Im gon na be talking to you guys about some cryptocurrencies that got hit really hard during this dip and were gon na be taking this opportunity to increase our positions in them. Thank you for tuning in to the show my name is jose and breaking the cycle is basically a show where i talk to you guys about finance and how to make sure that we grow into a wealthy family in the future. So were gon na be talking about this dip and also the buying opportunities, but were also going to be talking about why this happened. I find it just a little bit odd that today september, 7th el salvador buys 400 bitcoin and all of a sudden, the market drops thats just got to be a crazy coincidence right and if you havent done so already make sure you smash that like button, it Helps out the youtube algorithm make sure that my video goes out to a lot of people. If you just go ahead and click that, like thats all you got to do. Just click that like button and if youre feeling a little generous make sure you hit that subscribe button for more content like this now enough talking lets, go ahead and start. The show just like i mentioned previously lets check out this tweet from the actual president of el salvador, najib bouquet, if you havent heard of him hes, just an amazing guy honestly, his humor is just beyond par.

If we read this right here, it says it appears. The discount is ending thanks for the dip imf news. We saved a million on printed paper and el salvador has now 550 bitcoin, and this is obviously what hes saying right here. He bought the dip. What the dip the dip he bought. 150 new coins for the actual country – this is just insanely, amazing thats. Why i said that theory of, like some higher power crashing the market right after el salvador, buys 400 bitcoin its just its too coincidental. It doesnt really make sense, but so thats. Why hes saying hes buying the div he added another 150 bitcoin to his portfolio? Basically im gon na be showing you a chart here for bitcoin, but i dont want you to get scared. I know a lot of people dont like looking at these higher prices. Like 46 000 for one bitcoin, it honestly drives a lot of people away, but i just want you to know that bitcoin itself, it drives the market for the most part because it has higher dominance than any other crypto. So you need to understand that before you go into everything for the most part, all altcoins are following the bitcoin trend. So if we look at this right here were looking at this crazy trend and this dip that happened today. It actually crossed the support line and right now it actually has another red candle. So what does that? Second red candle do its actually showing us that there might be another decrease and it is just not heading in the right direction.

But who knows the next? Candle could be a green candle and just put us back on that positive trend that we were having before and just jump in line with that support that we already created. So besides bitcoin im gon na be talking to you guys about what opportunities you guys have in the market during this dip. So the first one on the list and is one of my all time – favorites is gon na be polka dot. Polka dot already has a lot of things going on for them. You guys have probably already heard so much about them, but im just gon na be showing you just this little chart and how weve drawn a support line right here and right here. This was an accumulation period, accumulation period; it just means where you buy more and to just increase your portfolio value. We actually saw that this dip right here brought us below the actual accumulation box, that weve drawn right here and its actually contesting that support line that weve drawn all the way from 2nd of august. So what does that mean jose? Why are you telling me this so honestly, like i mentioned before that second red candle, if theres more red candles and it can test the support line, which is this blue line right here that ive drawn? If it goes past that or beyond that, and it keeps going down, then well just have to recharge this and see where our other supporting lines will be, but for the most part, what im doing im just dollar cost averaging at this point, ive bought at 31 Ive bought at 30 dollars, ive actually bought way before at like 18, when i had a huge dip in may, but right now were focusing on this current dip and its a good time to buy obviously not financial advice.

But what ive been doing is ive just been increasing my positions in dot, because i think this coin could be easily 70 dollars and my next favorite one that has not seen any type of huge pump or bullish run, is matic im. Sure youve heard of how great matic is and if you dont know matic just know this im sure youve heard of draftkings, where you gamble and you do all these crazy things. Draftkings has been releasing a lot of nfts and theyre, actually using the polygon network to release all of these nfts. So all of this traffic is happening on the polygon network and they still havent had this huge bull run and theyre still just super quiet and as we can see, the charts here were actually creating a bullish divergence. It hasnt popped off yet its it just wants to so weve gotten into this accumulation box, like i mentioned before, where were just gon na, be buying more and more matic just so that we can increase our coin amount and then were just going to the moon And hopefully we can see a two to three dollar matic by the end of the year or even higher. Last but not least, im gon na be talking about link chain link has been around for a long long time and honestly, its been creating. This boring boring chart right here, but all of this is just an accumulation period, as ive mentioned.

Once again, some people speculate that chain link could be possibly upwards of a hundred dollars by the end of this bull run, ive been filling up. My bag with chain link just because i think there could be a huge bullish run for this actual coin, im very positive and im very bullish on chain link, as you can see, as i mentioned before this accumulation box. Obviously, we already broke that trend and from now on, what im trying to hope for is that it just keeps going up from here. Chain link has been extremely boring and has been decreasing little little little by little. What so its been decreasing little by little, but hopefully once it starts picking up flow and volume. It would actually go all the way up to 100 or to be more. You know closer to a realistic side, maybe even double 2x 3x, which will keep it around 60 to 70 per coin. So these three coins – i have on my watch list just because, honestly with the market, how it is right now and this crazy dip that no one was expecting. No one really knows whats gon na happen in the next couple of days. In my opinion, i think that we can really just keep going up from here, just because of the bull run that were in right now. I know i said chain link was the last one, but not least, but honestly i had to add this fourth one which is solana.

You already know that im bullish on solana ive already bought some solana myself. Actually, if you watch my ethereum killer video, which is all about solana, you can see that i actually mentioned this at 93. Obviously, a lot of things have changed because right now its currently trading at 173 dollars, even after that huge step that we took, you can even look at this chart and say hey: where was that dip that solana hit because everybody else got hit? 20 15? All of the altcoins they did go all the way down to like 140 and i tried to buy even more there, but unfortunately coinbase wasnt, allowing me to binance wasnt allowing me to it was just it was just a hectic time. I think there was just too much traffic and just coinbase or any other platform couldnt resist all of that traffic at that same time, but, yes, im still bullish on celina ive, actually done a lot of research already and theres. A lot of people saying that even at the 170 dollar price point, it is still a buy because they think that it can go up to 300. Honestly, those are not my words. I think solana could hit 250 225 and thats just me being on the conservative side, just because i dont want to just hope that it goes to 300 and then just thats it, but it can definitely hit that 250 mark just because of all the projects that Are currently going into solana and its just a great project, this is exactly what cardano wants to be once they release all of those smart contracts.

So there you have it weve spoken about four different coins that i think are going to be doing extremely well. During this bull run, chain link, polygon, matic, polka, dot and obviously solana. There are others that i want to mention, but right now, theyre just a little bit on the higher side. Let me know down in the comment section what you guys are buying during this dip. I hope that you guys do have some. You know leftover cash that you can put into these coins, not just these in particular, but anything thats. Just gon na increase your position during this little dip that we are occurring. So thank you guys so much for watching this video and thank you for hitting that. Like button, because i know you did right – you did yeah well – were here breaking the cycle, making sure that our future generations are wealthy and healthy ill catch.