Are we actually entering another bear market after this capitulation? Is this just the beginning of a long series of crashes just like weve seen over here? Are we actually going to go to zero? Oh no, its going to see all right are we actually going to go through all of that again, so lets talk about it. What is up welcome to the crypto promo? We cover the hottest news in crypto so including the theorem analysis back on cardinal chain and click, convenient polka dot and everything that you need to follow into crypto. The right way so make sure to smash the like subscribe and turn on notifications to get the hottest user crypto before everyone else, its so funny man its hard for me to say its going to zero for straight face because weve been saying it so long in This channel and so far so good. I think, ethereum started the year at around 800 or something right i mean if you go back to january uh. Where are we? It was right over here right. The yearly open was around seven hundred dollars and then right now were at three thousand three hundred dollars and people are like, oh, my god, man, its crashing so much its going to zero right. Oh no! Oh no right uh, but look where we are were still doing pretty fine and, as you can see, the mark is a beautiful sea of red, so much opportunity across the space right now um everythings crashing, except for solana, 46 of the week god damn man should Have bought some solana back in the day, okay, a few months ago and uh yeah i mean right now were just seeing a lot of opportunity were in the middle of a bull market.

Those shakeouts are totally normal. We just had that all over 2017. I mean people have the memory span of the fish. I swear to god. Man, people are just like look at 2017. This is 2017 right over here right. You can see just every one of those crashes like oh no, its going to zero right here, and it goes up right. Oh no, its going to zero! Oh! No, its going to see it right like all the way up from like 10 to like 1400 right here, you can see you can see boom right. This was the big bear market right, crashed from fourteen hundred to eighty dollars and then look where we are right. Now i mean when you zoom out, i mean this is uh pretty much like a small nudge on the map right on the on the chart. So just put it keep it in mind, keep it in perspective. We just had a big crash right here and so far nothing goes up in a straight line. I mean ethereum went up ill, tell you how much it went up. We went up 135 in a month and a half bro. Where are you going to make that kind of money? Wait ill, tell you where nowhere only in crypto very simple, so we went up 135 right and then we crashed uh 26 percent dude if were going to keep going up like 145 or whatever. How much that was were going to keep going up that much im going to crash 26 were going to keep going up that much and crash 20 like if we just do it three times were going to be like where at like a hundred thousand dollar ethereum Or something like those steps are massive, so just be aware that nothing goes up in a straight line and um yeah also just keep it together.

Like i see, a lot of people are really losing it on social media. A lot of people are like. Oh vitalik is a scammer its like this magic internet. Money thing is not real. This internet computer stuff is never gon na work out its uh. Its really entertaining to me honestly, its comedy and um. Whenever people are emotional, you just know youre gon na make more money than them and youre just going to do better. So i think if you are emotional, its totally fine dont be harder yourself. Just like i always say just chill. I mean the fundamentals. Look good! Um so far, by the way we got some support over here, uh pretty much just the top of this mini range right, its holding us right now and um yeah. We also had another this range held as well, and i mean we had a lot of people getting liquidated because people were using too much leverage. I mean weve seen this happen again and again in crypto, really nothing uh that special in that sense. So i think dips are for buying ap1559 is burning so much goddamn eve. This is really really bullish and then also lets. Look at the moving averages see if we got some shenanigans. Oh, we actually bounced on the 50 day moving average okay cool. So we bounced to that the 200 day moving average is just below us lets look at it versus bitcoin, so bitcoin is actually right.

Now you can see that uh, which one is the 50 day. Okay, the 50 day is the blue one and the okay. So basically were currently on the 200 day moving average. You can see that we actually wicked below it, but then the daily close was above it right. So the red line is the 200 day moving average. This is the important one, and you can see that right now were kind of having a fake out below it. Right. So just be aware that this has acted as a support like this, and this is actually not a bad level to buy the dip of kind of having that fake out to make everyone think, like, oh its below the 200 day moving average, i mean the markets, Like to do it, we see it pretty often i mean if you look at ethereum, for example, you can see that we had those fake outs below the 200 day moving average and then it actually went right back above right. So we could see something like this right: the divergence just below that before continuing higher so thats, something to keep in mind, but you guys know me. I always hope that assets go lower, so i can keep accumulating and i dont know just enjoy the just dance in the rain uh thats kind of my uh approach, but yeah this has been a beautiful candle. You can see just massive crash here. Everybody getting liquidated theyre, just liquidating the tourists right, the people that dont have a plan, dont know what theyre doing and um yeah just a matter of time until they lose their money right, they say in investing, i think they say in life.

