The crypto journey continues. I hope you guys are doing good in todays. Video were going to be talking about a lot of different cryptos. All in one video today were going to be talking about meta. Hero were going to be talking a little bit about 10 set were going to be talking a little bit about safe moon and also some broader cryptocurrency news. What is going on with the prices of crypto, because right now, cryptos booming and i also have a very important announcement up front and uh. If you guys, like these videos, make sure to smash the thumbs up button. And let me know in the comment section below what you think of todays, video and uh. The important announcement up front is coming from my telegram, okay. So on crypto zeus, what do we do on crypto zeus, we like to analyze. You know lots of different cryptos that come up on the radar all the time, and some of these are extremely exciting. Cryptos, like meta hero, meta hero, has done very well pink. Panda is another exciting crypto weve done lots of safe moon on this channel and always remember in the crypto space theres a risk to reward ratio, so the whole crypto space is relatively risky uh. You know. The main risk that affects bitcoin is like political risk. Political regulation risk and when you get down into the risky altcoin territory, you know its a whole other array of factors that can go into the risk profile of a crypto.

But at the same time you can also make some very, very good money in the space. So its all about the reward, its all about the risk basically want to have a quick chat about a crypto that came up on the radar on crypto zeus and uh on crypto zeus. You know new cryptos come up on the radar all the time and i generally have no issues with new cryptos coming up on the radar. Basically, if they have good intentions uh, you know theres some type of value behind the cryptocurrency and it has a good potential. As well for the zusana and first division, thats were all about on our crypto zeus and uh. Some of these cryptos could be meme coins, so meme coins like dogecoin, can have a lot of value, even nfts. If you guys know your nfts in the space uh, they can have a lot of value as well, but basically what i want to screen for uh in the space is malicious actors, so i dont want any malicious actors coming up on cryptozoo. So i do my best to prevent them from coming up on the channel and i do go through a set of processes in the background, so you guys in the patreon i might make a bit of a video in the background about some of the processes. I go through to hopefully screen out all of this stuff, but as always guys, this is not financial advice, uh just for entertainment purposes only, but one crypto that came up on the radar that i just want to have.

A quick chat about is a covey coin. Right here and coveycoin came up on the radar at first glance, uh. It looks like a very interesting project. These guys wanted me to do a second video on this crypto. I always have no issues, you know putting good cryptos on the radar, but i basically had some questions about the team and i wanted to have a chat to neil shaw here, who is basically one of the main developers on the crypto, so thats, apparently what he Looks like – and i did ask him on telegram to basically have a video chat with me about this team that i can see, because i can see this main guy hes got a very uh. You know impressive linkedin account and i wanted to verify. Basically, this persons a real person – and i also have a chat about all these other linkedin profiles as well, because sometimes you know you can create linkedin profiles. Uh people can create them and they may not be real and all im doing is going through a process of basically trying to verify whether these people are real with neil. So i wanted neil to come. Have a video call with me to verify uh. You know just i have some questions about the team and uh talk through it uh he wasnt keen at all to get on video with crypto zeus and have that discussion, and i do this with lots of different cryptos and you can see you know pink panda.

We had an interview with pink panda lots of other cryptos uh. They have no issues having a chat even confidential chat to crypto zeus. In the background about the project kind of what its bringing to the table, i want to verify that this person is actually a real person and i get some external references to know this. Guy is actually legit and things like that, so its basically just a verification process, thats all im after uh this guy, not keen to do that. You know when a developer doesnt want to have a chat to me about a crypto and uh doesnt want to get on video with me generally, its not the best sign for a crypto. So id strongly encourage. You know neil uh to basically do live amas and now bring the rest of the team in on this uh crypto as well. So have all these people uh present themselves live for an ama before going through with the launch of the crypto. So that would be my advice: uh to neil given neils a real person and for the team, okay, so thats. Probably what id do for this crypto and thats all im saying im, not saying you know its going to be a malicious crypto or anything like that. But all im saying is uh: do some public videos with the team and uh? You know put this uh rumor to rest, that tanaka may not be a real person and uh square it away.

Thats all im saying – and let me know in the comments section below do you guys agree with the process im going through with this crypto, because sometimes you have to verify some of this stuff, because the end of the day uh, you know there are malicious actors In the space, and basically we dont want them on crypto zeus: i dont want them on crypto, zeus, its poison for crypto zeus and its poison for the 101st division. So i have a zero tolerance policy uh for those types of cryptos and as this journey goes on and as we review more cryptos youre going to find the threshold for coming onto the channel is going to get higher and higher as we go guys so thats Just a very important message i wanted to put out to you guys so always always feel free to ask cryptos questions as well. So when youre, you know putting your money into any type of crypto, ask the team questions. So im always saying you know, jump into the telegram team jump into the telegram account ask some questions and, if theyre not willing to answer those questions, guys uh time to uh time to maybe move on to the next project, because i think its important in the Crypto space and i im im a big believer that you know the more open, the more transparent and the more confidence the team can build in the community, the better it is for crypto and its a better for the community as well so thats.

