Let me tell you that weve got a very special edition of uh of this show today, because today we are joined by ian golina. The maid man himself, ceo and founder of tokenmetrics ian thanks for joining us on the show want to be here. How are you doing yeah im doing great man im really excited to talk about this book right here. Uh, the whole teams put a lot of effort into it. Your names right here on the cover uh, we basically uh. I understand our customers were asking for a guide about how to actually make money in crypto how to go from zero to one and build a working knowledge of how to make money in crypto, and this book is presumably the answer to all of those questions. Uh, can you talk a little bit about how this thing got off the ground? What was day one of making this book like? Oh? Well, i mean day one was probably my journey in crypto because i believe before you can even teach anything you have to. First experience it and get success with it and then become a master at it by teaching others and then taking everything inside your your brain trust and then codifying it into a system into a framework. So i i joined crypto back in 2016 and pretty much became successful within one year in crypto, and people have always been asking for a book, but i never felt i was ready to write a book on crypto until now.

Right because now it wasnt just me, but it was bigger than me, we had the entire token metrics team. We had bill, we had jad, we had you the whole team of experts getting their entire knowledge and putting it into one book, one crypto investing bible. What kinds of books were you reading at the time as you were, building your own knowledge of crypto topics, ironically not crypto books, so the two books that have been the most pivotal to me id say: one howard marks hes a billionaire investor, hes known for buying Distressed debt basically hes a value investor hes, the modern day, warren buffett. So his two books, one the most important thing and two um whats up the book: sorry to have to figure out whats. The other book is your goal. No, no im! Sorry! So howard marks hes the modern day, warren buffett, so hes known for two books for on value. Investing these books are the bible of value. Investing one is called the most important thing and the other is called mastering the market or mastering the cycle. Something like that. But in essence, it shows you how to go through, create a framework and buy assets that are under their value thats. The definition of being a value investor so were taking the same approach and have applied it towards crypto crypto assets, investing but then also adding in other other topics, nfts defy technical analysis, technical analysis and trading.

So this book has also been heavily inspired by benjamin. Graham, the intelligent investor – this is the book that essentially launched warren buffett. Benjamin graham was the mentor for warren buffett whos. Now the the best valley investor of all time, howard marx, is right behind him, so those two valley investors have really inspired my thesis to invest in crypto assets and now were taking that same approach, even though they dont really believe encrypted too much, but applying it Towards crypto assets, investing especially altcoins well lets talk a little bit about people how people can actually get their hands on this book uh? What? What do? What do they need to know? How do they get this? Where do they download this? Where do they buy this? So this book will be available on online on amazon on audible, as an audio book on kindle, as an ebook will also be available in bookstores, depending on the location and the bookstores. Our idea is to have this book available everywhere. Well also have this: we will also have the book available online as an ebook directly on our website, because our goal really isnt to make money on this. Our goal is to get this to as many people out there who are curious and excited about crypto assets. Investing so suppose, ive just finished reading this book for the first time and ive uh ive learned a lot and but i still have some more questions.

Uh. Where else might you point me, besides, tokenmetrics.com im sure youre gon na say tokenmetrics.com, but if this is the foundation of my knowledge, how do i build the first floor, the second floor and so on? Well were working on token metrics university. This hasnt been announced yet, but the idea is well have other online courses that go through each module each chapter and the book to give you an a deeper dive into crypto asset, investing so, for example, being able to go through different tutorials different exercises, whether its Value investing whether its dfi nfts to get you to become a master through experience and then to youtube. We put out so much content online on youtube to our community, so for anybody out there who wants to delve deeper and basically see us applying this knowledge in real time and the market every single week we have a live stream every single monday at 4 p.m. Eastern time, perfect uh, so if anybodys interested uh weve got a lovely forward from from ben armstrong bit boy in the beginning, uh in the beginning of the book talk about the relationship between token metrics and bit boy. How did we get him to write the forward? So me and ben have been french for a while. I recall back in 2018, when i was very big in the whole ico space ben asked me to come on this show back then and do an interview. This was a podcast.

It was called, i believe, beards and bitcoin. It was a very, very small show he had, probably thousand or so listeners on the podcast and channel on youtube, and i did i did it ever since century – also kind of had kind of had this friendship. Uh ben has this private telegram group with lots of other youtubers, so he added me in there a while back and then i just kind of kept in touch and when we launched tokyo metrics, i reached out to him and told him about it and he liked It a lot he began making content on it on his channel and now the rest is history. We watched the practice that im sorry went to golf with him for this charity event in atlanta. It was for a charity event, bens very, very uh philanthropic. He likes giving back to the community, especially in his in his region. So went there im not a golfer, had a chance to go out there and learn how to golf for a cause. We were sponsors with him on that event, got to really know him had a chance to have dinner with him and his team, and also our team as well so really kind of built that nice bond in friendship, and when i told him i was doing a Book um, it just felt natural to have him put in a good word with the forward very good um. So the book really does cover a little bit of everything.

What is day trading? What is value, investing uh? How do how to evaluate crypto technology? I want to kind of ask you about the very last chapter of the book, which is all about nfts. I know this is something that youre particularly interested in lately whats the future of crypto investing and, to what extent do nfts play a role there. I think nfts will be huge because earlier this month, openc, which is a marketplace kind of like the ebay for buying and selling nfts, had more transactional volume on chain on the blockchain than than unit swap the largest decks out there. The largest decentralized exchange out there that shows you how huge nfs are becoming, and now you have large companies getting involved. You have nascar partnering with zed, which is an online platform for basically digital horse racing nfts. You have the nba partnering, with nba top shot and selling more than half a billion in sales within 12 months, and that now you have the nfl and other athletes tom brady getting involved. So all the anybody out there whos ever been involved in anything scarce if they want to be around in the future in the next evolution of the internet, where everythings digital, whether its, whether its a metaverse or this online world theyll, have to be involved in nfts. So i think anybody out there if youre entering crypto, you have to fundamentally understand the value, add or the value proper the value prop for nfts.

If you dont, you will essentially get left behind as an investor into space. Very good yeah so ill be happy to pitch this along with you, if anybodys, if anybodys looking to carry themselves forward into the future of uh into the future of crypto, investing uh youre not going to start off with nfts youre, probably going to want to start With something like this, its a little bit of a textbook, but for some people its going to become the bible, is that a fair way to put this? Yes yeah, i mean so in the same way, all those other books i mentioned. The intelligent investor was a very academic book that covered a to z on how to be a value. Investor were doing the same thing on how to be a crypto investor, a to z, theres, anything in crypto. You want to know or get this week. Has it thats why its very very academic, while keeping things very conversational and easy to learn? So the idea is for anybody out there to get this book and go from being a newbie, a beginner to being very, very deadly in the space were taking all our knowledge. Everything weve learned in the last five to six years, investing in the space at a very deep level and putting it into one single book well were looking forward to seeing where it all goes ian. I was proud to be a part of this project.

Thank you for spending a little bit of time with us to talk about the book and uh good day to you, sir.