Why i bought it and exactly how much i bought and how things are going, also going to take a look at how everything is going with uh, bitcoin and el salvador, as people are paying for everything in the lightning network and its very fast. However, there are some bugs to fix and were going to go over whats going on with bitcoin, lightning and cardano, and also well wrap it up with my appearance at market rebellion where we talked to some insiders and they gave us just a sneak peek at what We think is going to happen in the next couple of months, uh, manipulation and also a lot of different liquidations that were going on, and this to me was the best part. And finally, we got to talk about rob gronkowski getting into crypto, so well go for all those things, but first lets take a look whats going on into the market. So just you know now we had a little bit of another dip today and uh. It was weird because i i usually sleep pretty hard but uh for some reason. I was up at uh, 2, 30, 2 20 in the morning and uh, mostly because my wife was snoring thats, really what happened and uh from there. I just you know, have to take a look at whats going on the market and boom. It was just a big wipeout, so right now were not doing too bad were up 1.

53 in the last 24 hours mark cap is 2.08 trillion and uh things are not so shabby we are taking. A look at the daily sentiment were at 46 over 100 daily average. Jelly summoning for crypto in general is 45 over 100 and were using trade. The chain sentiment analysis if youre looking for sentiment, analysis to add to your technical analysis and fundamental. Just look in the description below theres, a link looks just like this and you can sign up for this service called trade the chain. So this is what we have and we got a bitcoin price of 46 ‘0.. On top of that, i mean the sentiments uh. What we can see is that bitcoin the sentiment is in is in green and then the price is in blue and after that big hit last couple of days, weve seen them both happen. Uh weve seen the sentiment, kind of drop, but bitcoin price has remained pretty stable and its been looking pretty good as far as whats going on and then as far as like the coins. What is going on as far as the price action itself, i mean: weve got ethereum 3500 cardinal 2.43 and over the last 24 hours, its kind of moved sideways, except for solana. Solana, yet again, is up to uh up 14, its the last 24 hours. Man im glad i bought that one and some other things uh: two percent up for litecoin, crazy, tara, seven percent 36 percent for algorand and also uh in conjunction with trade.

The chain uh, the sentiment. Token itself is up 31, now its at a dime thats crazy. So uh also just be aware everything i talk about. I am uh im pretty biased because i own them so just take that as it were, but hey everythings up, i mean sowana sentiment, cardano, not too bad, but uh. The big thing for me is just talking about these dips and how to really just shake them off and what you should do, or what im doing i cant tell you what to do because im, not a financial advisor. This is just financial opinion on a financial advice, but really just if you really think about it, just comes out of this. This is uh. This is how you should treat all dips. You just kind of just get in there not a big deal and then just shake them off like my dog. Chloe does yeah exactly and thats really what it comes down to, and if you can do that and not get so caught up in the different price action, then you can be okay, its like peter lynch said uh. You can actually uh. Anybodys got the intelligence to get into the stock market and, of course, cryptocurrency, but its the ones that can stomach it are the ones that are going to do pretty good, so heres what happened? I sent the tweet out roughly about 2 55 in the morning today and here were the prices: dot 2650 doge, er, cardano, 2030 cents, solana, 158.

at 3 and 3 to 15, and everything was just down and again it was just one of those those days. I usually sleep, i mean until like at least 5 30 6, but i was just up early and i was like man what i said here is i cant sleep everythings down? 10 20. I cant let that slide, and i said i just bought dot uh chain link, chilis and solana, and why did i buy all these things? Well. First of all, these are products that i believe in i already own them and they were up. They were down massively. I mean, i think, like chile was down like 21 or something crazy like that in 24 hours, so lana, which was never has never been down, was also down big time. So i was like i got ta get these and then on top of that um i bought that, like i said around, i dont know probably 2 40 in the morning and then i also sent out a tweet to like 10 minutes later go yeah. I also picked up uh, matic, polygon and avalanche again, so i bought six different projects and these are all products that ive already been uh bought into ive done some deep dives ive done on my own research, ive done uh. You know my due diligence, so i had no problems buying them now because im like theres, no reason nothing really changed. Just a bunch of whales, uh, manipulating the market, thats really what it came down to so for me, im like might as well give it a roll of dice and see what happens.

So. This is how much i bought and before i show you this i just want to. I dont usually show the things that i buy or the amounts that i buy, but i feel like its necessary because i mean who you, who you watching on youtube right. People say: oh, i do this and i do that and really do you really, you know are. Are you doing these things that you say youre doing because i mean look, a trust is a commodity. You just cant, buy and uh the reason why you watch this channel is because you trust me to give you the best information, and that im being honest, so i just want to show you that this is what i bought and i bought a lot and uh. Some people were asking me like hey, should i because like in may there was a dip and a dip and a dip and a dip. So should i just buy this dip im like i cant tell you what to do, but what im doing is im learning from the last dip im, not putting everything in, because i took a little bit of profits as things were, going up, which is reasonable and, Like my friend cj always says, keep some powder on the sidelines which i did and uh. When the time was right. There was a big dip: 20. 18. 21. I started to buy off and i just you can. What im gon na do is im not gon na put everything into it.

