So before we get started, i do want to say if you guys have not already make sure to like the video subscribe to the channel and turn notifications on as we talk about all coins here on the channel, whether its altcoins bitcoin, ethereum or, like, i said Any altcoin that you may be invested in whether its cardano chain link, polka, dot, dogecoin, solana, theres, so many great options and thats. What were going to talk about today, specifically the five that maybe have had a very solid decrease thats, going to be giving us a great bottom entry into this? Hopefully push back up to the bull market, part two. So if we go to the loser side of things when it comes to coinbase, you can see that theta is down about 17 in just the last 24 hours, making it a great contender, uh or really a great opportunity for a lot of new investors to actually Jump on board, if you guys dont know what theta is. You know its very, very easy to actually figure out why thetas special? If you go to their website, they talk about their announcing their tea drop tokens. So new things coming very very soon. They have new announcements on the one championship announcing that global partnership with theta network. They are partnered with the world poker tour, theyre partnered with so many other great great possibilities and endless opportunities because, like i said theta being you know, one of those great great solutions to one of the biggest problems really in live streaming of today.

So poor quality skyrocketing data needs centralized and efficient system. They have the solution, so they have a decentralized peer to peer video delivery. A new native blockchain powered by users, whether its viewers, that can you know, earn rewards a state of fuel, higher quality and smoother video streaming, and also that reduced cost of delivering video streams. So you can obviously see why theta is important and they have theta drops. They have obviously, like i said, data drops that support nfts. They have being that streaming service and then we also have, like i said just going to the website itself and kind of deep diving into some of the problems that youre really theta is trying to fix with their solution. So you know right now. We are still seeing kind of a slow decrease. We saw go up to about 7 51 at 1 pm yesterday from that dip, and then we just saw it continue. Like i said on this decrease down to 665 now about 672, we are still seeing a great price to enter on theta. If we go back to the prices, though i do want to take a look at a few more so right now you can see that solana is down only 6.45. I will say this is just kind of random im not going to say this is one of my top fives salon is still at a great price to enter. I do think. Selena makes its way to 250, which would not even be a 2x though thats.

The only thing you have to keep in mind i do think salon it right now is going to continue on a great great increase. I think its not done yet. However, like i said, if you want more than a 2x 3x 4x salon is not going to be your coin of choice. At the moment i will say realistically, if we continue forward down this line were going to find a lot of great opportunities, whether the next ones chain link or polka dot, or you know i do have to jump in the chain link. Sorry guys, you guys know on this channel. I talk about chain link every single day, pretty much. I love chain link, i think theres, just so much potential behind it. Obviously, im invested because of how much i believe in this coin, this cryptocurrency down 14 right now its a great opportunity to jump in. I got some around 26 25 range yesterday. So, im very happy about that and i do think we are going to continue to see that possibility. Uh. You know seeing 27 right now, im sure well drop back down to 26 and maybe even 25 before we head back to the top. So if you guys want to jump into a coin at a very good low price point chain, link is going to be a great play right here. At this current price, i will say if you guys didnt know as well. Chain link is an ethereum token that powers the decentralized oracle network.

This network allows smart contracts on ethereum to securely connect to external data sources, apis and payment systems. Im not going to tell you guys too much more about chain link because we talk about on the channel, like i said constantly, so you guys have heard this spiel before you guys have seen the ecosystem continue to grow over. I believe 400 projects in 2021 have entered this ecosystem and uh thats more than half of chain links ecosystem altogether, so chain link is evolving very, very quickly, adding new great projects and utility every single day. I do want to jump, though, into a sponsored post about block vi. So one thing you guys probably dont know is chain link is something you cant really stake right. You probably know you know: theres no way to really stake chain link, it kind of sucks, because you have cardano and you could stake that you can stake ethereum, theorem 2.0 on coinbase or wherever else you want to stake it, but you cant stake uh chain link And where can you stake chain like well block fight has a great option for you. So if you actually take advantage of the link in the description below you get up to 250 worth of bitcoin, when you sign up using my link and obviously now a great time during the dip to get that 250 worth of bitcoin but uh with a blackfy Interest account bia account, your cryptocurrency can actually earn up to 7.

5 apy and interest occurs daily and is paid monthly. There are no hidden fees, no minimum balances and obviously you know no reason to wait as we are in a dip in that 250, with a bitcoin reward that you can get by using. My link, like i said, could be very rewarding if we jump back, though, to the cryptocurrencies chart and were looking like, i said at the losers right now, theres a lot of great options. Obviously, all of these going down about 14 to 15 to 16 percent chain link right there at that, like i said 14 mark, i think chain links a great buy. I always think its a great buy honestly at 30 to 35. I still think thats a great buy, but you know, like i said, 27 dollars, its a heck of a steal, its one that ive talked a lot about ive kind of tweeted out about it around 15 13 range when we saw that decrease all the way down To 13 to 15, i told everyone to take advantage of it, because i believe in that coin, very very heavily. I still think v chains a great uh at a really great price right now. You know we saw it go about about to 11 cents flat almost uh september, 8th at 4 25 a.m, and then we saw it continue on this kind of increase back down and its just kind of remaining volatile thats. What were gon na see amongst the entire crypto space? Really right now and i will say realistically vechains one that is getting pushed by some of the biggest influencers in the space, whether its all coin daily or bit, boy crypto or even myself.

