The dow tanked um theres, good news and bad news and long term good news, and then i also have a hot stock for you were gon na. Have that and more not gon na play the intro lets get right into it, but first, if youre new to the page, you already know hit the like subscribe and notification bell and if youve been rolling with me for a while, please hit the like button because It helps to keep me alive. Lets get right into. It were going to cover a lot so im going to put these on. So i could see all right. I took notes, so i dont forget anything all right. Did you know that today was typically the uh worst day of the worst week of the worst month for the stock market? Historically, today was the worst day of the worst week of the worst month in the stock market. Today and um i will just come off and just tell you that theres a gentleman named stock, curry um that does a overall market. He did an overall market uh report this morning. I i want you to look at his video stock. Curry c: u r r y! He did a fantastic job explaining about the overall market. Today, all right lets just go over a few things, but i want you to go to his page and watch it because i agree with everything he said. Of course, volumes are low because it was a three day weekend right uh, especially when theres a monday holiday right, um, of course its the worst month for trading and then tuesday is typically the worst day all right, and so you had that whole trifecta.

That happened today and um. We we see what we see so its its its, not the end of the world because of all those things that i just explained all right. So i put a challenge in last week last week, uh stock mo took the challenge already. I appreciate them stock curry and ian gave me their numbers. Uh gave me their stock rather, and i asked about these stock your four best stock if they were uh, discounted, 10 and actually stock curry hit the ball out of the park with why i asked this question so again. I suggest you guys go to stop currys page watch his report from this morning and – and he explains why i asked this question because its going to help all of us uh im going to do a follow up video to that monday, hopefully ill. Do that. Follow up video this coming monday, all right, uh, of course the feds are still talking about tempering thats to come, p e ratios are overvalued, stocks are overvalued, p e ratios are high and um, and this in the market is overdue for five percent. You know – and i know you guys said: oh man, why you why you keep saying that im, not saying it for bad for it to be bad news to you, im saying it, so we can be ready, so we can be ready to swoop in, like an Eagle and get great companies for great prices lets go to the stock.

The stock again is ticker symbol, the lta vlt8 volta remember it was a spac. I was dollar cost averaging in at 9.28. Remember for those of you, thats been following me: it i. It turned green today, all right and um. I was doing a little research on it. Um again, i was out um in illinois, and i took some video with my phone of these volta charging stations. I like them because they make 10 of their revenue, as you can see, with ads and whatnot and theyre starting to do these partnerships and theyre doing all of these partnerships. As you see, and i believe that theyre, a sleeping giant um. I think this is the type of company when the infrastructure bill is passed, that has the 500 000 charging stations in it. I believe that me personally, i believe that multiple companies are going to get it and just because chargepoint is the big dog in the game. Does not mean that theyre going to get the contracts as a matter of fact, sometimes the big dog dont get any of the contract. All right. Remember: electric buses all right so um, so volta vlta, which was a spec and now it had the merger and the ticker symbol is vlta. I think its still a good buy at 9 28.. I think its still a good buy if it dips down. Remember, dollar costs average in over a period of time, and this could be a true banger as they say if they get part of the infrastructure bill.

All right just want to put that on your radar im, not telling you to run out and buy it. Do your own research, okay, were moving pretty good, all right lets go to crypto and what happened this morning so this morning i posted this on my instagram right and it looked pretty good. Remember we had hit as high as 310 with uh cordano ada and literally minutes later it tanked after i posted this on my instagram theres, a link below for my instagram dont. Look for me on instagram by name click, the link in my description; okay, and so what happened? Was it literally tanked all the way down? I saw till like two dollars: pre market. Of course, uh crypto is 24 hour trading, but before opening bail it went down to two dollars and i was like what and of course i bought some at about – i dollar cost average down at about uh 210. I didnt catch it right at the bottom. I start buying it at 210 and just like a lot of you guys did uh my trading platform froze, and i realized that this was a nationwide deal. It could literally go to 350 uh. If um the flood is cleared up. There was a lot of food spread about uh cardano over the weekend. Look at the video before this. I literally play a video from charles, the ceo of ada, explaining the fud clearing up some of the foot that was put out.

There fear uncertainty and doubt once the truth get out. I believe itll run back up, but it definitely provided a buying opportunity if you bought any this morning or any crypto during the dips. Uh leave me a comment below im interested interested to see what you guys bought one of the things that caused it other than it just being tuesday, because thats what crypto does crypto has. These mood swings okay, but el salvador had to temporarily unplug a wallet because their demand was so high. Remember their country is the first one, its the first country that is making it legit across the board. Uh crypto uh bitcoin all right, and so the entire market fell uh. When i was seeing cardano falling, then i realized the entire uh crypto um sphere was tanking, uh bitcoin was coming down, everything was coming down and so thats when i started to buy. Remember i always suggest to research before you react, because you will make a smart decision never have fomo, which i was having a little bit when i made that first post and then reality set in so even i have to learn to stick to my disciplines. Okay, good people look at crypto. This is how i buy crypto. So as we are recording this right now, cordano is 245 is actually coming up right down. 13 ethereum negative 12 polygon 18. solano is still holding us on at a dollar 72.. You could have bought solano uh a week ago and had a dollar and if you look at solano over the last month, its up 337 percent of people 337 percent in the last month.

Okay, so what i want to tell you is im looking at this and what speak to me speaks to me: is tesls x, t, z tesls? Why? Because its beaten down the most – and this is what i do with crypto – i look at whats beating down the most because theres always a knee jerk reaction, an overreaction and im looking at it right now at 444 and uh, it went as low as 389 right, But lets go back to a year and, as you could see, the high is 8.42. I believe its going to get back there shortly and and um. I believe itll be back to its all time. High within 30 days now, i know thats a bold predicament, but i just see an overreaction, a knee jerk reaction that should not have been. He was trying to get this to you. I had a death in the family. I really wanted to shoot this one earlier today so, but there are certain things that are more important than money right so just uh say a quick prayer for the family. It was a distant family member, but yet – and still we have to be here for family. Okay, good people, there are some things thats worth more than money, all right, listen! If you want a great trading platform, they were all they were all buzzing the day they were all uh freezing today because of the high volume all right, but i suggest two to you.

One is coinbase, especially for those of you that are beginners. It is very easy to use and to understand i have a link below for that. I also suggest block fi. If you just want to buy bitcoin, okay and and the big boys, you know the crypto, i mean ethereum and bitcoin, and things like that and you can earn interest on your bitcoin and your ethereum and they have a credit card. Every time you make a purchase. You can earn 1.5 in bitcoin, so youre building wealth, while youre paying your normal bills were not creating new bills, good people, okay and then im doing all of my swing trading in cordano in my weeble app, and so i went in heavy this morning on my Weibo platform and if you want to get the volta, go ahead and download the weeble app and theyre going to give you free stock worth up to 2300, just deposit 100 into each of these, and and you guys will get free stock and crypto. And it helps the page out all right, good people im going to keep it rolling hey. I hope you guys had a great weekend and im just going to be shooting like this. Until now. I hope the lighting and lens is good. Uh uh monday of next week i will be in my new studio and so im uh been working really hard for that. You guys pray for me as i pray for you.