What investments i make um at this point obviously were trying to get into the best investments in the market, but i also have to look at the upside in downside of my investments as it you know all comes to fruition, so i will say right now. My best performing investment is gon na be Music. I actually want to say it is doge cake moon. If you can believe that doge cake moon is my best performing investment and um second would be dojax cake. Is you know, as we all know, you know we kind of saw what happened with ship cake uh this past week, and you know i bought back in the ship cake because i just feel like its undervalued and i bought back in the ship cake swap because Again, i felt like it was undervalued and, as an investor you know its its second nature for me to buy things that are undervalued, so um im still gon na continue doing. My updates on ship cake were just gon na talk about all this be open, be transparent about it, because, at the end of the day, like i think, more than anything because theres already people who are going to invest into these coins, regardless of what the developers Do regardless of what individuals do and with some of these investments you know its just it for me, i kind of see it as a savings account so im just leaving money there um, i will get cake rewards and all that, but im not really tripping off Of the amount of kick rewards, i get um doge cake.

Moon pays out massive cake rewards uh ship cake also pays out pretty pretty big cake rewards um, but i bought back in during the happy hour and i bought a good bit. I bought about two 2500 uh ship cake swap cakes. So you know i got those up in the pool just uh chilling and i mean well see what happens with the project and as it continues to grow so going into dojax uh. Just one of my favorite projects off the jump down like this is what a meme coin i feel like is supposed to emulate in the market. So they come out. They got their own mini game, they got their own animated series and i bought in the dojax. I own about basically four tenths of a percent four tenths of uh. One percent and im like this coin is legit like yeah. Im like this coin is legit like doing numbers. Im like this coin, is really like its doing great um, and i was i mean its done major numbers since uh. I first saw it and i think its just going to continue to do pretty major numbers. I thought it was going for a 50 million dollar market cap honestly um and its over 26, its over like 26 000 or 28 up cake yeah. So i mean its over like 26 000 um, uh, im, sorry, 26 million dollars in market cap pr doj, and then you had not project doget, so im in project dojo, a doge cake moon, which had a massively successful nft uh release.

So the nfts got released on dogecake through dogecake moon and there was five nfts and out of all five of the nfts, all five of them were sold within like four hours. So, to give you an idea, like some of these nfts costed, one b and b, some of them costed, two b and b um and anywhere in between and the fact that they sold all five of those nfts and left. And i i was looking at some of the wallets for the teas that some of them dont even hold doge cake moon. I was like you dont even hold those cake moon, but just the nft type. The type of the nft like im gon na show you all my nft shout out to everyone whats up whats up um. Let me show you all this nft all this is gon na, be like crazy. So this was the nfc i bought for doge cake, moon and its just the whole design of it like. So this is supposed to be like a shiba, inu, uh, obviously or a dough. You know, i guess cb knowing that those the same dog a little dog um, but this is just one of them and the cool thing is theyre only going to have a limited amount and im like, as the project just continues to grow, and you know monetize Itself, im like this, the cake rewards are already insane, but the fact that theyre coming out with nfts and um ive reached out to them about coin gecko, ive reached out to them about um.

I havent really said anything about a game because im like i think, its still kind of really early but lets get the swap drop first and then the nfts are just going to be a great piece of that. So outside of that, let me get into you know where my mind is at so i will say like right now, with investing. I i have ive come to a epiphany is the best way i could put it its an epiphany and its that no matter what coin you get into like theyre, all gon na do a pump, and realistically you know you, as an individual investor, cannot uphold these Coins forever its just not possible youre, just one person, and even if you talk about these coins im like well. If the coin is depreciating whats the you know and theres people who talk about saitama all day and thats cool like i dont, have anything against that. But for me im like if theres issues with the developers and the coin, is it really producing or even marketing themselves, im like im an investor at the end of the day like i, i cant get emotionally attached to these coins, like their investments to me, which Means just like, if i so like i invested into this coin, called al grand. This was a blue chip, token um, i bought a thousand plus al grand and basically, this coin has just been blowing up like it broke its all time high and its just continuing to pop higher and its actually building a new all time.

I think this coin may go to 10 or more so and im earning interest on it in real time on coinbase and im like okay thats, a viable asset like im, im completely comfortable with me, earning that on my money in coinbase im, not tripping off of That um – and i feel like this, is especially once you i dont know like once you get to like six seven figures. Are you really worried about chasing like 10xs? Maybe some of you are. Maybe some people are, but i dont think no one uh exactly. Is that everyone has a number and thats their out date and yeah i mean straight up, like you know, no matter what i just feel like, no matter what the coin is, but the thing is theres gon na be is if the coin markets itself properly, then Technically theres gon na always be infinite demand for the coin if it markets itself properly. If not, then i mean then its gon na just be another coin in the mix that doesnt really uh reaches fruition, or at least doesnt reach it in a in a time that it can reach it in and is reasonable to expect, but its not going to Do it because its not actually moving forward or its not actually executing on their roadmap or whatever? So at this point you know i try to think about. I dont try to look at my investments and worry so much about you know this is this is where my money needs to be, or i i need to always find a new point to get into or blah blah blah blah.

