Bitcoins price has not stopped going downwards and, of course, this is a little bit unfortunate, but it does present quite a lot of opportunities on the market right now, and one of those opportunities that weve taken advantage of in recent days is elrond, of which i personally Bought my lrund uh this most recent time for around 170 dollars a coin, and today it pumped all the way up to 227 per coin. It has since dropped back downwards, because bitcoins price has been going to the downside. All altcoins have been struggling, but i am very bullish on this market right now. I feel like this reset has been very, very healthy for bitcoin and for the altcoin market in general, everything was getting quite hyped up again. Of course, you cant go up in a straight line. There has to be retraces along the way to the moon, and that seems to be what were experiencing right now. So in todays, video im going to be covering the cryptocurrency news for today were going to be looking at the altcoin market and specifically a few old coins and were also going to be analyzing. The price of bitcoin analyzing, the price of ethereum and giving you an overall cryptocurrency market update. So if that does sound interesting to you, please do slap a like on todays video make sure you are subscribed to the channel turn on those channel notifications and lets crack up so starting off todays video.

I today opened a long position on solana at 172 dollars per coin. You may have seen in the previous video that i made. I said i sold all of my solana and i have sold all of my salon. I only hold maybe about five or six solana that did not go through on that sale transaction, so i dont really hold that much to lana at all anymore, but i still like solana and i still like the solana ecosystem. I still want to profit off the back of that. Hence why im currently long on solana, because i do believe that, right now the price looks very, very tempting. If you were to zoom out on salon right now and analyze this price, you would see that look basically were holding this level of support right now for it to break through the level of support ill close. My position ill take the loss and thatll be that. But i do think solana has come down quite a lot now from the all time high of 220 dollars, and i think the hype will probably kick back in at some point soon and i dont want to miss out on that rally and for those that are Interested youre able to trade solana this way yourself on buy but youll find a link for by bit in todays video description. I do a lot more usd trading on buybit these days you can deposit all kinds of different assets.

I tend to favor at the moment. Trading with usdt pairs, just so that you know when you close your trade youre, not stuck losing money. This market is quite unpredictable and, of course i hold my bitcoin. I hold my ethereum, but i do like to trade in general with usdt just because it allows you to kind of judge the gains more accurately. However, moving on from that right now time to talk about the price of bitcoin and on the three hour chart, as you can see, bitcoin has been struggling. There is an element of concern here, because bitcoin is now back within this trading range here now i spoke about in the past video, but this trading range is one that weve struggled with in the past. My concern here would be that bitcoin would form a head and shoulders top pattern, essentially its quite possible at this point in time that if we were to break back through that 43 000 level, kiss the bull market, goodbye were gon na start going downwards, rather quickly. If we break through 43 000, however, again all is not lost and i do definitely favor the old coin market over the bitcoin market and the ethereum market right now. I think that all coins are showing a lot more strength and well see that in todays altcoin video segment before we can go on to that its time to look at the cryptocurrency news im going to tell you my price levels for entry and exit of positions On the prices of ethereum and bitcoin at the latter end of todays video, so please do keep watching the video to stay tuned for that, but right now its time for the cryptocurrency news.

The first thing in todays cryptocurrency news is blockchain based platform for fractional property ownership has launched in india. Now youre gon na see a common theme in todays cryptocurrency news, its probably all slightly interesting stories, not really interesting stories, but it gives you an overall picture of what is going on in cryptocurrency right now. Fractionalized ownership of property is something that is very difficult to actually execute in real life, because that would mean essentially, you would have to have a property holding company and everybody would have a share in that property holding company and then that property holding company would buy A property, so basically, everybody would have a right to a share within that property. However, fractionalizing ownership of property using nfts is going to be something that we find becomes very, very common and very very popular in the years to come, something that i believe anyway. Now recently, ive bought property. A lot of you probably know that i bought property and i recently have bought property, and i spent thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds on lawyers that were completely inadequate and couldnt do the job, but also the sellers had to spend money on solicitors as well, And all of that money overall just gets wasted on solicitors, if you fractionalize ownership of property or if you just digitize ownership of property and make it so that a smart contract would act as the property ownership contract in this particular case and a token would represent Ownership of the house, that is how property ownership is going to go in the future, were going to save so much money on lawyers um.

