This was a historic day. It just happens to be one of the worst days in cryptocurrencies history, but were gon na be taking a look at some positive things that came out of this and were gon na be taking a look at the first thing that has ever happened to the magnitude Of this thats, something major, it is also going to point out where were headed next were gon na, be taking a look at the good and bad and ugly of what happened yesterday were gon na be trying to break down. Do we believe that this is gon na continue further, or is this going to be a rebound, were gon na, find support levels here and were gon na continue to push higher im going to thesis this entire argument right here by telling you guys im 99 confident That we are still in a bull market that we are still in an uptrend and that we are still gon na cross. A hundred thousand dollar bitcoin and the entire crypto market is insanely bullish and has an opportunity to change your financial future for the better. If you have some patience and then you continue to dollar cost average in this market or you have those diamond hands and you just hold your way through it, of course, not any financial advice but show up and show out. Let me know right now: if you are bullish on this market, if youre not scared or you bought the dip yesterday go ahead and annihilate that, like button show up and show that youtube algorithm, that the crypto market is stronger than ever and the crypto community does Not fear any type of bad days and we understand that red days are opportunities and we buy the fear in this market.

That being said, show up and show out go ahead. Let me know where you think the market is going. What is your yearly outlook on bitcoin and are you bullish, bears go ahead, comment down below all that being said, sit back, relax and enjoy todays video, its sitting at a 2.06 trillion dollar market, roughly down seven percent in the last 24 hours, bitcoin now, 45. 000. Down roughly percent in the last 24 hours a lot of volume still in this market, but you are seeing a lot of red coming this market. We were pushing over 53 000 lets. Just take a quick look at this chart and we just saw a jump off the cliff here. Guys – and i know a lot of people are fearful and get ready for the mainstream media attack on cryptocurrency, because you know whats coming. They are going to be full blasting as much fear and fud into this market as possible to go ahead and shake off the weak hands and to try to drive retail sentiment as negative as possible, so they can continue to load up and accumulate at cheap prices. Now we are seeing a lot of red guys. I understand its not easy. A lot of people are scared that this was a bull, a bull trap and now were going to continue to down, and this is going to be a bear market. In my opinion, guys everything is still ahead of us.

We have so many positive outlooks that we do not need to be worried about. We are still on track for a hundred thousand dollar bitcoin and an entire crypto market to absolutely soar im. Looking for this, this bull run to end with a five trillion dollar market. That tells you how much upside, i believe is still in store, so go ahead, relax guys if you can continue the dollar cost average in, i think thats the best plan. If youre going to be an investor, my biggest thing for everybody out there is to stop trading this market unless youre a professional, because you can see how quickly you can get absolutely wrecked. If youre trading this market and a lot of people are losing everything they own by trying to trade, this market trying to understand what to do, and they are getting liquidated every single day, so stop trying to trade this market. Do your research understand what you want to invest in, find the the deals in the market and go ahead and become an investor buy in dollar cost averaging and just huddle? That is the best strategy to make generational wealth in cryptocurrency. Now lets take a look at the historical day for cryptocurrency crypto flash crash wipes out 400 billion dollars in market value on bitcoin day as el salvador president buys the dip. The cryptocurrency market posted staggering losses tuesday, as a wave of selling pump humbled. The prices of nearly every single coin unraveling the gains priced in by retail trading, many ahead of el salvadors first day of accepting bitcoin as legal tender.

Now im gon na go ahead and point this out guys. I know the mainstream media is trying to say this was like the buy, buy the new sell or buy the rumor sell the news event with el salvador el salvador. This was known about for a long time guys. In my opinion, this is not because of el salvador. This is not a rumor. This is a manipulation and im going to show you guys why. I believe that to be true and how it was clear and obvious exactly what happened yesterday yesterday was a clear attack on the market to drive all the retail sentiment as negative as possible, and for whales to accumulate massive amounts. The value of the worlds cryptocurrencies plunged to a low of about 1.9 trillion by 11 15 am on tuesday nearly a 15 percent, less loss into less than 24 hours prior and reflecting a loss of more than 410 billion dollars. According to crypto data website coin market cap heading up market value losses, the price of bitcoin dipped 15 percent led to less than 43 000 the lowest point in new way. Three weeks before quickly pairing some of the losses and settling around 46 810 by 11, 50 eastern standard time still 9 lower than the day earlier. Meanwhile, ether finance coin and cardanos ada plunged between 13 and 18 apiece, while solana was only token posting an increase in value climbing eight percent after a stunning run up of 36 percent over the past week, so lana has been on a tear in the middle of The flash crash el salvadors president uh dont know how to pronounce his name announce.

