We are going to take a look at broccoli. The reason why i want to take a look with you guys, because i havent decided, if im going to invest in broccoli or not as they have an upcoming pre sale right around the corner. So if youre interested in climate change and youre an environmentalist and youre very interested in finding a cryptocurrency project that is eco friendly, broccoli could be for you. They are a multi chain, d5 project and their concept merges defy game fi to incentivize users to make and trade their positive impact lets go ahead and take a look Music. I have disappeared from the screen because theres a lot for us to go over and i want you guys to be able to see everything and, of course, theyre adorable little logos and graphics here. Anyways, the broccoli project has three interconnected parts: that kind of act as a single purpose. They want to rapidly grow broccolis user base and offset defys carbon footprint, as there is always room to improve when it comes to being environmental friendly. Their core platform is being environmental friendly and also acting as a popular dex and dap to make sure that every transaction is positively impacting the climate and no additional cost to the user. Because there are some crypto projects that actually say that theyre environmentally friendly and theyre not – and even if they are, they are passing the cost down to the user, and that can get a little bit frustrating.

Also too, when were talking about their api, any d5 platform can be implemented on the broccoli api and, if you guys dont know what api is. Basically, it is a key that you shouldnt share with everybody only when youre utilizing exchange and you basically could connect a key to a platform, and it will allow you to opt in for a small climate fee that offsets the transactions footprint. So it equals out into a positive outcome, so they have a green paper and their wait list. If youre interested in participating in the ido the sale, then you can go ahead and join the wait list. Lets take a quick look at the green paper, so the green paper is pretty much like a white paper, but theyve been very clever and they named it a green paper. Of course, i want you guys to go ahead and read through the entire green paper before deciding to invest, because if you do not do your due diligence, you can be impacted so its important to do so. I have already read through all of this, but i wanted to go ahead and make this video to kind of figure out. If i wanted to invest or not, and of course, if i do decide to invest, i will update you. I still havent decided yet, but i really want to talk about their token b r k, l. So the cool thing about the broccoli token is that its going to be governed by a decentralized automous organization, which is a dow and that the token holders are going to be able to kind of cast their vote on the different types of renewable energy projects.

E waste collection and recycling programs and partners for planting trees so any time a transaction occurs or any time theres waste that occurs. The dow is going to go ahead and decide well the users on how they want to utilize funds, to kind of give back to be and to create environmentally friendly outcomes for different parts such as the ones that we just kind of mentioned. And, of course, with the doubt, you can decide what you want to go ahead and change or propose, and the way broccoli is going to be able to perform this and be environmentally friendly is going to be with climate fees from the broccoli, decentralized exchange, direct donations From companies and individuals and api collected climate fees in native tokens, so as far as the climate fees collected, 10 of them will be used as community rewards for token holders, liquidity providers, which you have to have that and platform users. So, basically, its going to be one third for each particular aspect, one third for token holders at stake and vote governance proposals, one third randomly distributed to platform users to incentivize product adoption and one third for their token burn some other of the broccoli token metrics. We talked about the ticker bean brkl, the blockchain network is going to be on ethereum token. Supplies will be 125 million. The project valuation is approximately 8 million initial token circulation. 12.8 million. Approximately initial market cap, close to 900 000 platform, raised 250 000 in individual allocation is 500, which makes it pretty pretty fair and if you want to read other aspects of the green paper, go ahead and do so, but were going to cover a lot of them.

Here um, but lets go and take a look at token metrics really quickly. I know we kind of went over them. We talked about the market cap, the token supply the token name, but over here its going to show you for the private round: liquidity, ecosystem incentives, public sale, partners and advisors, development and operations. The vesting schedule is going to be over here and theyve got a lot of important information on this particular page, so make sure you go ahead and double check to make sure that it makes sense, and it looks like the initial price is going to be um For the public sale 0.06, so about 6 cents and the vesting for that is 20 quarterly starting on tge. This is more information about the token release, schedule and their token metrics and then down over here is an adorable graphic with their cute little broccoli logo. That is going to show you, the private sale, the public sale and the percentages going to different aspects. So lets talk a little bit more about introducing the green d5 layer. We talked about broccoli, transforming the existing d5 infrastructure to essentially kind of fight and help with climate change and different things like that by planting trees and sending money to environmentally friendly places, and this is all going to be done via integrations. Dexes nfts pool investments, yield farming, lending and borrowing and other integrations their green decks lets actually go ahead and take a look at that, but basically any time you utilize the decks you get to participate in climate action with every single token swap anything that happens.

