A look at multivac were going to have a look at why these two projects have been pumping like they have um really interesting, and i think i found sort of a correlation between the two um. If you like this sort of content, mash up that, like button subscribe tap that bell select all the notifications, so you never miss a video right lets, get down to the desktop and take a look at whats going on with both of these projects. So well start with al goran, then this is a project that nick and myself have been sort of involved him for for an awful long time. Ive got it in pounds here. Let me just change that so uh. Currently, at 196 weve seen, you know a good pump to the upside um. You know, bearing in mind the markets been sort of uh dire um. You know over the previous day, or so now, nick and myself, weve got in about 20 20 or so cent uh. Where is it yeah? Probably about you, know 27 around that sort of mark? I would imagine, and so weve seen some tremendous gains uh in our grand and it is an immense project. We dont talk about it that much mainly because it doesnt really seem to get many views, which is disappointing um, because its such a fantastic project right lets um sort of go here. So why is it skyrocketing um, so im not going to read through the the whole article here, but basically in a in a nutshell: um you had um the news about el salvador and um.

You know bitcoin, but behind the scenes, theyre actually going to be working with algorand uh to build the blockchain infrastructure required and and stuff like that, right and – and this has sort of gone under the radar now for me, this isnt. For for me, the reason why its bumping as as much as it is, although its been made out to be the the reason here in this particular article, and i see many people sort of talking about it as being one of these mechanisms to you, know, thats Caused this um, you know explosion in uh, al gorans, price, right and um. I dont think thats the case. I think. Actually you know theres another article here where theyre talking about it. I think its a its a fantastic thing, but i think its just gone under the radar right and uh. For that reason, i dont think thats the reason why its pumping like it is the reason why i think its bumping is because of this announcement right and it and its very fitting, because its its sort of around the time they started to pump right. So our ground is now empowering creators and has introduced basically an nft marketplace right, empowering artists uh with algorands blockchain. So you know its fantastic weve got the website here. Um nice very interesting website launching soon so its not live just yet. But this is gon na. You know bring a lot of potential traffic and transaction volume to to al goran, and i think that is why the price is pumping in preparation, uh or anticipation for that right and for me i think thats thats, the the main reason.

Why were seeing the pump that were seeing um? I dont really think its anything to do with el salvador personally, but do let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are. I think this is uh going to be fantastic for our grand um. You know, and i think this is the reason why were seeing the pumps that were seeing right then youve got this as well and um. You know the the green aspect of blockchain. Is you know its been in the the headlines and uh? Our grand is, obviously you know, um reducing their carbon um emissions or making it neutral um by offsetting it with climate trade um. So another really good article to delve into again im not going to get into it um too much here, but you know its again. Another you know good piece of of pr right, um, okay, so then we move on to multivac right now: uh multivac um. We got in sort of around this area here, sort of you know, i dont know a quarter of a cent, maybe um so again, weve seen some fantastic um gains with with multivac and um. This is where the the crooks of it comes. You know why is multivac uh starting to to gain traction, so one people are starting to talk about it and um. You know its starting to be noticed now because again, its a fantastic project um, but lo and behold, theyre also um introducing their own nft marketplace.

Right, an ecosystem theyve partnered with polychain monsters, right um. So this is again it is fantastic and just like what were seeing with al grand. I think this again is part of the reason why multivac is also starting to see some some decent gains right, and i think these projects are both going to continue. I think, were going to see more traction were going to see more people talking about these projects. I think were going to start to see more people taking notice of these projects right, and the next thing that i kind of just wanted to to highlight right is how early we are if we, if were invested in a multivac like nick and myself right so Zilliqa at 1.5 billion market cap harmony, 1.3 billion l ron, 3.4 billion and then near 2.7 billion market cap, multivac, 55 million right like um. I guess this was at the time that it was um. You know uh put together, but you know just to illustrate how early it is for multivac. I do encourage people to go. Do their research to see whether this is a project. You know worth you investing your hard earned money in so definitely worth taking a look at this one. So for for me, the the nft marketplaces um on these ecosystems, uh, partly the reason or the main reason why these projects are pumping like they are um. But do let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are? Do you agree and uh do your thoughts align with mine that you know this? Is you know, i guess in anticipation of nfts on these ecosystems, or do you think its fundamentally something else, im really interested to get your views and opinions, and i will reply to as many comments as i possibly can um you know.

So these projects are two projects that i think are going to continue to do really really well throughout the rest of the year um. You know as we get to towards the peak of that ball run um. You know, let me know what you think of the the these two particular projects that were calling out today. So with all that said, dont forget to mash up that, like button subscribe tap that bell select all notifications, so you never miss a video right ill catch.