We know what they uh started to do with coinbase. We talked about that news last night and we know theyre going after other cryptocurrency companies and token projects, and we have ripple ceo weighing in on this, so ill share what he has to say and theres many other people in the market. Talking about this, like mark cuban missouris, uh, ryan, selkis and many others, and were going to talk about some massively bullish news, macro investor dan tapiero, who it was originally a gold bug. Whos now in crypto, just got over 800 million dollars to invest in crypto. The money is coming in guys, not only that we have standard charter, a bank giving bitcoin and ethereum price predictions how things have changed and mass marketing is starting tom, brady and ftx exchange. Just did a very interesting commercial and it speaks to whats coming guys, this markets going to be uh, really big, the greatest asset class ever so im going to share all the details with you before we do. Please go ahead and hit the thumbs up button, leave a comment below and hit the subscribe button. If youre new here it helps support the channel and it doesnt cost you anything guys. This video is brought to you by okay coin crypto exchange where you can buy, sell and trade. Your favorite cryptocurrencies and you dont have to pay high fees. Okay coin has low fees. In addition, you can stake your crypto and keep 100 of the rewards.

You do not have to pay any fees, guys so uh thats, a great thing you can stake and just keep all those rewards, guys um all right be sure to sign up link in the description. The market not much going on with the prices because obviously were in that respective dip that ive been talking about right. I needed to see the red candles so expect. Maybe uh into next week were to just be moving sideways and building support levels, so dont miss that part were building support levels before we move upward again to new all time highs, then youll probably see in november. We have another pullback right, another dip, and then we keep moving up and i believe well hit new all time highs and have a blow off top when exactly thats gon na happen, im not sure the date or the month, but it could be within the next. You know four to five months, it could repeat like 2017 and top off in december, or it continues into january or february its hard to tell thats why you need to have a plan and know what what price point youre going to cash out at right. Because no one can call the top of the market thats a very difficult thing to do all right: brad garlinghouse, ripple ceo, of course the sec has a lawsuit against ripple over xrp. Well, of course, he had a lot to say here because, as i said in yesterdays video, a lot of the xrp holders been saying this since ripple went after excuse me, since the sec went after ripple.

This is an attack on crypto, genster wants more power and they want to go. Do shakedowns of every crypto project and get money, thats thats their goal, so brad says the secs continued warfare on crypto continues to play out in december 2020. I said that weve been having discussions with the sec for nearly three years about xrp and yet never been met with clarity sound familiar, and this is part one of two uh. He continues here saying. Thankfully, today many recognize the havoc caused by regulation by enforcement were ready to work with responsible actors, pro innovation, members of congress and others in paving a path to clarity and certainty with u.s regulators. He said here if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together, so i i tweeted about this similar sentiments. We have to come together as a crypto community, because the sec is not stopping with ripple and you can. We see that theyre going after unisoft now coinbase watch out, cardano watch out chain link watch out v chain. Theyre gon na go down the list, guys the and genster is looking for the government to give him more power to do this. So brad references his um article um on the website on december 22, 2020, the secs attack on crypto in the united states and rightfully uh worded there right guys. We see whats taking place um now ripples, uh general counsel, stuart in in.

In response to what brad tweeted said, the following. We are told to engage with the sec in good faith and what do we get? Enforcement actions or threats of them with no clarity, their preferred method of strong arm, intimidation and inconsistently applying unclear rules hurts consumers and markets in the end uh. He continues by saying some uk singapore, japan etc. Have clear frameworks for innovation to flourish with consumer and market protection, others with sandboxes for safe collaboration between innovators and regulators? How did the us end up with the secret? Excuse me with secret regulatory inquisitions. So what hes talking about and and a few folks have mentioned this, the se, if you approach the sec right, they will talk to you and and and while you may think, theyre trying to help you what theyre looking for oh lets, see what these guys have Under under their bed, right lets see what theyre hiding in their closet and lets lets look for any gotcha moments: theyre theyre, just collecting information. So while you think theyre theyre, talking to you nicely and theyre looking to help you theyre looking for ways to grab money from you shake you down, this is this: is mafia style, right um and we talked about in yesterdays video theyre operating like the mob, so Theyre going around trying to shake down everybody and we know theres conflicts of interest thats. Why ethereum got a free pass right, uh. Clearly, hinman was paid off by the ethereum foundation and joseph lubin, and these guys uh you know, do i have the clear cut evidence right in front of me showing you the payments and so forth? No, but we can see claires day what was said: the timelines, the meetings, uh hinmans speech and so forth.