What im? All about, but basically go sign up to the telegram announcement channel and follow me over on twitter as well, because we will definitely be putting uh more exciting cryptos on the radar. But i think that one is just a bit too risky for crypto zeus to go through with another video on and guys ill just leave that one as it is and uh guys lets get on to some positive news for today and uh lets get on to The crypto markets and crypto markets are going quite well. Uh bitcoin is up 1.2 percent in the last 24 hours and uh. The crypto markets are absolutely pumping, so solanas up, 30 percent and uh lets have a look, firstly at a meta hero, so meta heroes, sitting at eight point: seven percent extremely exciting cryptocurrency. In this space and weve had some big news come out about meta, hero and uh, that is rob, grin put out the tweet yesterday and uh. He said here. How do you feel about 75 million dollars worth of hero liquidity, so thats a massive tweet coming out about rob and i did respond down the bottom uh but its great to see uh. You know these guys progressing well, putting some big liquidity into the project and its more than projects on the top 100 and metahera is a very, very exciting crypto and uh polish elon musk uh was revealed, so this guy is connected to wolf studios.

I understand and they did do a video together so batman and robin and things are going extremely well for uh rob, grinn and uh. He does put out some inspirational tweets as well. So i quite like this stuff and uh. He says right here. There are two types of people: victims and victors victims complain, criticize and blame everything and everyone to avoid taking responsibility for their lives. Victors, take total responsibility and manifest their own reality. Dont waste, your life being a victim, be your own hero. So i like that style. I, like that leadership style and uh hes, bringing you know a bit of inspiration to the crypto space, and i like that for meta, hero and uh lets have a look at the price action for meta hero right now and uh. The price of meta hero is going quite well, theres, a slight little dip in the last uh 24 hours or so, but having a look at the price, 8.7 cents, 8.5 cents uh its still surging quite well and uh. This one is a really good crypto. So, im going to keep this one on the radar. I really like my meta hero in the space and another exciting crypto on the radar as well is kind of connected to meta hero. Its called ten sets so 10 sets the crypto that put meta hero on the radar and uh exciting news about ten sets theyre going to have a new launch of a new idea coming on, so they are the guys who launched metahero and uh.

They will have a serious uh new crypto coming on the radar and the good thing about these guys is, you know, theyre a serious uh launch platform and you can – and you can actually see some bullish increases in the price of a 10 set down the bottom. Here so its went from 1.40 and now its sitting at around the 2.29 level. So theres been a good increase in the price of 10 cent and im quite bullish on 10 set in the long run and uh this ones, basically going to act. Kind of like bnb to some degree, so its an etf crypto uh that is going to do buybacks and burns and launch new cryptos and to get in on some of the pre sales. You need to hold 10 sec crypto and uh, basically its a massively exciting cryptocurrency in the space, and i did put out uh this tweet saying looking forward to the next 10 set gem. I hear rumors thats coming out soon, so it definitely will be coming out soon and uh shout out to sergeant antonio 101st, safe moon army division and now hes talking about medihero that we just spoke about and uh very, very exciting stuff. Indeed – and i also put out the tweet you know, alt season is upon us: may the cosmic powers of the crypto universe be with you: hunting down the crypto gems and exciting pre sales and uh yeah. I mean that guy so best of luck.

The crypto market is going well right now uh slight retracement in the last 24 hours, but overall uh very, very exciting, but also at the same time, very important lesson in the crypto markets. Sometimes, when the crypto markets are pumping uh youre going to go to the fear and greed index and the fear and greed index basically reflects whether the market is in a fearful state or whether its in an extreme greed state and a lot of the time. Weve checked this uh on crypto zeus: the degree the the fear index has been really high, so its been to the left here, its been extremely fearful and generally in crypto. If you want to make money and again not financial advice, but what youre doing is youre buying when theres extreme fear in the market and youre selling off when theres extreme greed as well. So when theres extreme greed thats actually, when you know dont, feel afraid to take some profits off the table on your different cryptos that you have the different ones youre holding and you can see right now, some people are taking some profits off the table and uh Thats, just one way to go about it and another crypto thats been doing extremely well that weve kind of mentioned a few times is uh solana. So this one is up 65 in the last seven days currently sitting at 181 dollars and now this ones, picking up a ton of press and uh very, very exciting.

Indeed, guys lets get on to some safe moon news as well. So some safe news for you guys, is that the safe moon team are basically still working on the wallet. You can see some updates from the safe moon fight hound. In the background and uh, he says another update going out soon to all the rock star beta testers, who have contributed their time and effort to making the safe main wallet a great mvp for the safe moon community burning the midnight oil every night. Until this baby is launched, hashtag at safe moon swap hashtag, safe moon community. So my understanding of safe moon right now is uh theyre still in the development phase of releasing the wallet, so they have been hit with a couple of hiccups along the line um. But these guys are still working on the wallet theyre theyre, involving the community to help develop the wallet and uh. That is what the safe moon team is doing and lets have a quick look at the safe moon price currently in the market and uh. Currently, its ranked number 96, its down 13.2 percent of the last 24 hours uh, some whales are selling off, but again bit of a sell off in the market right now and our safe moon has been hit with those delays on the wallet. So that would be my uh take on the overall price of safe moon today and uh. That is whats happening with that.

But in the long run you know crypto zeus im quite bullish about lots of different cryptos in the space and i think long run uh. You know bitcoin youre, probably gon na see a hundred thousand dollar bitcoin youre gon na see a lot of these cryptos go high, even though theres a bit of a sell off in the market. Today, i think long term. The crypto market is going to bring a lot to the table, especially with the way the world is going with the way of inflation and things like that, but guys hope you guys enjoyed todays video and, as always guys, you know, exercise caution in the crypto space. Always make your own decisions, do your own research and always never feel afraid to ask questions to different cryptos and uh, because that can help you uh succeed in the long run, okay, so its very important to be open and uh. When cryptos dont give you the answers, you want uh always feel free to move on to the next project, but thats crypto, zeuss lesson for today. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Hope you guys liked it and ill see you guys in the next video crypto zeus.