This is a great trading bot, a bot that will trade for you. Even when the market trades sideways, you can still be profitable even during a boring market. When you are sleeping anytime anywhere any day, hey everybody its eddie here and in this video im going to be talking about crypto trading bots and how anybody can start day trading using them. Maybe you are interested, but dont know where to start, maybe youre afraid of timing. The market theres a saying time in the market beats timing the market, but what, if you could do both and become profitable? Well im gon na talk all about that. So if that sounds interesting definitely stick around now there are a lot of companies out there that do offer cryptobot trading services, but the one that i personally use at the moment and the one that im gon na talk about today is called pionics. First, im gon na go into the app show how to set everything up step by step and then im gon na go over the pros and cons and then talk a little bit more about the company. Also, if you guys are interested in signing up, i do have a referral link down below. If you guys do use my code, it would help support me and this channel – and i am not a financial advisor nor anything that i share on this channel financial advice. So make sure you guys do more research due diligence before you guys move forward, so pionx actually has a mobile version and a desktop version.

Today, i will be going over the desktop version. Currently, this account is sitting around three thousand dollars. Uh todays profit is ten dollars. Im going gon na go over the whole thing in a bit, but i need to first deposit funds in so im. Gon na show you guys that first now, in order to start trading in your account, you do have to send over a stable coin called tether. Im gon na go into my account, buy some tether transfer that over and then im gon na set my trading bot, if you guys are new to this channel, welcome uh. I do talk a lot about on this channel uh. If you guys are interested in learning more, i will leave a dedicated playlist link down below uh but uh for the sake of time. Im gon na zoom through this on my app im gon na click on transfer, deposit, fiat click, united states, dollar and then im gon na click. Details on ach its gon na give me a routing number account number, and what im gon na do is send funds over from my bank to this account. Ive shown this process a lot in my previous videos, so definitely check them out. But assuming that you send funds over from your bank to your app, it should arrive in about a day and then youre going to click on accounts. And if you scroll down, it should arrive in your fiat wallet im going to go back to the home, page click on trade buy and if i scroll down, you will see tether, erc20 im going to click on that im, going to click on fiat wallet, usdt Max the total cost is going to be a thousand dollars and the amount is going to be 989, which makes sense confirm you have purchased 989 worth of usdt.

Then im going to click on transfer, withdraw crypto to an external wallet im going to click on the plus sign on the top right corner wallet address. Then click on tether, erc20 and then im going to go back to my pionex account, go to the top right corner click on deposit and then you have to make sure that erc20 is highlighted, not trc, because thats trons network youre going to make sure its erc20 Token, you can either copy the address and send it to that address or you can click on the qr code, which i personally enjoy click on the qr code here and then im going to hover right over the qr code boom and it automatically pastes. The wallet address, wallet, name, im, going to name it, pi onyx continue and then there is going to be a transfer fee confirm your usdt withdrawal request has been submitted and then it takes anywhere around 10 minutes for the funds to arrive into your account. 10 minutes later, the funds have arrived into my account. Now i do want to show you something. First, if i go to my orders, my trading bots click on grid trading. This is the trading bot that i currently have running at the moment, i have 977 invested. The total profit so far is 61, and the neat thing about is this number continues to increase and go up regardless of the market conditions, so ill talk more about that, but because the strategy is profitable thats, why im, adding more into it today with you guys On the top left corner, it says trade im going to go ahead and click on that.

On the left side. These are all the trading bots that are available. You can create so many different types, but i only like to stick with one and that is grid trading, which ill explain in a bit im going to click on create. Now you can use the ai strategy, which automatically does everything for you um. You can use this percentage to determine how much you want to invest and trade, but in my case i actually do want to set it up manually click on manual setting here it says: lower and upper right im going to go ahead and add 15 000 here And then the upper we can do 150. 000.. Now, what this means is that this trading bot is going to be trading within the price range of fifteen thousand and a hundred and fifty thousand so right now bitcoins sitting around fifty thousand dollars its going to be trading in that range. Once bitcoin hits a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, that is when this bot uh trading bot will close same thing if it goes all the way down to fifteen thousand dollars. That is when the trading bot will close. Now, technically, you can set this up anyway right. You can do uh ten, you know ten thousand dollars and you can do this at 1.5 million dollars, but you dont want to be doing that because you do want to kind of condense it down to a general range so for this one well actually keep it At a hundred thousand dollars one two three and the lower limit, we can actually set it at um, twenty thousand dollar one two, three, my other one, is actually set to fifteen thousand and a hundred and fifty thousand this one i will set at twenty thousand to A hundred thousand dollars now for the grid section you wan na max it out as high as possible.

In this case, you can choose any number between two to two hundred uh. I will choose 200, but not everyone can choose 200.. In my case, i am not able to do 200. Why? Because the total investment minimum required is 1068, so im going to reduce this to say something like 180 uh total investment, minimum required 963 dollars to 969.. That works for me that that falls under my range. So i can do the entire amount and be able to do that. If i want to do 150, i can go ahead and do that. But in my case, 180 seems like the highest amount that i can go and im gon na go ahead and click create. Now its recommending me to use mbtc, which stands for milli, bitcoin uh, but im going to still use bitcoin and click on. Ok, we are confirming everything and were going to click on continue. The bot is starting on top of my existing bot, and now it is officially running now. Im gon na go ahead and share more details on what just happened. So this is the bitcoin chart zoomed out and right now, bitcoin is hovering around forty. Nine thousand. Eight hundred dollars im gon na go ahead and click on this. I button right over here and youre, going to see a bunch of lines, but the reason why theres a little bit more than usual is because i have two trading bots set up, theres one.

