Welcome back to your number one place for all your investing needs in todays, video were gon na, be looking at three potential altcoins to buy on the dip. Obviously, the market has been down the past few days, but in the past 24 hours were making a little bit of a recovery. The market is up about nine seven percent, so almost one percent up top gainers in the past 24 hours is gon na, be al. Goran right there, which is up about 74 trading at two dollars and two cents highest volume, like usual bitcoin right behind it, we have ethereum, so bitcoin is down about two percent trading around this 46 000 area, so were back into the mid 40s guys. You know that the 50s lasted for a little bit and then that pullback after the whole situation that happened this week, we pulled that down a little bit ethereum at 3500 still performing very well. Obviously, but you know, prices that we were at pretty much a week ago, so not much of a loss right there, and then everything else is pretty much down one or two percent, with some outliers, like solana, still destroying it. Solana is just on fire. It doesnt care what happens in the market. It continues to boom on higher, which is obviously great for us. You know investors that are invested into solana so guys before we get into this video smash. That, like button for me lets, say for a hundred plus likes on this video.

I know you guys can do it so smash it subscribe to the channel. We just hit 42 000 subscribers turn on that bell notification. So you get notified every time. I make a new video and, as always, if you want to sign up, for, we will get your two free stocks valued up to twenty three hundred dollars links to go meet in the description so guys. How do we know that weve reached the top? Well lets? Just say that yesterday i went to dominos and i was picking up my pizza and the reason i predicted you know that something like this would happen that were nearing the top of this cycle. For right now is because im going into mcdonalds and theres four workers in the back and as im picking up my you know, pizza theyre talking about bro. Did you hear about bitcoin? It crashed like seven thousand dollars today, bited it by the dip and as soon as i heard that i just thought to myself, yeah whenever you hear your average joe talking about crypto, you know were reaching the you know the top the peak right there. So its time for a little bit of a pullback, so i just thought id share that with you guys now. Her first altcoin obviously is going to be solana sol, so solana obviously still performing very well. We talked about this coin when it was trading at 30 and we still think its a great investment for the long term and its going to continue to go higher, obviously, in my opinion, so solano, right now up about 17.

18 in the past 24 hours trading at 211 dollars this one didnt really get phased by that crash yesterday, like i said uh, you know, didnt really care what happened. I mean it did, pull back down to 150 and then it just continued to go higher and higher breaking through the 200s. I you know im not going to be surprised if this continues to go higher and higher with this momentum in the past week, its up ninety percent past month, right here it is up four hundred and sixty point eight percent past year, five thousand seven hundred and Fifty seven percent – so you know all time high previously here in may, was around fifty five dollars. We pretty much went up about 300 since that high. So, even if you got stuck here at the high in may uh, you know during this crash and if you would have just held on to your coins, which is you know what people suggest just hold, you would have made 300 gains, even if you bought at The top here and got stuck – and you thought it was the end of the world, so you would have made 300 300 profit, so a thousand dollars invested. You would have had three thousand dollars profit plus right now, which is just insane. This run has been insane in the past month and a half. You know about a a thousand percent. You know gains, i guess you could say from 23 to almost 230 dollars thats about a you know: 10x right there, so 56 billion market cap right now value in the past 24 hours at 13.

2 billion. You guys can see they have some different uh things now on a coin base right here, typical hold time. Seven days popularity number five trading activity so right here it shows you the percentage of coinbase customers who increased or decreased their net position in sol over the past 24 hours through trading. What this means is increased buying activity can signal that the asset is gaining popularity. So, as you guys can see, 75 buy 25 sell right now. Solana is a decentralized computing platform that uses sol to pay for transactions. Solana aims to improve blockchain scalability by using a combination of proof of stake, consensus and so called proof of history. As a result, solana claims to be able to support 50 000 transactions per second without having to sacrifice decentralization so guys. The reason behind this you know huge pot with solana in the recent month is obviously nft. So a lot of people are saying that, because nfts are booming right now, solana is benefiting from that as well, and obviously solana is one of those greener coins as well. So this is actually a great pick for a long term. Investment, in my opinion, obviously, and then for people that are interested in staking coins, where you can lock in your coins for a certain amount of time return. You know getting a certain amount of percentage back for just holding your coins. You know, solana is a great pick in my opinion, because this coin is definitely one that i would uh you know be interested in buying on a dip for the next.

You know five 10. 15 years, possibly i i think theres a a lot of opportunity for this one to continue to go higher in the future. Even though the market cap is getting a little bit high at 56 billion right now. But if you compare that to you know some of the bigger coins theres plenty of room for it to continue to grow, and i would not be surprised if um it did so, it usually does everything that we dont think is going to happen. So this is just amazing right now. What solana is doing even with this pullback in the market, solana is on fire, so definitely a coin to be watching for any major pullbacks could be a great opportunity for long term holders, so thats our first coin. Second coin is gon na be file coin fil. So this one right here we dont really talk about this one much on the channel, its up about four point: three percent in the past week, its up sixteen percent past month; 41. Obviously we saw it here at about 120, then, with the market pullback uh, you know happened two days ago we pulled back to about 77 and now were continuing to back. You know come back up as the market is recovering slowly, so weve seen these flash crashes happen in the past in 2021 and every time weve recovered very nicely. So hopefully that happens again. Obviously, here on the one year chart were still up 351 percent, but still far away from that 237.