What im gon na do is im gon na break it up into thirds or maybe even fourths, and then just because, if theres another dip coming because septembers a crazy month, uh statistically, this is what i will probably do and uh just kind of break it down And start to buy things as things come into me, so if you take a look at it, this was around the time that i bought all these things around 2 40 in the morning somewhere around there, 240 ish right and the dip price was that was 35 Bucks, let me blow this up, so you can see what i talking about. So dip price is 35 for avalanche, a buck 29 for matic, chilis, 32 cents, 26 44 for chain link, dot, 2650 and solano was 158. I dont know uh. I made this about an hour ago, so this is what the prices are now, but probably higher or less i dont know but um. This is what were at right now, and this is what i did because i feel, like i dont know, whats gon na happen tomorrow. I have no idea, i dont know whats gon na happen next week or next month, or really nobody does, because they do tell you that theyre full of it. So i just feel – or i just tend to take a look at trends and kind of see where things are going. Every single bank out there is getting into crypto governments are getting into crypto, i mean weve got huge hedge funds, weve got pensions and weve got uh.

I mean online retailers getting into it. Heck weve even got paypal, offering it to all their services. Uh. Do you not think this is going to do pretty? Well, i think so and im going to put my money where my mouth is. I think this is where i should be investing now again. This is non investment advice, just investment paying. This is what works. For me, my goals are not your goals, so just remember that and uh do your own diligent diligence and research, and that is essentially whats going on. So that is it for that piece now lets uh talk about bitcoin in el salvador, so i never thought i would see the day where bitcoin would be this lightning fast pun intended. So i want you to watch this video real, quick just to get the grass the brevity or the breadth of what is going on in el salvador, because uh this to me was pretty amazing how fast transactions are going on the lightning network. So just uh check this out. Let me tell you when i, when i go to any store home depot, walmart lowes, whatever else uh its, not moving that fast for my visa card, so that was pretty amazing. I never thought it was today where bitcoin would be used as a crypto currency. I was wrong and i always always talk about it as a store of value, but uh here we are and me eaton crow and im.

Okay with it im happy im wrong and thats exactly whats happening as far as, like very you know, quickness in el salvador. However, there is a flip side of that token about whats going on, and this can only happen with adoption and really getting into it and getting things done. This is uh. This is a tweet from matt allberg. He documents uh bitcoin adoption and you can follow him on twitter ill link him in the description but heres what he says he goes. I mean first of all, the first tweets are all like its very positive, its very good, its doing very well. People are, you know, accepting it uh. There is one thing, though, about the president um: they dont really like him too much. They seem as very authoritarian, so theres been some protests. Yes and people arent too happy with it, but theyre not really sure is it. Is it because they dont, like the president or they dont like bitcoin, usually its just because they dont, like the president, whatever the president says, hey whatever, so this is what matt was talking about and when he talks about this he goes. These are the issues that we see so far: uh the lightning invoices generated by chivo chivo thats, the app given uh forth by the government for the people where they give them 30 with the bitcoin, so they can actually use it and buy crypto and el salvador Or actually, pay for everything in bitcoin in el salvador contains the full legal name of the creator of the invoice.

This seems to be like a privacy issue. It also says three more things: theres a potential bug when pasting in a lightning invoice, which already has a number of sats required. The cheapo app asks the users to manually input the amount being sent and when uh its inputted manually, the payment throws error. No no say put the realization undefined undefined another bug. Uh chivo appears to have a minimum, send amount for both on chain and lightning. We feel this was created for on chain bitcoin, but was mistakenly applied to lightning and then two more another bug. Ln invoices not really working too well uh when sending on chain bitcoin bit refill, asked the user to send a certain amount 0.001 and the user in tribal inputs. That number, but then afterwards the chibo takes the fee from that and you receive less its a non standard. Behavior, the fish shouldnt then be deducted from the remaining balance in the chivo chivos user, app, not the amount being sent, and the reason why i talk about this is very simple: its because no matter how much you plan and really get things going, you got to Kind of just get out there and do it right. I mean you cant, you cant be an armchair quarterback. You got to get out there and just break a few eggs and hopefully all the different planning. You minimize the amount of breakage right talking to you. D5 projects, so when this happens just realize that yeah, this makes a lot of sense and theyll probably fix it in a little bit of bugs, which leads me to my next point, because there was an issue coming about as far as with cardano and the main Net launch theyre, going to the test net right now on september 12th, theyre going to launch the main net, and just so you know there was an issue which people were talking about with uh min swap and what happened real, quick.

