I wanted to shout out one of the best meme accounts out there. I think its naive club at naive club not sure, if im saying that correctly responding here to bitcoin archive with uh, something that definitely made me chuckle uh really funny stuff and they have a lot of actually. You know we featured some of these memes in the past, so i want to give full credit at naive club make sure you give them a follow, because theyre theyre putting out consistently really funny stuff and really great stuff, and you know what you need to crack. A little bit of a smile because its a bit of an ugly landscape in the market were down another 4.4 today, bitcoin resting just above 45 000 were going to be discussing some of the highlights. Despite this market retracement, this set of bearish trends weve been seeing some phenomenal movement out of harmony. One especially weve covered them really going back many many many months and highlighted harmony as one of our favorite projects. For multiple reasons, we gave you guys some price predictions. We gave you a 10 reasons as to why harmonys really poised for explosive meteoric growth and its nice to see for a whole bunch of reasons that were going to get into, but its nice to see. Harmonys performance, especially yesterday up something like 40 45. Despite the negative market conditions so well be taking a look at that well cover a few altcoin projects.

Today, lets begin with this news here. This is uh mastercard news that perhaps youve heard about by now mastercard has acquired ciphertrace to enhance cryptocurrency capabilities, and this is by no means, like an exception. All of these large corporations and financial institutions are very much trying to increase their exposure to crypto mastercard. I guess arguably has been a little bit ahead of the game, because theyve had some different uh collaborations and some different implementation measures that theyve enacted but heres. The news, security and fraud detection provide additional transparency and support for digital asset ecosystems. The latest investment helps company accelerate and expand crypto related strategy, so mastercard will extend its capabilities deep into the field of digital assets, with an agreement to acquire ciphertrace, which is a leading cryptocurrency intelligence company. With insight into more than 900 cryptocurrencies quote, we help companies, whether theyre banks or cryptocurrency exchanges, government regulators or law enforcement to keep the crypto economy safe. So adding a layer here, hopefully of credibility, um and legitimacy is, i guess, mastercards play. You can read the rest of this right up here on businesswire.com its, not anything too exciting or too sexy. As far as news goes, but a bit of positive news that i wanted to sprinkle in so make sure you check that out well, link to it. Of course, in the description below speaking of harmony, okay, so here we have kratos, underscore harmony, not the official account of harmony one, but nonetheless, something that, i think, is a good observation.

Harmony protocol now surpassed 2.2 million daily transactions for the very first time testament of an exponential growth. Congratulations for this big milestone: hashtag one hashtag, blockchain, coinbase, hashtag, coinmarketcap and all the rest, and if you didnt catch yesterdays price run harmony right now, its still up 4.7, but its down significantly versus where it was yesterday still, however, sitting at 16.4 cents right now. So you can see over the course of the last day its kind of been a bit of a slow decline, but lets zoom out a little bit and you can see that harmony ran really all the way from about 12 cents to nearly a new all time. High of lets call that 20 cents, 19.99999 dont forget harmonys all time high according to coinget. Go was set here about six months ago, at 22.2 cents, so really over the span of 24 hours or so nearly doubling nearly doubling in price. So a very, very meteoric rise lets. Take a look at what jack on twitter here has to say, not jack dorsey jack, a less famous jack algo saul ftm pulled a four to five times four to five x in the last 30 days. One is next, and here are his reasons: smart contracts, top 100 coins currently 69th at the time of his tweet coinbase listing, is coming, which is going to be huge cross chain with bsc binance, smart chain and ethereum smart chain. Also, taking a look at the road map of harmony which is encapsulated here, harmony roadmap from today to january 2022, which is just a few short months away, is gon na kill it seriously, who doesnt own one token and lets zoom out a little bit.

