I think its even trading at more than four thousand five hundred dollars at the moment with the hike and price. So in todays video i will be talking about the dydx airdrop, how to claim uh what kind of issues you might run into ill also be talking about tips and tricks for avid airdrop hunters what you can do to maybe increase your chances and benefit from an Airdrop in the future and last but not least, ill be sharing with you a super hot platform that doesnt have a governance token. My name is kieran youre, watching the decentralized lifestyle where i teach you how to invest like smart money so that you can retire early im currently in prague, czech republic, fantastic city really beautiful. I love the old houses and i love the food, its very cheap here. As well so ill be staying here for a few days and hopefully make a few videos, maybe in the city who knows in my last video, i was talking about how you could actually claim it. If you were one of the lucky people, you had to do a few traits to do that, and i do believe the time that you have now to claim your airdrop is limited to maybe seven or eight days, so you do have to act fast. If you do have an allocation that you can claim talking about the dydx token, its crazy at the moment is trading at around.

I think 15 dollars with a market cap of around 700 million dollars and a fully diluted market cap of 14 billion all right. Its trading at 14 and 28 cents it dropped a little bit. It was previously trading at 15.46, so pretty crazy. So the only thing here that is bothering me a little bit. Is this crazy fully diluted valuation of 14 billion dollars? So i do expect the market cap maybe to go up quite a bit onto the 28th of september, and then it might drop a little bit as more tokens get released into the market because theres one thing you have to keep in mind here is that the Circulating supply is only at 55 million tokens. The total supply is 1 billion, so at the moment there are only solar tokens on the market, which can mean that the more tokens get released. The more selling pressure dydx is going to experience but its possible that until the 28th of september, the price still continues to rise onto more tokens, get released onto the market, so dydx is actually one of these d5 platforms that i anticipated there would be an airdrop. I posted a twitter, a tweet back on the 26th of december 2020. Um that uni swap on monitor exchange wont be the last two airdrop governance tokens do at least one transaction on these platforms. Dydx open insert that metamask polymarket set protocol, zapper xerion and enjoy 2021. So ive ive actually managed to snag up quite a few airdrops in the past, just because i did at least one transaction.

I believe my transaction i did on dydx was only like 50.59. If you dont count the fees of course, uh with the ethereum gas fees is probably maybe a hundred and fifty nine dollars or two hundred fifty nine dollars. So not like tens of thousands of dollars, as some people in my comments tend to believe so lets quickly. Share with you some proofs that i actually received it, because some people do not believe that these air drops are actually a thing, so i did unfortunately get a few fake transactions, but here um when i received it was only valued at 3 279, but i mean Who can complain about so much money received for free or but lets have a look at the current value of my airdrop 4730 dollars based on uni swap, and so she saw prices so crazy. If we look at the video that i made talking about this 5x margin trading, this was one year ago, so i basically had to wait one year before i got this airdrop so dont expect now because youre interacting with one platform or the other that you just Get an airdrop one month from here three months from here, you have to be very patient. I completely forget which platforms they use. I just use it and then maybe in the future i get lucky and i wake up one morning and ive got uh email notifications, say: yeah youve got one thousand two thousand three thousand dollars in unclaimed tokens claim them now.

So you have to be very patient. You have to be a pioneer you have to be like a colonist in a new country. You have to explore and try new things and youve got many different opportunities. I create many different d5 related videos sharing with you, apps and so on. What i recommend that you do, is you allocate a few dollars to try those apps out do one transaction here. Not only do you learn how to do the trades, how to use d5 and so on, you might get lucky in the future if youre claiming and youre getting an issue out of gas error, which some people do unfortunately get im going to share with you, how You can actually fix this, so some people might have an issue depending on what kind of wallet they get they get. This error here filled with error, safe air c20 low level car failed, and they will also get warning error counted during the contract execution out of gas. So in order to interact with different smart contracts, youre going to have to provide gas as well as great thats. Basically, the fee – and the guess is basically how long um you want to interact with a certain smart contract. So if i actually click here to see more um, this one had a gas limit of hundred thousand, which was unfortunate not enough. So one tip that you can do to figure out how much gas you need.

I mean, of course you could ask the developers, but you can also look for a successful transaction, so you just click on the contract and then you click on um the full list, and you should actually see a transaction that went through successfully. So you click on the transaction, hash click to see more and you see how much so he added the guest limit of 450 000. So that was should be enough and then here you can see, guess use by transaction is 290 509, so 64. So now, when you want to do your transaction, you just have to set a gas limit of 450 000, and then you go to um. If gas station to look at how much the fee should be at the moment is 151 for a trader. So i do recommend setting a bit higher than that so maybe 161 and then what you do, if youre using metamask im just going to show this as an example of what youre going to have to change. This is just a dummy transaction. You click here on edit and then you click here on advanced options, and this will allow you to change. The gas gas limit at the moment is at 30, 383 000, but depending on what kind of wallet youre using it might actually put in a 50 000 gas limit, and that would cause your transaction to fail. So what you do here is you put 450 000 and, as we saw before um you can actually change the gas fee to something like 160, and here you can also do 160.

If you want – and that was a little bit too much but yeah – and then you could actually send this transaction and it would go through without a problem so thats a quick tip for the out of gas error that some people might encounter when interacting with smart Contracts before we talk about the super hot project d, fire academy is launching today at 3 pm utc. The link to the sales page will be sent to newsletter subscribers so make sure youre subscribed, as there are only a limited amount of super early bird spots. At a highly discounted price, well be posting technical, non chain. Market analysis well be doing crypto deep, dives and ill also be sharing with you all of the projects that i use, especially new projects that i use and ill be documenting. If theyve got a governance token or not, so if you copy what kind of projects i do, maybe you get lucky in the future and you can also get one of these airdrops. I might even actually pay for the deep fryer academy who knows so yeah. You definitely dont want to miss it sign up to the newsletter right now, so you dont miss the link to the launch. Lets continue. All right now lets talk about the last topic of this video, and that is a super hot platform that i believe might be one of the next ones to release a governance token, and that is none other than openc.

I have mentioned it before. They dont have a governance token yet, but the reason why i believe they might be releasing a governance token in the future is because a very similar platform called super rare, had uh governance, token release, i think two or three weeks ago, and that performed really well. Its got a market cap of 168 million, which could be very, very lucrative for you if youre an avid nft trader. If you havent done a trade, you couldnt maybe buy a small nft, a cheap nft. It definitely will cost you a bit in gas fees as its not cheap. You could also create your own nfd if you want to do that, or you may might like buy one nft that you think has a lot of potential heres an example of an nfg trade that i did as i managed to get these nfts for free and That was the end project, then project, i managed to mint two of these nfts and i sold the first one for 0.379 and the second one for 0.74. Unfortunately, i should have actually kept these a little bit longer, as i think now, theyre trading at 1.5, or even two eve, a piece but thats. Just an example of how lucrative the nft trading can be ill, be sharing some tips and tricks on how to find new projects in the default academy, as well as sharing with you how you can actually mint directly from a smart contract.

That was it for this video ill go explore prague later on after launch of the deep fryer academy and maybe drink uh startup ramen, or something like that to wind down ill catch.