All of these things are all part of the development of the cryptocurrency economy, and so youll see developments on this over the next five years, or so, as it gradually becomes more and more popular just like five years ago. Nobody used bitcoin and five years ago. Nobody is using this five years in the future. They probably will because five years to now, like people do use, bitcoin bitcoin is pretty normal. These days its not not that weird isnt bitcoin it used to be that you used to go meet up with a guy on the side of the road and swap cash like just some cash, and he would give you bitcoin thats how bitcoin transactions used to work. If you wanted to buy a bitcoin, you go on local bitcoins meet a guy and its so sketchy. That is where this is right. Now give it five years anyway, continuing onwards, nasdaq is going to provide price feeds for tokenized stock trades on d5 chain. This again points towards institutional adoption of cryptocurrency products. The next thing will be trading. Bitcoin is like trading stamps, says swedish central bank governor in comments at a swedish banking conference. This guy that i cant pronounce his name of er. That said, thats it asking for trouble is that with ivan, if i cant pronounce those names so im not going to attempt it anyway, this guy said private money usually collapses. Sooner or later it might do, but uh bitcoin, isnt private money, its public money.

Anybody can participate and nobody owns the bitcoin network. It is a public consensus, it is the strongest public consensus because we dont rely on an individual countrys adoption. We rely on global adoption. Global adoption is a much more stronger force than an individual country, because if one countrys economy is doing badly, not all of the countrys economies are doing badly. Hence why centralized currency that comes from governments always fails, because always every single time economies have some kind of disaster and it breaks bitcoin can never have that it cant its, not possible. Bitcoins price can crash, but people will still keep using it and the beauty of bitcoin is even if the price crashes, the coin, stays deflationary. It doesnt go inflationary, whereas when traditional currency crashes, inflation, rips the hearts and minds out of everybody on earth and uh, it makes everybody much much poorer. Bitcoin doesnt do that bitcoin, just kind of takes away your perceivable value for a small period of time. During these short periods of bearishness that we have anyway continuing onwards, you – and i i i want to go back to that short periods of bearishness – absolutely correct. Bitcoin has never had a bear market that lasts longer than 18 months, and if you can sit on your money for 18 months at a time and be happy with that, then youve got no problem using bitcoin. But anyway, yougov paul has found 27 support for making bitcoin legal tender in the usa.

This is really interesting, its obviously not enough to make bitcoin legal tender again, give it five years, thatll change. Moving on the final thing in todays, cryptocurrency news is that an ohio man has pled guilty to a naughty thing, because he stole 30 million dollars promising 15 monthly. I find this interesting because i think this man is actually one of these ponzi youtubers um. I i think thats the case here. I dont know if youve ever looked at it, but its an interesting sector of youtube whereby theres just these men that just go out ponzi scheme after ponzi scheme, they keep investing in them and every time theyll make a lot of money and then lose it all. And they dont seem to learn the problem with the ponzi scheme. Is it builds up and builds up and builds up in this shape and all the money goes to the guy thats at the top, and if that guy, at the top sells, everybody else loses all of the money thats the problem. With the ponzi scheme, i wouldnt encourage you to go up looking up that area of youtube either because the you they might tempt you into it, and i guarantee you. None of these people make money and thats why they continually make these videos because they need to recruit new people into the ponzi. So just be careful about that anyway, now to talk about all coins and bitcoin ethereum, everything in fact has had a shockingly bad day.

Solana, down 14, it has i sold mine at the right time. I saw mine at 187, the price currently being 174. Hence why ive gone long on solana, but ive not actually bought my solana holdings back? What im hoping is im making a profit from that position to buy the solana back that i sold. That would be the ideal situation. Of course, i dont expect thats going to happen overnight. That could take a long period of time, but if solana is to continue holding its support level, ive got no problems. Continuing to look at acquiring more solana, something else ive found really interesting is luna. I wish id bought luna sooner that rhymes, but luna is up significantly again today, currently up about 40. So far, today, over 40 dollars per coin, absolutely insane gains another one that i find quite interesting right now is avalanche avalanche is another platform. Coin is having a lot of building on it at the moment. Im. Finding that quite interesting cosmos is a really good network as well. Tezos is growing its kind of these platform coins that seem to be doing really well right now, and i find that very interesting, because if platform coins are doing well, that means we generally have an old coin season coming, because the reason why people accumulate platform coins Is to pay gas fees on networks now, if you want to accumulate gas fees, while gas fees are cheap so that when the network becomes popular, you can spend more gas acquiring different coins and trading thats, exactly what you should.

