My name is tom: in todays video im going to cover the latest news, some technical analysis and also the top of coins im watching right now in this weird and volatile month of september, so stay tuned and also watch the very end, and so, without being said, Lessons into the video okay, so jumping straight into it now. The first thing i want to bring your attention to is that were currently on 196 000 subscribers, i believe its 196 500. once we get to 200 000. Subscribers were on the road to that. Once we get there, we will be doing a giveaway and the giveaway will consist of a prize pool of two thousand dollars and two people will win a thousand dollars each of an old coin of your choice. It could be anything it could even be bitcoin. It could be dogecoin or it could be any old coin that you want, and this is an opportunity for us to give back its a debt. Well, never be able to repay for the stuff that youve given us, and so we really want to give back to the crypto business community and to be in it to win it. You must be subscribed to crypt to busy so tell your friends and family theres. An opportunity for two people to win this, so we really want to you know, spread the opportunity there as well so well. Leave that all links down in the description below and all the necessary things were going to go through in todays video ill leave.

Links down in the description below now, what were seeing right now is a fair and greed index of around sort of 45.. This changes every single day. I mean its theres, a bit of a lag to it as well. I mean it was 79 on the day that bitcoin went from 53 all the way down to 43, which is absolutely insane um, but you know it updates and it went down to sort of around sort of 50 odds and sort of like 47., its currently at 45. – and this will oscillates and the the key thing is none of this financial device, but not financial devices, but the key thing when it comes to this is be greedy. When others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy and its it is, you know a bit of a science to this. You have to get involved in the markets to understand. You know the idea and the emotion behind trading and investing and when to get out of the market one good way of doing that is dollar cost averaging. You know dollar cost average out of the positions and dollar cost average into your positions, and it could be a certain percentage, whether its more or less. You know whether its a five percent every day or five percent every week or five percent every month, it doesnt matter it doesnt matter on the percentage and it doesnt matter on the duration or you know how regular its going to be it just matters.

What works best for you, because we all have you know nine to fives well, have different um, you know commitments as well, and so you know you have to style your your style of trading to your lifestyle, and you know if youre busy, 24 7, then look Into longer term, investing if youre you know, quitting your job and you want to do investing 24 7. Then thats going to be. You know your job 24. 7.. So you have to look into what is best for you, so yeah fear and greed thats. Quite interesting. 45, at the moment, another thing thats going to be interesting throughout the month of september is the consumer price index. This shows, if theres inflation in the markets, if theres inflation in um, you know just in general, so this will be happening in also the states and also the uk as well, but for the state its happening uh this year. I believe on the what is it the october not time, second september, the 14th um, so thats happening, i believe next week, so very soon um, and this will affect a lot of things. So this wont only affect the stock market, but it also affect the crypto market as well, and speaking of the crypto markets. Im going to go through my strategy, what im doing right now and also the top all coins im looking into right now, its one of them is also bitcoin. Just so, you know and then also im going to go with some bitcoin and ethereum technical analysis just to go through whats happening, because these things do go hand in hand, the technical analysis plus the fundamentals.

They do go hand in hand and its really important. Historically september is a bearish month um, you can see here right now. You know the past few years all the way since 2013, and there was a negative 19 in 2014 and the only two months out of these past few years that were positive. Only two septembers that were positive where 2015 and 2016 the rest were negative. Another one thats, comparable is also march march, tends to be quite crazy as well. You know whether its going either way 172 back in 2017, uh, 2013 and then also for 2021, nearly 30, which is absolutely insane. You know you guys have all seen us these massive games that we saw throughout this year and even in beginning, you know, if you take into all the percentage gains from the beginning of this year. Up until now was still in profit from january, which is absolutely insane, and so i do think again were getting into the second leg of this crypto ball cycle that were getting into right now, and it is absolutely insane so. You know stick around theres a lot to get through throughout this whole ball cycle right now and so septembers going to be an interesting month. I do on if im a betting man. I would like to see a green, whether its going to be a 0.1 percent or even, if its a 5. I would like to see a positive gain for september.