Whatever the case may be. I just kind of just just do what i need to do im like you know, let me just open up a position and just keep it moving like. I dont need to worry about this coin, like if its gon na do what its gon na do. I dont need to worry about it and thats it at the end of the day, if its gon na be a great coin, that i dont need to worry about what its gon na do today, tomorrow next month next year, because ill be able to look back At that asset and say oh yeah, and that thing really did numbers like it really did. It was crazy, so im trying to stay as calm as i can in a very uncalm market in a very uh i mean the market is very volatile right now i mean we could go. Look at like coin gekko. Lets go look at this, so i mean you know a lot of these coins they uh. So these coins are starting to recover and i thought about buying bitcoin last night when it was at 46 0001 and it went up another thousand. I should have bought it too. I didnt um ada is recovering, xrp is kind of recovering, dot is blown up. Uh algo is now number 17.. Look at this yall its the number 17 coin. This coin is see its its up 88 percent. In the last seven days, i think it may continue this trend because it already broke this all time.

High man yeah. I think this coin is about to go parabolic yep, i think its about to break and find the new higher high a way new higher high uh lets. Look at the historical data. Yesterdays volume was three billion dollars: three billion dollars in algo and im not gon na lie. I was using some of the algo um, i guess coin or you know these other projects that are on the ill go blockchain. I actually like algo. It is very simple and easy: they have their own wallet. I can transfer it from my account to the algo wallet then use other applications. Just like i would a pancake swap im like this could really be built out into something crazy, uh im, definitely not buying saitama and shibuya uh thanks to saitama my dad – and i are about to put a peruvian restaurant here in san diego. Let me know if you come to vacation out here in pacific beach. I mean ill, see you about it. Uh i dont got nothing against. Like i said i dont have anything against saitama or shiba. You knew like. Oh you know what like lets, go. Look at this lets go look at saitama and shibuya, so shiba inu – i definitely am not looking. Oh wow dogex now sets the floor twice a day. Are we about to go to the moon? Man bro were about to go to the moon im telling you all that doj is about to make its about to meet millionaires man its already meant in thousandaires.

This ultimate millionaires uh, so lets see thats. Why im holding those jacks yeah, i just dont, see uh. Now she be nutanix, i mean i guess it could blow up, but im not really worried about it. So lets. Keep it honest. There lets go, look at ethereum what happened to baby saitama. Everybody was on my baby, saitama and now nobodys on my baby saitama. What happened to baby saitama or lets look at it lets see what baby trump doing. Oh baby trump looked like hes doing something. Oh, no, its not never mind this is. This is literally like this is the story of every ether coin. This is this. Is the story of every ether coin, massive pump, every ether coin very few have different, have a different story. Uh lets look at this to be a shiba inu and a saitama inu on uh ether is like is like literally getting like a glass of water out of there, its its the hardest thing to do on earth. There are very few things harder than it. Oh saitama blew back up to that all time. High wow im impressed, but you guys i made like 20 000 off of saitama like im, not really tripping, but its. It was still. You know i mean theres people. Oh my gosh, but you could have made so much. I dont even like the ethereum blockchain. I dont even worry about coins on that blockchain like there. There are things where, once you make so much money, you dont even worry about it anymore, like i am so fine with making millions on bsc im im fine with that ive come to terms with that me, and god have talked about that and were cool okay.

So im not tripping off of saitama, but oh my god you took you took twenty thousand. You could have took 20 million im like bro ill get. My 20 million ill be there, but now, in golden hour, uh dozier sets the floor twice a day. Casey. You are amazing, bro bought in ship kicked it made my night slash morning. Thank you, yeah i bought in the ship cake. I own ship, cake and ship cake swap. I dont want to hear about none of that riff raff all right. I dont, like everybody, yall im talking about like dont. Do it to me so yeah lets look at shiv cake as hard as this is gon na be this is gon na be like this is harder than like what i had to do to clean. Oh, my gosh down 28 yeah im gon na tell yall right now. I bought it about here, so i wish i could have bought in here. Obviously, i didnt even see that go down there. I guess that was in the middle. I should have stayed up all night just for that ship cake and he had the happy hour right there and then boom so yeah it dips down. Here i bought back in during the happy hour i bought back in during the happy hour. I own one. Tenth of the ship cake supply, i do own a hundred million ship cake and i honestly do it out of respect, because echo did send me like he sent me like 60 or, like 50 60 million chip cake.

So im like out of respect, no lie just for the project. Bro like ima support the project like i dont. Even care lets just see what we can do with this lets be that rag tag group of freaking crypto, fr, uh, crypto, uh revolutionaries and lets see what we can do with ship cake all right. So i bought back in i own uh, one percent of shipped cake and i dont own one percent of ship cake swap, but i do have thousands of cakes on the platform elbow cough. Baby saitama got slapped with the cease and desi sleazing assist from saitama. Oh wow thats crazy. I dont care about the coin drama love more than the drama straight up like at this point im just looking every day i wake up in crypto. Im, like i just want every day to be just a just a good day, a fun day, a loving day, a positive day filled with light, so thats all id be wanting and with the drama that comes with it all, sometimes its fun to just be in The middle of all that as weird as that may sound, because im not really physically in the middle but its like. Ah god, i got ta witness all this and its a its just. I guess there are some things in life that you just cant plan for so with that being said, you all, you know, uh, just just keep your mind right.

Just keep make sure youre protecting your asset, make sure youre living to invest another day, and i thank you all for joining me up on the channel.