My name is aaron very important. Video today make sure you watch the entire thing, because i have information that the mainstream media is not sharing with you thats. The reason why you subscribe to this channel is because, on a daily basis, we release a video. We demystify the entire cryptocurrency market. We talk about the entire cryptocurrency market, while the mainstream media either they never share this stuff with you or if they do, they only give you the headlines. They never provide you with perspective. They never give you the full story. The big picture, the context thats exactly what we do here, thats exactly why you subscribe, and the point of todays video youve, probably seen the headline. If you havent im going to tell you the problem im going to tell you why this is outrageous and im going to share with you and show you unequivocally why this is manipulation. This is a trap. They do not want retail investors, like you like me, to be involved in cryptocurrency right now, yet behind the scenes they are filling their bags, so join us on our road to 1 million subscribers and lets get into it. What the sec is doing is unequivocally 100 manipulation of the cryptocurrency market. They are not providing clear and common sense regulations like they once said. They would instead theyre not providing clarity at all and just going after bullying certain cryptocurrency companies just a few of them based on their whims and not even telling them why this is directly sending the prices lower.

Let me share with you what im talking about the headline? Is this scrap the lending product or will sue the sec tells coinbase? The securities and exchange commission has threatened to sue coinbase, the largest us based cryptocurrency exchange over plans to issue a lending product. The company says it has no idea why you wont believe the information that ceo brian armstrong has just shared with crypto twitter, some really sketchy behavior, is coming out of the sec recently story time. Listen to this! This is the manipulation. Let me know in the comments. If you agree with me, this is what brian armstrong has to say. Millions of crypto holders have been earning yield on their crypto assets over the last few years. This makes sense. If you want to lend out your funds, you can earn a return. Everybody seems happy with this right. A bunch of great companies in crypto have been offering versions of this. Quite literally for years, coinbase has just came out recently and said we would be launching our own version of this product were planning to go, live with this. In a few weeks, so we reached out to the sec to give them a friendly heads up and a briefing that were going to be offering four percent apy three to four percent. When customers, deposit usdc coins on coinbase seems pretty standard, the sec responded by telling us that this lend feature is a security. Okay seems strange: how can lending be a security, so we asked the sec to help us understand and share their view.

We always make an effort to work proactively with regulators and keep an open mind. I liked this. They refused to tell us why they think its a security and instead subpoenaed a bunch of records from us. We complied demanded testimony from our employees. We complied and then tell us they will be suing us if we proceed to launch with zero explanation as to why, as they let plenty of other companies in america do exactly this theyre messing with the markets. Brian armstrong continues, look were committed to following the law. Sometimes the law is unclear, so if the sec wants to publish guidance were happy to follow that its nice, if you actually enforce it evenly across the industry by the way equally evenly theyre not doing this theyre just going after a few based on their whims and Not providing regulatory clarity, but in this case they are refusing to offer any opinion in writing to the industry on what should be allowed and why. Instead, the sec is engaging in intimidation. Tactics behind closed doors is available were seeing it play out right in front of our eyes: theyre, manipulating the prices down theyre, scaring the market by threatening to sue certain companies for what other u.s companies are already doing and theres just no rhyme or reason. Let me know what you think about this in the comments below ill. Tell you one thing and ill get to this more towards the end of the video i am buying right here.

I am buying right here. I fully believe that this is a trap and i fully believe theyre trying to fool us by doing this stuff lets continue, because the real crux of this is march. 2Nd 2021, as brian armstrong, continues, gentler the sec chair said in his confirmation hearing march 2nd. He says its important for the sec to provide guidance and clarity, sometimes that clarity will be a thumbs up, but even if its a thumbs down its important to provide that thats, not what theyre doing theyre messing with the market. And if you dont want this activity, then simply publish your position in writing and enforce it evenly across the industry. How can you not agree with this? Ostensibly the secs goal is to protect investors and create fair markets right so who are they protecting here and where is the harm? People seem pretty happy to be earning yield on these various products across lots of cryptocurrency companies and surely coinbase is three to four percent isnt that big a deal. Shutting these down would arguably be harming consumers more than theyre protecting them and by preventing coinbase from launching the same exact thing that other companies already have live. They are creating an unfair market. You agree with this right. The sec is creating an unfair market. The sec is manipulating the prices, and this is a buying opportunity, like i said, thats my opinion, but many people get scared away because of this and lets continue because you wont believe this next part in may of this year.

