We have a video with uh raul paul that we want to be playing with you in this video and also we want to talk about what this altcoin is, because when people panicking right now, we talked about this. Yesterday we said a sell off is coming and were not usually right, all the time but hey in baseball when you bat 300, that means youre out 7 out of 10 times and youre right, meaning you hit the ball and you get on base 3 out of 10 times so bitcoin dropping 7.9 ethereum dropping nearly 10 cardano dropping 12 percent finance coin 12 percent um solana, its the only thing really thats up in the top 10 up 14 right now, xrp down 17 percent, dogecoin 14 poke it out; 14 percent. Okay, i dont think we need to talk about it anymore. One thing that we do need to look at is: we need to go on google and type in the crypto fear if you want to use this for the lifetime of your cryptocurrency journey check it out. Crypto fare and greed index. People are still in extreme greed right now, so the sell off is not finished, but there will be altcoins that will outperform a lot of these projects when the sell off keeps taking place and these coins keep dropping. So i want to get into that in this video. I want to share with you what they are so for those of you that want to see these altcoins before we talk about them publicly then feel free to check out runguys.

com click. The big blue button on the page, with your best email, address and youll get access to our video newsletter. Uh well plug you into our private group and youll, be able to interact with our community and receive support. Get your questions answered all that good stuff. So lets get right into the video if youre feeling blessed comment: seven, seven, if youre feeling bullish regardless of money coming out the markets comment, seven, seven, seven and lets run it whats going up bull runners nick here with run guys.com and were gon na kick this Video off with a quick giveaway were giving away a hundred dollars, and all you have to do is give this video a bruce lee stomparoo right to the like button, subscribe and comment below every single comment that you leave enters you in to win and then head On over to runguys.com to subscribe to our video newsletter right now because thats, where we announce the winners every single week now with that being said, lets make some money, so the crypto and the all coin pick is moon tools. Moons its ranked number 1773 now obviously were not financial advisors or investing advisors. A quick disclaimer our channel is strictly for information. Education, entertainment purposes only so do not buy this cryptocurrency right now do not buy moon tools right now, just because im talking about it. This is information to help you make an educated decision for yourself, youre a full grown adult, but obviously every single cryptocurrency theres risk involved.

This has a market cap below 1 million dollars, so it is a relatively new based on market cap project uh. The total supply is only 50 000 of these, so very, very, very small supply, so the price right now sitting at 34. It will not be personally im just speaking out loud here. I believe it will not be at this price for long, even though its up 60 percent the all time high being over 200 dollars. I believe its going to reach that all time high relatively soon and i believe, wow im going to get into the chart and im going to talk about why in a little bit and if were looking at their website, you guys can feel free to check this Out in the description below well get into their website on medium moon tools, io.medium.com, you can check out their updates theres, a giveaway that theyre doing, and if you read this here, the great life forms of cometh are organized organizing the tournament with the polygon team. For a little d5 powered game, they created for the first time in history of the blockchain. Thousands of players will be competing for 150 000 prize over a smart contract and token based game with the support of polygon. Cometh will be kickstarting. The new era of electronic sports uh, relying on transparency, fairness and innovative content. So if you want to read that article feel free to check it out, moon tools is bridging moons to polygon and erc20.

Moons is an erc20 token. The native token for moon tools has been mapped to the matic uh network and the team has bridged over a portion of moons allocated for listings on other chain. Liquidity was added by the team to quick swap in the same ratio at the liquidity on you to swap at the same time of the quick swap listing, and you can check that out for the moon, swap ethereum address and then theres a matic address and trade Moons on quicksop, if you want below – or you can trade it on uh unit, swap so on coinmarketcap.com. If we go back over here, if you want to see where any of these all coins are listed, you just click market. One of these tabs people ask us all the time in the group they just could watch this video learn from this. You just click mark it. You see right here so unit swap quick swap as well too, with the volume in the past 24 hours. This is what i look. At 293, 000 of volume came in the past 24 hours. The market cap is 946, so this is going to get on the radar of a lot of big whales and just get ready guys so well. Compare this to another project right here, and this project is dex tools. Many of you guys have seen dex tools before index tools at its uh. All time high was over. Let me see here.

If we look back, it was recently um. It was over 89 cents. Its at 52 cents right now, but dont, look at the price of these cryptocurrencies look at the market cap, okay, so the market cap is the most important thing to look at. This is where a lot of people get fooled and they think that, like shiba inu, when they buy shiba inu that its gon na, like somehow make them a millionaire overnight with a hundred dollars, because the price, when they dont look at the market cap when its In you know, a couple billion so look at dex tools, its at 52 million dollars, so dex tools; 52 million market cap moon tools; 900 000 market cap. So when we go to uh dex tools website and we see what moon tools is striving to accomplish and we go ahead and we launch the app with dex tools were going to launch the app with moon tools as well too. So with dex tools, theres ethereum tools, finance, smart chain tools and polygon tools. Of course, this company is a little bit more established and they have more stuff thats why the market cap is larger, but there is hope that moon tools will add a bunch of other stuff as well too so lets say we want to go to ethereum. You can have live new pairs pair explorer, big swap explorer multi swap new pairs bot. I think the new pairs by is pretty cool.