The country took advantage of crashing prices to purchase an additional 150 bitcoins. Boosting its holdings to 550 coins worth about 25 million, were gon na, be getting on this a little bit deeper, because this is history, guys not only are retail buying the dip not only are whales buying the dip. We are seeing. Countries by the dip understand how massive that is for the long term adoption of cryptocurrency, but that is something historic right. There sentiment started taking a hit early tuesday, as el salvadors wallet experienced technical difficulties within hours of its debut, forcing president to announce it would temporarily go offline, heightened trading volume, then fuel speculation about institutions selling off large stakes as it triggered brief outages and trading delays Of many of the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange, including coinbase kraken and gemini, the steep sell off came less than one day after jp morgan, analyst warned and a note to clients recently rallying all coins or cryptocurrency alternatives to bitcoin ether, reflected froth and retail investor mania and Opposed to sustainable gains for the market guys does that shock you at all that still, hedge funds and banks and all those people are still so negative on cryptocurrency its no shock and yet theyre gon na try to act like they know exactly whats going on this Market, but this is historic. Yes, we saw 400 billion dollars of market value be evaporated, but we saw something historically on the positive side we are seeing countries start to buy the dip.

El salvadors president said on twitter that the nation bought the dip and the bitcoin as the cryptocurrency plunged they bought another 150 guys so not only are institutions, whales and now countries buying the dip, but also you guys have to understand that we saw one of the Craziest days in cryptocurrency history, but there is negatives and positives to what happened, but this is what im going to talk about the manipulation: okay, cryptocurrency prices, tumble and exchange trading falters as snacks crop up like we said right here. This was a perfect thing that we saw major exchanges like coinbase, kraken and gemiini guys. You have to understand that when this sell off occurred, all these major exchanges would not allow you to buy or sell. Is that very, very odd? Yes, and let me tell you why, because why we saw these prices absolutely just falling off a cliff right, we saw it go to 43 000, even 42 000 on some exchanges. It would not take any buy orders. Okay, so understand that we went from 42 000 and then right back up to 46 000, while retail was not allowed to buy, and we saw massive volume come in. This is what im going to tell you yesterday was a pure manipulation on the entire market. It was a coordinated attack and theyre going to try to use el salvador as the decoy to try to get retail to just look away. But el salvador was not the reason for the sell off.

It was a coordinated attack by whales and institutions to drive fear in this market and to accumulate. We saw some of the biggest exchanges have massive volume come in. We saw usd tether and massive whales moving around buying bitcoin, ethereum and trading into stable coins because they are buying this dip massively thats. Why youre seeing this volume continue to increase price up and we are seeing? We went from 42 000 right back to 46 000, with all the major exchanges being down understand that this was a coordinated attack. Major whales and institutions are accumulating massively and do not be decoyed by these fake mainstream media articles that are trying to tell you that it is all because of el salvador accepting bitcoin and that these institutions, these banks and these hedge funds, know exactly whats going on. In this market they have no clue, they are late to the game and they are going to drive as much fear in this market as possible. So they can continue to accumulate. They do not want retail to win so understand guys. What were seeing right now is a drastic sell off. We saw bitcoins worst day in history, 400 billion dollars in market cap and the overall market get absolutely evaporated, but there is a lot of positives to this. We are seeing massive accumulation were seeing countries start to buy the dip, so everything is okay, we are still in an uptrend. We are still on par to have a hundred thousand dollar bitcoin and we are still in a bull market.

Do not be faked out by everything and show up and show out guys we need to show up as a community as a crypto community and show that we are not scared that if theres going to be fear in the market, well, take it as the opportunity Were going to continue to dollar cost averaging and were going to continue continue to build our portfolios out, because we understand that cryptocurrency is extremely undervalued and the the future is cryptocurrency and that you can change your life through. Investing in cryptocurrency. Of course, not any financial advice, but guys do not be scared by these mainstream articles. Do not be scared by the fear in the market and understand that fear and red days are opportunities.