This will be over, xrp will be relisted and the price that was suppressed in the first half of this bull run. Will snap back up like a bungee cord and itll go higher than people ever imagined. It would go yeah all right. Well, thank you. So much for for uh bringing these three coins to our attention. Yeah, i i love your audience carl. I love people that watch your channel and um. You know its a trade traders. You know they like to make that money and uh theres gon na be a lot more money to be made during this bull market. So good luck, everyone, let the bulls run. Okay, all right see you man, bye everything. How are you doing, then pretty good early on a tuesday is going up on a tuesday, so uh you remember that dance that kid with the red hair, yeah, okay uh, that was carl, we did uh uh. We did our interview, we didnt get to do it. Yesterday cause it was a holiday and then last week he was out of town, so we made sure we had you know made it happen today, bitcoin a little weird today, overnight last night it pumped real hard and then this morning it dumped pretty hard. So a lot of the all coins have taken a big hit. I mean you know ethereum wicked. Over 4000, its back at 3 700. bitcoin was at 52.5, its back at 51.

uh. So you know its basically like all the gains from yesterday were negated, so well be trying to check and see having today, but more importantly, more importantly, today, first game doing at the yankee way. The word side were coming for them boys tonight, theyre playing the braves were going to 1996 31. – oh, my god, 44. wheres, solana, 133, oh, my god and euphoria – is over and well its all. Over bulmas gone, everybody go home, so theres an owl outside, but its like not moving, and we think its sick animal control is here to come rescue it. We got ta go check, it out. Lets go Music. You see that well. This is just these guys tj. What should i say, go ahead, i said start with a dont panic. Okay, you only start with dont panic. Yeah. Do that ill! Think about that are we live. We are live. Oh dont, panic there. You go guys. Uh! Welcome to bit boy crypto home of the bitcoin, the largest crypto community, in all the interwebs everybody on this channel. I show you how to lose all your money in crypto, sometimes how to make money in crypto. If you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe, button hit that subscribe button harder than eat hit 3k Music, as the blockchain asset goes after another milestone price level uh on the usd exchange rate reaching almost 200 major players in the criminal space have Recognized swan as potential against ethereum uh that 314 million dollar funding round by the financial cartel.

You know what is pushing solana forward, uh, the freaking financial cartel, the digital currency group, all these big ones, injuries and horowitz thats whats pushing the money right now blackrock. This has nothing to do with how good solana is all right, guys that is it thats all i got be blessed Music, new money, gang whats up frank, were on the set about to do a live stream. How are you guys feeling? Well, okay, yeah, just okay: the light behind us might be green, but the markets they are not dumping but were still going to have a good stream today talking about um how to create a successful business plan. So it should be a good time and uh. It will help us learn too absolutely cool soon, after all, right guys, howd that uh, how that live stream go its awesome crushed it its all about how to start a business plan. So much fun now were going back to the office im going to bother everybody there so meeting you there lets do what mr stephen felicia thats, how you say it how you doing good good? How about you frank, im, doing pretty good! Mr police, you missed me, how was your? How was your memorial day weekend? It was good, it was labor day labor day, labor day ill, be honest. I always mix those two up too yeah um. I just see it as a three day weekend, exactly thats. I just know theres two three day: weekends um, but that was good.

Just uh relaxed slept a little bit and yeah. What about you? It was exciting. I hurt my hand. I fell down the stairs. Oh my god yeah. I know um stairs. Do not like me. Apparently uh i keep getting injured, just flash back to like me getting hit on the like putting the hole in the wall. Are you? Okay, yeah? First one? Oh, my god. This is not good. I got ta have my monthly um, my monthly pain, monthly injury, monthly injury, nice, but right now, im just working on a logo for um. Our new show yeah were im just working on another on a new show. Logo im very excited for this one in particular, because hopefully i get to participate a little bit in this as well. Um get get in front of the camera a little bit more nice um, but yeah, yeah, fun, stuff, good stuff nina is, as nick would say, elevating her workflow whats going on. You know. Oh, i found my airpods oh thats, good, im gon na do some. Like things with my bunny, i feel like its a very ages bunny, because it has like all this aerobics thing going on. Look at that. You see what i mean: boom yeah working on anything fun today, not really um, a new series of tick tocks that are more like a documentaries, gotcha, so micro documents. Yes, so ive been fighting it for a while today, but were going to get it done.

