Everyone welcome to the channel. If youre new subscribe bell button leave a like now a little bit of a different setup. Now new desk happy days, i will be showing it off in due course. Pray to your own members have already seen it not in its full glory, though not fully set up, but it goes up and down its cool im gon na get a new chair and then were gon na start. Eventually, getting some backdrop done, i need to order a few stuff and then the camera will be back just in case youre wondering so lets crack on eh. Why not? Because weve had this little bit of a dump, a bit of a crash, as they would say and ive been talking about. Statistical data regarding the annual returns of monthly charting of the world of bitcoin in september, were currently publishing a negative. We had a great august and a great you know start of the start of september, really really good. We took a hit yesterday, though big one. Now whether this means that we are going to publish greens or not, i dont know, the data is obvious, its its there for all to see for some reason, september is just a month for crypto and im, not sure why its just one of those things right, Whether that is tied into ghost month and all kinds of elements around that or if its just one of those elements where it just happens and we get a strong q4, which we usually do, anyways as you can see by the more greens versus red.

So this could be not financial advice, the dip before the pump yeah. We are going to go with that wow. Why not yeah lets go so post. It note in front of me: i got seven coins, some of them. I hold some of them. I dont hold, but theyve all published a really really good high low. I have bought one of them, though, reserve rights, which is the first coin im going to talk about why ever bought it well, youre, probably wondering why not. It just seemed like too good of an opportunity to finally get to a certain milestone that i wanted to get to for a while and well look predominantly at the world of usd, but just to prove a point here in the usd pairs and btc pairs. Obviously, btc have been shown here. This is still undervalued for me. Anyways thats, my personal thoughts on it looking at this. So this is what weve got weve got a very, very obvious level and a level of support here of interest. I think this is a pretty solid level, in my opinion, why youre probably wondering well its still low. This is the all time highs theres an ama going off on the 13th, i believe on the reddit. They will probably be announcements on that reddit regarding the main net, which is also a very, very important element to this. This has not got a mana, yet maybe maybe just got ta put out there.

We will get one by the end of the year, and this at this price level may well be very, very important for the the lifecycle of where the price action could go. Where are we on the fibonacci? Well, you probably guessed it in and around that six or nine level, a huge drop from the overall structure, and we could well be going from this level. Potentially. This is obviously not financial advice, of course, to ascend up to this point here where the previous levels have been and where the structured bodies have been in the past. So yeah id be very, very happy with that. If that is the case for this tipping point, moving on to coin number, two is well youve, probably already guessed it its polka dot right. So why am i talking about polka dot? Reason being is because i still think that, where it dipped to which was absolutely savage by the way, really really strong hold in terms of this 25 level, now currently roughly around 28. But this dipped really hard yesterday and a lot of people in my telegram group were looking at buying this when it was dipping below 25. Congratulations, if you got that, but for me, polka dots, auctions of the power chains are coming live very very soon. The ksm hype is starting to gear up, certainly between moonbeam moon river, all the other ones coming out as well, so maybe passive income wise the rewards are relatively high.

This is doing okay and, as i say, weve just formed yet again, another body, closure and well. It looks very much like a body. Closure soon still got eight hours to go, but continuation of the trend but for me, still looks pretty good. If were looking at this. Obviously you know i wouldnt count that wick in in play personally its too much of a fish wick, but the way i see it, we could well see some nice movements going up. Certainly, if were looking to retest the structure level up here. If we do form a new high from here, itll be an absolutely great buy, especially when you think of the passive side of it. So, as i say passive, if you were in the dump, i do apologize. However, some people have some stable currencies: locked up passive income, passive waiting. As i like to say, if you want to buy the dip, you could have done that on block five, whilst having it locked up, because you can move your cryptocurrency within block by to another coin. So if you had a lot of stable coins – and you were looking – oh, i can just buy the dip. I can just transfer that over very quickly into bitcoin or ethereum. You could have done that very very easily if it was locked up in this platform and you werent in a lockup, which is always a good thing to have. You can earn passive income on multiple pairs and you can also get pair paid actually in those pairs too.

If you go on my link below, if you know blockfire.com, you can get some free bitcoin, especially if you are putting some money in here and what i will say is this security is a top element, but at the same time you are not locked up in Any way you can move your cryptocurrency around on the platform. So if you had a bit of ethereum and youre a bit vulnerable, the fact that its gone to like five thousand dollars for the first time ever, you could, if you want to move that into another, you know stable currency, and you know you can play the Game that way, youd be so wished so get on the link and get some passive income created anywho next one youre probably wondering what this one is. You probably know anyways, judging by some of the tweets ive been doing about it recently. Ive been trading link because i like to trade link, ive got a really good record with chain link, especially with trading, and we formed a higher high and were still formed. You know, high low, so were fine were still in the trend. Buy the dip buy the dip, but obviously dont buy the dip that keeps on dipping a lot of people talk about that as a little bit of a meme, and i get it. I understand it a lower low all that good stuff right when people are buying these dips, where you below the trend its a bit different, whereas were not in that situation right now.