What people are doing right now were trying to front run the market, because a lot of these platforms, like elrond, like polka, dot like cardano, they all have and solana as well. They all have launch pads and those launch pads are starting to acquire new projects that are launching onto those systems, which means the demand for gas fees is going to go up. Hence why i focus a lot of my investing right now around these platform projects. If you not noticed the past few videos, ive made, have all mentioned solana, theyve mentioned phantom and theyve all mentioned elrond as well now elrond by far has performed better than the other two in recent days, elrond, as you can see, pumped up significantly today its unfortunate. We had a bit of a crash back down. It crashed down about ten percent. Overall, though, we are still up one percent so far today in terms of bitcoin value, and it is outperforming most other altcoins on the market right now. Now that gives me a lot of faith that the direction is going to continue going upwards, and i also want to just reaffirm to you one of the reasons of why im so bullish on elrond compare this market cap of four billion dollars to that of solana. At 51 billion dollars and that phantom again at 4 billion, i dont favor phantom as much as i do, l run because i know more about the lram project and i know more about what they have coming now.

I am expecting elrons market cap to rival that of solana very soon. That would be, at least at this point in time, a 12 times increase in price, assuming that solana didnt, move in price, now im expecting solana to continue to gain value. I just expect that elrond will gain value faster than solana and again i want to point out. None of this is financial advice, its pure speculation, and you should not take this as as investment advice, because its certainly not just because im doing it does not mean that you should do it as well. I dont encourage you to research on top of anything that i say and do not take me at my word on anything ill, make a decision based off something that ive said in a video. However, ive gone up on about that for a second, i wanted to cover daffy right now, because daffy ive updated their staking system, and i wanted to bring this to your attention because daffy is making bigger, better rewards. Essentially, i also realized that daffy is the same thing as daffy duck earlier today, and so that was quite amusing, but essentially daffy is having super staking v2, where theyre increasing staking rewards, i believe, to be 90 percent apy im expecting that to generate some buying pressure Of the daffy coin and, of course, daffy im expecting elronds monkey cap to go from 4 billion up to 40 billion. These market cap would be like a 200 x to get to where elrond is right now, to give you a size and scale of these projects.

Now, of course, daffy has not been around for nearly as long as elrond is nowhere near as kind of known about in the cryptocurrency space, so theres all that growth to come. A lot of people ask me: am i too late to these things, youre, never too late to be involved in cryptocurrency? There are new things happening all the time and i would encourage you just to do some research, its not about investing the more knowledge that you have of cryptocurrencies, the more money that youre likely to make in the cryptocurrency space, because you have more knowledge and that Knowledge is worth so much money. I mean look at this just from having a little bit of trading knowledge. I figured out where the bottom of this was. I bought 172 right now were setting 1 600 of profit on solana. So why not lets go over to analyze the price of bitcoin and bitcoin right now strange based is bitcoin isnt, it its um, its probably gon na bounce um, im im favoring the upside. I understand this is a very bearish pattern. So let me explain what is going on here. We have a very clear kind of resistance level. Thats, starting to form at this point in time were very clearly in a downwards channel, but its also quite likely that we bounce from the bottom of the downwards channel back up to the top of it around forty six thousand three hundred dollars.

Should we break through forty six thousand three hundred dollars on bitcoins price, assuming that this does not take bearish down here on the macd, then youd expect, if the price of bitcoin sorry to start pumping and probably come back up to around 48 000 again. That would tie in line with the most recent kind of w formations that we have been seeing. Uh on the price of bitcoin bitcoin tends to form w reversal patterns, especially within bull markets. That tends to be the most common pattern, so thats kind of what im expecting to see. If we do, however, though, break to the downside of forty four thousand five hundred dollars im expecting at least forty four thousand dollars and from there, if we drop onto the four hour chart right here and zoom out a little bit, i mean id be shocked. Id be absolutely shocked if we broke below forty three thousand five hundred dollars. The reason for that would be if we break below forty three thousand five hundred dollars things dont, look good like things that do really look bad at that point in time, because youve broken through your last major level of support, which is here and then youd, be Looking to come back down all the way to for 37 000 now does that seem very realistic, considering how much growth that weve just had? No, it doesnt because drops like this are not common occurrences. The last time that we had a drop like that was lets have a look the last time we had a drop like that here, so that was that was between january and january, so that was the month of january this year.