It will look a lot cleaner uh for this example. Im actually go ahead and cancel this one uh. Please sell confirm this. One is going to cancel the one i just created all right, so the line is much cleaner right, its much more, even consistent, and so this is whats happening with the trading bot. Now, what the green line represents is the buy orders right and the red line represents the sell, and so any time the price is dipping. The trading bot is going to be using your tether to buy bitcoins its going to fill by buy, buy, buy. In essence, its buying the dip and every time those lines are filled its going to create a red line when the prices go up, its going to start selling, selling and selling, and so its buying the dip and its selling as it goes up. If you go to the main website, you can see whats actually happening its buying the dips, its selling as it goes up, buys the dips sell as it goes up. This is a great trading bot, a bot that will trade for you. Even when the market trades sideways, you can still be profitable even during a boring market when you are sleeping anytime anywhere any day, grid trading bot make profits from the volatility with a point: zero. Five percent fee that is peanuts. The bot can help you auto, buy low and sell high in a price range.

When you are sleeping working or having a holiday, the button never stops. The bot can also help buy the dip and earn more coins than holding now. Whats really nice about grid trading bot is that it doesnt use all of your capital to trade. It always leave some cash on the side to buy the dips and then sell and take profits along the way. Now you might be thinking eddie, why not just buy and hold right. I think you know buying and holding is one of the best strategies out there right, but if you never take profits along the way then buying and holding may not be the best strategy. For you, because you have to learn when to take profits, say you buy one thousand dollar worth of bitcoin and say it doubles. But if you never took any profit, whats gon na happen is youre. Gon na go back down, youre gon na break even or even sell at a loss. What this trading bot will do is ride the profits as it goes up, but not only that itll lock profits in youre able to have time in the market and the trading bot can time the market for you in terms of buying and selling and again the Best part is, you can still be profitable and bot will trade for you, even when the market moves sideways. To me, this is an amazing way to just buy and hold knowing that the trading bot will secure your profits along the way and even minimizing your risk.

When the price goes down so now, youre – probably thinking – why not put all your money in here, why not go all in on this strategy? Well, technically, you can. It really depends on your personal goals, but i wouldnt recommend that i like to keep my funds in interesting, bearing accounts to earn some interest in case i ever want to pull loans out of it or just in case. I want to take profits along the way up as well, using my own technical analysis, and on top of that, you should never keep all your funds in one basket. In this case, you should never put all your money in pionics, but it never hurts to put a small portion of your portfolio in a trading bot account. A safe rule is to put one to five percent of your entire portfolio in a trading bot account and if you want to be a little bit more adventurous and aggressive 10 is okay. But the next question you should be asking is: how is there security well in terms of security? Pyronix has been operating safely for 803 days, which is really good to hear, and on top of that they are partnered and they get their liquidity from binance and huobis exchange and pionics has acquired msb money services, business licensed by fincen. This is the same license that binance and huawei has, and also a lot of other exchanges. Also, this license allows pionics to be granted and operated in the us.

So if you live in the us and youre concerned about, can i use this? Is it going to get shut down? This is nothing to be concerned about because they are doing everything by the books and in terms of the community theres a ton of positive feedbacks and reviews on the exchange. This might be a big plus for some of you guys, but if youre somebody who doesnt like kyc kyc is optional on pionic, so you dont have to go through kyc, and i know in this video i only showed bitcoin but lets not forget. Pionx has over 250 different altcoins. That is a lot of selection. So if there is a trading bot that you want to run on any of these all coins, you can that just to me blows my mind right, and so, if you want to do it on ethereum go ahead. If you want to do it on xrp, litecoin, tron solana, sure you can do it on any of these. If you want to just trade without a trading bot, you can go ahead and do that on pionics as well. If you want to do leverage trading, you can do that as well. Of course, i do, you know, warn be careful when you leverage trade be responsible and when you run a grid trading bot, you can never be liquidated, so you dont have to worry about losing your funds and so in terms of a risk level, its very, very Low you cannot lose all your funds, you only lose and gain according to how the market moves and if the market moves sideways, well, thats beneficial for you as well.

If you are somebody who is into arbitrage trading, you can definitely do that as well uh, but there is a ton of other different bots that i personally will not touch. I just like grid trading bots, just because it buys low, sells high and has the least amount of risk, in my personal opinion, with the greatest return now i know there are some of you watching this saying i dont feel safe keeping my funds in an exchange And i totally get that right. If you dont feel comfortable, you shouldnt go through with it right. Some will also say not your keys, not your crypto. I completely understand that as well right, its a very popular saying, but you also have to understand people who actually manage their own crypto, sometimes lose it right. So it does come down to personal preference, which is also why i recommend you shouldnt trade, with more than five percent of your portfolio, ten percent. If you want to be a little bit more risky, but five percent at the max, and so for me, i put a very small percentage of my portfolio in a trading bot account like bionics. My advice is start with a small amount, so you get comfortable with whats happening and then feel free to add more later on. Well with that said, i hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a big thumbs up. I do plan on creating a follow up, video sharing the progress and where my trading bot is at and so im really excited to create that video as well.