Stay tuned, whats up everyone randall here from crypto love, todays video were talking about a lot about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. We have a shocking divergence between the chart and on chain data. We have some very important news, including mark cuban suggesting suing the sec and the top altcoins today before we get into it guys make sure to like subscribe click. The notification bell also come join us over on twitter at the crypto love where every week we give away one of these sweet shirts now lets get into things. This is the bitcoin chart today, as you can see, i still have the rainbow bitcoin spider lines on there. You can see bitcoin got rejected from this green line. Price came down, and i kind of put these arbitrary dotted lines right here, which were points of support. Previously – and it looks like at the current time, bitcoin could potentially be sitting in this little bullish, megaphone right here, potentially continuing to go up and up and up now there is some very, very diversion news between basically the on chain data and the price we saw. The price tank bitcoin dropped 20 percent in a day, but even the creator of these lines right here, the bollinger bands – even the creator of them very bullish – on bitcoin right now and were going to get into that in a minute. But the first thing we need to talk about is this very important news here: sec versus coinbase, alex mashinsky, says celsius will have to wait and see on the fallout.

So in case you guys havent heard about it. Support for coinbase and its ceo, brian armstrong has been pouring in from the crypto community since the company disclosed in a regulatory filing on wednesday that he received a wells notice from the usse. The regulator is threatened to sue the exchange over his proposed lend program, which would offer four percent interest on customer holdings of the usdc stablecoin. So right now alex mashinsky says i think, were going to need to go through these murky waters right now and well need to get clarity and its going to take a little bit of time before we get the rules and we can start running faster. The sec claims yield on usdc may be a security if paid to non accredited investors. Coinbase did not ask permission for all assets only for usdc. Now it seems very strange that they cant just do that, but thats the sec. Apparently, if you have under a million dollars or something like that, you dont know how to take care of your money. So everyone has to wait and see what the sec will issue. As a regulation looks like coinbase wants to take the sec to court like xrp and prove they went beyond their charter. So brian armstrong on september, 8th tweeting, some really sketchy behavior coming out of the sec recently story. Time mark cuban says brian. This is regulation versus litigation. They arent capable of working through this themselves and are afraid of making mistakes and doing so.

They they leave it to the lawyers. Just the people you dont want impacting the new technologies. You have to go on the offensive, so hes saying you have to actually take them to court to sue them, so they can figure this stuff out because theyre not going to do it themselves. They have no idea what theyre talking about so. This is very, very interesting: could it impact coinbase but also celsius and some other lending platforms out there now? Not only that, but cardano confirms launch date for smart contracts, mainnet upgrade launched, confirmed today around 1726 utc. We successfully submitted an update proposal to the cardano maynate to trigger net to trigger a hard fork. Combinator event on sunday, so big thing september 12th potentially might cause the price to drop. The prices ran up, 50 percent might cause the price to drop, might not well kind of see how it plays out. Also after el salvador ukrainian parliament passes law, legalizing cryptocurrency theyve passed bill. Number 3637 on virtual assets, regulates legal relations arising in connection with turnover of virtual assets in ukraine. Now this basically allows them to regulate the bill and to start accepting cryptocurrency as legal tender. Now theres that news, and then this news here so thats kind of whats going on all across the market, sec versus coinbase, cardano, mainnet, launch ukraine making cryptocurrency legal tender, but what we have going on with bitcoin right here. The third largest bitcoin wallet just bought 23 million dollars worth of bitcoin, one of the largest bitcoin whales seems to have taken advantage of the latest crypto market turmoil by buying the dip about 490 bitcoin.

