Oh, that is amazing, so welcome back to the channel, if its your first time dropping in uh. We do love coffee here on the channel too and uh if youve been here before. Thank you so much for stopping by again – and here we go the market. The crypto market is coming back uh and here we can see right now: 2.11 trillion dollar global market cap up 3.17 percent, the top three trending tokens, phantom uh, kala and solana. Solana, is over 200. This morning i said it could top out at 250., im just im just going to quit putting price predictions on solana at this point, because it is insane uh what saul is doing right now so before we get into the overall crypto market. What is going on were going to take a look at the crypto fear and greed index. Take a look at the hottest news right now going on in the crypto space, as well as were going to take a look at um. The top 100 here see the biggest movers and get you all filled in and updated on where the market is heading here on a thursday morning afternoon or evening for you, wherever you are around the world, so real, quick before we jump into it. We do have our patreon page. This link is down in the description. Weve got two levels over here. Ten dollar level is going to get you access to our discord.

This is a per month basis. Here, twenty dollars per month, im going to get you discord access as well as guidance and help with your portfolio. That means you can send me screenshots, send me your portfolio and a link ill. Look at it. Give you my feedback. Whenever you want hot weekly, crypto alerts ill give you those once uh once twice sometimes three times a week, buy and sell trade alerts as well. Every time i buy every time i sell you will know as well as a portfolio that i put together ill. Give you a link to that. You can see what a winning portfolio looks like this portfolio was built just for the insiders. So all of that and then the big thing is included in both these packages. Access to brilliant people in our private community who know a bunch of things about crypto, ive learned a ton, and you can too with that link down in the description all right. So lets bounce back over to coin market cap. So here we go. Bitcoin is coming back today, uh, but here comes ethereum. Its up 2.4 percent. Look at cardano now up 10 things are moving in the right direction. Solana has surpassed xrp in market cap. It is number six on the big board at 15 billion dollar market cap im – sorry, 60 billion dollar market cap. This number right here – wow and it wouldnt be much until it takes over tether and binance to become number four here on the big board.

This is absolutely astonishing. I mean what solana has done here. Dogecoin is up a hair here, three and a half percent as well as xrp chain link coming back here here comes tara, luna al goran has had a really good run. The last couple days same thing here with avalanche ftx, token everythings, starting to turn green here here comes polygon here comes v chain coming back theta uh. What else do we got near protocols up big phantom up, really big again up 34? No, a lot of people got in on phantom l run is up 34 okay waves, h bar look at h, bars up 24 thats, a good uh thats, a good move there heres shiba inu its up 18, so everything coming back green here. This is great to see so the market is looking like its turning a corner. Lets go over the crypto fear and greed index here, because this tells the story uh often times here. The fear in green index. Right now is at 45, which is fear which is good for buyers. Okay. So what im? What im thinking were going to continue to see throughout the day is um buyers were going to see people rushing back into crypto markets? I would say by this weekend late this weekend early next week, well be right back to where we were before this little flash crash uh. In my opinion, i think this was certainly just market manipulation um.

I think a bunch of people said: oh its bitcoin day in el salvador, lets just sell off right and buy back in at cheaper prices. Retail investors were buying back in institutional money was coming back in so you know this kind of hints at something thats going on too right. We talk about. Are we going to go through these prolonged periods of crypto, droughts, right or crypto? Winters? I just dont know anymore because theres so much money wrapped up in bitcoin in d5. In all these altcoins, are we going to go through these big downturns in the market like we had in the past? Let me know your thoughts down below in the comment section about that and or any asset youre really excited about right now, love to hear from you always down there. Okay, so lets bounce into the crypto news aggregator and see the top stories right now around the crypto space ethereum charges back to 3537, as top 10 largest wallets skyrocket in each supply, so the top 10 wallets uh are adding on to their positions. They are buying the dip if you will tuesdays flash crash caught. Bitcoin investors off guard, but the writing was on the wall. Uh. Maybe theyre going to speak to the crypto fear and greed index here, but lets see what they say here following bitcoins flash crash which took the rest of the market down as well. Investors are wondering what happened. The ceo of ala, media research, sam trabuco, commented that it was the most significant move in months while it also caught him off guard a further look at the signs show.

A dip was on the cards where the signs hes, referring to lets, see here from the peak lets lean in cryptocurrency lets, see um what happened? Okay, they say that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Who remembers what? Earlier this year? Uh, when crypto rallied a ton to 65k pretty quickly futures were at a high premium and open interest of all important contracts and weve got to pull back from that time. Right. Okay, so, basically just saying hey it was. It was due for a correction. We know that i mean we could we could see it on the fear and greed index. Things were moving up at rapid paces, so we kind of knew. You know that that a some type of correction, slash flash crash, was in order right any swap enters into a strategic partnership with harmony, harmony, one interesting, okay, finance person to will d list five dai trading pairs, interesting there. Okay, i use the die coin. There cardano native d5 adeland raises 540 k in seed funding. Solana tops 200 as google search data shows peak retail interest wow. How about that solano tops 200. that came out 58 minutes ago. Okay, a couple other things nfts appear in times square nft is continuing to skyrocket. It is just absolutely insane a board yacht club board api club nft just recently sold for 2.2 million dollars. Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy. Now this article saying will solana rocket to 400 soon.

I mean its just wild. What defy is doing right now. It is absolutely off the charts all right so um. Hopefully you got some value out of this video. Real, quick lets. Take a look at a couple um assets here on the on the charts and uh. Instead of the one minute lets go down to the one hour here, we can get an idea, so we saw shiba inu on the heels of the big news yesterday run up. It has since kind of just consolidated here, uh its right below the 07 level. Right now – and we can see here – heres cardanos chart this morning – cardanos making some nice gains here back from yesterday. So its looking to work back up the same thing here with ethereum slowly but surely working its way back up bitcoin, so every asset kind of either consolidating right now or slowly working their way back up, heres v chain, theres, the uptrend there for v chain, uh Heres solana, i mean this is wild. How about this? For solana we dip down to 153 and then just exploded back up uh wow, just crazy stuff here, um on salt and uh continues to move higher here. Uh! Congratulations to everybody who got in this early whos. Holding this still uh, you are making a killing and im happy for you im seriously happy for you. I love to see people make money in this space all right down below in the comments section.

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