It shows when new pairs are popping up, uh the price bot as well too so on my net smart chain. They have uh the same things on polygon theres, the same things as well too so lets say we want to click like live new pairs on the polygon network. Youll see the token name, youll see the exchange it was listed on when it was listed. Uh the pool amount, the total liquidity and all that good stuff. So for those of you guys that want to be able to find new projects, you could do it this way, and this is really powerful to be able to check everything and under the decks board. You can see the hot pairs here and it shows you which projects are hot right now, which ones a smoke and fire. So looking at moon tools, moon tools has a lot of updates that they need to make and im sure theyll be posting in the news section here as well too. But when i click on pairs, you can create favorites, you can see top pairs and you can see new listings as well too. So if i go ahead and click new listings very similar to dex tools, itll show when it was listed, itll show the the pair name, what it trades against the address of it, the pair price, the liquidity, as well as the links which is really powerful. So this is going to be super super helpful for people looking for brand new projects that have big potential.

So when you go their websites and you check them out itll give you a good idea of what those projects are doing now. If i go ahead and click on multi swap multi swap lets you trade many pairs at once directly on you swap in a single view to get started. All you have to do is add some pairs to multi swap from the pair explorer or search bar. So lets go ahead and do that real quick, so i can just type in moons itll, say moons to raptor theory. Now, if you have ethereum in your metamask or in your trust, wallet itll automatically convert it for you, so you dont have to go through that process thats. What unit swap is for so just go ahead and click that really fast or you can just go to unit swap and you can enter in the contract. Address that you see on coin market cap youll see on the left hand side you can buy moons token on one inch unit swap even quick, swap as well too. I didnt even know you could buy it on one inch. So thats, pretty cool youll, see the chart right here, yeah the all time, high sitting over 200 uh one thing thats very interesting about this chart right now. I believe its found its bottom and its ready to run again. If we look at the wall street psychology of a market cycle, i believe, were about to enter in the disbelief stage.

This little green candle that you can see on the chart right here is the start of the disbelief stage where people is going to think this is a suckers rally, but, as you can see on, the top here were going to retouch the all time high and Then well get into hope, optimism, belief, thrill and euphoria again, because right now, everyones focused on the bigger market cap projects, and this is what i was saying guys. People are are gon na get fooled. Theyre gon na get fooled putting money in those projects at the all time high when everyones extremely greedy, theyre gon na get sold on and then theyre going to exit the market and frustration, anxiety, denial, panic, anger and depression. Well, when you can find these projects that are so low theyre, not sitting on that big of a mountain of money or market cap, the fall from the top hurts a lot less and the rise to the top is a lot greater of a reward. Now, theres no guarantee. Obviously this is common sense. The risk is its a lot riskier, of course, but when you have like 80 of your portfolio in the solid blue chip, bigger market cap projects and 20 of your portfolio in the very very small market cap ones that have the 50x, 100x, 500x or even 1000x Potential then thats, where you see a big part of your gains, even the majority of your gains, sometimes so the disbelief sage.

This is a suckers rally, thats, where some people think we are right now. So if i go – and i pull up the chart, this green candle right here – if we look from the low that has been in at 14.84 to touch its all time high of 200 and to go past it and to do a full extension of the fibonacci Retracement of 4.236 – that would be a 50 x from that point, so you could do the math for yourself to run to the all time high. You know from 30 dollars where we are right now to over 200 dollars. For those of you that are bullish on this project. You know some people would start with. Like you know, ten thousand dollars, some people would start with fifty a hundred thousand dollars im, not financial advice, im, not telling you what to buy. In fact, im gon na say dont buy this project uh do whatever you want im, just giving you the information on this right here, but comparing this to dex tools, chart um where we are in comparison to dextools is roughly right about here. This point, where you see this arrow, where dextools did a 4x from the low that was in to touch its all time high. Now, tools is dipping again, so next tools went up and touched exactly its the all time high faced resistance there and was slapped back. So for moon tools to do something like that, that would be.

That would be roughly a 13x from the low that was in at 14, so compared to dextools. I believe that is next and if you look at dex tools on the left hand side here, it extended way above that to 91 cents from just 4 cents, so that was a 20x for this project. So when you look at the market cap, uh thats about to come into moon tools, just be prepared and get ready for it guys, especially with the money coming out of bitcoin out of ethereum and out of the other larger market cap projects. I believe a lot of that money is going to flow in the smaller market cap projects, but listen to what raul paul has to say. This is going to catch a lot of people by surprise. It is all in the run up where the money will be made if you look at the rate of adoption, thats going on of the entire crypto space – and this is my this is my true north. This is all i need to know theres one single thing i need to know and nothing else, so we know that its growing at 113 a year in terms of number of users, and we will assume that over time that trend rate of growth falls a bit. So if it falls from this year and goes down to 83, so thats a significant fall in the growth rate, and we saw the internet do similar, but it was at peak growth with 63 were 113.