Lets go ahead and take a look at the green decks, the demo. So this is what the platform is going to look like. I know the screen is a little hard to see, but the cool thing about it is down here. It tells you how many trees youve planted co2 prevented and green energy. So of course, youre going to have to connect a metamask or decentralized wallet, but in this particular case, because it is the demo its not necessarily going to allow me to do it. But it kind of will show you what um, what the impact is via this swap so lets say. We want to go ahead and swap point five, each um to die. We can go ahead and review the order place. The order and itll tell us success and then itll, let us know down over here for order history and then how many trees we planted um co2 prevented and green energy again, which i think is really cool and, of course over here. It lets us know how many trees weve um. We went ahead and planted and then once its live, itll tell you how to track your impact, so you can go ahead and see the progress on that and then, of course you can take another trade if youre interested in it green investment. So you can basically make investments that combine financial return and impact for the planet, and you can go ahead and track it, which we kind of just saw theyre going to have green nfts.

You can make direct donations and plant trees every one dollar plants to trees. You get a green nft to show off your impact, and that is kind of cool and for a lot of people that are interested in kind of giving back um having an nft to show that hey. I planted this amount of trees, its actually pretty cool, and it resonates with me because i did something similar for the boxing gym. Green lending provide loans that generate positive return for both you and the planet, which again, you might be able, maybe theyll have it set up, so you can get an nft that way either way, i think its really cool and then green, yield, farting and green integrations. These are going to be kind of what we talked about up here. Um. They are not live yet theyre coming soon, but basically anytime, you participate in any activity on the broccoli exchange. Excuse me decks or network um. You can actually give back to the environment by planning, trees and different initiatives, so a breakdown of how the fees are distributed. We talked about the ten percent of the fees that go back to the community, but so we have broccoli over here and then it goes to uniswap pancake swap one inch sushi swap token holders distribute the fees via votes, so community planning, trees, renewable energy projects and E waste recycling charities, so if youre on the fence about crypto, because you are an environmentalist – i totally understand.

I respect that. However, this particular project allows you to give back while giving your best life. So when they talked about game file was like what is game. Five, but basically it explains it here. So every time you use their decks dapps or any other products which we talked about you get to receive digital trees, pegged the value of real world trees. You can go ahead and trade own sell all that kind of stuff, which is awesome, and you can also navigate their forests of other users. So you can grow your forest and compete on the real leaderboard, buy and sell digital forests from other users and customize level. Up your broccoli avatar as you advance, more outfits, hairstyles facial features and other perks. This is actually really really cool and it makes like a fun thing to kind of participate in this particular d5 project, and i also see this being a really cool thing for kids. In school, maybe maybe in high school or junior high, those that are very interested in becoming environmentalists or want to learn more on how to give back. This sounds like a lot of fun, so we talked about play to earn play to impact with the staking rewards, discounts, liquidity, rewards governance, impact credits, use rewards and token burn, and broccoli is disrupting a 40 trillion dollar interest rate, which is wild, so theyre gon na Be disrupting gaming, blockchain and green investments, and probably the biggest one, is going to be green investments popping in at ‘ trillion dollars.

This is going to be their product roadmap we are currently in. I want to say q4 now, i believe well, anyways. In q3 market valuation developing broccoli decks, then the technical team was working on the decks and then the public security audit, which is important and of course like the public sale, is going to launch soon and then in quarter, four theyre going to be launching green nfts. Um people will pledge that theyll get an nft with the number of trees. They help plant the dex aggregator for price efficiency. You have to have when were talking decks and then climate positivity, test net business development for other d5 projects to integrate with broccolis one click. Api, which is amazing, because some apis take a while to connect and theyre complicated and theyre developing second product of the green, defy ecosystem. Then launching api integration for other blockchains. The team is completely docs, they are out there and you can verify via linkedin and currently their api integration already has clients. This is a list of their clients and again, if youre interested, you can join the wait list here so overall, i think that broccoli has a very, very great idea, because we all know that theres a carbon footprint that occurs any time you do anything in this World, because we are all constantly on our cell phones, our computer is doing whatever, but i really like the gamification inside the actual platform. Once it goes, live that youll be able to anytime you swap a transaction youll, be able to purchase trees or actually automatically.

Does that for you and then you can track those planning of the trees. The dow allows you to vote on different governance proposals to see what kind of industries you want to disrupt and help um being eco friendly and, of course the gamification was probably the coolest part by hanging out in forests and having like these little cute, broccoli, avatars. So i think its really really really cool and go ahead and comment your guyss thoughts down below if we should go ahead and invest in broccoli or not.