The question here is: will we be able to push above the all time, high level, and if we can do that, what are some very important target levels to pay attention to here in the immediate short term? We will also, of course, take a look at what about if phantom starts to fall here. What are some case? Support levels to pay attention to, and we will also take a look at the slight slight warning sign that might be starting to develop here on the shorter time frames. So in this video guys we are once again back with phantom ticker symbol ftm, and we will be doing a phantom price prediction and technical analysis if you guys enjoyed these phantom updates and want to see more. Its always super super awesome when you show that by dropping a like and real real quick before we start here, i just have to give a disclaimer. This video is for entertainment and educational purposes. Only. Nothing in this video is financial advice, but all right guys now lets get started right away here. So, as you probably know, phantom have recently been seeing a very, very, very strong impulse here to the upside since we broke this key level here and that we will take a closer look at later in this video, we have been seeing gains. We havent seen gains here of more than 100, as you can see almost 120 percent, so yeah guys. I want to congratulate you, know everyone holding phantom.

If you want to you, can, let me know down below. First of all, if you are holding fandom and also for how long you have been holding please let me know that down in the comments below, but as you can see here today, if we zoom in here or we can actually start off by you know two Days ago you can see this very, very large candle, this very, very large doji candle. We had on september 7.. We actually peaked all the way all the way up here at around 1.95 use dollars and, as you can see today, we actually hit this level pretty much exactly you can see. I hope you can see here. We had a candlestick wick that hit pretty much exactly 1.95, so this leads us to our first resistance level of this video and that is, of course, to break above this level at around 1.955 use dollars. So this is our first resistance level. If the bulls manage to break this one and break all time highs, then the next level we are looking out for is all the way all the way up here at around 2.34 use dollars, and you may wonder you know: where is this level from well to Get that level we need to look back here. Historically, look at some historic uh technical data here and we use, if you remember the previous all time high, we printed here may 9. What we do here is that we use our fibonacci tool.

We anchor from that high to the very low here of the crash, and we can see here that our 2.618 fib extension is all the way up here at around 2.34 use dollars. So if we can break 1.95, then the next one im looking out for is all the way up at around 2.34 and the 2.618 fib extension is a common level that traders often use to find target levels when something breaks an all time high. So this is basically why im paying attention to this 2.618 as a potential level, where traders will take profits with that said. What about, if phantom can manage to push above the 1.95, as well as the 2.34? Well, then, were looking up all the way, all the way up to our 3.618 extension. This one is all the way up at around 3.8 in use dollars and comes from the same swing high from the old all time high to the swing low. So this is another target level. You definitely can look out for oops. This is another target level. Of course, 3.618. This one is up at 3.18 and if the bulls even manage to break that one, then we have our bullish target here. All the way up. At 4 use dollars, and with that said, of course, phantom can push even higher, but when we are up at four use dollars, we will have more technical data in order to get new target levels, but for now the four use dollar is the highest target.

I have on the chart, but alright, so now were going to switch the focus a bit to something that is at least as important as the target levels. It might not be as fun, but it is at the very least as important, and that is where is our most significant support levels to do that lets switch here to the four hour and the first support level i am paying attention to. It. Is this zone right here in between around 1.30 to 1.17 use dollars? You can see this zone right here. Why am i paying attention to that zone? Well, if we zoom in here a bit by the way, were on the four hours, so every candlestick represents four hours on this chart, but we can see that this zone have been acting as support multiple times. You can see one time two times three time. Just recently, this one octa also acted as resistance. You know here september 4th so resistance. We broke resistance, flipped resistance to become support right, so definitely a key zone to pay attention to 1.30 to 1.17. With that said, if we break this one to the downside, if the bears take control here – and we start to fall faster downside, then the next level we are paying close attention to here is this one. This one is pretty much much down at one use dollar. To be more precise. I have this zone at around 1.97 to 1.

90, but you can definitely argue here to put this one up to around one use dollar. I can actually do that its not you know. When you look at lines, you should anyways, never see them as perfect lines. The lines on the charts should always be interpreted more as zones. They are. Never you know perfect lines, but all right. So why is this one important? Well, as we can see here, it was when we broke this one right, so this one acted as resistance a few days and it was when we broke this one. We started this massive massive push towards the upside and, if you look left here, this makes a lot of sense right, because this one had been acting as resistance. This was the old all time. High may 10. We saw resistance may first and we also look a lot a lot left. If we look a lot a lot left, we can see that this one acted as resistance way back. This was all the way back february, 25th. So multiple multiple times historically, this one have been acting as resistance. We broke this one. A common principle in trading is to that we flip previous resistance to become support, so that is definitely one level im looking out for now, real quick before we wrap this video up, i want to mention you know one little warning sign uh, but before doing that Is one imagine that overall, you know a phantom still looks very bullish, but i do want to be transparent and mention everything i see here on the chart and i do see a potential warning sign here on the shorter time frame.

So what do i mean by this well take a close look here from this height to this high. We can see you know. Phantom looks like we might be printing a higher high there right so one high higher high, but if you look down to the indicators, so we have the macd indicator, this one would be printing a lower high. We have the rsi indicator. This one would also be printing a lower high. So when we have higher highs on the price and lower highs on the momentum indicators, then we have something called a bearish divergence, and this is a signal. This is a bearish signal indicating a reversal here to the downside, and the positive thing here is that phantom still looks you know pretty strong and if we can break uh our first resistance level here and push towards higher levels, then this divergence can be avoided. But this is still a sign worth mentioning and something potentially bearish here to pay attention to, but all right guys thats pretty much it for this video. If you feel like you got any kind of help or value, then please consider dropping a like and if you guys are interested in more dont hesitate to subscribe and hit that notification bell.