Here we had 12 rx 470s in our grow. Tent mining, ergo, currently thats no longer the case right now, only six of them are running. The other six are not because the tent gets over. I think the max was 113 degrees fahrenheit, which the cards were running good in the high 60s, but the inside of that tent was so hot. I just didnt feel comfortable leaving it that way. So what have we done since then? So we still have a six inch exhaust coming off of the grow tent and going up and outside since then weve kind of gone ahead and insulated off this the best we could and were running our air conditioner still currently right now, while we renovate the basement, What has changed well to give you an idea right now in the tent were running it 94 degrees fahrenheit with 24 degrees humidity, which pretty dang good 24 is actually crazy. You actually want like more like a 40 ish percent. Our intakes have been removed. So if you look up top here, the intake is closed off there, and my intake boxes are here now where we left off was this intake was actually inside of the grow tent, and this intake pipe here ran up and into the spot up here, which is Now duct taped closed, where we are now is the left. Vent is open, which is this guy right here, its actually like a mesh material uh.

It allows air to freely flow and this holes open here and now. If i come over this hole, this vent is open and this hole is open. So two intakes here and on the other side, we have two intakes, as you guys can see so dont tell chump change or red fox crypto, but we are cooling, our grow tent and using the intake from our basement. I am still determined to get my intake to work, but not in the current state of things, and my goal is, is to put this intake back in on the left or keep it on the outside of the tent to save space and have it go through. On this side, and then i have a second intake in that box and have it go on the right side and in so do two six inch intakes. My goal is then also to add an eight inch exhaust into this unit here, instead of a six inch. If i could provide you guys, a psa and let me actually open this up and well talk about it more so bear with me here, because i think theres a lot that we can really go over here in regards to what not to do okay, so heres, The inside of our tent – you guys saw this in the previous video. We did a whole build on it. If you guys havent seen it ill, put a link in the upper right hand corner.

So, as you guys can see, these six cards are running going off of our 1200 watt power supply. There were about 800 watts, total right now being used in this entire tent, except for the exhaust fan thats completely separate. These six are currently off and im going to be doing a build video tomorrow, moving these six to a hole to the mining room and getting them out of the grow tent. So we can start making money off of them. So six inch exhaust the six inch exhaust does, i think, its like 440 cfm its not enough. I do not recommend this, and this is a psa out to anyone looking to use any size grow tent from the team over at viva. Sun do not buy the six inch exhaust and im pausing because im thinking about how i word this based off of my testing, i can pump this sucker. This whole thing filled with intake. I can give it all the intake under the sun at once. All the positive pressure it needs, but the heat still builds up in the tent, because this guy, your exhaust isnt big enough ive, spoken to a number of different people about grow tents. Now that ive ran into some challenges, which is great its great to utilize, the community, every one of them has said, use an eight inch exhaust, maybe even consider two eight inch exhaust and you just need to get the air out as fast as possible and the Six inch just doesnt do that the eight inch does, i think, 740 cfm from vivosun ac infiniti has a few different ones as well, but the 8 inch is what you need.

So my next step moving forward is to upgrade this to an 8 inch and recommend to anyone looking to get into the grow tent space with crypto mining, to go with an eight inch exhaust system, so something you guys may have noticed and ill put a quick Little video up here and show you is negative pressure, so you could actually see the outline of the frame of the um, the inside metal rack with how much the sides of my tent were sucking in and in that situation i was not giving my tent enough Positive pressure, so, as we talked about on the outside of the tent im now running, multiple different intakes well say: four intake locations. Inlets when i was just running the one six inch intake going through my six inch box, my intake filter. Now this is crazy. Like i think, once i get this into a new location, i dont plan to keep the grow tent here forever. I need to move it off site, uh somewhere else, that i can go ahead and run appropriately. The eight inch exhaust and then run my two intakes. So if you guys havent seen this is a crazy fan tech box, its an intake box, um and check it out, it has a full filter inside that you can replace, and the air comes in. This way actually goes through and then comes through the filter. Look at it, you can see all the bugs and stuff in there already.

So i still want to use this on the end product for my grow tent, because the whole value of a grow tent is really to isolate that hot air inside of the grow tent and keeping it from resonating into the rest of your home or location. But being able to supply fresh air from outside without having to use your internal ac and internal air is a huge home run and we were almost there. We were almost accomplishing it, so i do feel that running two of these six inch intake systems, one on each side, with an 8 8 inch exhaust fan will do the trick and well go ahead and be the solution that i need. So for you guys, im hoping you guys learned a little bit about the mistakes that ive made, because i made plenty with this grow tent number one going with a six inch exhaust over an eight inch exhaust number, two not going with enough intake other than that. Its really those two things, but those are your deal breakers and i feel like maybe its just me, but no one gets it right, the first time um. You know this is one of those things where nailing down positive pressure and negative pressure to keep the cards cool is a necessity. You got to have enough intake coming into the grow tents in order to keep the cards cool enough, and then you got ta have enough exhaust to get that hot air that your cards create out of the tent.

Now i have a theory and i have to test it out in the future when i, when im in a financial place, that i can order a few more larger atx power supplies. But i have a theory that you shouldnt run the hp server psus in a grow tent and i cant prove it out yet. But i do feel that like, if i put my hand behind this, this psu, it is pumping out hot air like crazy. It almost reminds me of like an asic, so when i turn on these additional 6 and turn on the additional power supply it just goes from like it was 94 up to like 111. In no time at all, i have a theory that these put out too much heat for a grow tent, but i cant prove it yet. Maybe you guys can provide some information down below in the comments, but i want to get my hands on two 1200 watt. Atx power supplies and do a measurement of what does it. This setup do with two 1200 watt server psus for temperature in the tent and then what do two atx power supplies do, because i do feel like the atx power supplies put out a lot less heat. Maybe im wrong, maybe im right, but the nice thing is we get to experiment with it and we get to go ahead and try this. So i think thats it for today were about 10 minutes in its more of a kind of a me blabbing on about the grow 10 experience that ive had.

I know a lot of you guys are interested in getting a grow tent and hopefully you guys are learning from my mistakes. Like oh hobbyist miners, you know said: dont get a six inch. I wont definitely go with an eight like its a few dollars more for the eight inch, but it is a thousand times worth it in my opinion, so in tomorrows video on my channel, if youre following my videos day by day, im going to be pulling out, These six cards and doing a brand new build in my mining room and were going to be setting it up to mine flux with those 470s. So anyways guys, if you guys enjoyed this video, please go ahead and give it a thumbs up and finally, dont forget to subscribe and, as always leave a comment down below share your knowledge. What have i said, thats wrong? What have i said that you can agree with what it, what what experience have you had with a grow tent or with inline fans or positive or negative pressure? You know i love reading all the comments in the chat because theres so much so many more smarter people out there than me, and i love educating myself and learning from your experiences as well.