So in todays, video were going to have a look at the scc versus ripple case, a huge monumental win for ripple, in my humble opinion, but well let you guys be the judge of that. You can. Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below now. With that said, um, you know we really do appreciate if you mash up that like button, if you like this content, subscribe tap that bell and select all notifications, we highlight so many hidden gems and we, you know, highlight projects where you can go. Do your own research and make an absolute ton of cash so its definitely worth subscribing and tapping that bell and selecting all notifications with that said, lets head on down to the desktop and see what it is that im referring to so well start on coins market Cap, i think this is the best place to start xrp down 1.87. Now you know. Obviously we had the pullback for bitcoin, which brought most of the market to its knees and with that said, um a lot of other projects have started to to sort of. You know gain momentum again, uh xrp looked like it was going to, but it didnt um, and this is mainly because uh in my opinion, anyway, the um coinbase have come out and said that they actually arent planning on re listing xrp. So i think thats kind of you know whats um, you know led to xrp taking a bit of a hint a hit, but i do think this is going to be short lived, so lets move on lets see what jeremy hogan has been putting out.

So this is the the big news that i feel you know is huge and monumental right in the respect that you know this is a big deal right, um, so lets get into what this all is so uh request for admission number 99 admit that, prior to The initiation of the proceedings in the response to uh inquiries by third parties, described in request, number 99 above the scc, has never informed a third party that it uh considers xrp to be a security right. So this sort of, in my opinion, really um, sets. I guess the the notion that um, the sec havent really given fair notice right, because if they admit that this is true um that they, you know, theyve been asked um, you know their opinions and for clarity by third parties and they havent. Given it then, for me, they havent really given ripple fair notice, right um, but you, let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are. So this is the answer. So, in addition to the foregoing objections, the commission objects that this request is relevant because the commission can prevail in this case. Even if the request fact is true, so this is basically them saying that even if they didnt give um an answer, um or clarity uh to to whether they believe that xrp is a security. When asked is irrelevant because they can win even if they didnt do. That right and um you know this just goes to show that this is a um, i guess an arm of the the government or um a company or business.

That is just really a cartel looking to to gain money and lets be quite frank. A lot of these um crypto projects or companies normally just settle just because its easier and they can get on with their lives right so anyway. Let me uh continue, subject to all the foregoing objections. The commission admits that before filing the filing of this case, certain third parties inquired about the legal status of xrp. However – and this is it – the commission did not state a view, one way or another in response, so basically they never gave any clarity right and um. This is, this is a big deal and um. If we go to the tweets here so well uh. So this is what jeremy hogans got to say. Well, thats official, slash legally admitted, then um ripples. First um request for admission to the sec was attached to the most certain court filing and in it the sec admit that it never told anyone that xrp was a security until the lawsuit was filed. That is now an official admission in the case. So you know its interesting stuff, i kind of feel like you know what leg do they have to to stand on in this case i mean this is just ridiculous, that you can take somebody to court, sue them and um. You know all for being a security when people ask you and youre the governing body of the securities um, you know and you you basically dont, give any clarity.

How how are people supposed to know? How are people supposed to be law abiding, its ridiculous um, and you know its a modern day cartel in my opinion, so let me know in the comments below what your thoughts and opinions are for. Nick and myself, you know weve always kind of said that therell be some sort of settlement, thats kind of how we we saw things going. I mean, if ripple, do win this case. I mean outright win. It then um, you know the the price is going to go on the 10. nick and myself are calling out 16. It could go higher if ripple win um. It looks like ripple potentially going after to coinbase and dont, be misled by these other youtubers that have absolutely zero idea uh when it comes to to whats, actually happening um trying to tie coinbase and the sec uh to be one and another. You know i mean, like it just seems farcical to myself um, but with all of that said um, i hope you enjoyed this video and um. You took some value from it. Nick and myself, completely bullish on on xrp got large positions in it. With all that said, none of this is financial advice. Go. Do your own research mash up that, like button show your support, subscribe, tap that bell and select all notifications.