You know i talk about vechain quite a bit as well, but you know they talk about in such a crazy uh. You know high light that i do believe. Vechain is going to continue to grab tons of tons of retail investors as it really becomes prominent in the space. Yet again, so i do think v chains at a great spot right now and vga vechain has so many great. You know really solutions as well. If you guys have never been on their website, actually i dont like near as much, but if you go to, you can see that theyve been a professional global team since 2015, which has obviously you know been through the thick and thin theyve, been Through the bull as well as bear market, you can also see their solutions being: digital carbon ecosystem solution, consumer confidence, index platform, automotive, passport solution, liquefied natural gas solution, logistics solution, retail solution, digital content, distribution solution. They have the electronic document deposit solution, the agriculture solution as well, so just obvious reasons as to why this coin is special. I do want to jump back though, and were still looking at number four and five. What coins do, we believe, are at great prices right now, as bitcoin is continuing to kind of drop around this 46k mark and probably dropping a little bit lower. When i guys i, when i say you know a perfect by the bottom, really time or perfect by the bottom price points, i do want to say realistically, you should be probably taking advantage by dollar cost averaging in dont.

Put all your money in one dip, because there could be multiple dips. Keep that in mind as well, so thats, something that a lot of people had learned out the hard way in our previous steps. So if you guys look back, lets just go to something like lets, go to something thats been kind of stable, like chain link and lets go through this just to talk about it. Real quick, as we see by the way 2676 on chain, link still a very, very great price. Obviously, if we take a look, though, at the last year you know people are trying to buy these dips or lets go to the yeah lets go last year, so people are trying to buy these dips and they were putting too much into their dips. So here we saw lets, say 52.99. We saw drop all the way down to 20 or 19, so youre buying it now youre like oh okay. This is a great time to buy that well, buy it around 22 right now, since its at 19.. You know it just went up just a little bit, so i think were on the road to recovery and obviously then you see a massive massive dip down to 19 or 16.85. I should say – and you know your people are buying um. You know people are buying that dip up yet again. Obviously you dont have any funds you just used on the previous dip. Well, its a cheaper price.

Now so its unfortunate you dont have a you know any funds to put in and then the same thing happens again. You know you saw it go down to 1374, you had a great chance to you, know, buy or dollar cost average in at another. Great price point that could be the same thing that happens here. We could see a triple dip thats. Definitely something thats happened before could easily happen again. A lot of people dont know exactly what direction this you know markets really going quite yet so keep all that in mind, as bitcoin did just drop below 46k. We could be seeing very, very low price points here in a second, which would be a great opportunity, like i said, for a lot of us. I do want to jump, though, like i said, two more coins that i believe are in great great spots for us right now during this market dip. So if we continue down through the loser section, you can see that there are a lot of coins in our obvious. Really potential candidate would be engine, so engine is one of those coins. I believe is going to do very, very well in the future because of the nfts and gaming uh blockchain gaming, that is doing very, very, very well, and engine does exactly that. They make it very easy on businesses as well as, obviously you know, retail investors, and you know, retail, i guess gamers or nft holders to jump on board with what they have provided in their ecosystem im, not going to jump too far into engine either because thats Another one we talked about and its fairly obvious and understanding um you know, is fairly simple on engine.

I just believe they do it correctly. I think they you know, make it really like. We said easy for individuals, businesses and brands to use non fungible tokens or nfts, and engine is used to really directly back the value of nfts minted with the engine ecosystem as well, which is very, very you, know, a very, very cool concept. In my opinion, cardinals gon na be number five and theres obvious reasons as to why we have tons of big big dates coming. Obviously, the last 24 hours hasnt been a massive massive dip, like you know, 14 to 16 to 14 to 18 percent, but thats because of these big dates coming and a lot of people really kind of respect. Cardano. At this point six point: nine five percent of a decrease in the last 24 hours still going to be a nice disc, uh really discount. You know if we look at the last week youre seeing about a 15.37 decrease, although we are still up 60 in the last month. You know, cardano is one of those that has smart contracts coming on september 12, 2021, and i actually tweeted about that as well. So if you guys arent following me on twitter, definitely follow me on twitter, uh, cryptoprofit yt on twitter, theres. Obviously, big things going on every day and im gon na continue to remind you about these things, so you guys can stay up to date with crypto and all coins there.

I do want to say as well if you guys want to stay up to date with uh. You know really crypto in general, whether its pre sales icos market updates. I do have a crypto profit yt link down in the description below itll help. You guys stay up to date with pre sales. Icos ideas get you guys on the ground floor on some of these low market cap picks. But you know, like i said, cardinal has big things coming the cardano summit 25th through the 26th of september, going to continue to build this ecosystem up. Obviously, you know its its just going to be a very, very big month for uh cardano this september month, and a lot of people are very, very excited, so im going to continue to keep you guys up to date through all of that im not going to Talk too much more to cardano as thats another one. We talk about daily on the channel um, but during these top fives i just want to give you guys kind of kind of my oversight, my inner, i guess my uh, my thinking, you know right now. This is exactly what im im going to be investing in later today. Is these five coins im gon na wait for obviously a little lower drop if we continue to see this drop take place, but i think right now is a great time to start thinking about dollar cost averaging in on some of these coins.–aOs