In general, they say a fool and his money are quickly parted right, like if you dont know what youre doing uh youre going to lose your money right and days like this. I just make you realize that maybe you dont know what youre doing right so uh. These, like this bring clarity uh, which may come with a lot of pain as well. Sadly, now ethereum versus bitcoin is continuing to crash over here, not concerned about it as well. Just taking cool off, like i said i said, support would be around the middle of this pump. Right were actually sitting on that right now. If you actually look at this range right, this little three day range were actually bouncing uh right now, in the middle of it, so thats not going to be a bad place to load up and then, of course, we could go a bit lower. Maybe fill more of those gaps before continuing higher but overall, still very, very bullish on this, as you guys already know, ethereum on the daily pretty much im currently getting rejected from the middle of the boeing bans. So not looking good right lets see where we cool off from the next coming days. I think the dips are for buying pretty simple um ethereum versus bitcoin same thing still in an uptrend, though still upper half of the blowing bans and then also a bitcoin on the lower time frame is currently bouncing on support.

So if you look at bitcoin were actually on support right now were at the bottom of the boiling bands. So um should hold, should see some bounces over here. You can see that we had a fake out outside of the bands and then we closed right back in this is actually a bullish time and then also we got jailbirds, which is an nft series, actually happening. Their sales happening today, including 888, unique artworks using ai, compiling algorithms to generate characters built of combinations of over 300 hand drawn traits right. This is an nft collection, thats, actually pretty cool. I wanted to share with you guys this is really going after the the culture um that you see actually in in jails right, the tattoo culture, and all that i thought this was a pretty interesting niche right, so they also have some really fun memes as well. You go for you got d people in d, fight jail and all that and you got different charges right. You got the rock pool, you got the paper hands um. You got the big pimping, bashing inmates and more stuff. So now, with the inclusion of crypto and d5 related crimes and punishments alongside awesome, designs and imagine a backstory, this collection ticks all the boxes of a thoughtfully, designed nft project, so whats cool about this is that actually the designer behind this dom terry is an acclaimed. Tattooist and illustrator right from australia, and he has an in depth knowledge of prison, tattooing culture and he not only created the jailbirds with unique features, but also endows them with custom body.

Art inspires by prison and ganked it to iconography. So i thought this was pretty interesting and whats cool. Is they also kind of adapted that to crypto right? You have those different cryptocharges, which i thought was pretty funny, and i thought that those look pretty dope. I mean for me out of those nfts. The one on the left is definitely my favorite one uh looks like uh yeah. I dont want to say who i dont want to offend anyone, but uh yeah. It looks pretty exciting and also um have an in house uh data scientist to ensure that each selected trade is verifiably random and its generated in real time, as you meant, and you dont know what youre going to meant and we dont either. So this is also the metadata. The trade metadata is stored and generated on chain, so this will last as long as ethereum does – and i thought this is actually pretty dope, so we got the designer dom terry. Have you got james and you got jorge, which is the developer and then also you can see some more information here about the jailbird series, sale, um happening actually september 8th today, right and then the pre sale. Mint limit is five per person and uh. Only white listed address commit during the pre sale and you can see here that minting price will be a 0.05 eve on minting day, so pretty cool collection. You can also check out uh, dom terry im going to link to all this information below you guys can see more information about their nft projects and all that – and i thought its pretty interesting – to see him bringing jail to two culture like this into nfts and Its really mind blowing to think about all of the things that are happening right now, with nfts all of the growth and the ways that were taking it into and were just creating like a new culture or kind of bringing an existing culture into the crypto world.

Right into the digital world, so i thought this was pretty damn cool and then also liquidity. Right now, for both bitcoin and ethereum is sitting above, meaning that we have a lot of shorts, that open on the move down and we could likely see them get liquidated. As the price bounces back up, so you can see, we had a lot of shorts over here on the there and basically, when you look at this big bubble of like bubbles right its just big blob right, this means that a lot of people open shorts on Them way down and then right now those shorts are open or they open longs were ending up mostly shorts, as you can see, and uh right now, liquidity descending above right. So this is pretty bullish and were gon na take out this liquidity and continue higher its only a matter of time. I know that people are like um. Some people are calling for a bear market. I dont really see it. I dont think were gon na. Take two months as well to consolidate. I do hope we have another one of those like really long, uh consolidations that make people like kind of give up on the space, but i dont think its going to happen. I think were going to have kind of like small correction and then continue higher, just normal for our bull market and then also the market right now is back to neutral were not as extreme greed like we were the last few days and funding is starting to Turn negative across exchanges, which is bullish as a lot of the people that were long actually got liquidated and now theres, not that many longs open.

We do have a lot of shorts, though, and then we got snook saying: are you guys ready for the snook genesis event tomorrow, theyre opening snoop to the public with a total prize pool of 75 000 in usdc, the first player in the sg that scores a Special skin wins 25 grand. So this is pretty dope, so make sure to check it congrats to snook on the successful launch they completed their token sale on dow maker gate, io, cd5 and trustpad, and they will be listed on gayday, okay, so theyre already live and um. Congratulations for them for having a very successful launch. Theyre also live on coin market cap and theyve been pumping uh, as the market was dumping, they were actually pumping. I thought this was actually a pretty good sign and the staking is also open on snook. So you can also check that out as well, so you can stake for 30 days max to 90 days. Your tokens will be locked so read carefully before you stake so cool to see that skill based nft powered io game, so that game is definitely going to be really fun to play. And we got a lot of top backers involved as well. And then we got aaron saying that he just walked into mcdonalds in el salvador in san salvador to see if you could pay for your breakfast with bitcoin, and actually it worked. They printed the ticket with qr. They took him to a webpage with a lightning invoice and now hes enjoying his uh his breakfast.