When i was exchanging hands at around 46 800 with a face value of 23 million dollars, bought them from us exchange coinbase, so whales are buying. If you want to be rich, you should do what do it? Rich people do and buy bitcoin, but not only that, because we have the price dropping. Why would people buy? I mean gosh prices dropping coinbase sec. It looks bad, but it turns out. We talked about it in yesterdays episode. Most of the price crash was due to over leveraged noobs on a buy bit, unfortunately thats how it happened. So what happens here based on this chart? Overleveraged traders wrecked bitcoin whales, nom nom nom, on chain tracks, broader trends, which are only strengthening. You can see right here, huge divergence, the amount of bitcoin being bought increases dramatically the price decreasing. That is a divergence. When that stuff happens, the price ends up catching up and shooting shooting up. Not only that, but some people are saying well this on chain data. Doesnt correlate, i mean: how can why didnt, you predict that that was going to happen well, derivative markets and on chain investor movements are two different systems: one controls the short term price, the other controls the long term price comments like these are ridiculously naive. So this guy here saying im excited to see the on chain analysis that predicted todays market crash in two to three weeks, its not going to happen its basically very, very risky traders over leveraged and they all get liquidated its like dominoes falling one after the other.

After the other, and as we saw here in the price, okay were going to take a look at this in a second, even the creator of the bollinger bands, john bollinger, he says now bullish on bitcoin usd good risk reward setup first target the upper b band. Progressive stop under todays low someone went on to say the don. The kryptodon said thanks john just remortgaged the house and used kids college fund to go all in thanks for the financial advice and john bollinger in a great way says: did you sell the wife too? Very important question because you know you need to go all in so, as we can see here on this chart, bitcoin is right now sitting on the lower bollinger band, as we take a look back in history previous times when was on lower bollinger band back here. In june, and also july, before price shot up and also basically every time it touches the lower band, it just shoots back up so very, very good time to be bullish on bitcoin now thats about bitcoin how about altcoins? Well, if we take a look at cointelegraph markets pro, which takes a look at some of the best coins to consider taking a look at based on current sentiment, twitter activity trading volume and price movement on the entire history of that asset were going to take a Look at the top coins on the vortex scoreboard, but something else that they have.

That is very worthwhile. Are these news quakes? Why? Because if we take a look at the news quakes, when there are listings announcements generally, you get the information about 10 or 15 minutes before the rest of the market and look at these prices that you can get peak return from the listings. 161. 121. 111. 109. 87 and you can set up uh discord to give you notifications. When those happen and based on the exchanges, you can kind of expect on average different things like coinbase listings on average 91 percent, also, some high ones ftx, okay exchange, not so good. We binance gemini kraken, so lets take a look at some of the top coins on the vortex scoreboard. Today were going to take a look at koti were going to take a look at zilliqa and what else were going to take a look at teller and also the sandbox these four right here. So first one koti right now: 30 cents vortex score 87 and, as we can see here the vortex score over the past month. We can also see returns in the past day and everything like that. Any recent news quakes that theyve had right there. So if we take a look at the chart, zoom out a little bit, you can kind of see codys been following this trend line up from the top bounced down got up to the 23.6 and then right now sitting around the 61.8 underneath the 21 day moving Average – and i dont see anything really that interesting, potentially a big head and shoulders inverse head and shoulders forming right here if it does complete this upward move right here, but as of right now, its sitting underneath the 21 day moving average id like to see a Little bit closer to above it now, the next one would be zilliqa 10 cents vortex score 82.

. You can see here the price versus the vortex score. Any new uh news quakes anything there and then, if we take a look at the chart, this one has bounced off of this 78.6 line its sitting right underneath the 21 day moving average and again following this nice progression upwards. These are log scales. The next one would be teller, 55 vortex score 79, and we can take a look at the price versus the vortex. Were there, as we can see here, bounced off of the 78.6. This one is getting squeezed very, very close to the 21 day moving average, but i saved the best one for last, the sandbox saying: 83 cents vortex score 79. We can see right here the last time that it flagged green price, went from roughly about 76 cents. All the way up to 98 cents. Well, it just flagged dark green again, but not only that if we take a look at the overall price, this one is actually right above the 21 day moving average, and i would think that out of all four of those top ones today, the sandbox would be The best one to take a look at, but this right here, the vortex scoreboard. This gives you the higher score suggested. The current marketing digits have been historically more bullish for a coin within 24 hours gives you the best chance for highest. Gainers gives you good coins to take a look at those are the top four for today.

If you havent checked it out, there is a link down to coin telegraph market pro in the description. Any pinned comment. Thank you guys for watching.