Brian armstrong continues. I traveled to dc to meet with every regulator and branch of government that i could he traveled to washington. The sec was the only regulator that refused to meet with me saying were not meeting with any crypto companies, and this was right after that. Coinbase had become the first cryptocurrency company to go public in the us, and the sec will not meet with them. See gensler had just been confirmed a month prior, so they brushed it off as the sec was maybe still getting its feet under everything now im, not so sure. Coinbase has always tried to be good actors in this space, leaning into sensible regulation, even when its difficult or expensive. We try to think about what products we would want for ourselves and what risks we would want. Our families to be aware of before launching products say what you want about: coinbase like it or hate it, but theyre pretty middle of the road. Theyre theyre. Definitely one of the good guys in the space and pushing crypto further into the mainstream and making things easier for retail. Like you like me, we will keep following this approach. Yet here were being threatened with legal action before a single bit of actual guidance has been given to the industry on these products. How is this fair? If we end up in court, we may finally get the regulatory clarity the sec refuses to provide, but regulation by litigation should be the last resort by the sec, not the first, unless the sec has a different agenda in mind than what their job is.

Brian armstrong finishes out saying: coinbases door remains open were ready to talk. Hopefully, the sec steps up to create the clarity that this industry deserves without harming consumers without harming companies in the process without manipulating the price. America could really use us all working together to figure this out right now. So the reason that i say this is a trap. The reason i say this is manipulation. The reason that i warn do not be fooled is because all the sec is doing seemingly purposefully, creating confusion, creating fear creating uncertainty. Creating doubt seemingly all thats happened thus far is bitcoin. Ethereum and the whole cryptocurrency market has incurred significant losses and people get scared when they see this happening. People get scared when the price dips this much. You know what i think is going to happen. Theres, almost no doubt in my mind, im 99.999 sure that at a certain point the sec is going to come out and say were sorry. We didnt mean it coinbase, youre, good or at the very least, just give them a slap in the wrist or even most likely actually come out and make clear what the regulations are. So everybody can follow them like we all want to, but for now theyre just scaring the market, and it literally makes no sense. So, according to the sec, i guess youre welcome to put your entire life savings into this dog coin ship or into deep out of the money options on esoteric illiquid equities on different mobile apps.

But how dare you even consider earning three to four apy on a low risk lending product from a publicly traded company thats following all the rules? This is insane one of the main reasons that the us has such strong capital markets is because companies and investors can rely on the rule of law rather than being at the mercy of the whims of government officials. The sec is directly undermining its own mission to promote those markets. If this continues, if the sec thinks that all non bank interest products are securities that require the offer to become a public reporting company, then theyre not just picking a fight with crypto theyre, going after the entire fintech space. But again, everybody whos thinking long term can pretty much see that coinbase has enough clients with enough aggregate power to win this because bottom line, the sec, is not being clear, theyre being inconsistent and coinbase and companies like it, have a lot of power to fight this. Not to mention all the politicians more than ever that hold bitcoin or hold ethereum or hold crypto, not to mention that with this dip, bitcoin ethereum and the whole cryptocurrency market are looking rather bullish. Consider this bitcoin for those who have been around for a while. You will remember when we stayed at six thousand dollars for months and finally dropped to 3.5 k. Demand was low and recovery took a lot longer. Demand is much higher these days and thats.

Why? I get excited about volatility. This is a place that im buying not selling super trend, still bullish momentum still up, and until i see this invalidated, i think, were still on a path to break all time highs and taking a look at bitcoins monthly chart. All it does is print both flags and pump since 2011. All it does is print bull flags and pump and its just what were doing here like ive, been saying launchpad, ladies and gentlemen launchpad, not to mention our bitcoin fundamentally and adoption. Wise has never been better. Sats are the standard in el salvador. You love to see it. One out of 195 countries are holding bitcoin. We are so early and ethereum for totally different reasons, looking equally as bullish, if not more so, with the strength of bitcoin ethereums. Looking even stronger with the strength of ethereum cryptocurrency is looking even stronger and with robin hood, adding reoccurring daily crypto purchases, starting at one dollar, with nba all star steph, curry, joining crypto exchange ftx as a global ambassador with dojicat launching eco friendly nfts on tezos. How can you not be bullish, let me know which cryptocurrencies youre buying on this dip or, if you think, im totally crazy. If you think this is the end, let me know in the comments, because i always like to hear differing opinions.