com, which is a subsidiary of todays. Free crypto signal is on ripple. As we know, xrp usd uh currently has dropped down to the immense news that weve been hearing on the uh levels of crypto in the previous resistance level, uh again its always support and resistance level. Its bounced off this level quite a few times in the month. On the 16th on the 27th and now again on the 8th of september, its testing, the barrier and as you can see its one, two and third confirmation, which means it hasnt crossed it. Hasnt gone down below the the second level, which tells us its going to carry on an output trend. So you know when youre looking at these types of levels, its always important to see where is it bounced off before, like im playing around now with a previous peak level? If you can see the top peaks here of here, which the first peak hit on the 15th of august, the second hit on the seventh so of september so shows is a clear indication of an upward trend on the bomb levels. Weve seen here the beginning of the candles, not the actual uh, should we say the uh, the spike candles, the actual candle has hit on the first round 1.095 on the second, there was a peak at 1.07 and it opened back up at the same level. Now, the third time it tried to come down, it didnt come anywhere near it and the fourth.

Obviously again it hasnt come near it again, which means it should go up. So if you see a candle drop below a first or second previous, it should show a downward trend on this level. Its gone one, two three four should go back up, should be hitting a 1.30 again before you see it rising up again towards where were looking at a level of around lets, just mark this off on the on the chart 1.70, which will be the next stop, And then so forth, on two and three dollars so thats todays, free crypto currency signal on xrp usd now a lot of people out there. Dont know what ripple xrp usd is. Riffle is the software behind the technology of bank transfers, so we have currently going on in the world ipad swift. So if youre doing a transfer from lets say the uk to the usa doing an i band, swift of lets say 50 sterling. Well, people would be trash sending much more than that lets say: 5 000 sterling, and you are waiting four to five working days. The fee is about 15 to 20 dollars for the transfer of the fee, and on top of that, after the transfer, um, so youve got five working days and 15 20 on the transfer fee ripple replaces that so the banks can free up the money. Thats hedged itll be an instant transfer within a couple of seconds, if not a minute, and it will cost probably 10 cents for the transfer to be done, if not just under a dollar, so thatll be the transfer of xrp, and that is the software behind it.

Now, iban, swift have come forth and said that their technology isnt anywhere as advanced as the xrp ripple, so theyre now theyre trying to work in liaison with each other to find the solution which they have already and implementing in the banks all around the world. Now this is being done in the back end, so front users are not seeing the price moving up and down what will happen. One day is therell, be a launch and theyll say right, oh by the way, so many banks have now implemented it and its gone up and we will wake up one day and see ripple go through the roof like they say to the moon. This will happen. Its inevitable um and it will probably be the one, should we say, exchange that all the other cryptocurrencies will be going through at the same time, so ripple keep an eye out for it. Its one of the major ones out there that its actually solid with a great foundation and brad garlinghouse whos behind it if im mistaken, is the fifth richest person in the world at the moment. So that in itself should tell you something about this: company ripple is been in the market for quite some time and is now coming to an end with the sec lawsuit. The cryptocurrency case was crazy. The sec is losing to ripple xrp, and this is like you know, world news out there right now. A lot of people are loving the news and understanding how serious the xrp ripple company really is.

Brad garlinghouse im sure has a grin on his face laughing knowing whats to come so keep an eye on this space were sending out ripple all types of crypto signals on our free channel up to 15 crypto signals on our vip. The links are below. Please dont hesitate to ask any of our staff with any questions or queries that you may have in regards to subscribing payment solutions and so forth. We have options for you to open a forex account option for you to open a crypto account again from our links below and again dont hesitate to ask us any questions that you do have we have over 75 support staff on telegram live chat within europe and Another 20 within middle east asia, so, depending on the time jurisdiction, someone will be available on the at forex signals sms username to help you out with any questions or queries you may have now in general, over the last decade or so, fx fx premier has grown Rapidly its uh well over a hundred staff. Now the company is based in belize, chicago and dubai, with individuals like myself, all around the world im currently at the moment in london, working uh as the one of the heads running all the videos for youtube for fx premier and and So you know fx premier, the brand has been growing strong for a decade now that in itself should tell you a lot about the company, the people behind it and how willing they are to excel.

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For you to know that proof of the pudding we as fx premier always advertise what we believe in and what we believe will do well in the future. So again, you know every day were doing free, forex signals, free crypto signals for everybody to see how we work and why we want to expand and help people out. There learn the forex industry and trade. Now you will be seeing a lot more from fx premier, including online pdfs theres, a 350 page pdf on what is forex. Think of it as the idiots guide to forex its going to be live. Its also going to be set up on put on amazon and kindle youll be able to purchase it from there as well. The links will below in the description soon, as well as an online video course, which ill be promoting on behalf of evex premiere, which will be a 15 to 20 video 15 to 20. Videos on what is forex and how to learn about forex trading, including different types of terminologies thats it for todays video on the free cryptocurrency signal on xrp usd.