Right these things all point to being paid off um and you know the likes the likes of jay clayton. We saw what he did. Didnt approve a bitcoin etf, uh didnt, want to give clarity, and i think he was would win with hinman on the ethereum uh payoff, probably and uh. When he went to one river he helped them to submit a bitcoin etf proposal, unbelievable right, i and then, on his last day we saw what he did to hurt the uh ripple and xrp holders, so the sec is just out of control here so mark cuban Weighed in on this, i remember he won a lawsuit against the sec. He said in response to brian armstrongs, tweet brian. This is regulation via litigation. They arent capable of working through this themselves and are afraid of making mistakes in doing so. Then they leave it to the lawyers. Just the people you dont want impacting the new technologies. You have to go on the offensive hes, absolutely right and some people are giving brian armstrong um. You know crap for like tweeting about this um, a lot of bootlickers and ill share. One booth licker with you um who who was against this but hes right. You have to go out there and expose it right and thats. Why? I i keep telling you guys tweet, make videos, send emails, call your respective local congressmen or senators right and tell them like hey. We need regulatory clarity.

What the sec is doing is wrong and we clearly see the sec. Doesnt represent people, because they havent responded to the what the 20 000 plus xrp holders and the motion to intervene on behalf of xrp holders right it is. It is clear, as they their agenda. Their motives and they have lost their way clearly um. The only person i would say is the exception is hester purse at the sec shes, the only one that has been talking to the public asking for uh feedback and having public discourse right and has put out the safe harbor and clear regulations, but where the hell Is gary genser and the other folks nowhere to be seen it is? It is unreal whats happening um ryan selkiss, who is a founder of missouri crypto im, actually trying to get an interview with him heres what he tweeted uncomfortable truths. Regulators are most worried about financial stability, not retail protection. The financial system, medium term will be extremely unstable. A crypto can serve as a life raft or fuel. The insanity, crypto pros, say life raft, incumbents, say gasoline. So, like weve been talking about the incumbents, the banksters they dont like this, the fact that you can go earn yield on your crypto means youre, not putting money in their pockets and theyre in their respective accounts right. So they dont, like this theyre fighting it hard and genser, is a goldman sachs guy. He is a pup, hes being hes been controlled by the bankster puppets right uh.

The thing the incumbents miss is what crypto could do for the u.s financial system and the dollar reserve when it comes to the export of crypto dollars and bleeding edge of fintech innovation. Crypto could prolong the dollars run as a reserve. If you embrace or accelerate its demise, if fought, absolutely theyre, not going to stop crypto and ive said it before. If they come at this really hard people are going to move to monero and other ways and decentralized exchanges to bypass all these things that theyre trying to set up. They are actually making it worse if they do proper regulations, dont overreach, dont, stifle innovation. Dont. Do these stupid things that, like sneaking those respective tax laws in the infrastructure bill um and they dont try to go around shakedown companies, but rather put out the regulations and have people fall in line? Then police right um? They would help the market to grow and and they will be able to create more jobs and foster more revenue and look their collector taxes. But this the way their sec is operating, like i said guys its like the mafia, um and then ryan succus selkis also said the following: theres no other way to say this, the chairman of the sec is simply lying to people. Heres, a quote: talk to us come in, engage, ask permission. Then a platform like coinbase does just what that they get a just. They do just that. They then they get a wells notice versus uh guidance.

Why should anyone trust the sec or its leadership? Absolutely absolutely. We saw ripple give an example of this coinbase, so thats, why i said in yesterdays video they will, let you know, put their arms around your shoulders come on in, come on and then stab you in the back. That is what is going on pretty clear right. Um guys, jim cramer, whatever little respect i had for this guy, i have completely lost it. Look at what this fool tweets at brian armstrong, memo, brian ontra memo to you, never pick a fight with the sec. Never alicia has uh. Haas cfo has already started one. She said she had to school against her wrong. This guy is an sec, boot licker and you can see i tweeted that at him i said you like licking the secs boots. Dont, you kramer, um. You know why right hes part of the um, you know the incumbent crowd of these banks. They scratch each others back and ive said it before on this channel. Those of you who have been subscribed ive talked about these guys from jpmorgan and hedge funds. They go on cnbc cnbc lets them put their narrative out there. It fits their longs or their shorts thats how the game is played and thats why they dont, even like the fact that uh wall street vets and and these people are coming together and doing their own thing. They dont like that. It disrupts their whole power and control and and narrative that they put out there um, you know to the general public, so they manipulate them.