So you guys can see this a little bit better. But here are some of the highlights here. So trustless ethereum bridge chain link, mainnet cross chain, nfts non fungible tokens, bitcoin bridge cross, shard transactions, gnosis safe and davinci nft, with one wallet, decentralized nodes, fast, sync and gossips 20 fixed income on one wallet; secure, resharding, one second finality and cosmos bridge. So this is by no means an exhaustive list, go back and check out our top 10 reasons. Why harmony and the token one should be on your radar but theres a lot. Thats suddenly happening with harmony protocol, its been building its been bubbling up, um and really its coming into its own. A lot of people are noticing really the quality of this project, its leadership theres a lot more thats happening that right now i cant really. You know adequately summarize here because just take a look at their twitter profile, how much is happening on a daily basis, all the partnerships that theyre announcing all the new developments, all of their nft functionality and integration. There is a lot happening guys with harmony its one of our favorites uh, full disclosure i am invested, but not that im gon na move the needle. This is a great project. Weve identified it as such for multiple reasons. So let me know your thoughts about that. Guys in the comments below but kudos to the harmony team, i think were gon na see great things from them in the near future.

Another project that was performing really well yesterday and is now kind of coming back down peeling off of the highs that it set. Yesterday is phantom ftm, so look its ugly to see minus 19.1 percent in these last 24 hours. But as i like to say when in doubt zoom out because currently ftm is sitting at a dollar 45 a month ago it was sitting at 31 cents. So youre talking about just about a five times, multiple here, despite the fact that its down 19 20 percent in a day, okay, that sucks but were still talking up four and a half five times over the course of these last 30 days. And there are a lot of reasons that were starting to notice, ftm phantom as well check out this right write up on altcoinbuzz.io. Despite the market crash, this project remains unfazed. The crypto space is currently showing bearish tendencies, yes, as bitcoin crashes to 45 000, but these are the times when you have to harness that kind of inner contrarian and you got to highlight those projects like the harmony ones that are doing good things and, in our Opinion, like the phantoms of the cryptocurrency space check out this recent write up guys for more information on rarity, which is the reason to which we are attributing phantoms price surge. We talk a lot about what theyre doing and as far as their initiatives with nfts in particular, but this is a cool project, were going to have something more in depth on it in the near future.

Speaking of our favorites, we have crypto.com uh, whose token, by the way cro youve probably been noticing, has been very steadily mounting an assault here and perhaps is on the verge of new. All time highs in its own right. It was up above 20 cents, the other day, which is nice to see at crypto. Com were thrilled to announce, crypto.com and paris. Saint germain have signed a multi year, deal first crypto platform partner, release of exclusive nfts and special rewards for crypto.com users. If youre interested in more information, you can read about that here on thecrypto.com blog thats, blog.crypto.com, so paris, saint germain for all the big football soccer fans out there names crypto.com as the clubs first official cryptocurrency platform partner, thats big. I ive talked all the time about how i am not a european football fan. Id rather watch paint dry personally, not my taste, but i still acknowledge the fact that this is massive for the team over at crypto.com guys. This comes in addition to a formula one: a major f1 sponsorship deal, a major 175 million dollar ufc ultimate fighting championship deal and sponsorship for crypto.com. These guys are on a roll. You take a look at some of the competitors out there. You take a look at ftx and the ftt token. You take a look at binance and bnb. My contention is that crypto.com and the cro token and obviously kind of the corresponding ecosystem is still vastly vastly vastly undervalued, and i say that as a user, i say that as somebody that uses the product and the app and the exchange that loves the experience, i Think these guys have a long, long way to go and a very, very appealing upside, just my personal point of view, not financial advice.

Of course, i want to highlight here just a touch of negative news, i suppose on thestreet.com, if this is something on the more technical side that youre interested in not to spend too much time on it, but we can link to it. Certainly in the description below ethereum has lost over 6500 nodes in the last couple of weeks, its likely that there is a fork of the ethereum chain running with a small subset of the miners and a good chunk of the nodes. So, according to the block explore etherscan.io ethereums node count has plummeted in the last two weeks from well over nine thousand to under three thousand while chain explorers can give rough estimates. This drop does correlate with the glitch in node software that caused the chain to split just two weeks ago, but why hasnt the chain recovered these nodes. Yet so you can take a look at that. Pretty precipitous drop here, thats very significant 52.7 drop in the last seven days. I dont really want to go through this article, its a little bit more technical, but i do want to point it out and if thats something that interests you uh not to spend too much time on it right here, but we will link to it in the Description below Music, Music, Music Applause, all right guys, if you havent, checked out our recent video on how you can earn 200 a day playing trade, race manager and then, ultimately, more with time how you can outpace your earnings even at a full time job.

