Why did i do that? What are my price targets and much much more? All of these things are things i am going to talk about today, so make sure you take a seat. You smash up the like button to a new all time high, as always guys, as you are the most lovely community in the world. I am here right now in dubai, on the top of my building after this bar, but obviously this doesnt hold me back to make these videos for you. When i have, i am wherever i am and now lets go straight into the content and lets actually talk about what insane breakout warning im actually talking about for bitcoin before i go into the outcome section before i go into this one altcoin gem. As far as i think, no financial advice, which i was actually heavily scaling in right now now lets talk about that. Let me go over here into the charts and if i am pulling out the um, the trading view application here, you can see when im going into the bitcoin chart that something crazy happened here over on the one hourly canvas, actually something which i was talking about Earlier, as you can see, we were consolidating in this falling wedge here and eventually breaking down here to approximately 44 800 us dollars, and if you are subscribed to the mm crypto channel, you saw me actually making. Let me see here this video here bitcoin.

This is very bad news, but and in this specific video i was, let me quickly go back into the camera mode. In this specific video, i was actually quoting a price target for this breakdown of 44 800 us dollars, and you know what guys, let me show you this little clip youre from basically six seven hours ago, where i was talking about it before i am talking about. My next price prediction for bitcoin look at this autumn, then um. We can actually pull out the target, but this would be a very similar target to the m pattern breakdown here. The price target would be approximately among the 44 800. and, as you can see, almost up to the exact dollar actually up to the exact dollar. We went down and hit my price target of 44 800 us dollars. You know im not shorting bitcoin, but whoever did congratulations to you right now. The question is on the bigger scale of things here. What is going to happen to bitcoin and well? I can tell you something on the bitcoin chart alone. It will be so important, and let me for future reference put in this line here to hold the previous low bitcoin holding the low and getting a bouncier in the immediate short term could resolve into one of the most beautiful w patterns we have seen to date With a price target of approximately, let me pull that out here and obviously it is speculative.

It is before the bounce so take it with a grain of salt. But if we were to break out – and i would just measure it here – all the way up until the wick – then you can see the price target would be approximately give or take 40. Let me quickly see um 49 500 us dollars as long as this is not happening. Of course. Lets remain cautious. Of course, lets put our alerts here for the price of a 44 400, which is actually a lucky number uh, not to break to remain here. On a higher low trajectory in the immediate short term for bitcoin and one last ending note over on the daily canvas before i am going into the outcome section before im going into what i am predicting for the outcome section to happen here in the immediate short Term i wanted to give you a quick overview over the vp avr for bitcoin, but before im doing that, i wanted to ask you quickly. Let me rearrange the camera. Are you an altcoins and, more importantly, let me know your favorite outcomes in the comment section down below. I will, after the upload of the video for the next few hours, every two hours or so go into the comment section down below and see your most suggested. Altcoins, the most upvoted ones, the most suggested ones. In the comments section, i can pick up in the next few videos and makes um fully dedicated uh not fully dedicated but partially dedicated ta.

On this video, i will tell you my price targets and obviously, whether im holding it or not, leave your favorite icons down below smash up the like button and now lets go back into the charts here and right now on bitcoin here on the daily canvas you Can see if i am zooming out a little bit and pulling out the vpvr the volume per volume range. This is showing us on in a horizontal manner, on what specific price levels what volume was traded and what you can see here is that at the price level, where we are right now, if we are breaking the bottom and water falling more lower, the next big Support is coming in at approximately 40 000 us dollars and then the vp via 30, 30, 33 000 us dollars give or take the elon musk buying zone. I am im not saying im expecting this price level to happen, no, not at all, but it is in the room of possibilities. Right now, we are still supported. All im saying is: if we break the previous low theres a lot of free space here on the vpvr, a lot very, very low volume traded and the next support just coming in at 41, 000 usd remember this level. If we break the previous low 41 000. Us dollars the price level to look at, and now this is probably what most of you have been waiting for, number one. What is going to happen to the outcome section? I will talk about that very quickly and then i want to talk about this.