Look that is whats happening thats. Why crypto is so great guys? It gives us the common man. Some of the power back but kramer is, is a bootlegger brown nose or whatever you want to call for the big banks and even the folks of the at the sec. We see they have jay clayton on gary genser and they dont pressure them or ask them any questions about the ripple, lawsuit or anything like that, its clear what is happening right? You see these things now and treat in 360 from a 360 view, because we have the internet. We can see what was said. What was what was not said, we can go back and analyze it. We can look at timelines and dates and its pretty clear and and ive lost, complete respect for this man. Well, once again, whatever little i had, because i remember what he was saying before the 2008 financial crash. Now you guys, you guys know his his mo um. Do not take financial advice from jim cramer by the way do not take any advice from this guy on tv um, all right, heres, some very bullish news, new allen, howard backed 10 t holdings raised 750 million dollars to invest in crypto companies, wow wow, wow wow, Guys, uh bitcoins market cap is far from its real world. According to dan tapiero uh heres, a quote: how could the most decentralized most secure network in the history of the world be worth half of one company amazon it doesnt make sense.

This is so bullish guys because if you understand who dan tapiero is as a macro investor right uh, he moves in the same circles as rao powell um i mean hes hes investing. He was big on gold now hes in crypto and theyve raised 750 million dollars. Um and when i you know, weve been talking about this, the money is going to come and were seeing it now. This is coming to fruition guys a lot of money from the other asset classes, from uh, eventually, retirement accounts and so forth. Pensions were gon na. Go to crypto! This is why we have to be patient. Have a macro level view! Imagine you sold off in this recent pullback right because you got scared because youre not paying attention to what the smart money is doing clearly right right here, right so uh, so founded by macro investor dan tapiero t invests exclusively in the equity of mid to late Stage private companies in the digital asset, ecosystem, wow and game theory will play out youre going to see the other macro. Investors do the same hedge funds and so forth. So bullish all right check this news out standard charter. Um lets see sorry this. This stupid ad popped up here on reuters these sites have so many ads. They need to get onto web monetization via coil um standard charter c is a bitcoin hitting 100 000. By early next year, we saw jp morgan, give their price prediction citibank if their price prediction now standard chartered.

What a 180 from years ago, those of you who have been around here, you remember when they stopped excuse me tried to stop people from investing in crypto. What uh 180, my goodness guys, they also gave a price prediction for uh ethereum. They said the bank also said it structurally valued ethereum. The second most traded crypto asset at 20, between 26 000 to 35 000 through its reach uh that level bitcoin would have to be near 175, 000. wow, so bullish now, im. Also, when i see things like this im a bit skeptical when it comes from banks, because i dont trust them, i know the manipulation game they play like. I said they go on cnbc they put out, narratives and and and and uh. You know theyre its not that every single time theyre trying to do that, but they may sprinkle in some um. You know some solid, factual things, but then you have the agenda pieces. The agenda moves right that fits their respective bet, whether whether it be longs or shorts or whatever it may be so uh. You know this is for you and i whove been here and buying the dips and in the bear market in in the early parts of them and dollar cost averaging, you know, were not really focused on what the banks have to say. We want to watch what theyre doing um, but whatever they have to say i i wouldnt hold it as gospel id, rather look at the data, the analytics, the trends and so forth, and and people who are not part of the you know this whole banking cartel.

So bullish in one way, but im also cautiously optimistic about it. So just just how im feeling about it right all right check this out. Ukraine has legalized, bitcoin and crypto. You can now buy, sell and hold bitcoin and crypto. This is according to binance, ceo cz. So this is interesting: um and its its just. Every week or day youre, seeing a new country come out and say: hey were legalizing, crypto were adopting crypto big things are ahead, my friends um, and here tom brady he posted the following commercial. I dont want to play because i dont want to get hit with copyright, but he tagged giselle uh, his wife, its stephen curry, nba um, basketball, player trevor lawrence mlb, the major league baseball, kevin oleary miami heat. It looks like here dave portnoy, its just the amount of people involved in this with ftx theyre spending a lot of money to market their exchange. This is what weve been talking about for years, the the mass marketing coming millions of dollars so thats. Why you have to be patient this this is were just getting started, um, so guys. What do you think about this news? Uh, you know the sec. We need to all come together. I dont care. If you hold bitcoin xrp cardano chain link whatever we all have to come together, we got ta fight the sec so share these videos make your own videos tweets and emails. Call your your local officials.

We we need congress to step in here and put some uh regulatory clarity because, like i said guys, the sec is out of control. Genster wants more power. We got to stop them um, so guys leave your thoughts. Comments below share this video hit the thumbs up.