So i thought this was actually really cool to see this. This has 26 000 likes on twitter as well, so this was going viral and its good to see um, crypto and bitcoin actually getting some exposure and by the way this is a pretty nice side, commercial for mcdonalds, too, and then we got someone saying that a Stern block on the trm just burned over 95 eve, so you can just see right now that the fomo is real, as people are following on nfts left right and center and beanie is saying: if you cannot figure out that, if volatility is bullish, youre not going To make it talking about the fact that ethereum is becoming more and more deflationary, and this is going to send the price right back up. So if you look at ethereum over the last hour, if you take like that one hour of uh kind of like peak fomo and nfts, you can see that if you analyze it, it means that ethereum inflation will be minus 10. So youll have a deflation of 10 per year now, obviously this is not happening every hour. This is just the extreme, but its just the extreme right now i mean imagine if ethereums going to keep growing and growing in use case and in adoption – and you know you have scaling solutions and transactions are cheaper and all that you can actually. This could actually become the way, and i mean if you have something deflationary by these amounts, i mean were going to go to the effing moon with ethereum and we got tetra node saying that he is bullish right now, hes going shopping and he is a slurping Ready to slurp the perino hes slurping that with the deep lens pretty funny uh crypto humor there uh crypto twitter humor and he says not sure where the bottom is.

But ap1559 is effectively unhovering for ethereum, just the same like a bitcoin holding and its uh. Very very bullish, as more late longers are liquidated, then burn intensifies, making roasted fishes even more delicious and hes. Saying that we could go lower, be careful. We could drop like two thousand pounds. If you know we could have like a big drop, be careful but overall hes, bullish and hes saying that overall leverage are um just wrecked. I forgot what btfo stands for, but um yeah theyre, just wrecked and uh. He has a pretty funny meme here of him. Just stealing money from people funny i mean yeah dont, take it too seriously. Okay were just joking here uh, but yeah. The the money moves from the the less smart money to the smart money in cases like this and then also. We got byzantine general saying that ethereum fees are so high right now that people cannot afford to send their coins to exchanges to panic, sell, which is actually really bullish. Pretty funny man pretty funny. The fees are so high that people cant afford to actually panic sell. You cant even panic, sell. This is pretty pretty bullish and then we got defy warrior: completing their uh idea on pulls and red kite io and listing on gate io, as well as listening on pancake swap in kyber and their fiwa token, and successfully distributed so congrats to them for their successful Launch and we got the buy warrior coming soon in a few hours as well, so we got exciting things coming as well to blockchain, gamings and nfts, and they successfully listed on centralized changes indexes with amazing all time high.

I mean the 40x 19x 20x. So very successful launch and going to the moon keep up the great work. D5 warrior are happy to see those updates and beanie saying ethereum did the two and a half x off the lows and use cycles or panicking because of a tiny correction. Go put your effing money into stamps and silver coins yeah. If you guys are worried about this volatility uh you shouldnt, be, you should be its just. A part of crypto and ive got, will saying: im simple man. I see a liquidation cascade in a bull market and i buy it, and i agree man we keep it simple. We get rich and el capo is saying it was right, after all, talking about the potential crash for bitcoin that he was actually calling for a while. So shout out to him for actually being right about that. We did see a crash. We did see the fractal playing out uh, but honestly, i think he missed out on a bunch of games and by the time he actually went up and i think also at the top he turned bullish again. So im not sure he actually, if he actually ended up making a lot more money, so just be aware that usually the risk reward is good for just holding and then also we got an update from ydragon sharing that they are creating the easiest way in d5. To get exposure into new blockchain, so they share the new update.

They actually offer access to their new private blockchain funds, starting with solana so um. Why dragon will manage funds on other blockchains, invest into young and exciting ecosystems with, like minded high network individuals, creating the easiest way in d5 to get exposure into new blockchains? So i thought this is actually exciting. This could be a really nice product market fit theres. A lot of blockchains, like solana, are exploring right now, cardano avalanche right, but people dont know how to get exposure or its really difficult, and this is really are the kind of things that y dragon is helping with and um yeah to bridge gaps and gain exposure To new promising chains uh in an easy in an easy manner right, so its really cool for me to see them, we cover them on this channel how theyre continuing to grow. You know the solutions to collaborate, your assets in blockchain, specific, manage vaults, and i hope my head is not obscuring this uh exposure to new use cases, nfts upcoming, cross chain projects. Let me make myself disappear. New use cases, nfts upcoming cross chain projects, upcoming guild opportunities and more im back so yeah keep up the great work, white dragon and uh index platform with cross chain capabilities, yield generation opportunities. This could be really huge. Just if you look at index funds index stocks and all that uh really big potential there so thats it for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed that much love.

Thank you.