It would be good for the crypto market for the overall health of this market. It would also buck the trend of whats happening uh for the past few years, so i do think september will be quite interesting for whats going to happen for the crypto price for bitcoin and everything involved. You know theres a lot of stuff happening. Ukraine has adopted a virtual assets law that will regulate bitcoin, essentially legalizing bitcoin. This is great news, so this is on top of el salvador, adopting cryptocurrency adopting bitcoin, which is huge a big step forward, even though many people say that the el salvador adoption did was like a buy the room or sell the news events and the people of El salvador are not big fans of bitcoin, so theres a lot of that going on as well, but i dont think that the country of el salvador was able to you know that wasnt, the the main crux of what happened. You know the other day when bitcoin did crash theres a lot of things going on theres the sec trying to sue coinbase for the lending platform if they go ahead with that theres also the sec trying to sue ripple labs, which is also not really working out For them, because the more and more we progress through this lawsuit, also with the more and more we see that its looking more and more in ripples, favor and not in the secs favor. You have other countries across the world getting quite hard onto what bitcoin is going to be doing and theyre going to be in a bit of a clamp down as well.

So theres going to be these external forces that we have to be aware of, and so therell be people out there that want to create this fudge that want to create. You know the opportunity for themselves to get in and not for the retail investors. Like you know, for all of us, we are the retail investors. We have. You know whether its 50 or 50, even 50, 000 youre still not comparable to the whales and the institutions that are out there, who have millions, if not billions, of dollars at their disposal. To affect the market, and that is essentially what youre, betting against or betting for is whats going to happen with that. So go with the trends and dont try and pre empt the markets just affect whats happening after theyve moved the market. So right now were seeing a market cap of 2.1 trillion dollars, so its healthily staying above 2 trillion theres. That flaw there, which is good to see and also the bitcoin dominance, is starting to decrease. Just a little bit around 41 well see some very, very interesting and very cool stuff. If we do see, bitcoins dominance go below 40 throughout the month of september and even carrying on through the rest of this year and ethereums dominance increased. Because, with that, we we could possibly see ethereum flip bitcoin in this whole ball cycle and what were seeing right now is bitcoin ethereum cardano in the green today.

This is good to see even uh tecno tethers, even down today its a stable coin. It doesnt matter solana, thats doing really well at 200 and theres a lot of fomo in solana, but just be aware, when it comes to you know, solana or whatever it may be it doesnt matter if its solana xrp, even if its dogecoin theres gon na be People that you know are, you know, missing out and they think were gon na im missing out in this really cool trade. Okay, yeah youve missed the boat on this particular one, but there will come a time when a correction or a dip will happen for solana or something you know we could be seeing a correction for savannah to 150, maybe even 140., its up 70 percent in the Past week, and so there will be a correction in my opinion for that um and also others as well its good to see a bit of a recovery and strong support at 47k, which ill go on to in just a second and also be sure to follow Us on twitter and join our telegram group chat all linked down in the description below so lets go over some bitcoin and ethereum technical analysis. Its very important to have a look at whats happening with the bitcoin price, with ethereums price, as well im, currently on the daily time frame for both and on top of that, as well um. Just looking at whats happening with this good support at 46 to 47 k, this is important for bitcoins price.

If we do see another daily close of bitcoin above 47k, then in my opinion, i think we could be seeing its currently thursday. Maybe by the end of tomorrow, we could be seeing bitcoin trying to re test that 50k again now. Another scenario that could play out – and i i have a feeling this might play out this weekend – is that we could be seeing bitcoin, try and break above 50k and if we see bitcoin break above 50k or do some crazy volatility positively or even negatively over the Weekend then, i do think well be seeing a retracement either way going into next week, because you know throughout the weekend the market uh. You know the capital flows out of the markets. Uh the volume starts to go quite low. It does follow the the traditional trend of the stock market and forex as well and institutions who do control the market. They also go home for the weekend, so you have to take everything accounts if theres a fake outs over the weekend – and you could expect a correction either way going into uh next week now um, my preference would be what we saw earlier this week of you Know pretty much range trading and quite plateauing of bitcoins price throughout the uh the weekend and then going into uh sunday evening monday morning going into positive price action. I hope that does happen and we could be seeing the re test of that.