Actually so we had a small drop off in january, bitcoins price dropped from 40 000 down to 30 000.. I do remember that, because everyone was screaming, bear market back then as well, and then the price started pumping again its very rare that we do have these occurrences. The drops that we have dont tend to last very long and were during the midst of quite a big drop right now, and i think its its a bit greedy to think that thats going to keep dropping. I know that a lot of people like to think that these things just keep dropping and keep dropping and keep dropping. That tends not to be the case. It tends to do whatever people dont expect it will do um, and i think that would be most surprising right now if we were to start bumping again considering the huge drop that we had. Youve got to understand, though, why that drop occurred. That drop occurred because of cascading liquidations and, as i explained on my instagram story today and id, encourage you to go and follow me on instagram, because im always waffling on about cryptocurrency on there. You might like to follow that um. I put up a long story today. You should go and watch that by the way and its always interesting i i blab on and on and on. Maybe you maybe like it at martini at the martini guy on instagram, not that martini guy just be careful who you click on.

There are a lot of people that impersonate me as well. Youll find a link to it in the description of todays video, as well as a link to my twitter profile as well, but essentially ive completely lost. My point on this, the level of which we need to break would be forty six thousand five hundred dollars and then were coming back up to a 50k again hes favoring, the upside. I do favor the upside right now. I think it looks more tempting and when it comes to ethereum similar story, ethereum has completed its retracement. As far as im concerned, we came down, we dropped to that level. We came down again were making higher lows at this point in time. Higher lows are quite bullish when you see these laws here, you can came down, we tested come on click, the right buttons. Man came down tested that support came down, tested that support im, expecting a bounce right now to to this level of resistance here, hit that level of resistance bounce around a little bit and hopefully start breaking back back to the upside and form another one of these W reversal patterns thats, what im expecting will happen thats? What im hoping will happen and thats? What i believe will happen right now for the prices of bitcoin and ethereum, and if you dont have any bitcoin, you can buy it on swiss ball. Youll find a link for that in todays video description.

If you use that link, you can get a hundred dollars for free. If you dont have um buybit, you can find a link for that as well. Until look im making three grand right now um, you can find a link to that in todays video description as well, and if you use that link then um you get some bonuses up to three thousand six hundred dollars. Also, i have a trading diary where i post all of my trades as and when i take them and if youre interested in joining that again, there is a link for it in the description. Please please, please make sure you fill out that form correctly. That includes entering the correct user identification number um, the one that is requested. It has to be from the link. Otherwise the form wont. Let you through and youll, get stuck in a six week long queue to enter into the tmg trading diary. But on that note guys, thank you all very much for watching todays video. It has been a pleasure. As per usual, i cant wait to show you the next video because im going to film it in there in my new car and uh, i cant like that car, the one that ive bought. If you follow me on my social media channels, absolute belter of a car love it uh, i mean coming from a completely normal background to own something that size that luxurious mental. I know some people take it for granted im, not one of them.

Every time i get in that thing and ive only had it for a couple days, i am absolutely flawed um, because its an amazing bit of kit and im not know guys. Thank you all very much for watching uh. Thank you all for subscribing. Thank you for liking the videos. I do greatly appreciate it its you watching these videos that keeps me making these videos and because otherwise whats the point in making them. If nobodys going to watch them. People ask me as well. Why do you clickbait? I do it because the whole point of me making videos is for people to watch them. I dont like the way that my thumbnails look. I dont know how to make a thumbnail that looks nice. I ive been doing it this way for so long. I know no other way im going to be hiring somebody soon to hopefully solve that problem. For me, i did consider going down the hall lets. Take a selfie with your mouth open. Look, i decided not to do it.