It is your friend crypto face and uh. I thought about live streaming right now, but um i have company over and were just gon na do a little video kind of going over what im seeing in the market and im liking. What im seeing we knew that things were going to have to take some time time is going by, and i believe that we are increasingly showing strength for the bulls. What was once bull strength on lower time frames, uh from the five minute from a few days ago, has now pandered into slowly day by day the higher time frames across all spectrums, bitcoin coin alike. I suppose we can start with bitcoin, but first market its all. I use its everything ive ever used created all in one place. Well start with bitcoin boy, oh boy, boy! Oh boy, look at the hourly the two hour. The hourly our flow of cash has a nice curvature. The momentum blue waves have been increasing to the upside. We had our nice fatty, green dot, deep waves, all increasing money flow, increasing, rsis, increasing, coming up to our spider line, and you know what else we could say we see here. Technically we have a fat headed head and shoulders. Perhaps one could do something such as this, something like this jargon that people also like to do clone baby. What would that bring us? You know its like a three percent move or something you know its there, its there just one thing of many.

Yes, we just have to wait and patience is going to pay off im long been longing 30 minute. Money flow is now into the green and look at that just right now we have made a higher high on the flow of money. She still has time. She can still wiggle up and down hell, even me, maybe even wiggle, down lower again but as time goes on its gon na come the move to the upside. I believe i am just a man. These are my opinions. Thats bitcoin ripple the star of the night as of right now, just had its first nice little pop lets go to the hourly same thing: absolutely beautiful, absolutely beautiful basic strategy, baby, deep momentum, waves, our first green dots, the butt of the gun, the handle and this Puppys about to shoot, bang and she has already begun. I will dont be surprised if it comes up and come down and has to take a couple steps around. I am long on ripple ive been in that little rip along for a day or two looks like shes starting to pay off good stuff im liking. What im seeing im liking when im seeing look at even the six hour yeah the waves are tight not as deep and you know not as deep and defined, but for what they are for as tight as they are mama turtle. Baby turtle, infantile, the grand baby turtle increasing to the upside were liking.

What im seeing im a like, and what im gon na see in negative five on the dbsi for the bears, the weakest number on the dual band strength index: a nice little 15. This is on the six hour um, you know again lets go to the 30 minute, beautiful, absolutely beautiful, its just a matter of time. Just a matter of time. Money is increasing, coming in, naturally, the plants will grow, the plants will grow and but like a flower, but a flower must open and close. It must open it must close, but overall it grows and thats the theme for the day today, solano solano finally reached that 200. I told you, i told you yeah. Everyone knew that everyones, a genius right now everyones a genius right now, solano, looking good on the 20 minute nice little curvature, nice little patty cake little booty, little patty cake, booty, wan na get a little spatula a little spatula and syrup, and smack that ass smack That white pancake ass well take it when it comes back up, were gon na be giddy were gon na, be riding that pancake booty rare in a coin pump like this. Can you get it in the red and get this opportunity? I am long on solano. I am not telling anyone else what to do. This is just what i am doing. These are my opinions. I like what im seeing look at that devious side, that dual band strength index 17 to the minus five increasing to the upside on both hike and ashes and standard candles.

Music lets go to ethereum. Take a look at the hourly beautiful, wide curvature. These are baby making hips these are baby. Making hips baby and were about to party, might have to wait a little bit longer. But if i was a guessing man, i dont think wed have to wait much longer. I think its a coming soon. I think its a coming soon im long on ethereum, im long on ethereum lets go baby lets go baby. Looking at the four hour uh, we might, we had a little hitch a little hitch, but if this curves be a nice trigger wave shed, be a nice trigger way of looking at the three hour that trigger wave could be forming, she could be forming george foreman Shes, a george foreman, yeah yep im liking what im seeing im liking, what im seeing im lucky when im a scene hex for almost that 50 cent, almost 50 cent, its your birthday, its your birthday, gon na party. Look at your birthday! What are we looking at? Hex looking good, i guess i mean i know this just keeps going up whatever anyways, not surprised, ripples retracing after its nice little pop its just the first sign someone popped its gon na come back down id, be id, be willing to bet shes gon na pop Again, i think, were gon na be seeing popcorn popping all around. I am just a man, i am no professional, it is just my opinion.

It is what i believe. Anyways maybe ill be streaming later.