If this then went up to this point and failed and we formed an obvious, lower high, then youre probably going to be thinking. Oh god, i shouldnt really buy this dip until it starts publishing those highest, which is what you want right, but right now were currently safe. If were looking at this overall structure at levels, in my opinion, not a bad level to be on roughly in and around that 382, and if you are putting you know some horizontal levels around this point, you know even the product left here, weve got so much In and around this region, when i just go like that theres loads of confluence in and around this region, it has to hold if this holds, it could well be a great place to be, and that could well be a nice place for a long term kind Of you know situation where you could be thinking well. This could go much higher if were looking overall, though, as well at this high point to this low point, essentially, in my opinion, anyways, we could be looking at a really nice level where, if it does flip this 28 level, it could be on course for a Potential retest of essentially 38, which isnt a bad place to be, but again, as i say, its still okay, because the trend is still intact. Technically dont worry about it being on the ema, its more about the chart structure itself. If we form a close below this point, it would have been a pretty horrible sight, but obviously we need to get above certain regions around here, for obvious reasons, mainly that level 32 keep our take but still looks healthy for for a purchase.

In my opinion, anyways, especially when you look at the fundamentals too, now the next one im not talking about this one for a few weeks v chain. This is another big drop and it has hit a level where ive been of interest right. Where weve been looking at this level and thinking. Well, maybe we might get a liquidy grab and we have right. The liquidity graph has been hit in and around near the 618, very, very close to it. But again, chart structure looks alright realistic. We formed a new high lets, see if we form another high, which could be a potential here. Definitely it could be a potential got to be careful, though, because we are in undervalued territory. We could be looking at a potential downtrend, especially if youre drawing the dots all the way across here. However, even still when you think of where it has been in the past, like roughly around 29 cents and were looking at potentially loading up at 11 cents here, where not too long ago, a couple of days ago, it was like 15 cents, its just a bit. Yeah common sense has to prevail here and look at that, but if we are looking at certain situations here, so if i go from this point to this tip here we hit roughly the 382 and then we just failed on this point here, which is fair enough Right, but what weve got to look at overall, though, in my opinion anyway, is the overall structure of this entire level.

We are literally resting right now on this 382 level. This huge level here, which is probably going to be pretty damn important for holding, and then we may well look for a retest of going up towards this line, at least if it fails from that line, maybe bug out of it potentially but thats it only if It forms a new lower high, but well see how it goes. Anywho next one be da now this has been quite of interest, reason being because ive still got ta on here. Big massive move there in terms of the all time high levels where we could be going to, but this has actually formed what i was kind of expecting realistically from a from a pullback. Now not perfect, it isnt crisp crystal clear. Obviously, but my point was, we are probably going to retest this 11 at one point we have went right back into us demand level here and again. Weve still formed a new high. These these highs are very, very important, so we could well be looking at another. Push up, which is why i wasnt too concerned regarding the whole entire dip anyways, even though people were flapping like absolute crazy, but at the end of the day, most of these charts have formed new highs and they didnt form new lows, which is good its a Good thing right, especially on closures, so maybe in two weeks we might be at new highs, which is pretty damn scary right.

So for me, looking at this previous all time, high roughly 15 16 were currently looking at 6.70, and this was literally on the door of 10 not too long ago. Really we should be looking at this one. Next one ive not talked about this for a long long time might have some more data on this. Oh, no, i dont interest is from the monster, run, not the most tidiest Music. These regions have been in the past where its been resistance and support throughout right. Now this is where it gets interesting, because this has bombed a monster high and it dipped quite aggressively consolidated, obviously dropped lower could be a huge liquid, egr theres. A lot of good fundamentals and partnerships bounded around quite a lot for you trust it does well with an adoption effect. It will probably do better if it maybe wasnt on the ethereum network. Essentially, in my opinion, however, when were looking at this, we could be looking at a really nice run to the upside, especially when you look at well. Bear with me looking at this high point for obvious reasons here to the low, which is a monster and look at where we tapped on the nose, the six or nine level monster monster run. So weve already done a big move. But at the same time, though, when you look at this, were still this low and weve still got a very, very nice dipping point in and around an area which we all know already is a six night level.

So we could well be looking at this as a potential zone as demand, and we could see some nice returns from there now. The last one ive not really looked at this for a long time is roon. Why not? Because i just havent right again similar sort of situation, we have formed just about a new high in terms of body closures, but at the same time, though, its still looking pretty strong as a trend and at the same time with that, we could be looking at A very nice level, which we are where we could be looking at capturing again around this point, so that is of interest again if im looking from this bottom point overall anyways. In my opinion, anything this is a good one right on the 382 of that situation. Now so we could be looking at this level here being a nice little. You know stronghold essentially looking left there, and we could well be looking at a retest and a look at 12.55, potentially potentially. If that is the case, we do flip it. We may well be looking at up this point here and then maybe even higher, but it actually hasnt done too bad. This one, even though theres been a few little problems with it in terms of little hacks here and there, but it has definitely recovered and some pretty good, strong community outlet on there as well. So there you go theres seven coins that do look alright realistically theyre.

In good chart structure, nice highs in most cases could well be a great demand and a liquidity grab.