You should check out that video, because we break down very strategically how to invest into this kind of new endeavor if thats, something that you want to consider seriously treat your time. Eight hours a day in terms of playing trade race manager as a small business invest into it grow your returns, enjoy the multipliers anyways its a great video check it out if youve not already. But if you like that kind of content, then this may be up your alley as well. Cyber trade ioi so meet cyber trade, an nft play to earn game built fully in 3d unity, engine with drag races, fights leveling story, driven gameplay and never before seen. Blockchain gaming see for yourself why cyber trade will be the game of the year in 2021, check out more here using the link cybertrade.gameslash assets. If this is your cup of tea, if its something that youre interested in heres uh, really a lot of information on the subject, a white paper that you can check out and, as always guys were going to be linking to this in the description below next up. In the news we have been pilot testing uh the investors over at altcoin buzz weve, been pilot testing, a new trading tool called evade thats e v, a i and what we like about ebay is that theyve recently created a new ranking tool based on a number Of variables that we happen to agree with kind of the way that they broke it down is very logical kind of follows: the same methodology and the same rigor that weve been using with our altcoin buzz checklist a little bit different.

Of course everybody has their own approach, but we really like the way that theyre approaching it. We like the way that theyre systematically breaking down projects and analyzing them and assessing them and ranking them. We have a preliminary write up that is exploring ebay, so its a crypto asset rating platform this by pratik. And if you take a look, i mean this is a more extensive article, heres our table of contents, but what i want to bring you guys to right now is the ratings section uh as far as how they go about their rating, so you can see its Its a1 a2, a3, b2, b2, b3 uh, c1, c2, c3 and then all the way to d. And u you dont, want to concern yourself with any d or u projects. I can tell you that right now, but a1 represents exceptionally strong, and then it kind of moves down the list um, so thats fine ratings are always going to be kind of arbitrary as far as what you title them heres what counts uh. In our opinion, how does eva rate crypto assets well here are some of the factors that theyre considering over extensions volatility, public and community sentiment, behavioral bias, capitalization market risk utility liquidity, the momentum of a project which cant be ignored and rating notification. So pratik does a great job of breaking down really this platform as a whole, but to take it to the next step, were actually going to be participating in a 30 day trading challenge using ebay, that is to say, were going to use.

This methodology were going to use those variables that we just outlined and were going to be trading based on their recommendations for 30 days were going to take you guys through the process, were going to report to you what we like about the system, what we dislike About it really give you guys a candid and transparent overview, the good, the bad, the ugly all of it were gon na have more on this kind of, i guess shared experiment in the near future. In the meantime, you can take a look at what it is. We intend to do with this article by andre, altcoin buzzs 30 day trading challenge using ebays rating, so again its going to happen for 30 days, youre going to be hearing more about it in the near future and, of course, were going to share our results. The number that you may be most interested in were going to deploy 10 000 of our own hard earned money to test some of these different trading tools. Uh and if we are successful in our endeavors, the idea always is to turn a profit, but its also going to be an assessment and kind of a stress test. If you will, or a test drive of the system of the platform itself, so stay tuned. For that guys were gon na have more much more actually for you very shortly and finally, before we sign off for today, on this friday, we have downmaker at the dow maker.

Is the twitter handle dear participants, ngl gold fever game? Here we go again for the second live today the gold fever lottery to see how the winners are drawn. Please follow this link, as i always like to say guys, uh its worth participating in these contests as much as possible, because youd be surprised, the more you participate, the more even if the odds are seemingly kind of against you, the more you win, the more you Participate, the more you win, even if its only occasionally check out the details here, either in the twitter thread, thats available or with this google docs that they share in the link uh check it out and best of luck. If you are part of that lottery guys, that is it for this friday, this tgif hope youre having a great end to your week, ill say it once again. None of this is ever financial advice. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to like subscribe, share, hit the bell to receive our notifications. That way, you are alerted every time we put out a new video dont forget about our insider secrets: thats our premium service, altcoin buzz access, if thats, something that is of interest to you right now. We have a pro plan, thats going to be launching shortly. You can add your name to the waiting list. Theres a link in the description below which i always append. I always provide well have a lot more coming as far as altcoin buzz access very very soon.

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