Changing well be giving away 100 to a random subscriber to kickstart, their crypto journey to enter this giveaway simply like and subscribe, and comment your favorite crypto in the comments below. So what kicked this all off today is. This: is the ethereum whale just bought 150 billion? I think thats believed 150 billion shiba unicoins worth 1.1 million us dollars, thats, probably one of the largest transactions of ship that ive ever seen, and this particular whale is ranked number 16 in the whale stats ethereum wallet. So this person is the 16th richest ethereum holder in the world. Right now, when i first saw this im like yeah, this is really good were seeing a lot of support from the big whales. But you actually got a lot more strange after this now to explain to you guys what i mean im going to have to go on a little bit of a tangent. So what we have here is the transactions of sheep in the last 24 hours and we have 1.3 million dollars in zero dollars out and we can see the transaction i just talked about was 1.1 million dollars. So, on top of this one particular transaction, another 200 000 was bought by the top 1 000 ethereum holders, and this is actually the strange part because in the last 30 days we have seen a trickling effect of the top ethereum holders purchasing sheep little amount at A time we see a hundred thousand here and there we see 200 000 here and there, but its never been a single large transaction across the top 1000 ethereum holders.

And what im about to show you next is the really really interesting part. So ive shown you this site before so, for those of you who went around well, stats is a site that analyzes the top 1000 ethereum wallets in real time. What we see on the screen is basically all of their transactions, what theyre holding what theyre buying and what theyre selling what weve seen roughly about a month ago, we saw sheba on the top 10 erc 20 holding list, but it wasnt a large percentage of their Holdings, but if you take a look at this now, we see sheep as the largest erc 20 holding amongst the top 1 000 ethereum holders today. Well, why is this strange to me? Well, we havent really seen a big transaction in the last month or so right. So that means in the recent months the top 1000 ethereum holders have been slowly accumulating. Sheep in small transactions. Sheba has creeped out from one of the mid ranks of the top 1 000 lithium wallets to currently the number one held erc20 coin in the top 1000 ethereum wallets, and that is not coincidental. That tells me that every time sheep has been dipping the top 1000 enthusiasts or the biggest whales in the world, the top 1 000 ethereum whales in the world have been picking up sheep. And now, if we scroll down a little bit here, we can see that sheep is currently occupying 6.

4 or 1.6 billion dollars in token holdings across the top 1 000 theme holders. This is strange to me because theres not really been any riveting news posted release of shibasab in the last month or so so why would you start accumulating cheaper tokens in the absolute silence of the night? I dont have an answer to this, but the last time this happened, i was a little suspicious, but now it just seems outright very very strange. I do have a strong suspicion that the top 1000 theorem holders know of something that the other people do not and im going to keep an incredibly close eye on this in the next couple days to see if something does unfold and if something does happen, i Want to be early to catch that rocket now before we move on, you can support your favorite crypto projects such as sheep ethereum and more by getting your own physical crypto coin. To add to your collection, you can find a link in the description, so i came across this promotion done by this uh mini shiba, inu coin aka, the son of shiba yunu. Now we dont know the specifics of this particular coin. We just came across as but the interesting thing is uh. There will be burning shiba in coins based on their market cap. I dont know if there is a particular milestone, a particular day in which this will happen by. But if you look at this particular infographic here at 50 million market cap, they will burn 75 000, sheep and 100 million 90 000, and for those of you who didnt do the math, i did that, for you adds up to 1.

5 million dollars, 1.5 million isnt Going to be a big big dent in the circulating supply of shiba yunu, but its going to be very, very helpful in reducing the circulating supply of shibuya. Nonetheless, now what minishiba is doing, in my opinion, is picking backing off the potential success. Shiba inu would have in the long run, and this is very evident if we look at this particular article here top cryptocurrencies to buy in september before they explode right now. Cryptomarker is in the recovery phase, as the balls are trying to seize the market with bitcoin leaving market. All coins are following the king too. Now, if we scroll down a bit, we have ethereum dogecoin and finally shiba inu, launched in august 2020. Shiba inu has been the top bus in the most talked digital coin of the market, with a whopping increase of 21 000 in just one week makes it one of the best tokens to buy for the long term as the sheep community is growing. The coin is developing a vibrant ecosystem, where several crypto related activities can be done. He recently launched his decentralized exchange dex platform, which enables his users to provide liquidity and earn staking awards, and i personally believe in his sentiment too, and while the cheaper unit price is remaining dormant, the top 1000 ethereum holders are already stockpiling shibuyunu, as we saw earlier. It is the number one stocked erc20 coin in the top 1000 ethereum holders and with sheep recently breaking over 650 000 holders as well.

I think the future for sheba is particularly bright.