You know a dollar all time high that we saw here in march, so we still have over 100 upside just to get back to the all time highs. Market cap right now, 9.3 billion, with the volume being at 3.5 billion and then obviously typical hold time is about 12 12 days on this one 71 buy activity and then 29 cell activity filecoin is a cryptocurrency that powers the filecoin network, a decentralized peer to peer File storage network that aims to let anyone store, retrieve and host digital information. Fil tokens are used as payment for these services and as an economic incentive to ensure files are stored reliably over time. So this coin definitely another one that i will be adding with the market cap being under 10 billion, still plenty of room to go, as you guys can. You know saw solana at a 50 billion market cap, so this coin could have that potential in the future and do a 4x, 5x 10x even opportunity just to get back to about 100 billion market cap as crypto continues to gain momentum and becomes more popular worldwide. As you know, more countries accepted it its definitely going to benefit from that as well, so file coin. Our second coin, then we have a momentum place. So this one is a pure momentum play, not one that i would you know personally hold for the long term, but right now as it continues to gain. Obviously it is, it could be a possible.

You know uh day trade opportunity for any uh. You know high risk players right there, so al goran right here, algo is up about 47.8 in the past 24 hours. We actually talked about this one a few days ago when it was trading at in the one dollar range or so, and its at two dollars and two cents right now, so in the past week, its up 74. Last time we talked about this one. I believe it was trading at around 120, 120 or 125, so since then were up about 70 or 80 cents, which gives us about a about a 70 profit uh. You know that we saw right there, so this one is still an opportunity right here we saw a dip to a dollar and then came back up over 100 in the past. You know 24 to 48 hours in the past a month. This one is up 144 performing very well in the past year 389, so this one is kind of making a move kind of similar to solana. So you guys saw the solana chart where solana just kind of exploded on the upside, while al goran right here is looking to have a similar uptrend right here. But weve saw weve seen this same type of situation in the past with avalanche coin and many others. Uh, it could take a pullback very quickly, so this was one that i would just personally look at for an in and out opportunity.

Maybe a day trade, maybe a you know overnight hold, but not something that um. You know i would be holding for a year or two years or something like that, because i personally dont know you know too much about the coin for the long term. So this is just a momentum play right now as theres a lot of momentum going on. So right now, market cap 10.3 billion 3.8 billion volume typical hold time. It actually says 50 days right there, trading activity 49 by 51, sell algorithm is a cryptocurrency and blockchain protocol that aims to be simultaneously scalable, secure and decentralized. It uses a consensus. Algorithm called proof of stake, pure proof of stake, so this one momentum play guys be very, very careful. Obviously, when investing in the crypto uh, you know im, not a financial advisor, so speak to your financial advisor before investing and you know understand the consequences. Its a high risk, hyperware type situation, so speak to your financial advisor before investing into any crypto um. You know this is not financial advice. Obviously so guys. How is the rest of the market performing well lets. Take a quick look so whats going on here with bitcoin uh bitcoin, like we said down about two percent, but its pretty much been trading ever trading around this 46 000 area. Ever since, after that, you know little recovery. We saw from that crash in the past week, like we said down about five percent past month here up about five percent and then obviously, on the one year, chart 351 percent, but were still up about 15 16 000 from the low that we saw here in July market cap we were so close to that one trillion market cap and then you know we just had to ruin it the other day and were back to 869.

5 billion. So now were pretty much. You know pretty far away from that one trillion market cap again, which is okay, well well, come back up in the future. You know slow and steady wins the race um, you know. Maybe the market was a little bit overbought, and this is a little bit of a cool down to relax everybody i feel like we were getting into that hype hype zone again as you can, you can pretty much predict whats going on just by looking at you Know the graphs and looking at youtube and trends and different things like that. Uh, you know like the channel was personally getting a lot of views lately, and i knew that there was a some big hype going on. A lot of people were looking at the crypto, and now we saw the sell off and you know now the the people are watching less. I guess you could say, and it correlates with exactly what bitcoin and crypto is doing so right now were seeing a little bit of a cool off, which is actually a good thing. Im actually happy about that. Well see a cool off, hopefully some consolidation and then an uptrend on higher uh, at least thats. What were hoping for ethereum pretty much flat, only down about point nine percent, but its still trading around its actually up higher than it was here after this crash at 3, 300. now, its at 3, 500 or so so, its very nice here in the past week.

Its down 8, obviously from the 3 900 highs, but this coin is still doing great. I mean obviously its up 16 on the month, but we were trading at these levels. You know just you know about a week ago, so this is not crazy. We saw this pop from 3 500 to about 4 000 very quickly in a matter of a day or two, so this pullback, you know, i think this is actually healthy. So im not you know, im not mad about any of this going on. This is actually good in my, in my opinion, up 900 on the one year 408.7 billion market cap with the volume at 31.4 billion. You know, as you guys, can see your trading activity 72 percent by 20, sell uh. You know 81 percent or 81 day typical, hold time with bitcoin 77 percent by 23 sell 80 85 day typical, hold so thats how theyre performing and then dogecoin well dogecoin its in its own world guys. This one is down about three percent at 25 cents. You know pulled back down to 23 cents now its a little bit of uptrend past week down 13 past month, up five point, eight percent and then a past year, obviously over nine thousand percent, with the whole hype. That happened here with uh elon musk and all these other meme, you know pumpers. I guess you could say: training. Activity 73 by 27 percent, sell 51 typical day hold so doge.

Obviously, in my opinion, its not gon na go back up. I think this is pretty much the peak levels that were seeing again uh, but you never know doge could go to the moon in the future. You never know what can happen. Anything can happen in the crypto space. So you guys, let me know in the comments below what do you think is going to happen with crypto for the rest of the month and obviously for the rest of the year. Are we starting to see a pullback again and possibly come back to lower levels? To a bearish market, or do you think this was just a healthy pullback and will roar on higher in the near future? Let me know in the comments below smash that like button for me guys subscribe to the channel turn on that bell notification. So you get notified every time i make a new video and, as always, if you want to sign up for weeble, get your two free stocks, valued up to twenty three hundred dollars. Links are gon na be in the description.