Now guys, if you havent check out our appeals, video, please dont have to check it. We have youtube shorts here, all right guys. The giveaway is still on, and after this video during this video im going to be doing a live giveaway. That is people that commented on this video yesterday on that that close wallet im going to be standing at the giveaway. Now on this video on this todays video, this video im recording now, if you want to participate, you can start drop. Your transformers address every video im going to be giving out tones free transfer people, my people that are commenting on my videos now guys, please, our membership is on its very simple to join, to join just click at this join. Here. Click on join here and boom yeah already yall did yeah now guys. Dont forget our second channel make money ben while targeting 500 subscribers. So there you know this month for any of this one. So guys havent subscribed the channel. Please dont subscribe, and you wont regret it now guys before we get to this video im going to be doing a brief shout out. If you want to get the shout outs from me, please make sure to leave a nice comment and im giving a shout out now lets go to the video now the car were talking about today. This is the coin. You can see the current price of the coin. The cash price you can see is 0.

2 dollar, 0., 0.29 thats, 209, 291 cents. All right guys. You can see this the value of this coin and we are going to be having 10 of it. But if you want to have more, you can join the referral program. Then you refer one person. I get um two of these coins now guys this is literally about a bought, and this is real so now, first, all you need to do is just go to the bots. You can see me im, i aint interested in doing the tags, but if you want to journey gently click on join a drop, you can actually do that join a drop and where you complete media tax now lets see the edge up you can see. You can see them because you have to follow them on twitter, like their facebook page all right do different different things all right, but i enjoyed in that. I dont want to do that. So i just go back all right. I just go back me. I go back and i click they refer and aim. So when i, the refund and its literally when i went one page and sign up with my link, i get 2d cash and one the cash is literally around. So so, like 10 of these discussions going to be like one dollar, so you can complete tax on n1. All right guys ill also be creating a comprehensive form for our drones, giveaway this ones going to be massive so guys we are even going to promote this.

On google and everywhere so guys, please just to join the giveaway now its just simple completion media attacks, and once you do once you have two you once you are three youre going to submit your wallet address and to get this wallet to get this on. Your total, its very simple, you also have to go back here. Dont worry im going to paste in the contact address you can. If you cannot wait for me, you can copy from here. You can copy it from google search for the cash content address all right ill, be over to now guys lets get to the giveaway. Now now let me go to the comment section of this video all right. Let me go to the comments of this video. Now, all right Music go doing, go shout out to you. I love you dont worry! You are doing. You are going places bro all right for those of you that commented. I want to work with google no problem. Now all right. Look at airdrop income, all right. This is what nice all right. This is nice yeah you just wan na give away. Now let me copy your chin address. Oh, i cant compete. All right ill have to go to my youtube studio and copy this one, but dont worry guys im going to be going to youtube studio in the next video im going to be copying, it im sending it live. So i guess i can see a live demonstration.

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