Nice, yep and dont forget be like a bunny, buy bitcoin whats going on lorenzo. How are we feeling were feeling good man its good to see you again good to see you adventure? We had this morning. Definitely an adventure. Only the three of us know about well. Actually yall are going to know after yall see this video. Yes, no its going to happen. That was true. Oh yeah, we made it were here dropping down, but dont panic stay put. Everybody were going to get. It were going to be rich, its going to happen. Guys its going to happen, you just got ta think positive. Okay, youre gon na be okay whats, going on brandon hows it going frank. How are we feeling feeling good feeling good just working on some bit lab academy videos? We got our intermediate course uh wrapping up! So if you are following that, you should be seeing these very soon cool that dip scary at all this morning, um i hold no bitcoin what so i am a fearless man, nice uh. It was interesting to see just because i am new to the crypto landscape and just kind of seeing something like that happen so quickly, especially right after i put out a video just about how uh bitcoin was going to like maybe test out the 50k line, and Just kind of bounce in between 50 53 and then for it to just drop. I think it was 8 000 in the span of three minutes its insane.

Luckily, i feel nothing so i lost nothing and im all good with it, but im sure itll get back up to where it was yeah. Definitely itll come back stronger, how we feeling tristan. Ah, frank, let me tell you something: okay, i woke up this morning right, like every other person i got out of bed. I was like you know what todays gon na be a good day right. I decided to check coinbase see how things were. Oh prices are. Dropping like crazy, i decided you know its fine, its no problem. I also decided to make a very silly decision and i decided to buy the dip on coinbase. I tried to buy a hundred dollars worth of bitcoin this morning and i see the transactions. I see. The money leave my account its not showing up in my portfolio so well, well see how all that plays out. Maybe itll show up later i dont know, but im just right in the way fingers crossed right away. Yeah well just see what happens. Good news, though uh pluto alliance, teaser drop for any of you who have not seen it. It is on twitter, pluto, underscore alliance check it out other than that im doing good, like i said im just kind of cruising at this point. You know its tuesday and were just taking it day by day. You know thats it. You know, mr nick demandi, frank, uh, hows danica today, uh ill be honest, usually im polite.

I just kind of force force my way through this okay and shes a little anti social whats going on man. You know what man cryptos back baby – oh yeah, bitcoin wicked down to 42 000 and change, but who cares? People bought the dip? I bought the dip. Uh, i mean look, i got trading view up right here and, like you know, were bullish. We look at that. Wig yeah its a monster thats insane, so you know, were making some progress here, nice uh and look if youre a miner today uh when the markets, a dumping uh the miners be pumping, so folks are trying. Folks, who are mining are making a ton of revenue right now, and so when we go back up, youre mining, thats good, so weve got like some really cool proposals coming out. Uh for ravencoin ravencoins gon na make their own stablecoin uh, because you can make your own nfts on ravencoin. So why not have a stable coin to kind of back up that ecosystem? Ergo coin has its own hackathon happening and ergo is going to be the nft platform for cardano a little project called cardano, so, like guys, cryptos back crypto is awesome. All right. Dz around the blockchain had a big dump this morning, big. What are we talking about? Well, uh, bran, oatmeal, um things rich in fiber because yeah it uh the bed everywhere. No were gon na talk about it, so you know thats why uh thats? Why youre watching around the blockchain, we actually had gareth, soloway and uh he kind of predicted this.

So we got the we got the good news on atv so make sure you watch hit that sub button hit that, like smash all the things todays a somber day. Folks, its a somber day, but welcome to big boy, crypto home of the bisquad, the largest, the greatest crypto community, from mercury to pluto, all the planets in between all of the interwebs im, your host daisy. This is around the blockchain were coming to you every day, 5 pm eastern standard time, Music, Music, howd that one go hows. Everyone feeling about this uh crazy dip, well, im gon na get right to the point. The paper hands have been washed out now, its just the strong people sticking around and everyone else gon na get crushed. I almost splashed myself everywhere how bad would it have been if i just sliced myself with aluminum for a bit, no man uh face crypto jeb tom crown. I mean theyre, all kind of actually like yeah its not that big a deal were bouncing off of good support and important trend lines. Important uptrends, uh crypto face said the small time frames are looking bullish, so i dont know im not im, not worried. Im not worried bitcoin, i mean buy your bitcoin its going up, it might take four years you will be in profit, though guaranteed all right. Ben talk to the people. Well, today is yankee day. This is the day we do at the yankee way were gon na.

Go out here, game one were gon na punish the braves were going to show them what the deal is real excited. We had some rain that tried to put a kibosh on the game tonight. It didnt happen a lot of stuff happening with crypto today.