. It gets by the end of 20 to 24 to a billion people, and that gets us to about three or four billion people by 2027. 28.. Okay. So if you look at the size of the assets, the entire crypto space, as of today, hit 2 trillion again, i think global equities are about 200 trillion. Global bonds are like 200 trillion global real estates about 100 trillion, 2 trillion 200 trillion. I figure thats, probably a 100x, and we all know almost that all of us realize that all bonds – all securities all assets are going on chain anyway, so its probably even bigger than that. But the point being is that youll never ever in your entire life. Ever again, and ever beforehand were given 100x in an asset thats already up 2 million. When you look at bitcoin, youve never been given this, and you can basically choose anything and it will go up so once you do that, you dont youre, not scared of making the wrong bet, and it stops you being tribal because within that you know some of Them are going to be amazing. You take the pressure off you own, a you, take some basic bets. You know bitcoin ethereum a couple of others here and there and then you can just have a basket of stuff and over time decide. Okay, i quite like that or thats getting faster adoption. So then you start to look at like solana is clearly getting adoption, its clearly happening and its clearly happening in the price.

Okay, so do you want to own a bit? More of that. Maybe you know is polka dot getting to where it should be. Dont know yet, but its worth keeping an eye on. You know theres a theres, a lot of stuff and then so thats. How i tend to deal with it is forget, trying to model it and look for fair values, and this its like. As i said, you can be a three year old kid and be given a box of names of crypto currencies and take 10 out, and you will literally make 30 times your money over the next 20 years. The next 10 years youve got this big thesis now, which is 100x the space in the shortest period of time. So then our job is okay. How do i add alpha? Where do i find the better bets now? There will be probably 50 tokens or assets that will outperform ethereum but theyre riskier. I dont know what they are. I have no, no. I have no ability to choose them. When you look at ethereum, it has all of the elements of the lowest risk highest quality trade and its. You know its a rewarding ecosystem with rewarding people in it, because you know theres a social element to this theres. A cultural element to this movement as well and its rewarding so its a good space to hang out where you feel comfortable with the asset. You understand how many smart people are working on it.

So when you say to me, oh theres a risk in 1559. Getting done my answer was the risk is like minuscule, and so i didnt care about it like 2.0, its minuscule. Why? Because theres, a lot of very smart people smarter than ill ever be working on it. So the probability is extremely high and thats. What that makes? What makes it so rewarding my guess is the moment each 2.0 happens, half of the gets unlocked and it all comes onto the market, and the price will collapse its typical yeah and thats a short term thing. It might be an overhang for a year. I mean who the hell knows right, but thats, pretty obvious that this is the best single time thats, why i call it the greatest trade between now and and eth 2.0. Everybody wants it to happen, theyre going to lock up as much heat as possible and get the yield its as simple as that, but when it comes out chance, he collapses. If you remember, when coinbase went public everyones like this is so good for the space everyones going to know about it, what did it do? Marked the exact high in bitcoin, and i ive mentioned that on twitter beforehand? Im like this is what its gon na do, and it will – and this will probably mark the high in eth people trying to overthink everything you know. Eth currently is a platform. You know that thats how i think about it.

You know its a platform from which to utilize their blockchain, to transfer value, to store value and to create applications on top. So you know is elements of it. Money, as we talked about. Yes, are elements of store store of value? Yes, elements, pure technology? Yes, i mean its everything, so you know it kind of is still the vision that vitalik had of the kind of internet computer. I mean it is that, but that sounds a bit restrictive its kind of the. I call it the internet of value and you could call it the platform of value and it doesnt its, not exclusive, because others can do similar things. But nothing has the scale, the scope that the ethereum currently has um. So its 100 crypto and i have been for a long time now, um my im now, depending where we are today, 55 25 bitcoin and then a tale of an equally weighted basket of a mix of d5 protocols, layer ones, interoperability, stuff and then some specific bets In kind of social tokens, metaverse and other longer term macro bets that i want that. I want to express that view in, and you know, im probably im just following the chart very closely of the bitcoin eth cross and i think its about to explode higher again. So i may end up selling all of my bitcoin, which is a weird thing and again im not empty bitcoin but ill sell that by price prediction has been eighth north of twenty thousand and thats pretty simple.

All i did is just map over the ethe chart to the bitcoin 2017 chart. They work perfectly and it gives you 20 000.. So you know theres no great science to that, but it feels about right all right. So if youre feeling bullish about smaller market cap cryptocurrencies, you want to see more videos like this make sure to give this video a like check out runguys.com and learn our number one way to earn passive income online with crypto. As always, you know what were doing were backing up our truck all the way at the bank grabbing the bags packing them and stacking them, leaving no bags left behind, because we believe that fiat currencies are going down in value because thats, a fact cryptocurrencies are going Up in value because thats the truth and were all going camping on the beaches of the moon, i will see you on the next video. I will see you on runguys.com as always stay bullish. Make sure you like comment and subscribe and share it.