, thats great Uh, if my video title starts with harmony, one or one this that you dont have to watch those uh, although you could just support the channel and watch it anyways. But i am going to title my titles uh very well, so that youll know exactly what the videos are and also ill be doing the thumbnails and stuff like that. But i will be mentioning pretty much all my investments in every video so again, thats to kind of help. You know spread the awareness of all the different things im going to be investing in uh, so yall back to harmony. One here again, im gon na be staking it and uh yall know im on twitter, pretty big on twitter uh im on it all the time, but one of one person thats in the icp community is also a harmony one validator. So i actually have already staked a little bit with him to test it out and everything.

So let me pull that up tightest one: no, its, not a paid sponsor yall hes. Just again, he is also in the internet, computer uh community. So i thought hey. If i want to get some harmony wine, i might as well stake it with somebody that is also in the icp community. So if yall are interested in harmony, one im going to put some links there and the links about staking and im also going to put titus ones, uh link for twitter into the description and, if yall want to find them in the staking website. You just go in there, click all and then click on or type in titus and youll see them on there. And then you just delegate with there im going to be doing videos on how to stake harmony. One uh, its kind of just like i did with icp yall again theres, going to be a lot of videos for harmony, one coming and icp yall im not going to stop making videos about icp im still going to deliver the ic word and uh. So dont worry about that: yall were were still 100 uh icp community and now we will be 100 harmony community and i will slowly be at an investment so and i will not just be adding new investments every single day or a week or anything like that. I really only want to have good long term investments, so im going to do my best to only pick things that i think are going to do very well and just like it took me a while to build up as much icp that i have im going To do the same thing with harmony, one im going to be steadily buying every week until i get to a point to where i think i have enough that doesnt mean im going to stop adding into the internet computer.

I still may do that on basis and, as news starts coming out, uh so yeah again, dont think that this uh change is is going to be a bad thing, because it is going to be a great thing. Yall, no one should have a portfolio that is too heavy into one um. One thing: whether thats a stock, whether its a crypto, its, not a smart, move so again, thats kind of what this is about yall and this will help the channel grow. Because icp is a small, you know category within the crypto right now. Of course, it is going to be massive uh but yall again uh for it to be massive, its going to take uh people being, oh, you know just discovering it yall thats. What im trying to do im trying to help the internet computer be discovered? I will be helping harmony, one get be discovered and thats pretty much it yall again. I appreciate everybodys support. I dont want to make this video too, incredibly long, because again, im going to be doing some harmony, 1 videos im going to be doing uh some icp videos and im also really busy with some nft stuff that im working on yall. So i have been incredibly busy lately. Uh sorry, if i havent been uploading as much as i used to. I do want to get back to that uh its just its getting kind of chaotic with all the stuff that im doing.