In my opinion, i think thats also the likely outcome there is. We could be seeing another retest of 50k by the end of next week. In my opinion, if we see a rejection of 47k today, then i do think well be seeing a re test of 42 and then 40. um, and that is again. If we do see that re test um of 47k and its rejected, then you know well be seeing a re test of around sort of 42 and 43k with ethereum its currently trading at 3, 500. So its pumping quite well um ethereum and most of the old coins will pump more than what bitcoin will do, because um first of all, the market cap is a lot less and the hype, and the volatility is there for more than all coins than it is For bitcoin as much as bitcoin is favored and loved um old coins do have also their time as well so, right now again it did follow the trend of bitcoins uh correction. Again, this is not natural price sell offers at all. This is a complete, complete manipulation. I would say even this green candle here was uh manipulation, but what were going to see right now is, if we see a close above 3500, we could be seeing another retest four thousand dollars same with bitcoins price action here, and then, on top of that, if We see a rejection of 3 500, then we could be seeing another re test of 32 and then 3000 3000 is a very nice and big support for ethereum.

So if we do see another correction to the downside for ethereum and then i do think ill be picking up some more ethereum at three thousand dollars and then, if again at any time further than that as well. Now, if you want to get a much clearer pitch whats happening in the market and get that competitive edge that you thoroughly deserve, especially right now be sure to join our creative busy. Vrp coin calls its through patreon on discord, so make sure that you have discord and on there we give daily updates whats happening in the crypto market. You have two people that pretty much run the the channel on discord, uh, the guy called fitzso and also a guy called dear fall. They give you the daily updates, the news, the fundamentals, the technicals and everything involved in the crypto space. On top of that, theres coin calls every single month and on top of that, as well, if theres more riskier coins every single week that you might want to get yourself into its completely entirely your choice. But on top of that, as well twice every month, josh and i will go through a webinar uh going over the market in much further detail and for the coin course, gold members, you get an extra webinar again getting some extra support and some extra benefits with That as well, some extra knowledge on there as well, so all links down in the description below make sure to check it out and be sure to join.

Today, its uh really cool. A lot of people have been loving what were doing uh with the crypto busy therapy coin calls a lot of people have made themselves. You know quite a fair bit of money as well, which is great to see and its also great, to see people. You know really lifting themselves up and getting to stepping up to the plate for this and its a fun and engaging community at the end of the day when it comes to this now, all you know all trading comes with risk thats. What i want to make sure that i said there as well youre in capitals at risk there, but again all links down in the description below im now going to go over the coins im looking for um quite closely for the next few weeks, certainly throughout the Month of september, because its really important what happens with uh, you know these prices. These will affect the rest of the market. I did cover pretty much solana, whats happening and also with bitcoin. Those are the two coins were looking at the moment. The other two ill go through in just a second, but expect a correction for solana fairly soon. The hype will soon die down. I mean, if you look at this right now, its absolutely insane its just a hockey. Stick right now so do expect some form of correction, probably within the next seven days, with bitcoin right now, again key level at 47k, its really important that it holds it on top of that as well xrp im looking quite closely whats happening with xrps price, this Sec lawsuit is heating up its warming up to some form of positive conclusion for xrp, and if we do see a possible conclusion, then i do think it could rip two dollars very quickly and then, on top of that as well um, some conclusions could be happening.

Some key dates are happening next week as well, so were making some more videos next ill, be fairly soon and also the other coin. Im looking out for is cosmos is trying to make a break for thirty dollars fairly soon um, i think thirty dollars is quite a key area of resistance for cosmos, so those are the ones looking out for the market is doing fairly well, we just need to Do this continued support for this um, but thats it pretty much for me in todays, video uh do comment down below whether you agree with me whether you disagree weve gone through in todays video. All feedback is welcome and um yeah ill be responding. Some comments down below as well so make sure to leave a like and with that as well on the road to 200 000 subscribers.