Lets get into this, so today were going to talk about something. A little different than mining were going to take a break from the mining on this video and were going to talk platforms. So ive gotten a lot of questions when it comes to solana. Have i checked out what cardanos doing since their shelley update and you know, does cardona ever going to get smart contracts whats the status whats, the state whats, going on with ethereum 2.0? Where is the merge setting? How is mev happening right now? A lot of things theres arguments between different groups between flashbots and theres, another group out there now trying to do a federated service of it. Just a lot of things that arent directly associated with mining. That people ask me you know to take kind of an approach, an opinion on from architecture whats. It all mean that sort of thing. So if thats, the kind of stuff that interests you guys were gon na go through the punch list of what you guys want to see covered and im gon na go through some of the details of some of these different networks and why people are asking the Question and its not just partis discovery, but before that lets go to todays, sponsor and rock in the hat today you guys know its going to be compass mining. This episode is sponsored by compass mining, the company that makes bitcoin mining accessible for everyone. The world is paying attention to bitcoin miners lately, mining difficulty is down, and profitability is up.

Theres, almost never been a better time to be a miner. Getting started with compass is easy. You just purchase a machine pick a hosting facility and let them do the work. So if youre ready to start mining bitcoin today head over to compassmining.io Music, alright, so lets peel this back. So if you found this video and you dont normally follow this type of content, which is usually gpu related when it comes to pu. You know proof of work mining, this ones going to be a little different. So this is my forte going into like trying to explain what the difference value propositions on these different networks are now most people are looking at price action if youre looking at ethereum and youre, seeing it growing and youre not liking the fees that are on ethereum And youre looking for alternatives, thats right now, where solana, i think, is coming in and starting to take away, some of the the thunder from ethereum and looking at their architecture compared to ethereum and really laying out kind of a whats different and that type of approach And that type of video really takes me having to look at solanas white paper. What is different like in ethereum, you have proof of work. Theyre moving to a pr proof of stake system with validators, where you lock up ethereum solana had essentially a raise sold to investors also have funds that are locked up for the development. Now, ive never really been a super fan of any kind of thing like that, because i think the incentives are a little off.

There is something thats nice about having a known budget and fun that is transparent, and you know that you have a job the next day as long as youre doing uh. You know a good job type of thing, its just the incentive mechanisms. The way tokens are tied to it so, while thats a really good thing like if youre a company – and you have uh money, thats locked effectively in what would be considered a stable coin, the us dollar – and it has a budget and its paying for a team – Is a lot different than if that budget value goes up and swings with the ebb and flow of the market um so way, a lot of these different teams are set up and like the way like solanas funded, um is still pretty predicated on their when they Take cash out to make sure theyve locked it into some kind of stable coin um and then really what the upper bound of that that depth of what theyre saving is really going to be worth. And while it gives them a range of things that they could uh do in the future, because theyll have this huge war chest, it still concerns me, so i want to dive into it a little deeper than just give you the opinions on how that sort of Thing works, um, you know just my opinion of the windfall that could happen like lets say. Solana goes to four thousand dollars at some point.

Well, now that war chest is worth billions of dollars and thats only locked to the founders and a few people that they have, for you know the incentives to keep building and like it comes down to whats whats enough right so like are they gon na? Just you know say: hey were out, we made it thanks, but thanks friends and then dip you know thats the kind of concerns that i have obviously theyll come back and be like no no were taking out funds at certain strategic times were going to make sure Theres, always development funds were going to be doing a punch list and you know we use jira and we make sure the next things coming out and were building the ecosystem, but that kind of thing, its probably more, for a live stream. With the you know, solana, developers and those folks, but thats when im the first thing. I look at when trying to answer this question for people of like why solana whats it. I go straight to the technical first. I like, like whats, its consensus, algorithm its proof of history, thats a new thing and it has a different mechanism to try to protect itself against different attacks, um, so thats, something i have to go through and architecturally and see you know is that you know what Are the attack, vectors or whats? The risk? Do we know at the risk risk really comes with one that the fact that there is risk and then there is the fact that theres enough value to then have the world look at it and then try to attack it.

You know we see this with the the growth of ethereum and just how mev is expanded and the dark forest activity so where people werent really front running and doing a lot of heavy. That kind of work in the beginning, wasnt, really that valuable. Now, its extremely valuable, and now you have entire divisions of people dedicated to try to extract maximum value out of that. Does that kind of ecosystem come around for something like solana when it comes to their smart contract architecture, using the consensus mechanisms that they have with proof of history? Who knows, i think, were going to find out here pretty soon now that its grown up exponentially and its parabolic? Those are the kind of questions that im looking at and want to research and give you guys a good heres. What like ethereum, looks like heres. What solana looks like what are the core differences of that? If thats the kind of content, this is different type of content than i normally do, but if thats the kind of breakdown that you guys want to see definitely put that below. We can break that down a little further and have a special solana series, and you know if it needs to expand into some other tokens. You know we can do that. I get quite a bit of request when it comes to, like i dont understand why cardone is three dollars whats going on with it, what changed whats the history of that theres, a lot of places to look at nobody knows where to go and review, like the Actual occurrence of something that occurred you know like well, this software release came out and that has people bullish.

You know that sort of thing so theres different things that this team can do were expanding our team, so were getting a larger uh opportunity to expand content and thats. What really todays video is is give you a taste of kind of the way we all separate things and the way well present them to you and then come in there with some graphic support and some things. Thatll thatll help maybe articulate it along with reaching out to the folks that are part of that ecosystem. That isnt, you know, gpu mining, that is part of these platforms and get them on the channel and ask those i dont call them hard questions. I would call them more detailed questions that are a little more down in the fabric of the way things work in their systems than what the tokenomics you know, price discovery hey. We did this feature and allows you to get to other tokens. You know like where a lot of the the the scope usually sets when it comes to a lot of the videos that you guys will see around a particular project. It wont be down in the weeds, um itll, be just you know, hey is this thing going to make you make you buy lambos and stuff like that, so im trying to get to that that piece of it tell me your projects avalanche, and i see a Lot of things with avalanche ive seen a lot of um comments, not not so much with polka dot.

Polka dots kind of fell off to the wayside when it comes to like a signal to noise right now. But i want to know what you guys are thinking of and not the spammy stuff like thats, just a project thats were talking like top 25 right now, like just projects that are platforms that have smart contracts on them. I know ravencoin were a big ravencoin supporter when it comes to mining and that sort of thing its still layer, one application that has a lot of really good features at layer, one so youre not separating it so much to that more federated, centralized layers um. But this was more driven for other content, thats, not proof of work that you guys would like to see id like to hear from you on that, for we can build that content and that schedule around that now that were ramping up. So let me know this was a lot of setup for another video, but hopefully you guys understand where im going with the scale and the scope of it um well catch you guys on the next one. We have a couple good videos coming out were gon na. Have a new gpu up here on the platform testing, i think, were gon na. Do a 3080 ti next on this, and then you guys will see that in the mining model spreadsheet i mean we have so much in the pipe right now to give a whole bunch of new perspective, for you guys when it comes to like hows the eath Burn been working wheres, the eth2s merge at i mean theres, just so much content coming out so like subscribe, share, get us to a hundred thousand before december.