One outcome where i did put in actually to be exact, almost 600 or approximately 600 000 us dollars from my own equity unleveraged, and i will talk about that. I will show it to you just in a second. First of all lets talk about the total crypto market cap, because if i am pulling out the total crypto market cap – and i want to do this on the weekly candles then – and just to give you an um an overview. What this actually means. Every single candlestick represents the total market cap, not only the bitcoin market cap, not only the altcoin market cap, its bitcoin market cap plus altcoin markets cap, so the whole crypto ecosystem. So to speak, which is of course, representative whether we are going to a bear market or not. If bitcoin goes sideways, but outcomes keep exploding, you could call that a crypto bull market. So this is the alcon. I want to look at whether to consider um to consider whether the the outcomes market, the the crypto bull market, is over or not, and if i am pulling this out, you can see that we are having here very, very unique, a unique constellation. And let me quickly go back to the weekly canvas now, so here you can see on the weekly. The upper yellow line is representing the weekly closes of the previous all time, high of the crypto market cap, where we were approximately at give or take 2.

4 trillion us dollars. We wicked down, and now we are coming back for another re test. So far we are rejected in two days. This crypto market cap will close and likelihood is very low, of course, that we are going to break it. We need to break it, though, if we are not going to break it, chances are. Let me go back to this one here that we can be rejected at this pivotal point upon the previous high if we are being rejected, chances for an m pattern are high, and this is usually a very, very bearish pattern, of course, where we can eventually break The bottom here and go towards the downside. The traditional way of this pattern, though, is to consolidate, among the all time, high waters. We are doing right now and eventually going to break out. This is actually a good shot. This is actually a bullish chart. We just have to prevent a big bearish bounce to happen here. We had just have to consolidate a little bit more among the all time high before eventually breaking out towards the upside and now guys. This is probably what youve been waiting for lets talk about this one altcoin and its an icon. I was scaling in earlier already, but now oh wow, look at this. Can you see the fountains? This is the fountains here next to the burj khalifa. They have built for like 100 or 200 million euros, so thats crazy, fountains its attracting a lot of tourists, business people.

I think it was in the end, a good investment if you calculate uh calculated overall, really beautiful anyway. Now lets talk about this altcoin and it is one of the six outcomes i mentioned earlier and i want to talk about why, if you think you have missed out on solana, i can tell you, maybe you have. Maybe you have, but maybe i have some good news for you here. Let me go over into the chart and let me pull out the elrond shot and if i am going over to elrond or eagle or, however, you want to call it. I want to actually show you that something right now is happening and we are consolidating among the all time high as well, very interesting. If you consider number one. That solana has broken the previous all time high already by a multiple fold. And if you also consider that solana, which is fundamentally very very similar to elrond and im in personal contact with the founders as well, its not paid, not nothing but im, actually working on this project, im actually building something on this project as well or like planning To build something on this project, because im doing that, i know that it is a very good project and because i am doing that and because im in contact with them, i know that they are building on it and it is actually a beast project. Of course we need a bull market for that, but now consider that the solana market cap is 15 to 16 times higher than on elrond.

But lrond is also a high performance, high transaction per second smart contract platform. Then i would say, maybe there is just in relation some undervaluation happening. This is why i was actually – and let me show you proof here over on my binance – account scaling into e gold. Now its at 730 000 us dollars. You know i got a much lower entry price when i made my top six altcoin video and now its at um, like 730 000 us dollars in holdings in lrond, and if you dont want to miss out on these future predictions on bitcoin on altcoins go down Below this is your time you have to press subscribe, but also, importantly, the bell button and the and then on all to make sure that youre going to get notified on every single video. I am making that you are not going to miss out on these predictions. I am making, let me know in the comment section down below if you have bought uh solana at 80, when i predicted, when i was uh talking about it when whether you bought l1 at 150, when i was talking about it and so on, i would like To see your um updates, because this altcoin video got like hundred thirty hundred forty thousand views, so most of you guys have seen it. Thank you so much for watching guys.