It talks about cardinal struggles with utxos dap errors and congestion issues, and then min swap was a dap that ran into these issues with uh, cardano and immediately everybody says its broken. It sucks its awful its the same thing with like the thing we just talked about with the lighting network and the different app from from chiba. Whatever else that is broke, this needs a little bit of configuration and charles is like well theres, really not that much. We can do so to break this down im going to bring in my buddy hashoshi on friday. Around four oclock were gon na. Do a quick, little show and hes gon na talk about it before the mainnet launch for cardano and then so for all these things. Just think about the different problems that we have with with blockchain and congestion and gas views and everything else that just shows to me that were super early and were in the right place at the right time. So just take it with a grain of salt. I think theres a lot of big things on the horizon, all right and then to finish up. This was fun. This was really fun. This is throw this up, so you can see. Ah man, i missed it, so this is uh. This is me cj, monty and thats, john and jane over there at uh market rebellion, and what we got to just talk about, which was pretty cool, was all the things that are going on in the marketplace, and one of the things that that john brought up Was about liquidation, you see a thing called buy bit by bit.

This is people going there for leveraged positions, 10, 50, 100, x or whatever else it is. I think its around 50x and its always the same thing by bit by bit by bit by bit, and this is what causes that cascade effect, that waterfall effect everything just kind of drops: the ground im not going to preach, but im just going to preach a Little bit, if you dont know what youre doing as far as like with leveraged trades, stop doing it because it screws up the whole market thats, just my two cents, youre well, do whatever what you want to do. We do live in a free society were not in china, so uh. That is what it is. I just see like vibe its the same thing every single time and everybody that i see like going talking about by bit. Like you can do it, you can do it, you can do it. No people cant. Do it youre free to make your own choices, but im just telling you take my advice and stop leverage trading up to the hilt? If you dont have the money or the experience it just doesnt make any sense. So that was that little piece there i dont want to break uh, crush a dead horse and then we got into price predictions or where the market is going in uh, q4 and john started first and he says, look i think, bitcoins going around 80. 90.

000.. I think the markets going to do very well and then monty and cj pretty much agree. They go yeah its. You know pretty much the same exact thing and then also i got to ask uh john nigerian there, a quick question about which was this is john. Looking surprised, like hey john, i know you have been around for a while so tell me stories about manipulation, because people dont believe me that manipulation is going on. First of all, before i tell you what he said uh, this is john okay. Remember the cboe! Well, former chicago bears player right, ns, uh, new york, stock exchange, cme and cbot worked as a floor trader for 25 years 25 years as a floor trader. I guarantee hes got a ton of stories uh. In 1990 he found a mercury trading sold in 2004 to citadel uh largest hedge funds. Then in 2005 he created option monster, sold trade trade monster which, because monster to e trade for 750 million in 2016.. So look uh john here hes got a lot of stories. Hes got a lot of stories to tell, and i asked him about manipulation, and he told this whopper of a story about spoofing and sell orders and buy orders and dark fill and liquidity and im, like oh, my god so im just gon na. Have you watch it and have the man from the inside explain to you? This is like a do not miss when you see this youre gon na know why im not a big traitor and maybe itll scare, the jesus out of you, and to stop doing the craziness okay and thats thats it.

I will link that uh that video in the description below and lastly, i just want to talk about sweet mary and joseph rob, gronkowski uh, if youre not from the states, hes a big time, nfl player and uh, everybody loves gr, everybody loves gronk and he just Got picked up by voyager and he did a commercial for them and basically its like this im going to link his you can find him rob. I mean hes everywhere on twitter, but hes, giving away uh crypto hes, giving away 25 000 in bitcoin and the vgx token to win one of 20 thousand dollar prize just tag your friend hashtag new best friend. I got a bunch of these tags and then follow rob and invest voyager thats. All i got to do and then the video itself is pretty funny its just him scratching dogecoin and talking about doge for a little bit and talking about cryptocurrency. But this is what mass adoption looks like. Okay, you have people who are very well known, who have an enormous following on twitter, instagram, tick, tock, facebook to youtube, blah blah, hes everywhere and uh. Guess who picked him up voyager all right, so i thought it was a pretty funny pretty funny video and its just good for mass adoption and look thats it for today. So i know theres a lot of things going on, but a lot of things going on and um. If you like that video first id like to say thanks for sticking with me, if youre all the way to the end, if you liked the video give it a thumbs up a like, if you like these types of videos where we talk about things that are Going on today just consider subscribing we do this every single day talk about whats going on, hopefully to make you uh better aware and thats it so uh thanks so much for watching.