They have to stop at some time and look these other stock boys or people who are investing in other stocks or whatever theyre not used to these things right if they freak out with like three percent corrections, three percent four percent drops not crypto, not the crypto, Guys because its like 30 drop 35 just another day in crypto, welcome, welcome to crypto and if youre new to this channel. I want to welcome you here. My name is aaron im on my journey to two bitcoin, while helping as many people to their first go and hit subscribe. If you like stuff like this or join the saloon, if you want to keep talking with a whole bunch of other cowboys and roll with me, um and and the and the cowboys crypto now uh, this is this is exciting right, because i love it when im Sitting on a pile of cash and im im just waiting for the right moment, i think this is it. I mean it could go down lower, but im excited about this and uh in this video im gon na share with you four things that we can like kind of learn from these flash crashes and how to prep better words are hard, better prepare ourselves. So lets get right into the market. Uh bitcoin is down uh nine percent in the last 24 hours, ethereum 13 cardano 15, like its its pretty much. Everything solana is really the only darling baby right now up five percent in the last 24 hours, but even still, if give it two days, its kind of its kind of a little bit down there, um and so everything im like look at my chops because it This is so good and heres.

The first lesson: okay, heres. The first lesson when we start to see im just going to take uh cardano as the example because weve been ive been talking a lot about cardano cardano in the last um. Seven days have been just killing it sitting at like at like three dollars. It broke three dollars at one point: everyones happy to 290 280 and ive been telling everyone in the in the saloon. Anyone whos on the lives anywhere take profit. We must take profit if it gets to an all time. High were taking 10 percent, were taking 20 were not greedy, okay, so when it hit 33 dollars, i was like oh baby lets take a lets take 10 and it could have gone higher sure, but any time it hits those like levels of all times. All time highs we the the downturn, the consolidation is right around the corner and i dont know if its huge or not, but you know i like to sit on uh usd or usdt or usdc. This is not financial advice. This is just what im doing this is not ever financial advice. I should have said that in the beginning, this is just what im doing and im just going to pass it along to you, and so what ended up happening is i just kind of sat and and you, if you sit on usdc on stablecoin youre waiting for Something like this to happen, and this was amazing.

This is just absolutely amazing. So now i took 10 up top here and now i could buy back in down on the red sticks on the red bars so which is always good, and so that is the first example you have to always. In my opinion, i have to always wanting to be taking profit im into. I mean bitcoin, of course, and ethereum look. Ethereum was reaching like four four thousand bucks: okay, four thousand! Look it its three thousand nine hundred dollars. I took. I took profit right around right around uh 37 38 right around here, and i see it just and im like im like a vulture. Just wait like on a wire just wait and so – and i mean like i didnt – realize it – crashed this far down. Thats kind of incredible whoever bought that dip was awesome but ill be buying around um yeah right right right around now, like im comfortable with this buy, you could see people the buying around here. So im just super ecstatic about all this. This is just amazing. So if you were in the saloon – and you were – and you were talking with everybody – i was saying – take profit at the top. Take profit on these. Smaller coins, like ping, uh and market move, take profit because these things are right around the corner. Everyone gets so excited, you got to just take a little bit: 10 20 thats all im talking about, and now we are ready to to make those buys, and this is why? Because we want to see those, we want to see those kinds of corrections and these crashes and we want to buy it up and now youre just making that much more on your crypto and then we buy again and we sell again when it comes to uh.

Those highs and thats how we keep building our portfolio. This is how i earned my first bitcoin the strategies like this, and hopefully you can make do the same now: um thats, the first thing. The second thing bit of news is that stuff, like um uh, these these exchanges, like uh, coinbase and They free theyre freezing people out of their account, so they cant, sell or anything like that and i thats so crazy. I dont know why they do that. Um and i hate it right, i dont i dont like being in control of my money. I dont like feeling like and thats what you give up in a centralized exchange. Cex, you are giving up your your rights to your crypto youre, using the convenience and youre giving up your rights. This is why, in my opinion, this is lesson number two start getting into d5. People were texting me, hey aaron. Did you know that they locked us out they locked up? Well, yeah? Of course, robin hood does the same thing. These guys all centralized exchanges, i dont trust any of them its my money. I trust me okay, so head into a decentralized finance, okay, this is like uniswap, its like pancake swap. This is like sushi swap where youre trading, with just protocols with with computers right and they cant lock you up for that so thats. The second lesson is as much as possible start trading on d5 platforms on these swaps.

Get off of these centralized exchanges, because if its not your keys, its not your coin, and so you want to keep your coins, you want to be able to manage them whenever you want, i personally thats what i like. If you want to stay on, what do i know im losing brain? You know you whatever you dont, you know i what you could do you could do you thats your own money now another thing here: uh what to do? What to do with these red sticks? Okay, what do we do with red with red days like this heres? What you do? You got one of two options, one you start buying like. I am you guys, set up a little store of value because you took profit at the top, not because you were saving money from your job, not because you work an extra side hustle, although you can do that too, but because you were smart and youre prudent And youre wise and you took money at all time highs. You took 10 percent 20 at the top. Now you have cash to sit on, and now you could buy these dips, these wonderful dips and so um. One thing you can do right now in in these kind of days, buy okay buy if you, if you dont, have money to buy. If you didnt do that, if you didnt take any profit, the second thing you do go outside and take a walk, go work out, go, take up a hobby, go knitting class, anything but sell.

Okay, do not let me let me make myself big on this. Do not sell okay, this isnt, you dont, sell when things dip, okay, cowboys dont, sell and thinks that we eat dips. Okay, we dont give it away its mine. Okay, you do not sell sit. Relax. The market will come back, go take a walk. Take five minutes. Take a breather right go play some video games, thats even better. You know, dont, sell and thats where im at i mean. Hopefully this has been a helpful video, because these these crashes start to you know jostle you, especially if youre brand new to the crypto market and youre not used to these things, and you maybe you just invested like on all these all time highs, which is very Likely a lot of people have just been starting to come into the markets and so theyre, just starting they buy at these all time highs because its so exciting flash crash and they get hit. Relax. Okay, put the phone down, stop looking stop just listen to my voice. Listen to the sweet, sounds of my supple voice and say its gon na be okay. Youre going to be fine! Youve got a 10 year time frame; okay, it was just a few days. This will this wont last for a long time. Will the bear mark come yes, i dont think its coming now, but hey what the heck. I knew you. You must just stay the course.

Okay, you have a 10 year time frame, thats all you that you, you and me have the same thats. How were dealing with this? Okay so and just if you want any extra comfort hedge funds were buying in last week at all time highs. So this week they are down. So if youre not youre, not alone, youre, not the only one youre, not alone dont, try to outrage the markets, just stop and breathe. Okay, its gon na be all good head into the saloon start talking with a bunch of uh. The uh cowboys and join the join the go head into the headquarters, cowboys of sign up to be an official cowboy theres, a lot of tons of free giveaways and all that kind of stuff and im in there in the forums and all that anyway.